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Family Matters


We were always a normal family. Normal! I don't even know what that means any more. My parents are young. Daddy got Mom knocked up on prom night, so the story goes. They are both 39. Lisa, my twin sister and I are 21. Our younger brother, Robert is 19. Lisa and I are identical twins who look exactly alike except for a birthmark that I have on my hip. Daddy has the same mark on his hip it looks like the map of Africa.

When I said that we were normal, what I meant was boring. Mom is a housewife and Daddy is a night auditor at a bank. He goes to work in the evenings around 6:00 and is gone all night on most nights. We take family vacations twice a year once in the summer and once around Christmas. While it was always nice to get away with family it was also predictable and, well, boring.

You know how twins are just alike, always finishing each others sentences and stuff like that. Well it was never like that with Lisa and me. We could not have been more different. Mom called us her opposite twins. We never dressed alike because our tastes in clothes were so different. Lisa was a bit of a tomboy while I... well let's just say I liked to celebrate my curves. I loved to drive the boys wild and in high school I had a bit of a reputation for being a tease. I was 20 when I lost my virginity but that's not what this story is about.

This story is about the day my family was turned upside down. It was around a month before our 21st birthday when I noticed that Mom had been acting strange. Nothing overt but she just seem to be anxious. She kept looking at me smiling and she seemed to making a really big deal about our birthday.

One Saturday she came in my room, "Leslie, your father and I really want your 21st birthday to be special. We want to give you and Lisa a day you will never forget."

"Thanks Mom, but really its no big deal, just another birthday."

"It's not just another day, it the day you become a woman"

"Uh, Mom... I'm already a woman."

"I know, but next month you will be legal. I know I am just making a big deal of nothing but there a so few milestones left for you and Lisa and I just want you guys to have special memories."

Mom sat on the bed next to me as she said this. I noticed her melodrama swelling up in her and I did not want her to be disappointed so I put my ipod down and slid next to her on the bed.

Giving her a big hug I said, "Mom, every day with you and Daddy is special. We are the luckiest kids in the world." I kissed her cheek as I asked, "So what have you with planned for me and Lisa on the big day?"

"Oh, no. I am not telling, just know that It will be a day like non other that you have ever had. Call a couple of your girl friends and tell them that they should save the date for that evening. That's all I'm saying"

With that she bounced out of the room swaying her hips and feeling good again. I liked seeing her happy. She stopped at the door and gave me a big smile and blew me a kiss as she disappeared down the hall.

It took forever for our birthday to come. Mom kept bringing up the day and asking which of our friends were coming. Lisa and I could not figure out what had gotten into her. Lisa invited her friend Paula and I had invited Jessie and Tanya. Tomorrow was our birthday and tonight I could not fall asleep for anything. I guess Mom was getting me more excited then I thought.


I couldn't believe that my babies were growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday when Dave and I were getting married. I walked down the isle with my belly swollen from being 7 months pregnant with twins no less. It was quite an adjustment for us. We had to grow up so quickly. But Dave never missed a beat. He went right out, got a job and started to take care of his responsibilities. He was my hero. Insisting that I would not have to work unless I wanted to. Sure there were times when we struggled but Dave always found a way to pull it together. And by the time Robert was born we were doing pretty well if I do say so myself.

And now Lisa and Leslie were going to be 21 and I have no idea where all the time went. Their birthday was still a couple of months away and I knew I wanted it to be special but what should we do?

"Dave, have you given any thought to the girls birthday?"

" Not really, its still a ways off yet."

"Maybe, but September will be here before you know it and we should at least have a plan. I want it to be special for the girls."

" Well, do you have any ideas?"

"I was thinking that we throw them a big surprise party with all of their friends."

"Surprise party? That may not be such a good idea. It was different when they were in high school and we knew all of their friends. But things are more complicated then that now."

"I know!" the idea hit me straight out of the blue. I am not sure why, but it immediately felt like the perfect plan. "We can put together a girls night out. They can get a couple of their friends together for a night on the town that ends at club Drama."

"Drama!, You want to send our girls to Drama!"

