tagIncest/TabooEvil Bitch Ch. 15

Evil Bitch Ch. 15

byLost Boy©

EB: 15

Company Drops In:

Wind Sword Manor:


I liked the cool silent isolation that the dungeon offered. With its thick stone walls and sturdy oaken doors, I was assured of privacy once I ventured down here. Well that was the idea at least. So there I was with Mary's lips eagerly wrapped around my cock. I had to admit there was something sexy about the way her narrowed cat-like pupils got my blood flowing. Then when she took my hands and placed them on either side of her head I knew that this was going to be a fun little romp.

I was fucking her throat with a mix of contempt and unbridled lust. I guess it was her eager submission to prove her worth to me that was contemptible. But the pleasure her talented mouth was giving me was sure worth a little disdain I suppose.

Just as I was getting a great rhythm going Charlie walks in holding one of the J'Nai shuriken. He was completely oblivious of what Mary and I were doing. Well I sure as hell wasn't going to stop so I kept up the wicked pace my hips had just reached.

"I thought I might find you down here," Charlie said. "I have been studying the construction and the material that these bad boys are made of and you sonny boy are lucky to be alive."

"Really," I replied as I ground my cock to the hilt down poor Mary's throat. "Go on."

"Besides the wickedly vicious anticoagulant smeared on the blades; the material isn't on the periodic table and I can only guess how the hell they even made it. But the mechanism alone shows a cunning and intellect that is staggering."

"So I take it you admire the son of bitches then," I said through gritted teeth.

"I think admire is strong but I do like their technology," Charlie admitted.

"Hmm... so how are you going to adapt it for our use?"

"Am I that transparent?"

"No but you do have a poor sense of timing," I told him.

Only then did he look down and see what was going on. He actually blushed as he saw me face fucking Mary. He had been so caught up in his desire to share what he had discovered he had lost sight of his surroundings.

"Sorry Jon, I can come back later."

"Nah, Mary doesn't mind an audience do you slut?"

I eased my cock from her throat and she whispered to Charlie.

"I don't mind at all," she purred.

"Yeah the little whore doesn't mind you watching or even joining in."

"I don't think Becca would approve of me banging a dirty little skank like you," Charlie said. "Nothing personal you understand."

"It's okay; I am a dirty little whore. But would she mind me sucking you off?"

"Well... sucking ain't fucking... technically."

"That's the spirit old man, Mary if you would kindly assume the position."

"MMMMMMM Yes Sir," She said as she stood up, bent over and aimed her exposed backside to me.

Even as she did this she was already working on Charlie. Mary had his growing erection free and was stroking it slowly. When he was hard enough she began to lick and suck him.

"Do you like that Mister? Do you like my lips wrapped around your nice hard cock?"

"Shut up you fucking tease and get back to it already."

Being the obedient little cock whore that she was Mary did as she was bid. Soon she was deepthroating Charlie and I was balls deep in her wet slit. Charlie having his hands full set the shuriken on Mary's back. Then he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and began pumping his hips in a nice slow rhythm.

I on the other hand was pounding her tight little pussy as hard as I could. There was that delightful slapping sound as our bodies met and that combined with the moans coming from her and Charlie made a delightful music. As I began slapping Mary's ass urging her tight little pussy to squeeze me tighter I noticed a figure silhouetted in the doorway. Nine guesses out of ten I would have been right but not today and not now. Liz stepped into the poorly lit chamber and I could see that hungry look in her eye. Ever since Sterling had used her as a guinea pig we had never actually consummated our lust for one another. Pity really no one could suck cock like she could and I do mean no one.

"It called to me," Liz was whispering.

"What are you talking about," I asked her.

"MMMMM how does she feel wrapped around you Jon," Liz asked as she moved behind me.

"Tight as can be," I admitted. "But what called to you Liz?"

"The thing on Mary's back... it is a soft voice and hard to hear but damn it I heard it and it led me here!"

"You mean the shuriken... how can a piece of metal call to anyone?"

"UMMMM Jon it's not metal," Charlie decided to fill in some details now that the subject had been brought up again. "Whatever it is, that material is organic."

"But you said it didn't show up on the periodic table."

"Yeah it was Becca that discovered it was fashioned out of some sort of bone."

"Bone... okay what the hell is going on... how can it be bone and calling to Liz?"

