tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 12

Erotic Adventures Ch. 12


Although at the far end of the beach, it was far from uninhabited. I saw a few groups of sunbathers between where I sat and Harry's newly proposed photographic location sit up to watch as they all walked by. Their tanned bottoms wobbled seductively as the two girls waved and walked past the male admirers behind them. Several pairs of glazed eyes followed my two girlfriends as they walked slowly over to the jagged rocks, beyond the groups. Transfixed by their sheer boldness, I had to admire the way in which Sally and Rebecca negotiated the golden sand so confidently without so much as a towel to cover their naked bodies. I looked at the beach towels scattered before my eyes, feeling an overwhelming urge to grab the largest one, wrap it around me and chase after them.

I resisted the temptation and thought about the warm invitation that I had received from the lovely young lady. I had been much too abrupt in declining and then looking away as quickly as I had. I decided to apologise for my rudeness.

I was nervous as glanced back at the adjacent group. I rolled over on to my tummy, quickly placing my elbows in front of my breasts and firmly closing my legs and crossing my ankles to hide my vulva from those behind me. The rough blanket on the tips of my nipples reminded me how turned on I was by daring to speak to total strangers whilst I was in such a vulnerable state. My body tensed deliciously as I steeled myself to speak

"Hey, thanks for the invite, Guys." I called over, trying to sound more self assured than I actually felt, with no togs on. "I'm Pamela, by the way." I smiled awkwardly at that same bronzed lady.

"Oh, that's all right." She smiled and got up. "I'm Annie, pleased to meet you. This is my brother Jim and Karen's fiance Wayne. Karen and Jim's girlfriend, and mine, Katrina." She pointed them out in turn and they nodded in my direction.

The red haired girl with bigger breasts rose to her feet, Karen. She was casually brushing the sand off her voluptuous body, with no sign of embarrassment, right in front of the nearby sunbathers.

"Come on Wayne, lets go for a dip."

Wayne slid his shorts off and raced down to the water. This sparked a chain reaction and Katrina and Jim followed them. They were entirely unselfconscious about their well tanned bodies. Jim looked like a champion bodybuilder, with his magnificent body. Like Kenneth, at the party, he was totally shaved like the rest of the girls. I blushed as I noted the size of his flaccid penis and his eyes met mine. He was justifiably proud to stand there so openly. I looked away quickly. His girlfriend, Katrina had a number of body piercing decorations and I winced as I noticed her nipple rings and her glistening clit ring with a stone attachment. I was curious, as to what possessed a pretty young lady like her to do that to herself. I had to ask Sally, later.

"You coming with us girls?" Jim invited, meeting my eyes again.

I looked at Annie with obvious confusion written on my face.

"I'll just talk to Pamela for a while, Jim. I'll see you guys later." Annie rescued me, sensing my reluctance to get to my feet.

"You must spend a lot of time out in the sun." I began. "You people are all as brown as my sister-in-law over there." I pointed to where Harry was working with Sally and Rebecca.

"We practically live here, at this part of the beach." She reached over and briefly touched my hand. "It looks like you girls are on an assignment." Annie commented, nodding her head toward the rocks and Sally. "The old chap's doing some still work at the moment. Wasn't he making a film with you three girls before?" Annie smiled.

"He's been in the business all his life, Harry that is. It's actually my first day in my new job." I opened up to her. "I'm still a bit nervous about it." I felt myself blushing.

"You'll get used to it, being naked I mean. It's a lot of fun."

"I guess so." I agreed soberly. "I'll have to, with this job.

"We have a few friends in the film business too." She mused as she smiled. "I'm quite used to showing my body. I hardly ever wear togs anymore, on this beach anyway. No complaints yet!"

She was bubbly and delightful to talk to. Annie sat next to me and began telling me that Katrina and her brother, Jim were involved the A.M.K.O. film studios that were based nearby. I found out that they made a wide variety of movies and documentaries. Annie was full of interesting information, proud of her brother and Katrina. I gathered that they were her best friends, along with her absent partner, Patrick. Annie eased me out of my self imposed shell with her lure.

"As the matter of fact, they're filming the new annual surfing carnival here today." She offered. "There's a new competition today."

"I would have thought it would've been held on the weekend." I commented, wishing it had been. The large crowd made me nervous.

"Not this afternoon's events!" Annie laughed. The competitors all have to be in the nude." She giggled. "It's a real blast when you're new to it."

"Really!" I sat up, forgetting about being naked myself.

"Yeah! We'll all get involved in that category of the events, later on. Katrina and her company sponsor the prizes. You look like a newcomer too. Why don't you enter it. We have a special competition for recent converts." Annie was looking at my tan lines.

I felt myself getting redder. What had I gotten myself into here?

"I-I'll h-have to ask my new boss." I stammered, blushing at the thought of Harry's reaction.

"Why don't we ask him?" Annie was getting excited. "That's him over there, isn't it." She pointed to the rocks where Sally and Rebecca were posing openly for him. "What's his name?"

