Experience, or 3 Fucks an Hour?


During the next week when she again had sex with Jack several times and Bob visited Sofi twice, they hardly spoke, not even in his Jag on the way to the station the following Wednesday. They were both apprehensive and edgy when Bob pulled up in the dark road next to the station.


The Seduction

Both had thought long and hard about the kiss. What did it mean? Was it the start of something? Did they want more and if so what? Or were they both just being silly? Such things didn't happen between a couple with such an age difference, did they? Why not? What was different, they were still just a man and a woman and from seeing Bob in the pool, Sammi knew that other than his face he could be any age. 'The old paper bag over the face job' she smiled.

"I have to apologise Sammi" he said when he had cut the engine.

"I told you it's ok."

Bob thought for a moment.

"What does that mean Sam?"

"It means I didn't mind."

"Didn't or don't?"

"What? I don't understand."

"Did you like it?" Bob asked turning towards her as she did turned towards him.

Sammi was a girl who went with her instincts. She believed that you could analyse everything until the cows came home, but in the end you should go with your intuition and instincts, your gut feel if you want. And that's what she did.

Reaching out and placing her fingertips on his cheek she moved her face very close to Bob's and looking deep into his eyes she whispered. "Kiss me Mister Roberts."

It was absolutely fucking magic to his ears. It was just what he had hoped for ever since he'd met her again.

Without further hesitation his arms went round her body and his lips went round her mouth. He pulled her as closely to him as the configuration of the car allowed and he kissed her. Deep, long, loving, lip squirmingly and tongue plungingly passionately they kissed and kissed.

He was a good kisser. He knew that. He knew he always had been good, but then over the forty odd years of his sexually active life he had had plenty of practice. And Sammi quickly realised just how good he was. She had never in her short sexually active life been kissed quite so expertly and excitedly. He used his lips and tongue so much more skilfully than Jack and he did things to her lips that no other guy had done. He licked all the way round them before easing first her upper then her lower lip into his mouth and gently sucking that. She kissed him back with a passion she didn't know was there, but realised it was the sheer response to being kissed the way he was kissing her that was causing that passion.

Bob so badly wanted to slip his hand between their bodies and find her breasts, but he was concerned that would alarm her so he confined his hand activity to running them and down her back. His heart pounded faster and his cock hardened even more when he found no trace of a bra strap. Sammi was wearing the very short, denim micro skirt and thick, dark blue leggings that she'd worn when she went to Bob's office. On top she was wearing a simple white tee shirt, with a grey, hip length cardigan the hem of which he had noticed came down past the hem of the skirt. In a slightly grungy way, which she more than compensated for with her dazzling blonde hair, she looked ravishing. Bob's heart had pounded when they had walked to his car for she looked so sexy, it had almost dropped into his boots though when he realised she also looked so young. He couldn't help thinking of the thirty six year age difference and that depressed him.

At last they broke the kiss and her blonde head fell against his chest. Bob stroked her hair and heard her whisper.


He didn't get what she meant and momentarily he wondered if he had asked or intimated that he wanted to make love to her. That was wishful thinking he quickly found out."

"Yes to what Sammi?" He asked stroking her hair and the skin on back of her neck.

"To your question did I like it?"

"I meant the other night."

"Yes I know" she replied looking into his eyes, smiling and whispering. "I liked it then and liked it even more now."

"Good, for I thought it was sensational" Bob muttered just before they kissed again.

They kissed for some time as Bob tried to pluck up the courage to go further, but failed. Sammi was wondering all the time if he would do more and she contemplated taking his hand and putting it on her boob. She didn't, though. Partly because she felt that would make her seem to him to be too forward, but also because they were in a fairly public place parked almost under street light.

"I'm pleased you liked it too Bob, you kiss very well."

"Thanks, age you see has some advantages, you've had plenty of practice." He smiled.

"Well perhaps we should go somewhere a little more private and you can teach me" she smiled back making Bob feel wonderful.