"They are grown now, they can handle it."

"Oh yeah I'm sure they can. I am not so sure if I can."

"AAWW, is Big Daddy afraid of letting his little girls grow up?" I teased.

"Jackie, you need to think about this, Drama is a big step. I mean what kind of parents send their kids to a strip club?" I could hear that he was very nervous about this and it would take some convincing.

I, walked over to where he was sitting, in my most sexy stride. I sat in his lap and whispered in his ear for dramatic effect. "Parents that love their children and trust and support them. It will be perfect, I will rent the champagne room so that they will have privacy. They can invite some of their girl friends to come with them and it will be a party." By this time I had turned in his lap facing him, straddling his legs while giving him my best lap dance impression.

It's nice to know that after all I these years I could still drive him wild. I felt him stiffening beneath me.

With much less resolve he responded, "But Jackie, you have been in the champagne room, you know what goes on in there."

"Yeah, I do. I had a ball. Why would I not want the same for the girls? I was about their age the first time I went. They will love it"

"But what about me? How am I supposed to deal with this?"

"Just be yourself, be supportive, be a loving, caring father. Treat it like any other day. No different."

" I don't know Jackie, I will have to think about this." That's when I started to nibble on his ear. It is his spot and he is helpless when I do that. He immediately rose to full hardness under me and I reached into his pajama bottoms and fished him out. Pulling my thong to the side he slid easily into me as I gave him the ride of his life.

I knew that Dave was not completely onboard with the plan but I was moving forward anyway. I figured over the next couple of months I would be able to change his mind. I started making arrangements, booking a party bus to drive them around town was an important part of the plan. I wanted them to be free to drink and have fun without worrying about driving or needing to drag along a designated driver who would be a killjoy while the others were letting their hair down, so to speak. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant, and of course, I booked the champagne room at club Drama.

The more I thought about it the more the idea was driving me crazy. Each day that month Dave and I had hot, wild sex. It was like we were teenagers all over again. I kept talking to him about the plan and as each day went by I could feel his resistance grow weaker.

With a month to go Dave had agreed and it was time to tell the girls about their surprise birthday. My twins are an interesting pair. Lisa and I are very close, while Leslie is definitely a daddy's girl. That is probably because Leslie and I are just alike. Dave had said on several occasions that she reminds him of me when I was younger. Not so much by looks, although we have the same body type but mostly in the way she acts. Like me Leslie dresses in very sexy outfits. Low cut blouses with high cut skirts, and everything nice and tight. Dave loves the attention that I get when we go out at night. I scale it back in the daytime or when I am with the kids, but they know how I dress when I go out with their father.

Lisa and I talk a lot. She is a very shy girl and a tomboy at heart. She wears baggy clothes that hides her figure and loves to play basketball with the boys. Her younger brother used to get teased a lot because Lisa was a better player than he. I have often spoken to Lisa about "looking more like a lady" and she said she was not opposed to it she just didn't understand why all the fuss.

Around 17 Lisa started to take an interest in boys and after that it seemed as though most of our conversation were about boys and sex. Lisa was very curious and she knew that she could trust me to be honest with her. We talked about birth control and STD's and the responsibility of sex. Lisa dated but never had a steady boyfriend and was still a virgin at 20. I told her that she would know when the time was right.

Leslie came to me when she was about 18 and asked me if I would go with her to get a prescription for birth control pills. We talked about her plans and she said that while she wasn't planning on doing anything just yet, she was thinking about it more and wanted to be ready. I made sure that she understood that she would still need to protect herself from disease and she promised to be responsible. It was more than a year later when Leslie told me that she had taken that step. It was a great night for her and she shared it with me.

All said, I think Dave and I have done a great job at preparing all of our kids for life.

So now that Dave was on with the plan I had to make sure that Lisa would be ok with it. Since we talked a lot I had a sense that it would take just a little poke to make sure that she was on board. I decided that I would take her shopping with me to test the waters.

"Lisa, do you have plans today?" I asked.

"Not really I was just going to start this new Twilight book."