"It is because the donor is still alive Jon," Liz added. "She is out there somewhere."

"Why the hell didn't I sense any sort of presence when the damn thing and its siblings were embedded in my flesh?" I thrust even harder into Mary now my anger peaking.

"I suspect she isn't very fond of males in general," Liz remarked.

"Okay I'll buy that, and it would explain how Becca discovered it was organic. On some level it made itself know to her."

"Herself Jon she is aware of what is going on," Liz said annoyed and aroused at the same time. Her hands roamed over my body as she pressed hers against me from behind. "Are you going to fuck me Jon," she moaned in my ear. "It has been so damn long for me. Don't make me beg for your cock."

"Perhaps I should," I growled as I felt Mary's pussy spasm around me as she came.

By the expression of sheer pleasure on Charlie's face I could tell he had just shot down Mary's greedy little throat.

"Damn I needed that," he moaned as he pulled his dick free of Mary's mouth. "I will let you two discuss the matter at hand."

Charlie left without another word. He just tucked his cock back into his pants, zipped up and whistled a little tune as he left the dungeon. Mary eased her sore pussy from my iron hard cock but remained bent over just in case.

"Well Jon what's it going to be," Liz moaned as she began to jack my cock.

"You do present a very convincing argument," I moaned as she moved to stand in front of me.

"Do you remember that blow job I gave you?"

"Remember, girl that still haunts my erotic dreams."

"Good maybe I can reacquaint my throat with that amazing cock of yours," she said this as she dropped to her knees. "Come to mama," she purred.

Liz didn't bother with foreplay she just started deep-throating me. My balls were slapping against her chin as she drove her face forward. God knows I wanted to grab her by the hair and grudge fuck her dirty little throat. But she had been isolated from people for so long she deserved some control, at least for now. The thing is I knew she was reading my surface thoughts and I was doing the same to her. I was tempted to take it to the next level but was unsure she was ready for that level of intimacy.

'Try me Jonny boy I just might surprise you,' Liz said mentally.

I sent Mary on her way but not before retrieving the shuriken from her back. I folded the blades safely away before I tucked the lethal weapon into my pants pocket. Then I gave my cousin Liz my full attention. The cock hungry slut was thrusting her face onto my iron hard dick ferociously. When I couldn't take it any longer I took handfuls of hair and began fucking her throat as viciously as I had been Mary's tight little pussy.

Her thoughts were raw and open like a gaping wound. There was lust and hunger but hidden deeper and darker the need to be controlled and violated. This base desire went passed anything I had ever gotten from mom or the twins. Liz was angry and bitter on the same levels I was and needed an outlet for those emotions badly. My cock would be that outlet.

I yanked my dick from her throat and pulled her to her feet. I dragged her over to one of the torture devices, the rack to be precise and bent her over it. I tugged her jeans down and slammed my cock into her very tight very wet slit. Her cry echoed off the stone walls. This wasn't about lust or love this was about anger and deep seated need to brutalize and be brutalized. I held nothing back and she begged for more.

"Fuck me Jon," she cried. "Oh god I have waited so damn long for this!"

I could only growl in response. My fingers dug deeper into her ass flesh and I thrust into her with bone jarring force. Her cries were lost to me as a red haze fell over my vision. All I cared about now was getting off and shooting deep into her tight wet pussy. It got a little fuzzy for a long time. All I could do was thrust my hips forward and back. All I wanted was to feel her tight wetness grip me, squeeze me and pleasure me. When I finally came out of the sexual fugue Liz was on her back and my hand was gripped tightly around her throat. Her tits and face were covered in a mix of sweat and cum. Her eyes were half closed and her body was still twitching after what I assumed was a very powerful orgasm. I looked down and saw that my cock was buried deep in her ass.

"Are you okay," I asked.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM do it again," Liz slurred drunk on her multiple orgasms.

"If you are sure," I replied.

"Oh yeah I'm sure."

I slowly moved my hips and felt the much tighter grip of her ass around my cock. I thrust harder and faster now and the weak moans from Liz grew a bit louder.

"Shoot it in my ass this time Jon," she begged. "I want to feel it. I want cum in both my holes!"