'Shit maybe I'll get to fuck her' he thought his mind thinking of a secluded spot. On the other hand he wasn't so sure. Of course he wanted to screw her, but then again he didn't. He screwed Sofi, he fucked Sofi and he shagged Sofi. He didn't want that with Sammi. No he wanted to make love to this young blonde, blue eyed girl and fucking her on the back seat of his car didn't come into that category at all.

"What about the pub?"

"I can go later or not go, no big deal."

As he drove into the nearby forest he felt elated. He had no idea how far they would go, whether this would be a one off or the start of something and quite frankly he didn't give a jot. His mind was buzzing with fact that he had 'pulled' her even if just for an hour snogging in his car, he had done it, he a sixty year old grandfather was going to be intimate with a twenty four year old ravishing bird.

"Are you sure about this Sammi?" He rather unwisely asked her for he was giving her a way out. She almost took that and nearly said that she had changed her mind, but she hadn't, well not quite. She replied quite honestly.

"No Bob I am not sure, I am far from sure."

"Do you want to go back to the station?" He asked as he pulled into a car park cut into the forest and drove to the furthest corner from the road. He left the lights on and the engine running as he turned and looked at her. As always his heart started to beat faster when he looked at her, but now given where they were, what they had done and what might be on the agenda it was racing and he seriously wondered whether this young lady might give him a heart attack, but thought to himself smiling 'What a way to go!'

Sammi was very torn, but also excited. The mere thought of any form of intimacy with a man of his age had never entered her head. When she'd had conversations with other girls about women who went with older men some had said things like:

"I couldn't bear an old guy to touch me."

"His skin will be thin and horrible to feel."

"What if he couldn't get it up?"

Others though, particularly those who'd been with older guys talked about their patience, skill, understanding and sexual expertise. One had even said. "Never mind the quantity, go for the quality.'

On top of her curiosity she also really liked Bob. He was friendly, intelligent and witty. He treated her with respect and consideration and seemed to really fancy her, something that appeals to her as it does to most people. She was sure that she would have little or no hesitation going out with him and probably to bed with him if he was more her age.

She looked into his eyes and smiling said. "I didn't fancy darts and beer tonight."

Bob cut the engine and turned the lights off. He leaned across the centre console and they kissed again. After ten minutes or so of exciting kissing for both of them they broke and he again cradled her head to his chest stroking her hair, neck and back. Sammi felt comfortable, wanted and very warm.

"You know Sammi, it must be thirty years, longer than you have been alive since I did this."

"What snogged in a car or kissed a girl?"

"You know what I mean, snogged in a car."

"And do you know Bob it must be at least three months since I did it."

They both laughed.

"Have you got a boy friend?"

"Sort of, but we don't date."

"What do you do then?" He asked stroking Sammi's arm.

"Well amongst the things I shouldn't tell you about we meet with our mates at the pub on Wednesdays and Sundays and play darts."

"That all?"

"Well we live in the same apartment block, he's upstairs that's how I met him."

"How long you been er, not dating then."

She smiled. "Oh six weeks or so I guess, yes about the same time I met you" she replied running her hand up his chest outside his crisp white business shirt. Bob liked that, it felt good.

"So apart from him amazing you by his darts prowess what else do you do?"

Without thinking or realising the effect it might have on Bob, she almost instantly replied in the way she might to her girl mates at college. "We fuck quite a lot."

Although Bob was aware that younger people were far more open than his generation her reply surprised him. It also thrilled him, but he didn't know how to react or what to say.

"Sorry, perhaps I shouldn't have said that."

"That's fine, is it good?" Bob replied, quite pleased that she had taken the conversation onto a sexual topic.

"What the sex?"

"Yes, or the darts?" He said flashing the smile at Sammi that she found so appealing.

"I prefer the former, I'm no good at hitting the doubles. It's not bad."

"Why don't you date?"

"Why should we?"

"True, if you are both getting out of the relationship what you want, that's fine."

"We are, it's purely sexual" Sammi surprised him by saying as she slid her fingers slightly inside his shirt. As usual Bob had removed his tie and jacket when they got into the car.

He'd never been with anyone so frank and outright on such a topic and wasn't sure how to progress the conversation. He would have loved to say. "Like another purely sexual one?" but refrained from doing so.

