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Eternal Hearts Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Into the Darkness

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will need to read from the start to keep up with the story.

* * * * *

Kylie stirred in the silky smooth bed to find herself alone, the sheets flicked back and crumpled where Dannii had left some point earlier, though it couldn't have been long as it was still warm from her body. Kylie pushed herself up onto one arm, pushing her long blonde hair back from her face as she looked around, seeing from the light level that it must be shortly before dawn. She could feel a breeze, and looked at the lightly blowing curtains at the French windows onto their balcony, seeing one of them open and Dannii outside on the balcony in the weak light. Kylie wondered what she was doing out there by herself. It seemed a pretty lonely thing to do, watching the sunrise alone, and she couldn't help but wonder if there was something up. Giving a stretch, she threw the silk sheets back and slipped nakedly from the bed, finding a robe and sliding it on, doing it up as she walked towards the doors.

Walking out onto the balcony, Dannii turned to look at her with a smile as she approached. Dannii was wearing her own robe, sitting on the wide wall around the balcony with her legs hanging over the side, looking out over the trees at the slowly rising sun, watching the orange orb creep into the sky. Kylie pulled herself onto the wall and sat down on it beside Dannii, leaning over for a quick, soft kiss, which was more than enough to transmit their feelings for one another. Kylie slid her arm round Dannii's back and leaned her head on her shoulder, looking sleepily over the crisp, dewy landscape, starting to glisten and soften in the warm morning light.

"I didn't mean to wake you," Dannii said softly, giving a little stretch next to her, letting her hand fall to Kylie's thigh and give a light squeeze before resting there in a comforting, non-sexual way.

"It's alright, you didn't, I just woke up anyway, maybe because I was alone," Kylie murmured, not really worried at all.

"Then I did wake you up," Dannii concluded, giving a bit of a sigh.

"No you didn't, forget it," Kylie replied, just letting her sharp gaze take in the estate, catching sight of a rabbit darting through the long, damp vegetation of the fields down the hill towards the river.

"Lovely morning," Dannii said idly as she took it in, loving the feeling over the increasing warmth from the sun on her body through the thin cotton robe, swinging her legs a little and looking down at them a little childishly.

"Why are you out here Dan?" Kylie probed, wanting to know what was up.

"Just woke up early, wanted some fresh air, seemed such a shame not to watch this," she mused, looking over the trees at the sunrise.

"Is that all?" Kylie asked, hoping it didn't sound too obvious that she was worried her sister was upset by something.

"Well it's just so peaceful out here, and we've been through so much lately that I thought it'd be nice to just be able to have some time when things are so calm and controlled, nothing to worry about for a little while," she said, giving Kylie an idea what was troubling her.

"Yeah it's been a bit of a rollercoaster, but things are settling now, and we can just enjoy all this freedom we've been given," Kylie said, using her spare hand to gesture at the wide, tumbling landscape.

"We've lost some freedom though," Dannii mumbled, fingering her daywalker ring. Kylie paused, not sure how to handle it, since Dannii had been a bit volatile about the whole vampire thing since they'd turned, loving it one minute and hating it the next.

"We've gained more than we've lost though," Kylie said carefully, which was true, they had gained so much.

"No denying that, just a bit hard to adapt to," Dannii said, glancing to Kylie before looking back at the sun, now properly rising above the tree line.

"I know honey, it's not easy for either of us, but we'll get through it together, you and me. We've come through so much already just to be together, I know we can get through this," Kylie said, hoping it would inspire Dannii to be more positive. It seemed to work.

"Yeah, you're right, nothing will stand between us," Dannii said with a smile, looking over to Kylie before leaning in for a long, soulful kiss. She gave a sigh as Kylie snuggled in next to her, like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders having shared her concerns, and found that Kylie felt the same but had complete faith in them. They just spent the next half an hour or so sitting silently together watching the sun rise, feeling the warmth from it on their thinly covered bodies as they sat there, before Kylie turned back onto the balcony and led Dannii back into the bedroom, to the bed itself, where they slipped out of their robes and snuggled back in for a few more minutes dozing together.