I kept thrusting and reached down and spread her pussy lips apart and sure enough a mixture of her pussy juices and cum oozed out. From the ruddy coloring I suspected her pussy had gotten one hell of a pounding from me. Now I was balls deep in her ass and she was begging for more, what a gal!

I pulled her ass so that it was on the very edge now. Then I placed both of her legs over my shoulders and went to town. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could manage. When I began playing with her clit Liz went from weak and moaning to freak and screaming. I guess she kind of liked that. I was just getting a decent rhythm going when her back arched and her ass lifted up an off the bench driving my cock deeper still into her tight ass. She screamed as she came and I almost came right alongside, almost.

"Damn Liz," I said fighting off my orgasm just a little while longer.

It took her a little while to catch her breath and collect herself. While she did that I continued to move my cock in and out of her very slowly. I was enjoying the way her ass squeezed me. It wouldn't take much to push me over the edge and that was making this little tryst so special. Now that she had caught her breath Liz began to clench her ass muscles squeezing me each and every time I thrust into her.

"How is that Jon," she asked. "Do you like it when I grip your cock with my ass?"

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.... Yes," I admitted.

"Are you going to shoot cum in my butt?"

"UH HUH..." I grunted as my orgasm began to crest.

"OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS I can feel your dick swelling in my ass.... Fuck me Jon..." her voice was cut off into a deep guttural groan.

I drove my cock into her once more as ferociously as I could. The slapping sound of our bodies filled the air and the scent of our lovemaking was strong and intoxicating. Finally the wave of pleasure hit its peak and crashed over me. I think I cried out as I shot into her. The next thing I know I am laying atop her and her legs are wrapped tightly around my waist.

"Don't leave," she whispered in my ear.

"I won't," I lied.

I held her for a long time. Then I eased out of her, lifted her up into my arms and carried Liz up to my room to rest. She clung to me child-like as we mounted the stairs.

"Jon, are there monsters," she asked me.

"What kind of monsters are you seeing," I asked her.

"They only come out at night, and they speak in my mind whispering in a language I do not understand."

"What do they look like Liz dear," I ask again.

"Well, they have three arms, three eyes and each arm has three fingers... am I imagining things Jon?"

"No Liz you are not," I tell her. "They are very real but they will not hurt you," I said wondering how the hell the tripod creatures got here on the grounds. "You are perfectly safe."

"Thank goodness," she said. "I was so worried when they ate that neighbor's cat the other night."

"Oh, they just got hungry is all," I said.

We reached my bedroom and I tucked her in. I started a shower and heard Liz's voice from the bedroom.

"Do you want me to do your back," she purred.

"If you do you won't get any rest," I shot back.

"I don't mind," she said.

"But I do, you need your rest. We will have plenty of time to play I promise."

"Well as long as you promise," she replied sleepily.

I slipped into the shower and fired up Iyaden's avatar for the very first time. She looked around and smiled down at my naked body.

"Jon you are naked," she said.

"Yes and I need your help," I said and I lathered up.

"How may I be of assistance?"

"Ship showed me a race of tripod creatures that share the home world with the J'Nai."

"Oh yes they are called the Rix," she said examining her surroundings. "They are barbaric as they are intelligent. They are very gifted psychics given as they have no vocal capacity. They prize a very rare element they call Earth Spark and what the other races call Psi-stone. It comes in two forms. The common form is a granite-like substance that they carry on their person to magnify their psychic abilities. Then there is an extremely rare crystalline form that they use to capture the souls of their greatest practitioners within. But that is only a rumor; no one has ever been able to prove it."

"The J'Nai had a piece of psi-stone in his collection is that common practice?"

"They are avid almost fanatical collectors. It is not unlikely they would risk life and limb to capture a piece for their collection."

"Interesting, so what would Rix be doing here on Earth?"

"Maybe they discovered a hidden source of psi-stone and are mining it?"

"Is there anyway of detecting that mineral from orbit?"

"Actually there is a particular energy signature that it gives off; I can supply that information to you for a search analysis."

"You are a peach," I told her.

"Is that a term of endearment Jon?"

"Um, yes it is."

"Thank you, shall I tap into your military network and search for that energy signature for you now?"

"You know how to do that?"

"I have not been idle during your absence," she said with a wicked smile.

"Well, have at it little lady," I told her.

