tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 02

Fiona at Camp Ch. 02


This is one of a series best read in order.


At the staff campfire, Steve motioned to Fiona to come sit with him. It was cool and she wore a large jacket over an oversized, sweatshirt and a pair of boxer shorts. She sat down in front of him as he leaned against one of the logs that surrounded the fire ring. As people sang and ate marshmallows, Steve slid his feet out to the side and Fiona slid back until she pressed her ass against his crotch. She could feel the huge bulge of his cock as it pressed against her body. She wondered when it would next be filling her body.

As the fire got hotter, Fiona leaned forward and took her jacket off and lay it over her knees as she brought them up under her chin. Steve bent his knees and slid them under Fiona's long legs. She then lifted her feet over his as the jacket covered the front of her body.

One of the staff got up to tell ghost stories and Fiona felt Steve's hands on her bare waist. As people's attention was focused on the storyteller, Fiona felt Steve's hands slide up under her sweatshirt and up to her naked breasts. He caressed her firm titflesh and began to squeeze and pinch her sensitive nipples as some thirty people sat around them. Steve couldn't believe how hard her nipples were as he really went after them. Fiona had to fight to keep from moaning as she felt his hands on her magnificent breasts.

As the storyteller continued, Fiona felt Steve's hand move from her breast and touch the soft, smooth skin of her thigh. Fiona pressed her legs together as she tried to keep him from caressing her pussy in public. Steve slid his hand back up to her hard nipple and squeezed it tightly between his fingers. He twisted her tender nipple and as he increased the pressure, Fiona began to tremble and as the pain in her tender nubbin increased, she eased her grip around her knees and let her legs part slightly. Steve released her aching nipple and gently ran his finger over her aching nubbin. Sliding his hand between her raised knees he began to tease the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh as his hand drew closer and closer to her drenched pussy. Her body began to tremble as she realized that, like it or not, Steve was going to be teasing her pussy as she sat in front of so many people.

Slowly his hand descended between her satiny thighs as her breathing became more excited. She gasped the moment that his fingers grazed across the front of her shorts and then he gently scratched at her pussy through the soft material of her boxer shorts. He could feel her body tremble as his fingers teased her sheathed pussy. Then bringing his other hand down from her breasts, he pulled the elastic waistband of her shorts away from her skin and brought his hand up from her crotch and slid it into her baggy shorts. His fingers slid all the way into her drenched panties and she felt his fingers slide down through the soft curls of her pubic thatch as his fingers rubbed across her swollen labia.

"Open your legs." Steve whispered in her ear as he teased her dripping pussy. Slowly Fiona pressed her knees apart under the jacket until her thighs were almost horizontal, giving him full access to her sopping quim. Steve nibbled on her ear as the storyteller continued his tale.

Steve could feel the heat and moistness that emanated from her pussy as she sat in front of him. Her body began to shake slightly as his hand slid all the way down between her legs and then his finger began to rub across her feminine gash. She looked up for a moment and saw me sitting across the fire ring. I caught her eye and smiled at her as she realized, though most people couldn't see what was going on, that her face was visible to others as Steve teased her most intimate flesh. She gasped and bit her lip as she felt his finger slide between her swollen labia and enter her seething pussy.

Fiona fought hard to control her body as Steve teased her. She was thankful that most people around her were either snuggled up with their boyfriends and girlfriends or focused on the storyteller as she felt Steve slide his other hand into her moist panties. Her body began to shake as she felt him assault her seething pussy with both hands. His fingers peeled back her pussy lips and his thumbs then held them open. He dipped his fingers down into the sweet juices of her pussy and then slid them up around her clit and went to work on it.

As Steve worked Fiona's clit, she looked up at me again and I stared at her as he teased her body. I could see that she was close to an orgasm as the expression on her face changed. She knew that I knew what was happening and it excited her and also scared her as she was afraid that she'd somehow make a sound that would draw other people's attention to her. She liked to fuck and she liked to flirt but having an orgasm in front of thirty people and having them know it, was something entirely different.

Steve continued to tease her clit and her thighs began to shake as Fiona fought for some control over her beautiful body. Steve knew the story that was being told and he knew that it was building to a climax when everyone around the circle would scream. The storyteller wasn't the only one building towards a climax and a scream. Steve’s fingers continued to work her clit as she began to whimper softly.

Just then the storyteller turned and screamed as he hit the climax of his story and as most of the people around the fire screamed, Steve pressed Fiona's clit between his knuckles and squeezed her sensitive nub. Fiona screamed and flooded his fingers with one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Her face flushed red as she realized that everyone must have heard her and would know what had happened to her body. When no one looked at her and she looked up to see that the storyteller was walking out of the fire circle, she realized that everyone else had also screamed but for a different reason. Her fear passed, but the excitement of her orgasm and the realization that she'd cum in front of so many people stayed with her. She collapsed back against Steve’s chest in exhaustion.