Kylie woke up easily from their brief nap, realising around twenty minutes had passed, and sat up from where she was snuggled with her sister, who stirred at the interruption to her rest as Kylie gave a stretch. She smiled as she brushed some of Dannii's hair back from her face, hearing her murmur lightly before she slipped off the bed and headed for the bathroom, grabbing her towel from the rail inside the door as she padded nakedly across the tiles past the large clear window to the luxurious shower on the far wall, past the sunken bath tub. She knew nobody would be looking in the window given that all there was outside was their large grounds, hills and fields that nobody was on, and frankly if they'd made all the effort to get in there and use binoculars to pry, they deserved a peek at her tight body for their effort frankly.

Opening the door to the large shower, Kylie stepped in and twisted the taps to get the water going, hissing at the initial cold of the water, adjusting it carefully to bring it to just the right steamy temperature. Despite the warm summer weather, she still wanted a hot shower, and gave a little shiver as she stepped fully under it, grabbing her shower gel as she closed the door to enjoy the hot water cascading over her from the two showerheads. After a long, relaxing shower, she stepped out into the steam, managed not to slip over on the wet floor, towelling her toned body off and wrapping it round herself as she walked out of the huge en suite bathroom and back to their large bedroom. She slowed as she took in what she saw, which was Dannii laid out completely naked on the bed in the patch of sun that was glaring through the windows across the bed, her eyes closed as she basked.

"It feels hotter than it used to," she remarked, knowing Kylie had come back to the bedroom without bothering to look.

"Does it really? I haven't really noticed," Kylie answered, walking over to her as she sat down on the edge of the bed, careful not to block the rays.

"Have you sunbathed naked?" Dannii retorted with a smile.

"No actually, but I think I should start," Kylie giggled, standing up and peeling the towel from herself. Dannii opened her eyes now with a smile, shifting her wonderful, curvy body to allow Kylie to lay down beside her in the sun, her large breasts jiggling delightfully as she did. Kylie settled on the silk sheets next to her younger sister, feeling her soft body pressed to hers as she did, feeling the warmth of the sun on her pale skin. As she lay basking, she realised Dannii was right, that it did feel hotter than it used to, almost erotically so. Lying together, Kylie shivered, her nipples immediately erect as she felt Dannii's slender hand slide onto her thigh, slowly, nonchalantly sliding over and down the inside, softly brushing at the skin before giving a firm squeeze that made Kylie's pussy clench.

They revelled in the hot sun on their bed, loving the sweet kiss of the UV rays that they'd be helpless against without their daywalker rings, their hands idly roaming here and there. They were lying at opposite ends, so Dannii's head was near Kylie's knees where she was lying with her feet still on the floor, and Kylie's head around the same level beside Dannii's outstretched pins beside her. Her hands slowly played up Dannii's thighs, skirting past her pussy and onto her smooth tummy, where she let her fingertips softly dance, feeling her younger sister tremble and squirm beneath her, retaliating by letting her fingers slide straight over Kylie's completely shaven pussy. This went on for several minutes as they basked, idly stroking at one another in the beautiful warmth of the sun, feeling every photon of its light. Dannii murmured as she sat up, Kylie propping herself up on her arms to look her in the eye, where Dannii immediately leaned down and drew her into a deep, passionate kiss, a proper good morning kiss.

"Mm I'd better go and shower," Dannii said with a smile, turning and putting her legs over Kylie towards the floor, her little size threes dangling off the floor still.

"Yes you should, take a lot to get you clean," Kylie teased with a sly smile.

"You should've woken me up, we could've had a shower together," Dannii said playfully, looking to Kylie with a little flick of her tongue as she pushed herself over her lovely sister to stand on the floor, naked and stretching, her large breasts bouncing delightfully to capture Kylie's gaze.

"No, I went alone because I actually wanted the shower head to shower with!" Kylie quipped with a grin. Dannii gave a giggle as she headed for the bathroom, pushing the door closed as she yawned her way to the shower.

