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Fun With Friends


Fun With Friends: Part II.

CB (Child Bride) sitting on the coffee table, all of a sudden feeling like someone who had lost total control of a situation was really curious about what my friend and his wife were talking about down the hall in their master bedroom. The friend came back into the room and asks for the camera and suggested you should go to the bathroom before you guys begin your Sunday Afternoon adventure. You stand up smiling limply at him hoping he sees your confusion and desire to know what was going to happen. He offered nothing else. Taking the camera from you and going back into the bedroom where his wife was. You use the restroom and try to clean yourself and dry off with the hand towels on the rack. Not wanting to make anyone mad you do not tarry for long. Moving back out into the living room unsure what to do next. Somehow this is a scenario you had never imagined in your wildest dreams. So here you are standing in the middle of the living room of our friends home looking like a high class hooker in your half-cup bra covered by an almost see through blouse with a very short mini-skirt, no panties or thong in some very slutty looking high heels, having given them permission to be the dominate to your submissive slut attitude. Nope not the way it was planned. Ha! What plan? I was just on an adventurous escapade to try and make my husband happy with my new sub/slut attitude. Guess I'm going to do that. Or at least I hope I am.

His wife came out of the bedroom first by herself. She had a determined expression on her face that did not tell you whether she was happy, angry, turned on or what. Your eyes follow her as she comes into the room. She walks all the way around you eyeballing you from top to bottom, front to back and side to side. Despite yourself you realize that you getting turned on. Your nipples growing erect and more moisture warming the top of your legs.

"You really look the part of a whore you know that don't you? She asked.

"Well I dressed to pose for pics..." I said before she cut me off.

"It was a yes or no question, you ignorant slut, whore. What were you and my husband doing outside for so long? Were you tempting him? Did you show your ass?"

"Shut the fuck up, you lying cunt!" she yelled cutting me off at mid-sentence.

"Turn around, bend over and pull your skirt up. DO NOT make a sound or move until I tell you to."

Scared to death, I had never seen her act this way, so I turned around, bent over and reluctantly pulled my very short skirt up over the cheeks of my ass." Feeling strange and silly I stayed like that as I heard her go out of the room. A few minutes later I hear and see the click and flash of my digital camera. Without thinking I begin to rise up. SMACK! Someone had struck my bare ass with almost enough force to tip me over. I screamed OUCH very loudly. His wife came around in front of me holding what looked like an old fraternity paddle.

"Did I not tell you not to stand up and to be quiet until told to do otherwise?" she said as she gently tapped the paddle into the palm of her hand. The clicking and flashing camera continued to record the whole scene.

Without a word you bend back over biting you tongue to keep from crying from the stinging on your ass. You eyes dart as she moves around behind you again. You feel what you think must be her hand on your ass rubbing the hot, red whelp on you butt.

"My, my Honey would you get up close and take pics of this red ass."

Again clicks and flashes. Despite yourself knowing they are inspecting you twat and ass increases your erotic excitement. Your face grows as red as your ass when you realize the excitement has caused your cunt to become so wet is begins to run down you leg. Hoping beyond hope they don't see it, you know as close as they are to you they can't help but see it.

"Would you look at this sleazy whore's cunt dripping with pussy juice and she has not even been touch yet. Oh that is except when you enticed my husband into licking you clean at the front door."

In disbelief you realize he has told her everything that happened as she got out of the car to inter the house. You immediately wonder if she knows about the sex the two of you had had in Colorado. Now you grow even more scared.

SMACK! SMACK! You do everything in your power to keep from screaming as she strikes two quick blows of the paddle on your very exposed ass.

"Now maybe you will know that I mean what I say during this adventure.," she says deliberately.

"Yes Mistress." you say hoping it did not come out as a cry.

"Ok, let's go for a ride. Are you ready to go for a ride, Slut? Maybe we will drive up towards Austin and find Measles Book/CD Store up in that direction. Maybe you can entertain us and any truck drivers lucky enough to see into our back seat on the way up there. Does that sound like a good idea to you Miss Juicy Twat?"

"Yes Mistress, whatever please you, Mistress." you reply quickly. Not wanting anymore paddle.

"Well before you we go you might need to give my husband some much needed relief, since you got him so riled up with your slutty ways. What do you think Honey would you like for her to see if she could drink a good full load of you cum right quick? Think that might relieve some pressure from your swelled up balls?"

"Oh I think that would be a great way for her to be of assistance with my problem." he said as he handed her the camera.

"Ok, Blondie," he says as he turns to face you," get over here get after sucking my cock."

"Yes Sir."

You move raise up but do not put you skirt down leaving you moist cunt and red ass open to view. Then you walk over in front of him, smile and kneel down in front of him. He looks at you with total lust in his eyes. He is so pent up from all the activities of the day it won't take long for him to bust a load. You reach up undo his belt, unsnap his trouser, pull his zipper down and allows you trousers to fall to the floor around his ankles. His boxer shorts are soaking wet and sticking straight out. You stop for a second watching as his cock throbs as if it may cum before you even touch it. Thinking that would not make his wife very happy you immediately hook your fingers in the waist band of his boxers and with one feel swoop you pull them down to his ankles revealing fairly nice size cock that is purple-headed from torment. As you reach up to take it in your hands, his wife yells "You don't need to use your hands Twat. Put your hands on his ass so you can pull him deeper into your mouth. I had better see some serious deep throating and cum sucking or we can play with this little fraternity toy some more. Do you want some more of the fraternity toy?"

"No, Mistress." you quickly answer.

"Ok. Then get to it. And Twat I don't like messes on my living room floor so you better drink every drop of his cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress." you reply trying to keep the fear out of your voice.

You raise your hands up and place them on his butt cheeks. You stick you tongue out and begin to swirl your tongue all over the opening in the head of his cock. Licking all the pre-cum her could muster up as fast as it came out. Again afraid he might cum to quickly you engulf the head of his cock into you mouth. With rapid precision you begin to suck more and more cock into your mouth with every bob of your head. Soon you begin to feel the pubic hair around the base of his cock against you nose. Feeling the head of his cock slip past the entrance to your throat your fear of the paddle insures you don't gag. Once past the gag reflex you bury your lips into his pubic hair, pulling hard on his ass cheeks to insure you take it all. As you expected he could not last long like this.

"AARRUUGG!" he screams as he explodes down your throat. You feel his cock lurch again and again as he squirts large loads of cum down your throat. Afraid to drop any you continue to pull him harder and harder into your face until he comes down off his tiptoes and pushes you away. He cock is too sensitive to stand any more. All this time his wife and been taking pics of this deep throat blowjob.

"Thank you, Blondie.," he says looking you in the eye while pulling his boxers and trouser up.

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