tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Troubles Ch. 02

Family Troubles Ch. 02


Gina needs to keep the secret

"We must talk," Gina whispered.

It was horrendous being in the same room as her husband, daughter, and young lover. Gina just hoped they didn't find out. She couldn't possibly bear it. At least the boy looked guilty as hell, and she guessed she did too. She needed to leave, and get him away from there, in case he gave the game away. Damn! It was no game.

Paul felt ill. He had forced himself on Dianne's mother, by taking her while bent over the sink. He hadn't a chance to apologize, or explain why it happened. Shit! How do you apologize to your girlfriends mother for that? 'Sorry I helped myself to your body, but I was feeling randy'. Would that do?

She was wearing one of Dianne's dresses and looked like her from behind. The more he thought about it he realized she had struggled, at first. She had damn well got into it though.

"Paul is going to show me around campus," Gina stated. No-one took much notice, so she marched out, with Paul shambling along behind her.

Dianne glanced at them with a frown shadowing her pleasant features. She knew what her mother was up to. She would cross examine him, to find out what he was worth, and to make sure he was suitable. Good luck to them both. She probably wouldn't have a boyfriend when the harridan got back.

"We could go to the student bar," Paul offered.

"This early?" Gina scolded him.

"For a coffee," he quickly added, though a drink wasn't a bad idea.

"No. Somewhere private," she said.

"My rooms in the next block," he said.

"That will have to do," she crossly stated.

The brisk walk had him almost running to keep up. She climbed the stairs quickly too.

"Well! You keep it tidy I see," Gina said, lifting the scowl after a quick survey of the room.

"Coffee?" he said, and settle into the calming routine of fixing a couple of mugs.

"I don't usually at this time of day. . . alright," Gina relented.

He put the mugs down to cool and sat next to her on the sofa. It was the only seat in the sparsely decorated room. He would rather have ignored the episode and got on with life as normal. He was sensible enough to know a lecture was due, and that he had earned it.

"You forced yourself on me. I'm a married woman. I do not see how you can possibly continue with my daughter after that," Gina stated.

She was practically saying he raped her. It wasn't like that. In a panic he tried to explain, "You can't say that! It was a mistake. I thought you were Dianne. She doesn't know anything and that's the way I intend to keep it. It was an accident. Anyway, what could I say to her?" he said, with mounting alarm.

"Under the circumstances it's the only thing to do. It's your problem what you tell her. Breaking up is the only option," she firmly told him.

"You know it was a mistake. Don't blame me entirely. You said you enjoyed it," Paul reminded her. He didn't want her blaming him for it.

"I did not! I might have said something after, after a. Well, I was vulnerable, and you had me at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, you can't possibly see her again. I forbid it," she sternly spoke.

He grabbed her arm, preparing to shake some sense into her.

"Unhand me you brute. I shall scream," she warned.

"You did enjoy it, admit it," he heavily spoke, demanding acceptance.

"No! You forced yourself upon me, I didn't want it," she crossly spoke.

He could see she was re-writing in her mind what happened. It was trouble, big trouble.

"You even asked me to spank you," he reminded her.

"I certainly did not!" she denied.

Seeing he wasn't getting anywhere he wondered what to do. Without thinking it through he pulled her over his knee. He lifted the back of the dress and twisted it around his fist. She kicked out and bucked. She winded herself on his knee, cutting off a scream of fright.

He slapped her bottom hard.

"Keep quiet and listen to me," he sternly said. She continued to struggle, so he slapped her again, then added another to make sure.

"You rode my cock like a slut. You said you enjoyed the orgasm. You even asked if I would spank you for being naughty. Don't you dare deny it!" he shouted.

He had seen trouble in her eyes, and was making it worse. He calmed the anger best he could. There was no point in apologizing after this.

"Yes! I'm sorry. I was naughty. I was very bad," Gina whimpered.

That surprised him. He couldn't see her face, but the tone of voice was contrite. He just hoped it was genuine, and she wasn't about to scream once he let her go. He kept his fist twisted in the dress, holding her down over his lap.

With his free hand he reached for a camera. He only just held onto her as she began to slip off his knees. It was awkward switching it on with one hand. The video had sound as well, so this was a chance of saving himself. She was the type to wreak vengeance on him from an inflated sense of moral righteousness. The result would be no more girlfriend, and no more college.