"H-Harry, Harry Weisgarber." I managed, my brain was racing furiously for an excuse to get out of it. "He'll probably say no, I expect." I offered hopefully. "I think he wants to keep my tan lines, just the way they are, for as long as he can."

"Nonsense! Let's go over and talk to him." She got up and held out her hand. "Jim and I would love you to have a turn at the novice section."

She was waiting for me to get up. Annie was a natural leader, like Sally and Peter. It was impossible to resist her invitation to walk over to the rocks with her. I looked longingly at the scattered beach towels and then got to my feet. My body gave an involuntary shiver as I looked at the latest groups of people, spaced between where we were and where Annie proposed to take me. There were now a lot more people to pass. I didn't want them all to see me, in my present state.

"What about our gear?" I protested, pulling back at Annie.

"The gear will be fine. Don't worry, just walk with me. Just be yourself, Pam. They just look at you once and you've got nothing that I haven't, to be ashamed off." She smiled encouragingly. "Just walk naturally like you did when you came out of the water earlier on." "Were you guys all watching too?" I gasped. "That was my old swimsuit that Sally made me throw away." I blushed. "Now I haven't even got my new one to wear home." I choked on a half sob.

A flood of words came streaming out as I explained to her about the way I had been lulled into a sense of false security. I showed her the open sided dresses that Harry had given us, stalling for time.

"That's all I have to wear now." I held mine up. "Look! You can see right through it, Annie." I waved at her, through the paper thin fabric. "And look how short it is!"

I put it back under the chilly bin.

"I just have to get over my fears." I muttered nervously.

"Well, let's show them then." Annie had a more serious look on her face. "Come on!" She held out her hand. "You can do it."

In spite of my humiliation, Annie gave me the strength to walk beside her, past several groups of interested spectators in the vicinity of our base. I found myself drifting on a cloud of pure adrenalin as I felt the breeze caress my entire body. My breasts bounced, naturally and my nipples were fully erect but Annie whispered encouraging words whenever I faltered.

"Those guys are watching me. Let's just run." I pleaded.

"You look great, Pam. Just walk slowly and don't worry about it so much. They'd be watching you anyway, you know that!"

Low whistles of approval from the predominantly male beach crowd were quite audible, spurring me onward, toward Harry and the other girls.

"Hey babe! Love your new sun-suit." One brash youth called out.

"We're nearly there." Annie hissed. "Don't look back." She squeezed my hand. "There's always one of those idiots around. Most of them just appreciate the show that you're giving them. Just ignore him." She turned to me and smiled. "See! It's not so bad, is it?"

"I don't think I could have done it without you." I smiled with gratitude at my new friend. "Are you going to ask Harry or---do you want me to?"

"We'll ask him together. I have an idea." Annie quickened her slow pace as we passed the last group before our goal.

We slowed as we approached Harry. He was taking a photo of Rebecca as she did a ballet exercise pose against the stark contrast of a jagged rock on the upper side of the foreshore. She was obviously excited by the proximity of the bystanders as She lifted her left foot high in the air and clasped hold of her ankle. Her body radiated confidence in spite of the way she was opening up her engorged vulva to full view. Her smooth skin was glistening with sweat and her rosy pink nipples quivered with the strain of maintaining the difficult pose. Her smile was genuine.

"She loves showing off." whispered Annie, admiringly. "Is that your sister-in-law?

"No, that's her-[I considered the implications]-lover." I held Annie's ear close. "I never really liked her." I whispered. "Don't you think she's the type?"

"You never really know with some of them." Annie agreed.

By now, I was feeling far more at ease with my nudity. I must have relaxed, due to Annie's company. We twittered away until Harry looked around.

"Well! No towel even?" His twinkling blue eyes softened as he saw me. He turned to Annie. " I was watching you two come over. I've seen you around here before, haven't I?"

"Oh sorry, Harry." I realised that they were strangers.

I introduced them all, even Rebecca. I joined with Annie in telling them all about the 'Nude Surfing' competitions later, after lunch, in the afternoon. Harry knew the head man from A.M.K.O film studios. He had worked with him before.

"Arnold, isn't it." He asked.

"Yes, he and Monica do all the camera work." Annie agreed with a captivating smile. "They're all here today, on the main part of the beach. All the partners. They are filming the surfing for a naturist documentary that he's been commissioned to do."

"That brings us to another point." I spoke up. "Do you mind if I go in for the special event for new converts." I asked quickly, before I changed my mind. "Annie's friends have invited me."

Harry looked at me with new respect.

"What! Up on the main part of the beach?" He grinned. "Just like you are?" His eyes twinkled with excitement. He turned to Annie and the other girls. "No worries from my point of view."

My heart sank. What the hell made me ask him? I had a lot of mixed feelings about walking around naked, even on this, far less populated part of the beach. I had already guessed what his answer might be.

"Wow! What an idea." Sally chimed in. "Can we go into it too?"

