tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Lady Ch. 07

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 07


This story is part of the series "Epistle To My Lady", which I have written as a complement to the "Epistle To My Captain" series by RedHairedandFriendly. I hope that she enjoys writing these stories/letters as much I have done. I also hope that the readers enjoy it too.


My dear lady and Queen,

I very much desire to get to the more pleasant aspects of this epistle, but I regret that once again duty must get in the way. As much as I will enjoy discussing our private pleasures and our passion for each other, this part can not wait. It is an urgent matter. This seems to be a pattern, thanks to this increasingly perilous conflict.

I must inform you that the army of Eumaeus has separated from the joint-command in the southern part of our country and moved northward to threaten us. Meanwhile, Demetrius is deliberately engaging in a stand-off with Sophocles, evidently becoming more confident in his command by now. It's either that, or he's simply desperate to improve his reputation.

I don't know exactly what is happening, except that someone apparently ordered a change in strategy. The good news is that Demetrius is probably no match for Sophocles by himself. The bad news is that he is still strong enough to keep him busy in the south. So, while Demetrius shadows Sophocles and evades pitched battles until he can strengthen his army, Eumaeus marches directly on our capital.

That's not the worst part by any means. Draco is still moving steadily southward, though apparently in no great hurry. He seems to have adopted a policy of building up apprehension and terror. He takes fortified towns by stealing crops and threatening the residents with starvation, rather than wasting his manpower on direct assaults. It's too bad that such a strategy never occurred to Anexagoras. We'd be imposing terms on the Malacanians by now if he had, I think. In any case, he is slowly but surely tightening the noose on us, I fear.

I hate to sound defeatist, my love, so forgive me if my last comment came off that way. We still have a chance, but I'm sad to say that it seems to be the very chance that you dread the most. I must urge you to give me command of a fresh army, even if it is a bit makeshift in character. I won't engage Draco in traditional battles, in case that is your fear.

This is not merely because I want to soothe your fears for me, though that is certainly a factor for a man that loves you as much as I do. I have my duty, and my duty requires me to propose the strategy with the best hope of victory. I intend to harass the enemy, draw him off the fortified towns, and keep him busy until my army is sufficiently experienced and cohesive to have a good chance of success.

Then I will engage not Draco, who is still too strong to be dealt with directly, but Eumaeus. I am sure that I can whip him, which I expect will force the Tetrarchs' hands. They will compel Draco to stop attacking us by making peace. That's my suggestion, to slow Draco down further by harassment and then attack the much weaker army of Eumaeus. Such a policy will use their weaknesses against each enemy commander. With any luck, we can achieve better terms than the agitators suggest to their audiences.

Having thus brought up the unpleasant idea that I mentioned before again, I will report some political news of apparent relevance and at last speak of much happier things like our love. It seems that there is some rumbling of discontent in Posidonis in the wake of Ganymede's recent assassination. A couple of army officers have been executed for attempted mutiny against the tyrant Phaethon, presumably in sympathy with the late Ganymede. As for Laertes, I have heard that some of his followers might have been responsible for Ganymede's demise, due to a falling-out between them. I relate this gossip chiefly as a source of potentially useful information.

Now, regarding the last time that we were together, what can I say? I have never seen you as excited or pleased as when Antigone and I took you at the same time. The sight of her inside your bottom while I used your sex drove me to that point rather swiftly, as you might well have noticed. I once more wished that I could make you conceive my child, but alas, I know better than to do more than wish for it. Then when we washed her phallus and traded places, I took even greater delight in entering your most intimate hole.

I have to admit that you have completely converted me to adoration of your bottom, my dear. Penetrating it and licking it are just some of the things that I love about it. Making you squirm with pleasure as I take your backside and then having Antigone clean both of us up is another great experience for me. Not even the intense joy of using Antigone's ass can measure up to ravishing my beloved lady's rump. I imagine that we left her a lot of my seed to remove with her tongue this last time, my love. Your arse was the second greatest gift that you have given me, the first being your love itself and your vow to be with me in our old age.

Another great passion that I have discovered is your eager submission to me. Let that reassure you that I am still your commanding master in the bedchamber, as surely as I am your most obedient soldier and subject in the tent. I have been very happy in taking you in the council chamber, as soon as we had privacy. The feeling of capturing you like a slave girl in wartime gave me a rush which I believe that you shared, a heat of animal lust and pure love for the passionate lover who awakened my loins. The experience of going from mere garrison commander for my Queen to master of my lover in sheer moments combined with the danger of being caught to thrill me absolutely, my dear Elissa!