Around half an hour later, they were all fresh and dressed, Dannii in a simple jeans and top, Kylie in tight jeans and a little black top, wanting to feel her stunning ass accentuated that particular day. Sitting in the kitchen at the large wooden table, they were eating breakfast, a healthy blend of fruit, toast and similar, along with a glass of blood each, just quietly enjoying the relaxing time together as they flicked the days papers. It seemed that despite the local towns reverence and fear of the large castle that loomed over them from the hill, it was still possible to get the papers delivered. As they enjoyed their carefree morning, a care suddenly arose when Kylie suddenly remembered the pet Lucretia had mentioned when showing her around the place, her sudden realisation of neglect making her stop mid-bite.

"What's the matter?" Dannii said, looking up at Kylie's sudden break of the mood. Kylie attempted to speak, then quickly chewed her mouthful and swallowed.

"Lucretia, the Countess, said that she kept a pet in the basement, and asked that I look after it for her," Kylie said, deciding that it was best she left out the part where she'd also insinuated that she should also have sex or mate with it to help keep it happy.

"A pet? What kind of pet?" Dannii asked, her eyes widening.

"I've no idea, not likely to be anything too conventional though is it? Either way we'd better find it and feed it," Kylie said, folding up her paper before carrying on eating.

"Ok, but if we don't know what it is, how do we know what to feed it?" Dannii said, gesturing with an apple she was eating.

"Well...judging by all the meat downstairs in the fridges I'd guess something like that," Kylie said, thinking back to the vast stocks they had.

"Hmm I guess so," Dannii said apprehensively, thinking it didn't sound like a very safe idea this pet.

"I guess we'd better just stick with that and take it something from there, must be it," Kylie said

"Shouldn't we just go and find it first, see what it is and then go from there?" Dannii said, thinking perhaps they needed a better idea of a situation first.

"I guess that's a good idea," Kylie said after a moments thought, "though we need to be ready, dunno what to expect here," she finished.

"Don't worry I'm not taking this lightly," Dannii said, looking rather nervous. After clearing up their breakfast things, they took a moment to gather themselves then walked out of the kitchen to the huge main corridor, heading for the passageway that led down towards the dungeons, which they'd not ventured back down as yet, mainly because their werewolf friend wasn't in and they'd been pretty busy settling in.

"It can't be much more incredible than a werewolf, or any more dangerous let's be honest," Kylie said, looking to Dannii as they walked down the stone steps towards the basement door.

"I'm not sure I'd be surprised if it was worse," Dannii said in a slightly tight voice, clearly more than just nervous now. As they descended the cold stone staircase and reached the bottom, walking through the stone corridor between the two areas of the dungeons, they went through the heavily fortified wooden door on the other side. They went down another set of stone steps, much smaller and less well made than the previous ones, then there was a small corridor outside a heavy wooden door, which was locked from their side. On it was tacked a note, in Lucretia's familiar hand, though not written in blood like the last note Kylie had been left from her.

"Greetings Kylie, I hope you're settling in well to your new life, and new home. I'm guessing it's taken you a few days to remember this and come down here. That's fine, he'll be ok don't worry, however as a treat you could give him some live prey. It would certainly help to endear you to him. However you need not worry, he's very friendly and tame, you'll be fine – Love Lucretia x x x"

Kylie and Dannii both stood reading through it, more than once, pondering over the implications of it.

"Live prey?" Dannii said carefully, looking to Kylie.

"Judging by the meat down in the fridges, I'm guessing she doesn't mean mice," Kylie replied, looking back over unsurely.

"Live....do we have to?" Dannii said, looking to Kylie with her pretty blue eyes.

"Well, I guess we don't have to no, just, this creature has never seen us before and it'd be nice to welcome ourselves with a treat. Makes it clear we're not out to do it any harm I think," Kylie said, a bit torn.

"It's whether it means us any harm that bothers me," Dannii said a little coldly, before turning and walking back up the hard stairs.

"Dan, I'm sure we wouldn't be asked to look after it if it did," Kylie said, trying to settle her nerves despite being apprehensive herself.

