tagBDSMFamily of Three Ch. 03

Family of Three Ch. 03



Next Saturday; I showed up at her place about six. She ushered me in; a light supper. Chef salad, French bread, iced tea; perfect for summer. Coffee afterward. She smiled at me. "Ready?"


"Follow me." She led me into the bedroom.

The stuff was laid out on the bed; I inspected it. She started taking her clothes off. "Go ahead, you too." I shrugged and shed mine. We cuddled and caressed a bit, just to get the juices flowing. "Spread your legs." I did; she slid a lubed vibrator into me. A wide leather belt around my waist; a strap through my crotch, buckled to the waist belt at both ends, to hold everything in place. She laid back on the bed while I gave her the same treatment.

A pair of handcuffs, padlocked to the back of each belt. She reached down and locked my left ankle to her right with one pair of handcuffs, then my right to her left with a second pair. She smiled sweetly as she produced a wide leather gag with a large insert on each side and two sets of straps; one insert went in my mouth, with one set of straps holding it in place, then the other in her mouth, with the other set of straps holding that in place. We were almost kissing; not quite, but almost. She slipped a sleep mask over her eyes, then one over mine.

The final touches. She reached down and switched the vibrators on, then locked my wrists in the cuffs attached to the back of her waist belt, then locked her wrists in the cuffs locked to the back of my waist belt.

We were standing naked face to face, gagged with the same gag, our arms locked around each other, and our ankles locked together. Our bodies were rubbing against each other; we were squirming, caressing, getting more and more aroused, the vibrators humming away. I climaxed; she followed. Another climax. And another ...

Five apiece (I'm anal, I know.); she starts to wiggle toward the door. The keys are frozen in a container she left sitting on the kitchen table. They should be thawed out by now, right? Well, we'll find out.

Getting the bedroom door open was the first challenge; that took us at least five minutes. A good half hour later we were in the kitchen, hunting for the table. Finally we found it, but couldn't reach the container; she had put it in the center of the table. We leaned over trying to reach it; I slipped and screamed as the table upended. My breath was knocked out of me as Jane landed on top of me; we were doused with ice water as the container landed on top of us, then rolled away.

A few minutes of wiggling around on the cold wet floor; I brushed up against it. Not thawed yet. I whimpered; she sighed. Nothing to do now but wait. Well, might as well amuse ourselves in the meantime; more caresses, more climaxes ...

Finally it thawed enough for us to get the keys out; minutes later we were free. None too soon; when Jane landed on top of me the cuffs had tightened and she had lost the feeling in her hands. Still, it was enjoyable; seven climaxes for her, eight for me. "Next weekend? My place?"

She looked at me, rubbing her wrists. "Fine with me."


We're in my bedroom, on my king sized bed; I like to spread out. I have a pair of handcuffs tied to each corner of the bed; a Tupperware container sits on the floor next to it, a handcuff key frozen in it. We're nude, of course; we sit facing each other.

My ankles are locked to the cuffs at the foot of the bed, hers in the ones at the head of the bed; her left leg over my right, my left over her right. Gags fill our mouths; scarves blindfold us. A string tied to my thumb, leading to the container on the floor.

Final touches. A double ended dildo; she inserts one end in her pussy. I take the other in mine; it's big, almost too big; it barely fits. We lie back; my wrists are locked in the cuffs at the head of the bed, hers in the cuffs at the foot of the bed. Now to enjoy ourselves.

Time passes; we move slowly, working the dildo in and out. When she pushes, it's shoved deeper into me; when she pulls it's withdrawn a little; my movements have the same effect on her. Our rhythm increases; soon we're frantically moving our hips, pumping away. She gives a little scream as she climaxes; I join her moments later.

We pause a moment; then the cycle begins again. Climax follows climax as the afternoon turns into evening. Finally we stop, spent, panting, sweating. I tug on the string; the key is free. I pull it up to my hand.

I have made a serious mistake. You're supposed to put the cuffs on with the lock facing your palm, so you can reach it. But it's facing the back of my hand; I can't reach the lock. A moment of panic; if I can't get this off we'll be trapped like this until someone finds us; how long will that be?

I will myself to calm down, to think. Then a ray of hope; I may have a way. I reached out and tapped her foot with the key; Morse code. At least I hope it is; and I hope she can properly interpret it. If not, well ... better not to think about that.

She taps my hand with her foot; a reply, in Morse. Thank God she understood. I stick out the key; she wiggles her foot around until she can grasp it with her toes. Then followed an eternity of moving my wrist and her foot around until the key clicked into the lock. She released it, then shifted her grip and turned it. The cuff clicked open; I was free.

We discussed it afterwards; a close call, a very close call. Still, another enjoyable experience.


A couple of weeks later we were back at her place. After another tasty dinner (she's a great cook) we started.

I'm standing naked at the foot of her bed; she is inspecting her work. My hands are cuffed behind me; the cuffs are locked to a chain around my waist. Another chain is locked to that one; it passes through my crotch and is locked to my waist in front as well. Matching vibrators fill my pussy and rear; the chain passes through loops on their bases, holding them in. Tight clamps grip my nipples and labia; a ball gag fills my mouth. A hood covers my head, cutting off sight; a padlock in back secures it. She leads me out of the room.