"So he's not your car snogger then" Bob asked running his hand right down her slim back almost onto her bum.

"No that was a guy I went out with for a while, he was married and his car was the only place we could be alone."

"What about your place in Bethnal Green."

"I didn't have it then."

"So was that purely sexual too?"

"No I really liked him and I think he did me, but it was hopeless" she replied liking the feel of his hands roaming over her body, carefully it seemed avoiding going near her breasts or legs.

"So you broke up?"

"Yes" Sammi replied as Bob lifted her chin and they kissed again. As they broke, she slightly took the bull by the horns. "This bloody console and gear stick" she said as they looked at each other.

"Well in my days we always snogged on the back seat" Bob smiled.

Laughing back Sammi replied. "God, I thought you'd never ask."

As Bob transferred from the front to the back he got the chance to adjust his erection that had got caught up in his shirt tail and boxers. It was a full on hard on and that made him wonder if he would be making use of it, but rather doubted that full sex was on the agenda.

They'd been kissing for some time. Sammi was pushed back into the corner of the leather seat with Bob half lying on top and half beside her. He was more on the seat than her and felt scrunched up and uncomfortable making him think 'I'm too old for this sort of thing.' Then he felt her hand inside his shirt on his chest. Her touch was like an electric shock and suddenly he felt comfortable and young again. Her leggings covered legs were stretched out before her, the ludicrously short skirt had ridden almost up to her crotch and she had pushed her shoes off so her feet were bare. Looking down he wished that she wasn't wearing the fashionable thick leggings for they stopped him seeing her panties, which would have been on view without the fucking tights.

Sammi's entire body was tingling with anticipation and pleasure as she felt his hand slide down her back round her waist and come to rest on her left hip. They were kissing deeply and Bob could no longer resist the temptation. He felt more confident once she had hinted about the back seat her arms had gone round his neck. He slid his fingers slightly under the hem of the long sleeved tee shirt and the tips of them found her bare flesh just above the waist of her tiny skirt. It was so smooth and soft and felt incredible. He gently rubbed her there in an enquiring gesture.

His touch on her bare skin was like a shock to Sammi although she had been anticipating it ever since they had got in the back. As most girls sometimes do, Sammi realised this was another watershed in their relationship. Just like the first kiss last week, the repeat outside the station, her suggesting they go somewhere and her then intimating that they should get in the back were watersheds, each one of which they had successfully negotiated. But this was a more significant one, this was more overt, more intimate, erotic and sexual. This was the first real stage of them having sex. This was Bob asking if he could feel her tits. And that as everyone knows is the prelude to feeling everything else. And if Sammi was really honest with herself, that was exactly what she wanted right at that moment.

She knew she could mumble no or take his hand and push it away. She knew equally well that if she did that he would go along with it and do as she asked. She also knew that she could also take his hand and place it on her breast, but that was too overt. So she put the ball back in Bob's court by doing nothing, but simply lay there kissing him with one arm round his neck the other between them her fingers slightly inside his shirt on his bare chest; a subliminal invitation, maybe.

Bob was tense with hope and anticipation. He badly wanted to feel Sammi's boobs, but then he badly wanted to feel any part of her. But was she up for it, was their relationship strong enough he wondered suddenly realising that his fingers were slightly further up inside her top? Still though, he acknowledged she wasn't stopping him or pushing his hand away. There was no resistance to him touching her bare flesh several inches now above her waist. Incredibly really at that miniscule point in time, there was nothing more important to either of them than how far Bob's hand and fingers went up Sammi's top.

Bob stopped kissing her and lifted his head up. He looked at her and Sammi turned and lifted her head so their eyes met. Deep down they both knew what was going to happen for they both knew what they wanted to happen and they both knew what was inevitable. Bob's hand slid slowly up her chest until it was just inches from her breast. He stopped with his eyes boring onto hers, asking the question, enquiring, essentially saying 'may I touch your tits?'