How is it that you can be such a wonderful lover, when you haven't been well treated by your lovers in the past? I do not know, but I pray that I will always please and conquer your heart. The way that you have let mark you and claim you as mine has been a kind of delight that I could never fathom before I had tasted it. Let me assure you that I have not and never will lose respect for you because of it. If anything, I respect you all the more for your eager submission, because you are a woman who has the courage to seek my strong and firm hand.

You need never worry about being replaced in my affections. That is not even slightly possible. No woman can ever be as ardent a lover as you, none ever as willing to trust me with their bodies and their safety, let alone their hearts. You might not have been my first or only lover, but you will most certainly be my last, if I have any power to determine it. I repeat my oath that if we reach that age, I will gladly join you in a life of obscurity and devotion to each other. Because, my love, when my body needs less of the satisfaction of its desires, my heart will still be insatiable for you.

Furthermore, I can never forget the days when I first loved you, when I thought that you were not available. The first time that you demonstrated an interest in me made me envy that fortunate prince of Lysania whom I expected would get to taste you. I wished very much that you could be mine, but we were both pledged to others even then. I never imagined that you would be Queen, but it has turned out well for both me and the country. For me, I say, because I have the chance to be your lover, which some traditional male sovereign might well have prevented. For the country, I say, because I truly believe that you have the qualities needed to reign well.

Nothing hurt me more than knowing that I didn't dare to encourage your interest at the time. I felt as if I had broken your heart, yet I believed it necessary in those days. I wanted very much to pursue you as you did me, so as to show you that I returned your affections, but it would have never been acceptable to your father or brothers. That was my first sacrifice for you, my love, though I wish it had never been required of me. Never doubt that I did that for love of you, because I didn't wish you to draw your father's wrath. That was the first time that the Gods rewarded me for loving you so much, and I do not doubt that they will reward both of us for loving our country as well.

I swore an oath back then that I would always be loyal to you personally, at least as a friend and mentor, when you were but an 18 year old girl promised to another man by her father. I renewed that oath and added one of loyalty to you as my liege when you became Queen, secretly fearing for your life but also happy for your chance to prove your worth. I also reveled in the opportunity to prove my loyalty and love, though I never dreamed that we could be lovers at last.

Well, enough of the past, my dear. I just had to tell you how long I wanted you. This love that I feel has been with me for some time now, and will not leave me because of some slave girl or courtesan. I have something of a lecherous reputation, I know, but my heart is a different matter. I am fond of these other ladies, especially Antigone, Philomela, and my wife. However, none of them inspires passion, drives me to write sentimental poetry that I keep hidden from others. Only my Elissa does that, only my lady, my Queen fulfills my heart.

Every time that I return to you, I come home, though I will never get the chance to formally take up residence at the palace. It is not the royal palace that is home, after all. It is your bed, your body, and your heart that is home. Where I live with my wife is just my house, not my home, though I feel no lack of affection and respect for her. She is simply not your equal, nor is any woman on Earth. Commanding you makes me feel like a God, for only those may command a Goddess.

I am your lover and soldier to the end, no matter what the end will be for us. I pray every day to the Gods that it will be the end that we prefer, however, the end that sees us aging and dying together as husband and wife. Unlike these fools who see only a path to the throne, my reward will be the woman, my prize the lady who first found the soft spot in a soldier's hard heart.

Well, on a less sentimental note, I am pleased that Philomela conceived at last, though I still regret that my child was in her womb instead of yours. I feel awful for her, however, that her husband Ganymede was murdered, even if he was a nuisance to us. He evidently loved her more than Epimenas ever did, though she still didn't love him. I got the impression that he had the eunuch's disease, namely the interest in pleasuring a woman with his tongue to the exclusion of everything else.

No doubt that it was due to necessity, just as with the eunuchs. I wonder what his admirers back in Posidonis would say if they knew about his fetish. For that matter, I wonder whether he lost any followers here because of a certain whispering campaign about his impotence. Enough about that, of course. I am simply relieved that she is away from court and can torture you no more.

I eagerly await my next chance to see you, to claim you once more, to stalk you, as you say. I look forward to capturing your body again. I will dream of our passionate nights together, both with Antigone and without her, for while she adds to our pleasure, there are some times when we are happier alone. Most of all, I long to watch your climax, your release from being bound, ravaged, and taken in all holes. I crave the sight of your arousal, the taste of your body, the feeling of your tongue on my flesh. I want once more to bathe with you and drink wine from your sex again. All of this and more fetishes, including the glass phallus and the ivory balls, make me hard in my tent and force me to resort to the solitary thrill that cannot match our times together. My hands are poor substitutes for my lover and my Queen.

Your lover and Captain,


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