tagLetters & TranscriptsFrom Friend to Lover? Ch. 01

From Friend to Lover? Ch. 01


The following is from a letter I had wrote to one of my co-workers.......

I still remember the first time I saw you, I was standing up at my desk and you were walking across the floor. Before I even got a glimpse of your face I was curious to who the new cutie was that in my work area. I am not exactly sure what it was that first drew me to you but off the top of my head I would have to say it was your long flowing hair.

Over the past year we have become friends and I don't know if I can pinpoint when my thoughts and feelings towards you changed from friends to purely sexual. Even now as I sit at my home computer and start to type this letter I can already feel my dick getting harder with each thought that enters my mind.

Where once I looked forward to seeing your smiling face I now find myself visualizing your kissable lips and what our first and every kiss after would be like. Moving closer I lean in to kiss, when our lips first meet there is the dryness as result of nervousness. The dryness is soon replaced by warm wet kisses and our tongues begin to get comfortable with each other and before we know it our kissing is something that we were born to do.

Instead of trying to catch a glimpse of your electric, hazel eyes I find myself trying to catch a glimpse of your tits. Even though they are covered by your tight fitting clothing I make guesses at to the size of your nipples and areolas. I guess by their perkiness that they are 34B's. These thoughts are only heightened on the days that you have ample cleavage showing which quickly turn my dreams to me placing my cock between your tits for while you squeeze them together. I can almost feel my cock rubbing against your flesh and as I blast my load towards your face.

Never had my new found lust for you been so prominent as it was last Friday when we were heading out to lunch. You were getting out of the front seat of your SUV and as you leaned forward I could see your leopard skin panties coming into view from the back of your pants. As you were in the bank I couldn't help but wonder do you only wear panties or do you occasionally like the feel of thong riding up your ass crack. Do you fully shave your bush or leave only a nice little landing strip? My mind is saying that you are fully shaved if this is the case what are the chances you would trust me with a razor to shave you? What if I promise to kiss your baldness when I am done?

I can't seem to take my mind away from your pussy. As I sit here right now with hand on my cock I wonder if you if you masturbate. If so how often do you have at it? Do you have your own or perhaps multiple vibrators or would you rather use one of your fingers with those long nails, plunging it in and out and until you bring yourself to orgasm. As I continue to think about your pussy I am trying to envision what your lips look like. Do they resemble a zip lock bag or bursting open like a blooming flower? I see them as a blooming flower and want to take one of your lips sucking and nibbling while you grab the back of my head and pull me closer so you can grind and fuck my face,

I can only wish that one of these days we steal some time away at lunch and hop into your SUV to find a secluded parking lot so that we can have the sex that I think we both want. On the bench seat I see you slowly lowering yourself on to my fully erect penis; I see the sinful look of adultery transform into a smile of ecstasy. A couple of playful kisses turn into deep moving kisses that don't stop until I have ejaculated deep inside your warm and wet pussy. As the last of the jizz flows from me I am no longer to remain in you and gently my manhood slides out.

I am hoping that you feel the same way that I do because even as I try to end this letter I am coming up with more things I would like to do to you, with you and have you do to me.

Until then Smiley :- ) Sweet (&Sultry) Dreams - XO

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