tagLetters & TranscriptsEveryday I Write The Book Ch. 05

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 05


Saturday, 1:34 p.m.

I really have turned into a wanton woman. I didn't want to meet Bethany downstairs. I didn't want to go to the book signing. I just wanted to spend the entire afternoon in bed with Lucien. He was so perfect, Diary! But you want details, right? Well, let me start back where I left off until he woke up and then woke me up!

When we reached the hotel, I was still upset and out of sorts. I felt like such a whore! How could I have been so easy? Because I was desperate, I suppose. Desperate for someone's touch and any one would do. But it wasn't making me happy. It was what I wanted, but not what I needed. Lucien seemed to know what I needed and I was too tired and confused to argue with him. He opened the door with my room key and sat me on the bed, leaving me to run a hot bath.

While the water steamed up the bathroom, he knelt at my feet and removed my shoes, giving each foot a gentle caress. I trembled at his soft touch, his fingers brushing my skin as he pulled my dress, slip, bra and panties off. I should have been embarrassed to be naked in front of such a handsome man but the way he looked at me, he made me feel as if I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and his touch echoed those feelings. He didn't care that I was overweight; he cared that I felt loved and wanted.

He stripped in the bathroom and got into the tub before me, then opened his arms and let me sit between his legs, leaning back against him. For almost an hour, we luxuriated in the hot water and I kept my eyes closed most of the time, enjoying Lucien's hard body and harder cock lodged between us and the feel of his fingers on my nipples. I let my hands wander along the length of his legs, feeling his fur and muscle ripple.

"Feeling better?"

"Oh, yes." I whispered.

One of his hands left my breast and traveled downward over my stomach and one of his thick fingers parted my slit and pressed down on my clit. I gasped and warm juice flooded my pussy. "I'm hungry. Ready to get out?"

I nodded and we washed quickly, heading into the bedroom wrapped in towels. I went to the nightstand, looking for the room service menu. "I saw a menu here somewhere ... "

"What I'm hungry for is not on that menu." He pulled my towel off, pushed me down on the bed and opened my legs. Before I could react, his tongue was buried in my pussy and all thoughts of propriety vanished in an instant. He teased my clit mercilessly, making me gasp and moan at the same time, then slid into my hole like a searching snake, thrusting deep and curving to stroke my special spot. I came three times on the tip of his tongue, vibrating like I was suffering a seizure and begged him to stop.

"Lucien, please." I could barely breathe and my entire body tingled with electricity. "That was fantastic but I don't think I can stand any more."

"Really?" His husky voice raised goosebumps on top of the goosebumps that I already had. He moved over me, settling his trim hips between my legs. I moaned when I felt his cock slide up and down my slick slit. "You can't stand any more?"

I answered his question by pulling his mouth down to mine and raising my hips so that his next stroke angled that beautiful cock into my dripping hole. We groaned together, shivering as his pubes met mine and he rotated his hips, letting every inch of his meat kiss my sugar walls. Having him inside me was such a dream. I let go of everything that was bothering me: the nagging self-doubt, the pain borne of my desperation and months of not having a significant other. Lucien became the focus of my universe and I responded to him with everything I had in me.

"Oh, fuck!" His whisper made tingles run through me again. "Jesus, Diana. You feel so good." He rose up and looked at me. "If you lived in the city ... "

"Don't make promises, Lucien."

"It's not a promise, it's a fact." He moved inside me again, his eyes dark and intense. "You would be my girlfriend."

I couldn't think. He kissed me again, our tongues dueling for supremacy but neither finding authority. He pushed into me over and over, driving me crazy with want until I exploded around his cock and he filled me with cream seconds later. He curled his tasty body around mine, his mouth at my ear.

"You are worthy of love, Diana. Don't let anyone tell you differently." This is what I expected of love. Lucien's care and concern filled me with warmth and I clung to him. "Sleep, darling. Sleep well."

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