"Well, before you start that why don't you come shopping with me? I need to pick up a few things and I'll get something for you if you come with me."

"Ok but you know you don't have to bribe me Mom."

"Yeah but it so much fun. You know how I like to spoil my girls."

When we arrived at the mall my first stop was Victoria's Secret. We inside and I picked out a few nightgowns, baby dolls and teddies. Lisa went into the dressing room with me. This was normal for us as we often had our girl talks while I was trying on clothes or getting dressed to go out.

"Do you think your father would like this one on me?"

"Really Mom? You know Dad would like any of these on you. Its not like he would leave it on you very long anyway." She said as we both laughed.

"Yes, you're right but I still have to make sure that I have plenty of outfits and new looks so that I can keep him interested. A woman has to make an effort to keep her man's eye or someone else will. You see how much your father works out and how he keeps his body in such great shape. Well other women notice that as well and if I want to keep your father wanting to come home to me I have to keep my body in shape and try to look my best so that your father keeps his eye on me."

"Daddy and all the men in town keep their eyes on you Mom, you're like the hottest Mom in town." As Lisa said this I saw her eyes drop down over my nude body. She looked at me as though she were doing so for the first time. As her eyes moved down past my waist I saw her moisten her lips and her gaze continued down to my four-inch saddle back sandals. This was the first time I felt naked in front of my daughter and the nervousness excited me.

After a somewhat awkward moment of silence I said, "Really, you think the old MOM is hot? Why thank you. I never knew that."

"C'mon Mom, You know that everyone in town thinks you're hot."

"Maybe, but it means so much more when it comes from your daughter. It feels more honest, and real. Other people, when they say it, it's because they want something from you. Whether they think they can get it or not they want it. So they say things like that trying to create an opening. When you say it, it feels different. It makes me feel special." As I said this, a tear was forming I my eye. I am not sure why but I just felt so emotional.

Seeing this Lisa Got up and gave me a great big hug. Neither of us paid any attention to my nakedness as we embraced each other for what seemed like minutes. When we finally broke away Lisa wiped my tears with her thumbs with a delicate touch that sent shivers through my spine.

"Ok MOM, If you don't get back to trying on these things we will never get out of here."

I tried on the other outfits as we continued to talk and laugh. When we got to the final one I held it up to Lisa and said, "I picked this one for you."

Lisa looked down at the shear nightgown with matching thong and asked, "Just what would I do with that, Mom?"

"You wear it and look stunning in it."

"Wear it for who?"

"For who? You wear it for you?"

"Mom, I think you have me confused with the sexy twin. I'm the dumpy one. Remember?"

"Being sexy starts with how you feel about yourself. You and your sister are identical body types, with identical faces. How could one be sexy while the other is dumpy. These baggy clothes, that's how." I said as I tugged on her pants.

"You just said that I was hot. Well you and I wear the same size clothes. Same dress size same bra size everything. Even down to shoe size. Stand up and look in the mirror."

Timidly, Lisa stood up and faced the mirror beside me. "You are a beautiful, sexy woman. Do you have any idea how many women envy you? Here try this on."

She hesitated for a moment. Then Lisa took the gown from me and laid it on the bench. She started to remove her blouse, then her pants. When she did I had to hold in a snicker as she revealed her full cut granny panties that cover her ample rear. She finally removed all of her clothes and was about to put on the gown when I said, "Hold on a minute sweetheart, let me show you something."

Again we faced the mirror and this time I put my arm around her waist and held her firmly to my side.

"you have got to know how incredible you look. You call me hot but look at you, the only difference in us is that your boobs don't sag like mind do and your ass is higher as well. I would kill to have your body but you call yourself dumpy." I spoke to her in soft nurturing tones aware that this would be difficult for her. It is hard for a young lady to look herself in the mirror and challenge her self-image. And sure enough Lisa began to cry.