"What you did wasn't just naughty, was it?" he demanded.

"No. It was bad. I've been a very bad girl," she murmured.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"I rode your penis. I needed it so much, I lost control. It was so big and deep, I had a wonderful orgasm," she whimpered.

"What was so bad about that?" he taunted her.

"I didn't know who it was. I didn't know who was taking me, and it didn't matter, I just needed to orgasm," she cried.

"It was worse than that, wasn't it," he pushed her.

"Yes! Your my daughter's boyfriend. I let my daughter's boyfriend take me. I'm a married woman and shouldn't have let you do it to me. I wanted it so much," she sobbed.

"You're a dirty little slut, aren't you. Tell me, admit it," he said, and gave her another slap. She was positioned with her bottom facing the camera. He hoped her voice was recognizable, or this was all for nothing.

"I am. I'm a dirty little slut. I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry," she sobbed.

His hand was gently massaging her bottom, as though to say, 'look, she isn't complaining now'. The smell of her sex wafted up to him. He delved between her legs to check. She was soaking wet! It wasn't just his cum leaking from her. She was hot and ready!

He pushed the crotch of her panties to one side to see and feel her. She groaned with passion. The sight of her glistening bush was awesome. It was so hot having this woman over his knee groaning. He enjoyed a sense of power not experienced before. He had enough sense to keep calm, and wondered what to do with her.

"You're a wet slut What are you?" he teased.

"I'm a wet slut. I'm bad, so very bad. Spank me, please!" Gina whined.

He pulled her panties down. The soaking wet panties rolled around her thighs, making them difficult to pull free. He pulled his hand from her dress, to pull at them, and finally they dropped to the floor. He noted she hadn't struggled free. She lay there trembling, waiting to be spanked.

He slapped one cheek then the other.

"You're a horny bitch," he breathed over her bare ass.

"Yes! I'm a horny bitch. Please do it to me," she groaned.

"What do you want?" he goaded her.

"I want to feel you inside. I want another orgasm, like the last one," she panted.

He rolled her onto the sofa and she landed with knees on the floor, leaning over the seat. He pulled her legs apart, and laid a cushion on the floor to kneel on. He rubbed his cock over her wet lips and observed her sex opening up.

With Dianne it had been a long drawn out affair under the sheets. She had never given in so quickly as this. He hadn't seen her sex, so couldn't compare it with her mothers. This was big and sloppy. Her vagina was gaping open, not looking inviting at all.

A stab of guilt held him back. He wondered if he really wanted to go there.

"Please!" Gina exclaimed.

Her whole body quivered with passion. She had never ever felt like this. Her whole world revolved around her sex, and it was shocking. She couldn't think straight. She didn't want to beg him, but the terrible truth was, that she was willing to plead with him. Would have to if she didn't get the desperate need fulfilled.

"What do you want me to do, slut!" he goaded her.

"Do it to me, please," she whimpered.

"You want me to fuck you?" he coarsely asked.

"Yes! Fuck me, please do it, fuck me," she implored him.

The nasty words inflamed her all the more. Her head spun between guilt and desire. The touch of his hard cock sent deliciously frustrating sensations direct to the pleasure centers in her brain. They were impossible to fight.

He couldn't resist. He plunged in.

She felt the deep penetration and wailed as though in pain. She heard her own voice as though it were someone far away. It was a guttural sound from her throat, animal like, and full of longing.

"Oh! Yes! Fuck me hard," she wailed.

He pounded her body with strong thigh muscles, and his torso squashed her against the sofa with every deep thrust. The feel of inner muscles gripping tight spurred him on. A fast, abandoned, pounding rhythm had her moaning with every breath.

"Yes! Yes! Punish my pussy, fuck me hard!" she pleaded.

His breathing was heavy and labored, yet he carried on. It seemed as though he would never reach an orgasm. Surprisingly he could think while his body moved on automatic, with a rhythm in response to her pushing back on him.

The tight grip on his cock was more than he had expected. It was a new experience feeling her vagina ripple and flex on his cock. Pulling back took effort, as she clung tight onto his cock with strong inner muscles.

Gina was lost in a world of pleasure. Delirious from the overwhelming penetration, she mumbled meaningless sounds.

"I'm nearly there! Keep going, please make me cum!" she excitedly declared.

He was at last ready. His muscles ached, and his balls burned. A final deep thrust and he felt the relief.