Steve's fingers were coated with Fiona's sweet flow and as he slid his fingers out of her seething pussy, he brought them back up to her breasts. She felt the moistness on his fingers as he smeared her cum over her taut nipples. Then as he lifted his hand further, he slid his fingertips out of the collar of her sweatshirt. "Lick them." he whispered in her ear and she lowered her head and sucked his fingers into her mouth and licked her own cum from his fingers. As she tasted her cum, she felt his other hand tease her taut nipple and then he changed hands and she licked her cum from his other hand.

Things were breaking up and as the staff got up to leave, Steve slid his hands out from under Fiona's sweatshirt and she stood up. He smiled at her as I walked over.

"Ever cum in front of so many people before?" I asked. Fiona flushed red as she realized that I knew what had happened to her and that anyone watching could have known also.

"Steve, Fiona, James, Karen, would you all stay to help clean up. The rest of you, head for the cabins." I said in a loud voice. As the others left we started to gather up the things around the fire.

"James, will you dump the garbage and Karen, will you take the marshmallows back to the kitchen. We'll finish the fire and come back for rounds in about 15 minutes." I said matter of factly.

James and Karen picked up the things and headed down the trail in the direction of the cabins. I looked at Steve and he smiled at me. Then turning to Fiona I said, "Now it's our turn."

"Out here?" she asked, her voice betraying her fear.

"Yes, out here." I responded.

"But someone might come up and see." she explained.

"I thought you said you liked to fuck. Besides, we can always invite them to join us." I teased her.

Around the fire ring was a log fence about three feet high. Steve picked up a blanket and draped it over one of the logs. Taking Fiona by the hand, he led her over to the blanket and then pulling her over in front of it, he pressed her body forward over the log and she brought her hands down to a tree stump on the other side to support her upper body.

I stepped up in front of her and opening the front of my shorts, I slapped her cheek with my cock. She lifted one hand and grasping my ramrod, guided it to her soft lips. She kissed the tip and then parting her lips, sucked my cock all the way into her talented mouth. As I moaned with pleasure Steve stepped around behind Fiona and sliding his fingers under the waistband of her boxer shorts, pulled them back and down over her creamy ass and down to her knees. He gazed down at, perhaps the most magnificent ass in the entire camp. Fiona felt the cool night air on her moist thighs and then felt the warm tip of his cock as it teased the firm flesh of her ass.

Stepping up behind her, he aimed his cock at her moist pussy and then shoved it all the way in. Fiona grunted as she felt her tight pussy stretch to accommodate his ramrod. Fiona felt my hands on her head as I guided her mouth up and down my shaft and he began to take long, slow strokes into her seething pussy.

"We only have time for a quickie tonight." I said as I began to shove my cock all the way into her mouth and her body began to lurch back and forth between our cocks. Fiona was terrified that someone would come back to the fire ring and find her impaled between two cocks as her body writhed with passion. Visions of someone else joining us and filling all three of her available orifices danced across her brain. She was going to try and make us cum as quickly as possible and she had the sexual talent to make that happen.

As we pumped into her soft body from either end, both of us knew that we wouldn't be able to hold out for long. Steve felt Fiona's powerful inner muscles clamp down around his impaling cock as I felt her talented tongue snake around my shaft. At first Fiona found herself bouncing back and forth between us as she slid off of one cock and onto the other. Then as we changed our rhythm, she felt us both ram into her body at the same time and the sensation was overwhelming for her. She began to grunt and groan as we shoved our cocks into her body and then she let go with a powerful orgasm. We both felt her magnificent body shake as her orgasm cascaded through her beautiful, young body.

As her body shook and she bathed Steve's cock with her sweet flow, it was more than he could handle and as he shoved his cock all the way into her tight pussy it exploded. As Steve's cum shot deep into her lovehole, she came again with a scream. As her voice vibrated around my cock, I too shot my load into her mouth and she gulped and swallowed as she tried to drink all of my cum. My grip eased on her head and she lifted her body up as Steve kept his cock rammed into her tight pussy. His hands slid up under her sweatshirt and he filled his hands with her panting titflesh.

"I like this arrangement." I said as Steve slid her sweatshirt up over her panting tits and I leaned forward and bit her nipple gently. The young beauty gasped as she felt my sharp teeth close around her sensitive bud. I sucked hard and she felt her taut nipple being pulled into my mouth. I teased her nipple some more and then let go as she felt the cool, night air against her wet nipple. I could see the goosebumps rise around her naked breast in the dim light of the campfire. I turned around and leaned against the log.

Fiona's body was impaled on Steve's cock and she swung around like a rag doll. "Now, suck on me." he said and she stepped away from his body. As she turned to face him, I could see that her shorts had fallen to her ankles and she sank to her knees and sucked his spent cock between her soft lips as I watched. She licked their cum from his shaft and sucked on his cock for several minutes. Then she sat back on her knees as we both looked down at her.

"You go back to your cabin now but say nothing. Tomorrow, I'll meet with your girls and explain the staff changes. You'll move out in the morning and start at Central Supply after lunch. Arty will be thrilled to have you working under him." I explained as I tucked my cock back into my pants. "Either one or both of us will be by to fuck you at some time during the day, so be ready for us." I said and then Steve and I walked away from the fire ring, leaving Fiona sitting on her knees, with her shorts down around her ankles, cum oozing out of her naked pussy and a lot to think about.

To be continued…

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