"I'm not sure the person who brought this on us was entirely concerned about our welfare to be honest," Dannii replied. She'd never met Lucretia, or really asked about her at all, but seemed to have formed an image of a deceptive, calculating temptress that had somewhat stolen Kylie from her. Kylie supposed that was kind of right actually, giving a sigh as she followed Dannii back up the stairs, heading across the main corridor, past the kitchen and out the double French doors into the sunshine on the patio.

"Dannii, we don't have to get it something live if you really don't want to," Kylie said, not wanting her sister feeling the way she seemed to be.

"No I guess we'd better," Dannii said in a resigned manner, raising her hand to shield her eyes from the sun as she looked out from the raised patio over the large lawn directly behind their castle.

"I don't want to either, but we should really," Kylie said, resting her hand on Dannii's shoulder.

"What are we gonna give it though?" Dannii said, eyeing the trees as they waved in the breeze. Kylie thought for a moment, wondering quite what they were meant to actually feed him.

"Hm, not sure actually, we don't exactly have a vast choice around here," she agreed, pondering it.

"Well I don't see any fields of animals around here being kept for any such purpose," Dannii said with a wave of her hand to the countryside.

"Yeah, well I guess that's what all the meat's for in the freezers," Kylie replied, looking out across the acres of land as if it would provide her with some kind of answer. There was silence as they wondered how exactly they were going to fulfil this meal order for the unknown creature, staring at the landscape, when Dannii spoke up.

"Deer," she said softly, almost not wanting to break the air around them.

"Deer? That's...a good idea actually," Kylie said, looking up more intently at the landscape, almost as if she'd see one suddenly grazing on their lawn.

"Well then I guess we'd better find some rope or something," Dannii said, giving a sigh of resignation to their task. Kylie didn't say anything, letting her brood a little and going back into the castle to find a piece suitable. There was lots of random things left in cupboards and such around such a large building of its age and Kylie soon found a suitable rope around ten feet long, sturdy enough to lead a deer with, assuming they could physically hold onto it. She headed back out to find Dannii standing on the sunny patio still, just looking out toward the woods on their ground, beyond the lawn big enough for a cricket tournament.

"Ready?" Kylie said, holding the rope in one hand, wrapped up into a bundle.

"As ready as you can get for this sort of thing," Dannii said, reaching out to clasp Kylie's hand tightly as they walked along the patio and down the steps onto the large expanse of sun drenched grass. Kylie just squeezed back as they headed across the large lawn towards the forests bordering it, hoping to find some deer in there since it was unlikely they'd be out in the open in the middle of the day. They didn't say anything as they strolled through the sun, feeling how warm and peaceful it was, but they weren't able to enjoy it much as they both considered their grim task. They walked for some time through the trees, across the dry leaves and twigs underfoot, old paths worn through the forest starting to become overgrown once more as nature reclaimed them. The woods were lit quite softly, almost enchantingly, the air hazy as the sunlight filtered down through the trees, Kylie slightly swinging the rope as they walked, till Dannii slowed and stopped, putting out a hand to hold Kylie from proceeding as she carefully pointed with her other hand.

"Over there," she whispered, point towards a lone dear that was grazing calmly on the edge of a small clearing in the woods, cropping at the lush grass near the bottom of a tree.

"I see it. Yeah I see it," Kylie murmured, pulling the rope up slowly, taking a glance at its length.

"How we gonna even get near it?" Dannii murmured, since they were standing around fifty feet from it and it was already flicking at ear at the tiny amount of noise they were making.

"I'll find a way," Kylie said, gently pushing Dannii's arm away and stepping forward, holding the rope out, beginning to pull it out with both hands. Shaking her hair back from her face, Kylie slowly and cautiously walked forward, keeping her eyes fixed on the deer. She didn't know why but she had an idea that if perhaps she could get close enough and look into its eyes then she might be able to somehow push herself on it and subdue it, the way Lucretia had controlled and owned her when they'd met, which had resulted in her becoming a vampire in the first place. Of course Lucretia was far older and vastly more powerful than herself and she knew her own seductive mind control was rather limited, having only managed to slightly control her werewolf friend when she'd first slept with him, and even then he'd already been between her thighs and frankly pretty much at her command anyway thanks to her tight body alone.

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