"Hold still! I'm cumming! Oh God! Yes!" she burbled, as though drowning.

It was impossible not to try and bury himself inside her body. He squashed her against the sofa, pressing her into the cushions, muffling the sounds of anguish that were really of ecstasy.

He slumped over her inert body and laid there a moment. He eventually rolled onto the cushions, pulling her body onto his. He lifted her onto him, to wrap her in his limbs. She wanted to be crushed into him, to become a part of him. She lifted her head from his chest, and kissed the sweaty muscular chest.

"Thank you," she murmured.

"You're hell of a slut!" he panted.

"Am I?" she asked.

"Yes! I've never fucked like that! You gripped me so tight I had to work hard," he grinned.

It dawned on her what he meant, and she shivered. She had let go completely, given him everything she had. How had it happened? Why had it happened with him? A vague idea about being forcibly taken, then dominated came to mind. The idea fluttered away, leaving her feeling vulnerable.

"Do you want me to spank you, for being a dirty little slut?" he teased.

"No! Please let me go. It was terrible. I. I. I don't know what happened," she whined.

"You got so excited you wanted a good fucking. Didn't you," he said.

"Please don't use that word," she quietly said.

"What do you want me to say, that we made love?" he asked.

"No! Not that. You're right, we did it, we, we fucked," she quietly acknowledged, saying the naughty word slowly and deliberately.

"You enjoyed it, didn't you," he said.

"Yes!" she hissed. "Stop it, please. It's all wrong. We shouldn't have. It was terrible," she quavered, close to tears.

The back of her dress was up around her waist. She only realized it when he cupped her cheeks. She was about to say, 'unhand me young man,'. The words were inappropriate after all they had done together.

She just managed to say one word, "Please!"

"Please, what?" he asked.

"Please, sir," she whispered. Realizing he meant something else, she tried to pull away. "No more! We can't, not ever again," she cried. Becoming aware of his cold wet cock on her thigh, and the state of her nakedness, she struggled again. She was helpless in his grip. They were sweaty and slippery yet he held on tight.

"Let me go!" she complained.

He slapped her bottom hard. She stopped squirming and lay still on his chest, breathing heavily. He slapped her again. His voice was harsh and accusing when he spoke.

"You're a dirty little slut and love a hard fucking, don't you," he demanded an answer.

"No! Please, don't make me say it!" she begged. His words rung so very true that it frightened her.

"Tell me!" he heavily demanded. The fierce tone was put on, to wring out of her the truth. He was aware she might still blame him, and the camera was still filming them.

"I. I. I'm a filthy little slut. I enjoyed every moment. You fucked me hard and I enjoyed it," she wailed. "Spank me. I deserve to be punished. Please, sir, spank me for being a dirty little slut," she howled.

He slapped her ass again. Over his shoulder he could see she had a firm rounded bottom. It was larger than her daughters, and more attractive. Her breasts were squashed against his chest, but he knew they were larger too. He didn't know where he was going with this. It was more than just a way of saving himself from recriminations.

He stared at her screwed up face. Her eyes were tightly shut, and she winced with every slap. Spanking her turned her on! It was amusing spanking his girlfriends mother, and more than that, it was deliciously arousing. Watching her squirm would have him hard again, only something more interesting occurred to him.

"We need to clean up," he suddenly announced.

"Oww!" Gina complained.

She cut off the protest on realizing she was about to plead with him for more. The intense excitement was washing away her morals. She badly wanted him!

Tamely led to the shower, she let him pull the dress over her head, and drop her bra to the floor. Why wasn't she protesting? Being naked in a young man's apartment was wrong. What they had already done was so very bad.

He pulled her under the hot shower and began to lather her entire body, while she compliantly moved at his direction. The sensations of firm hands over her sensitized skin drowned any thought of complaint.

The water diluted the tears of pleasure. His hands were everywhere! Cupping her breasts, her sex, fingers exploring between her cheeks, touch her down there, it was electric. Rising on tiptoe she threw her head back, letting the water splash her face.

Paul unhooked the showerhead, and on full power ran it over her lips. She squealed loudly in protest, and ineffectively pounded upon his chest with small fists. Her hands fell upon his shoulders, holding on as her legs became weak. She whimpered pathetically.