I embraced her as we hugged for a second time. This time it was mother, consoling daughter, and we were both nude. "Its OK baby, let it out. This is good. You have to take it slow. Start by seeing yourself as sexy. Doing things that make you feel sexy. Enjoy and celebrate your femininity. It is part of you." I continued to hold my daughter against me as I spoke softly into her ear. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine. I could feel her nipple pressing into mine. And I could feel the tufts of her pubic hair rubbing against my perfectly shaved mound. I had never felt so close to a woman before. It was not sexual. It was so much more than that. We were making an emotional connection it felt spiritual. And I knew instantly that I had planted a seed.


I thought it was strange when Mom asked me to go shopping with her. We were very close but she knew that I was not much of a shopper. I would rather hang out with Daddy and help him work on his car than go shopping. Leslie was Mom's shopping partner. They had the same taste in clothes. Mom and Leslie had the ability to make men stop in their tracks. Guys never looked at me like that. I was always just one of the guys. More times then I could count my friends would ask me to hook them up with my sister.

I was really looking forward to reading my book that day. I love romantic stories and the forbidden love of the Vampire world held a special attraction to me. But the book would still be there when I returned so I agreed to go with Mom. I liked talking to Mom. She never made me feel strange for the thoughts that I had and she answered any question that was on my mind no matter how personal or embarrassing.

When we stepped into Victoria's Secret I smiled because my Mother is so predictable. I knew that she would be buying items to wear for my father. I had no idea why she went through so much fuss as all he would do is rip it off of her. My parents had an active sex life and were never shy about letting us know how they loved each other. They never did anything in front of us but there were lots touching and kissing, ass grabbing and stuff like that. Sometimes they would kiss in front of our friends and we would have to send them to their room.

My friends of loved to see stuff like that because my parents were so hot. Daddy put a gym in the basement and he and Mom worked out a lot. In the last month I had noticed that they were disappearing to their bedroom more than usual. I also could not help but notice that they were louder than usual. They were acting like sex-starved teens that could not keep their hands off each other.

While Mom was trying on her outfits we were talking as we usually do and I don't remember what was said but suddenly I was looking at my mother as though I had never seen her before. Now I had seen my mother nude many times but I had never noticed her like this. She had sexy beautiful tits that were full and swayed slightly as she stood there. Her arms were strong and toned from working pout. The stomach was tight with just the hint of a six pack. Her hip flared slightly and her pussy was clean shaved. It looked so pretty, smooth and delicate. I wondered what mine would look like if I shaved it. I wondered if it would feel better that way. I wondered if it would taste better that way. It had been months since I had my pussy licked. My gaze continued down my mothers curvy legs to her sexy "fuck me" pumps. As always her pedicure was fresh her toes looked so sexy in her shoes. My feet were not so pretty. I don't remember why but Mom started to get really emotional. Not in a bad way. She is just really emotional, especially when it comes to us kids. I noticed that she was going there and I stood to give her a hug. It wasn't until my hands wrapped around the smooth skin of her back that I remembered that she was naked. It was strange at first. I had never hugged a naked woman before. Her skin was so soft. As I hugged her I let my hands roam over her back from her shoulders to just above the crack of her ass. The energy of her was electric. I wanted her to know that I was there for her. That I loved her. I wanted her to feel loved and supported. She had always made us feel that way and I wanted to return the favor.

I never wanted to let go of her but at some point we started to part. After that we went back to talking and trying on the outfits that she had picked out for herself. When she got to the last one she said it was for me. She held it up to my body and I looked down to see the sheer garment with matching thong and thinking that it would look ridiculous on me. I was never sure why anyone would wear stuff like this. Did guys really care what a woman had on or did they just want to take it off.

I felt like I would look silly in that outfit. It was for sexy people. It was the kind of thing that Leslie would wear. Mom had me to look in the mirror. It was awful to stand next to her like that. I looked dumpy. And she, she was nude perfection in every way. Mom talked me into trying on the nightgown so I got undressed and started to put on the gown when Mom stopped me. We looked at ourselves in the mirror again and Mom put her arm around my waist. I remember feeling the warmth of her hand as it stroked my hips. Mom was giving me one of her your so beautiful pep talks but all I could think about was the hand on my hip. My skin tingled beneath its touch.

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