This was new territory for the blonde. In her 'normal' early twenties world, boys didn't ask, they didn't consider the girl's feelings, they took rather than shared. But she liked Bob's approach, she liked being asked, she liked it being mutual, she liked her wishes being respected. So she gave him his answer by almost doing nothing. By not resisting, by not objecting and by not moving, Sammi accepted Bob's invitation. By simply laying there she in effect gave him her permission, her agreement, her authority to touch her tits. He recognised that and his heart started to pound. Although momentarily thinking 'Shit I'm only going to feel her up' it was still one of the most sexually charged and erotically exciting moments he could recall.

And then with no further delay and their gazes locked, Bob slid his hand up Sammi's body and closed his fingers round her breast, squeezing and squashing the small orb. It was incredible for both of them and exactly what they each needed and wanted, but of course they didn't and couldn't say that to each other.

The first time that a potential lover touches a woman's breast is always very special. And this was no exception. Even though Sammi had been aware that it was going to happen, that she was expecting it and that she wanted it, the feel of Bob's hand on her left breast send a surge of desire and want through her. It also made her body jerk. She kissed him harder as if saying 'Yes. That's ok, it's what I want."

Bob squeezed her beautifully pert breast and pinched her rubbery nipple at the same time. It felt amazing. Ok Sofi had bigger tits, but he paid to play with those, the one in his hand was being given freely to him by a young, gorgeous girl who was almost young enough to be his granddaughter.

"Oh Sammi" he breathed.

"Shush don't say anything" she whispered back putting her fingers to his lips. He opened his mouth and took her middle finger between his lips. He sucked it gently as he continued caressing her tit.

They were like that for some time. Most of the buttons on Bob's white cotton shirt were undone and Sammi's other hand was softly stroking his chest. Her finger had now been drawn into Bob's mouth, 'just like a cock in mine' she couldn't help thinking, but then that is the idea of finger sucking. Their mouths were squirming against each other and his hand was up her top, stroking, squeezing, pinching and caressing both her breasts and nipples.

"Sammi they feel wonderful" he sighed as he felt her hand slip away from his chest.

It felt wonderful to her too. The pleasure, the arousal, the excitement and everything that was going on made her want more. It made her feel adventurous and bold. It diminished her inhibitions and she was ready to go further. In the back of her mind she had accepted that if he wanted to she would let him fuck her. It was safe enough for any car would have to drive right across the car park and they would see the lights and would have time to adjust their clothing.

"Just a sec Bob" she said right into his ear as he felt her hands moving and going between them making him wonder just what she was doing. Then amazingly, incredibly and so outrageously sexily that if it had been possible he would have hardened even more Sammi slowly pulled the tee shirt up until she bared her breasts. She went on in a near croak. "And what do they look like Bob?"

Bob had never had such a thing done for him before and it made him feel stupendous. He simply gazed at the two medium sized breasts capped with the small coral pink nipples that he could just about see in the dim light. He ran his fingertips slowly over each one across each nipple into the wide cleavage and up the slope of each boob and muttered almost in a trance.

"They are so beautiful Sammi, they are wonderful. You have gorgeous breasts."

He moved his head forward and licked the hardened tip of each of her nipples. That made her grunt with pleasure and let out a deep sigh.

"Suck them Bob" she groaned as suddenly there was light everywhere.

"What the hell" Bob said sitting up."

"Fuck" Sammi said pulling her top down to cover her tits as they heard a voice saying.

"This is the forest rangers here, please get out of the car."

They looked at each other. "Bloody hell, we're in the shit." Bob muttered. "I'm sorry Sammi, come on we'd better get out" he said as they sat there bathed in light from the powerful torches from both sides.

Sammi smiled at him. "Don't say sorry it was my idea we go somewhere quiet. It'll be ok, don't worry."

There were two average sized men dressed a bit like, well as you might expect forest rangers to look, whatever the hell they are.

"Thank you sir and madam" one of them said as Bob and Sammi stood bashfully before the pair of them. "We would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. I have to tell you that you do not have to answer them, ok"

"Look what do I call you ranger?" Bob started.

"Yes that'll be fine."

"What is the problem, we haven't done anything wrong, have we?"

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