"Accessing U.S. Gov. Sat. Mil. Array Black Night. Authority Code Level Ultra Black Mirror... Processing... Access Granted... Entering Parameters... Searching... Estimated Time Nine Hours Thirty Two Minutes..."

"Well now... you are full of surprises," I said. "Anything else I should know?"

"Not at the moment, but if anything does I will inform you. Um Jon..."

"Yes Iyaden?"

"I miss you," she said.

"I miss you too," I replied.

She turned and vanished from sight. I let out a deep sigh. Had I done the right thing? I wasn't so sure now. I felt selfish having preserved her the way I had. I finished my shower and needing some space left Liz sleeping peacefully. I donned some shorts and wandered the Manor House aimlessly.

I was in the library and saw the outdoor pool and decided swimming some laps might do me some good. It might take my mind off all the crap going on in my head at the moment. I made my way downstairs and outside. I slipped off my shorts and dove into the deep end of the pool. Some mindless laps might also help rid me of this miasma of depression I was feeling.

I guess I was somewhere around twenty five laps when something warned me and I stopped.

I stood up in the shallow end of the pool, I looked up and that's when I heard the keen whistling sound. The sound got louder and louder until with a horrific crash something struck the water and sent up a geyser. The heat from the thing was terrific and it turned the pool water to steam. Then it cooled quickly sending up a cloud of fog that blanketed the entire area. I looked down at the water level and saw that it had been cut in half. What the hell?

There was no use attempting to use night vision is these conditions they would be useless. Then a figure stood up and began walking towards me. Well stagger would be more accurate as she approached in a kind of jagged line. I could tell by her sensuous silhouette that it was a she but beyond that I was clueless. But once she was within ten feet I could make out her features.

"Vana, holy shit what the hell are you doing here," I asked even as I moved to catch her as she fell.

"Hello Jon, nice to see you again," she moaned in pain.

"What the hell happened to you?"

"I happened to her," said a very familiar voice.

A second figure stepped out of the fog. It was only then that I realized that the fog was frozen in place along with the pool water. The naked figure was perfection personified or more specifically my dream girl made manifest. She was barely five feet tall. The long mane of red hair hit the back of her ankle. Her emerald green eyes blazed in the darkness as she approached. The rest was sheer perfection. The Asian body with its luscious 36C breasts topped with puffy nipples. The flawless dusky skin painted delicately with a light topping of freckles. The shaved clam shaped pussy that was dripping with need. It could be only one being in the entire universe.

"Hello Weaver," I said as I lowered my eyes in greeting.

"Hello Jon," she replied. "How is my Keeper of Secrets?"

"I am well," I said. "However, Vana here looks a little under the weather."

"She does, doesn't she," the Weaver replied. "Why don't you tell Jon why that is daughter of mine."

"I failed my mother," Vana said.

"Failed," I said. "How could someone with your abilities possibly fail?"

"Indeed," the Weaver said. "Unless..."

"Unless I required the skills of a mortal to finish a mission," Vana said.

"Why didn't you come and ask my help," I asked her.

"Why indeed," the Weaver mirrored my question. "But that is not why I am here Jon Masters."

"Okay I'll bite, why are you here Great One?"

"I am here to elevate your status within my hierarchy," she said with what could only be described as an evil smile.

"I am not sure I understand," I said.

"Just this," she said. "Vana here has failed me for the very last time. You are going to take her place."

"I take it this isn't an offer," I said with a visible wince.

"No, but this time there will be no pain. Since a portion of my power already flows through you this event will be almost pleasurable. Where is that fine symbiot that was crafted for you?"

I reached beneath the watch band and retrieved the folded runic material.

"You see Vana mortals are so very clever. Please Jon be so good as to slip it on. Yes that will do just fine. Now I will give you what I took from Vana."

The Weaver did not lie. This second go around the power was nothing short of intoxicating. I almost climaxed twice! I also realized that the symbiot and the watch were now an intricate part of my being. She had kept the avatars separated during the process, thank goodness! I almost felt sorry for Vana, almost.

"You can dismiss or call the symbiot at will. When away it exists in a pocket dimension very similar to that backpack you are so very fond of carrying around. Now speaking of dimensions you must learn how to multitask as Vana's brothers do. Granted you are at a great handicap in this as you were not born with this ability. But it is something you must be able to master."

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