I saw Rebecca shaking her head and tugging at Sally's arm, trying to stop her. It was no use. Sally loved the idea of surfing without her togs on. The excitement gathered momentum as Katrina and her mate, the lovely red headed Karen came up to see what was going on. The men were right behind them. As much as I tried to look somewhere else, Jim's large penis was hard to tear my eyes away from. he looked even more perfect in his natural state than he had with his shorts on. He was an Adonis of a figure. I could feel myself blushing as I looked back at Sally.

"It's on for this afternoon." I said breathlessly. "Do you think Peter will let me?"

I already knew the answer but it was my last hope.

Harry took full advantage of the situation, with so many naked young people about. Karen volunteered to pose with her partner, Wayne. This set off a new round of poses. I found myself placed in almost every shot as Harry clicked away. My biggest concern was the fast gathering crowd of swimsuit clad spectators. Although I followed Harry's strict instructions to the letter, I felt as though I was on public display, like a zoo exhibit. It gave me grave reservations about performing in front of a much larger crowd in the afternoon. There were times that I wished the ground would open and swallow me up.

There was one old man, holding a towel across the front of his body, that gave me the creeps. He would insidiously manoeuvre himself into the most advantageous position to take full benefit of the open area between my legs. The old chap would smile and I could feel his eyes examining me, like a gynaecologist might. I found it embarrassing in some poses until Annie and Jim took him to one side and spoke to him. Whatever they said, it worked. He disappeared shortly afterward.

The sun and the breeze caressing the untanned parts of my skin still electrified me as I returned to our original beach location, with all the others, laughing and sharing a camaraderie of sorts. I began to realise that Annie was right. I got a real kick out of being naked and having all the men look at my unclothed body. Annie and her group merged with ours as we enjoyed the lunch break, together. Harry was in a jubilant mood and slipped off his clothing to enjoy the day, as he evidently preferred, totally naked. Noticing the jewellery on his penis for the second time I turned away so as not to stare or offend him in any way, intriguing as it was. I sat, facing our new friends, in a far less inhibited manner than before, and smiled at them.

I was still a bit confused by the tense sensations within my breasts and slightly embarrassed by the sexual pleasure that I seemed to gain by exposing my body in mixed company, but I tried to ignore it. Noticing that even Annie, appeared sexually tensed, I assumed that this was seen to be normal and subtly ignored. There was an inherent honesty in being able to see the parts of a person that were normally covered up. In the discussion among our expanded group, I mainly listened and nodded appropriately as I watched the main path from the parking area. I was hoping that Peter might get here in time to have lunch with us, after all.

Harry was probing Katrina for information about the newly permitted naked surfing competitions. Unfortunately, it only served to remind me of my upcoming commitment to take part. I gathered that Harry was interested in obtaining footage of the event in return for a similar concession with A.M.K.O. films. Some sort of contra deal that I had no real interest in. I just stretched out and enjoyed the suns rays and did my best to forget that I was as naked as the day I was born.

I stood up and waved when I saw Peter approaching the northern end of the beach. I ignored the other groups as I ran toward him, forgetting about my nudity altogether. It was only when I heard a loud whistle from a group of young guys that reality kicked in. Peter had seen me and ran toward me.

"We're over here!" I called, ignoring the startled looks from others, as I beckoned to him and then waited for him to approach.

"Is that your man, Peter?" Suddenly Annie was beside me.

"That's him. He's made it after all." I glowed as I turned to her. "I've been watching out for him while we were eating lunch."

"Not too bad at all." Annie observed, with a grin, as Peter got closer. He was wearing shorts but, I guessed, no underwear. Whilst not as perfect as Jim, Peter was well built and handsome.

I felt a bit embarrassed, waiting for Peter, even with Annie at my side, with the nearby youths eyeing us over and whistling out their lustful appreciation. I ignored the subdued lewd comments and ran to Peter's side and kissed him. I introduced Annie and we walked slowly back to our group.

The look on Peter's face was worth all the trauma and embarrassment once the looks on the youths faces reflected their jealousy, rather than lust. I had a new confidence about being without clothing that I had never experienced before. Being part of such a large group of other uninhibited people had brought me, creeping, out of my shell. Peter wasted no time in removing his shorts and then excusing himself to go for a quick swim.

"Just carry on with your lunch time guys." He glanced at me. "I won't be long, Pam." Motioning for me to stay with the group.

"That's better!" He commented as he sat back alongside of me, dripping cold water on my heated skin. He offered the sandwiches that he had brought with him around. "Plenty there." He assured the others as he passed the home made salad sandwiches around.

My last remaining hope of avoiding the planned competition events of the afternoon crashed when Peter joined the conversation with our enlarged group and they appraised him about the exciting nature of what lay ahead, at least from their point of view. I winced as Peter volunteered to enter the damned novice event, himself. I let out a sigh of despair as I bit into a cucumber sandwich.


Authors note: The surfing event and the promise of further ventures of exhibitionism as Pam goes more public than ever before, will hopefully keep those VOTES rolling in? [Hint, darlings!] You know how to make this happen by now? Your comments by Email are always welcome too.

Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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