The hot spray tingled and stimulated her sex. She felt warm splashes inside when he pressed it against her lips. It was like receiving a spurt of cum, and it set her off. It was a surprise to feel yet another orgasm clenching her stomach. She hollered loudly in the close confines of the shower stall.

When he pressed the showerhead between her legs, her asshole tingled. She opened her mouth to object. "No!" she croaked. Her legs were so weak, she couldn't press them together. She clung to him unable to push him away.

Her legs gave way so she clung on, with legs parted, receiving an unwanted enema. It wasn't powerful or too intrusive. It was just the idea of it that was so strange and wrong.

He picked her up in a strong grip, as though wringing her out. He dried her thoroughly and intimately, then carried her to his bed.

This young man had forcefully taken her twice! He had spanked and dominated her! An enema and a douche had been enforced without her consent. He had wrung so many deep orgasms from her body, it left her vulnerable, unable to resist him.

Laying supine upon his bed she could only marvel at his audacity. How had her morals been bulldozed aside so effectively?

She stared at his clean naked body. He was limp, yet it was still large and dangerous. For she wanted it. She wanted him to crush her decency to nothing, so as to be completely and uninhibitedly his. Her whole body seemed to vibrate with passion.

They stared at each other as though a telepathic challenge were being formed between them. She said nothing. Couldn't say a word. 'No', would have been better than nothing. Just laying there naked on his bed was enough of an answer. He had captivated her with uninhibited lust. Like a drug addict she was hooked.

All those terrible things he had done to her were nothing compared to the ecstatic place of pure pleasure he had ridden her to. It was not love making, it was animal gratification. She didn't dare think about, or compare it with the occasional duty performed as a wife.

Gina looked at her feet and giggled. Her feet had always been firmly on the ground. As a sensible adult she behaved correctly and with decorum throughout her life. He had reduced her to nothing more than a young man's plaything. The expression was mischievous, and the decedent idea cut off the nervous laughter.

She demurely looked him over, noticing his broad shoulders, tapering to a slim waist, and a cute bottom. His legs were strong and muscular. He had used them to thrust deep into her. She gasped from the naughty idea that she was waiting for more.

He was on the phone. What was he up to now?

She screwed her naked body into a fetal position. Now he had taken her, he wouldn't want her. She would be discarded like a used tissue, dirtied with his sperm. She felt old. Her body was passed its best, no longer attractive to a fit young man. He had wound her up, toyed with her, and used her, just because he could.

Gina looked away from him, unable to bear hearing the inevitable excuses. Maybe he wouldn't try too hard, and just tell her to go. The terrible truth was that she didn't want to leave him. A warm cuddle with soft caresses of reassurance was needed. Even if he lied it would be better than being summarily dismissed.

"I've arranged for you to stay," Paul said, and fell heavily on the bed.

"What?" she said, looking bemused.

"I told them you were in the history department," he laughed. Dianne had told him she had loved the dry subject of history at this university, so he used it as an explanation as to why she was delayed.

"No! I can't stay. I want to, I mean, I need to go, I've got to," she haltingly spoke. She dare not reveal how she really felt. Surely it must be clear to him this was terribly wrong, and mustn't happen again.

"Stop it! Please," she murmured.

His lips were nibbling an ear, breathing soft words, tickling her neck, and his hands! With both hands gripping a wrist she pulled his hand away, only to feel his other hand clamping her crotch. Letting go of his wrist she tried to pull away, only she was caught. The sheet had wound around her ankles. He tugged it to ensnare her. She clamped her thighs together, only to press his hand more firmly against her lips. They were wet!

Tender, fingertip touches over her back wouldn't help cool her down. His caresses and kisses, were firing her up! Her thighs parted slightly. He removed his hand to wrap both arms around her. It was nice to be cuddled. Almost telling him to put his hand back between her legs, she only just held back the demand.

Damn! He had taught her to plead for more! She sighed heavily. He had captured her more effectively than being kidnapped. She giggled from the idea that she had walked into his room of her own accord, like a fly into a spiders web. She felt him draining the last of her resistance.

"Oh! Yes! More! Kiss me! Touch me!" she cooed.


Paul told Dianne the hospital phoned, to say her grandmother was worse.

"They wouldn't say how bad. The message came through on your mother's phone. She's somewhere in the history department catching up with an old friend. Yea, sure, I'll find her. You could go with your father, it sounded urgent," Paul suggested.

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