I'm made to lie down; a thick carpet. The living room, then. She locks cuffs around my ankles, then pulls them up and padlocks them to the waist chain; they are connected by a short chain, so there is a little slack. She leans down and whispers in my ear.

"Here is what you must do. First make your way to the kitchen; on the floor is a Tupperware container with a key frozen in it. That key unlocks the padlock holding your ankles to your waist. After that you will be able to walk. The bedroom door is locked; the key is on the desk in the study. Retrieve it and unlock the bedroom with it. The remaining keys to your bonds will be on a string around my neck; after you have freed yourself you can free me. Understood?"

I shook my head; no. She patiently repeated it; this time I nodded, yes. She reached down and turned on the vibrators, then patted me on the head and went into the bedroom, locking the door behind her. So there I am, lying hogtied in the middle of the living room floor. How I'm supposed to move, let alone free myself or her, is anyone's guess.

I tried wiggling a bit; I could crawl, after a fashion. Now, which way is the kitchen? I had no idea. Off I went, at a pace any healthy snail could beat. Hope she's not in a hurry to get free.

It was probably only an hour or so, but it felt like eons. I kept taking wrong turns, which I would only discover after bumping into pieces of furniture I knew weren't in the kitchen. The damned vibrators kept right on humming, in spite of my pleas and curses; I had three climaxes at least. Eventually I found myself on a smooth tile floor; that had to be the kitchen. Another frustrating time wiggling all over the floor, until I bumped into the container, knocking it over.

Great. Not only is it not melted yet, but I have to wait in a puddle of cold water as well. I sighed; might as well relax ... More climaxes, punctuated by pitiful moans.

Finally; I have the key in my hand. More struggling; not easy to manage when your movements are restricted and you can't see. There; I have the lock in my other hand. A few minutes later I had it off and could stretch my legs out. What a relief.

I managed to stand up after a couple of tries (and another climax; I don't know how much longer I can keep going.) I began hopping back toward the study.

After a couple more wrong turns I found the study. Once I found the desk another problem appeared; I was too short to reach up onto it to snag the key. I tried climbing onto it, but couldn't get high enough. Finally I used my head, literally; I knocked the key onto the floor with my head, laid down, and grabbed it with my hands.

Now off to the bedroom. Another wrong turn (and another climax) later I was outside the door. I knocked on it with my head; answering moans from within. Good. I turned around and reached for the lock.

And I couldn't find it. The damn thing was too high; just out of my reach, no matter how hard I tried. I leaned against the door, panting, frustrated, then started hopping out to the living room.

Once there I hunted around until I found it; the ottoman. I got around behind it and started pushing it toward the bedroom.

You try pushing furniture around while you're bound and blindfolded. Try it. It took me a good half hour to get it positioned in front of the bedroom door, then a few more minutes to get on top of it and get the door unlocked.

Naturally the door opened outward; I had to push the ottoman far enough away from the door to open it a little, but not so far that I couldn't reach the knob. That took me a couple of tries to get right. Finally I was able to push the ottoman away and open the door with my feet.

By now I had had a dozen climaxes; I was weak as a kitten. I crawled up on the bed and lay there next to her, moaning pitifully. After a few minutes of panting I crawled up to her head, then felt around until I found the string. I nearly took her nose off pulling it over her head, which she protested, but I didn't care by then. All I wanted was to get rid of those damnable vibrators.

Finally I was free; I sat on the bed next to her. She was nude, of course, gagged, blindfolded, nipples and labia clamped, vibrators secured in her pussy and rear, cuffed hands tied to the headboard, and cuffed ankles tied to the footboard. She was moaning pitifully; no telling how many climaxes she had had while waiting for me to rescue her.

I removed the chains from her waist and crotch and slid the vibrators out of her, then removed the clamps. I untied the cuffs from the headboard and footboard, then had her sit up. I unlocked her hands, then cuffed them again behind her back. She protested; I grabbed her left nipple and twisted it until she gasped and subsided.

"For making me go through all that I am going to punish you. You will service me as I desire; if you hesitate or falter I will punish you for it." Another twist, to show her what I meant. I removed her gag, then pushed her onto her back and straddled her with my crotch positioned above her mouth. "Lick it; get to work."

She did; I only had to encourage her a couple of times. When I was satisfied I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You have done well; you deserve a reward." I repositioned myself and buried my head in her vulva; she moaned and pushed herself toward me. When I withdrew she lay back on the bed, completely spent.

That night she slept with her cuffed hands tied to the headboard and her cuffed ankles tied to the footboard, gagged and blindfolded, while I cuddled next to her.

Next morning, over coffee, we discussed it. She acknowledged that she hadn't considered that I, being shorter than she was, could not reach as high; fortunately I'm resourceful. She did promise to pay me back for keeping her chained up all night, though; I'm sure that will be interesting.

As for our next session ... but it's her turn to talk; I've gone on long enough.

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