tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girl Ch. 02

Gilmore Girl Ch. 02


When Jess opened the door to his and his uncle's apartment, he was not surprised at what was happening inside. His uncle, Luke, lay on his bed, naked from the waist down. Luke was holding his twelve inch prick in one hand, and a picture in the other. Jess knew that the picture was of Loralei, his uncle's not so secret obsession.

Ever since their sex session with Jess' girlfriend, and Loaralei's daughter, Rory, they had been completely open with each other, and hidden nothing. Jess sighed, he knew that his uncle had not had sex since the time with Rory. He also knew that he was extremely horny, jacking off at least 2 twice a day. At least there was something he could do about it.

That night after another spectacular blowjob from Rory, Jess asked if she would comeback to the diner where he would truly satisfy her. Once they arrived, Jess quickly lifted Rory up onto one of the tables and pulled down the pants she was wearing. He was not at all shocked to see that she was not wearing any panties. Jess smiled and looked up at Rory as he began to eat out her pussy. After his threesome with his uncle, Luke had told him that Rory was not satisfied with their sex relationship, Jess was determined to change this.

Jess moved his tongue like a madman. Rory groaned, it had never been this good before. Jess swirled faster and faster until it started. It started low at first but it was not long until Rory was groaning and moaning louder than she ever had before. It was in the middle of Rory's orgasm that the door leading up to Luke's apartment opened.

The look of shock on Luke's face did not last long. When Rory turned to see Luke, the smile on her face was huge. Still panting from her incredible orgasm given to her by Jess, she motioned for Luke to come over. While walking over, Luke lowered and stepped out of his jeans and boxer shorts, revealing his foot-long prick. Once he was close enough, Rory got on her knees, and eagerly accepted his cock into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh Rory," moaned Luke. "I've been hoping so much that this would happen again."

Taking her mouth off his prick for a second Rory said, "Me too, Luke, ahhhh it's so big."

Jess was glad they were enjoying themselves but he felt left out. Jess reached out his hand and grabbed part of Luke's penis. Luke looked down in shock, but Jess motioned towards Rory's pussy. Luke smiled, repositioned himself, and began to slowly enter Rory's tight pussy. Jess then took off his pants and boxers and positioned his fully hardened cock next to Rory's mouth.

"Thanks for this Jess," said Rory as she began to take his big prick into her mouth.

Jess smiled and placed his hand on Rory's head. While Rory swirled her tongue around Jess' prick, Luke was beginning to pound Rory's pussy faster and faster. It was about five minutes later that all three of them came in unison. Jess filled Rory's mouth with cum while Luke erupted in her pussy.

Jess pulled up three chairs and all three of them draped themselves on them in exhaustion. While Rory slowly fondled both of the cocks, and the two men played with her breasts, they had begun to discuss when they could meet up like this again. Rory was about to get up and get dressed again when the door knob of Luke's Diner began to turn. It was then that Jess realized he had forgotten to lock the door.

All three stared in horror as the door seemed to open in slow motion. When the door was halfway opened a whiney voice began to speak.

"Luke, it is 11:30 and your lights are still on, you know that town code clearly states tha"

Taylor cut his sentence short when he had opened the door completely. Inside he saw something that gave him an instant erection. Rory was sitting on a chair between Luke and Jess. Rory was completely naked. While Luke and Jess were both naked from the waist down with large erections (due to all the fondling).

Rory immediately got up, walked around Taylor, closed and locked the door. She then turned to Taylor and said "We don't need to tell anybody about this do we Taylor?"

All Taylor could do was mumble.

"I think there is a way to make you agree," said Rory slyly.

Rory walked around in front of Taylor and knelt on the ground. As she began to unzip his pants, Taylor backed away.

"What's wrong Taylor?" asked Rory.

"Well," he said, finally able to get a word out, "when ever a girl sees what I have in my pants they leave me."

Rory looked up at Taylor and said "I love cocks of all shapes and sizes."

Luke thought he understood the problem. Both he and Jess had considerably large dicks and he could understand embarrassment. "Don't worry Taylor, we won't make fun of you," said Luke.

Taylor looked from Luke, to Rory, to Jess and then finally nodded to Rory. Rory then unzipped his pants, expecting to be disappointed. After lowering his pants and boxers and in one pull all three were surprised. Inside was a cock bigger than Jess' even bigger than Luke's.

Rory gaped as she asked a question she had asked Luke not to long ago. "How big is it?"

Taylor gulped and answered, "20 inches."

Rory gazed at the penis with a look of longing, while Jess and Luke felt almost ashamed of their usually impressive cocks.

Rory quickly attempted to take the whole thing down her mouth but even an experienced cock sucker like her could not get all of it down. She had about 15 inches when she gagged. She eased up a bit and began to suck.

"Ohhhhhh, Rory, how nice, oh god, how can you go so deep, oh man," Taylor continued to moan as he could now not get any words out.

Rory began to take her mouth off Taylor's dick and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock one more time before using her hand to lead it to her pussy.

Taylor did not waist time, he quickly slammed his cock all the way into her pussy. Rory threw a hand over her mouth just in time to cover the scream. Taylor was not very gentle, and not a very good fuck, but Rory thought his cock made up for it. Taylor came in less than two minutes.

The whole time this was happening, Jess and Luke had been furiously beating their meats. When Jess saw that his girlfriend was not going to be satisfied by Taylor, he got up and pulled Taylor out of Rory. He then got down and stuck his cock in her pussy. He took his time and Rory came at least twice before he did. In between Rory's orgasm and Jess' orgasm, Luke exploded all over the floor.

Taylor, who was sitting in a chair with his flaccid, yet 10 inch cock, looked around at the other people in the room. Luke was sitting in a chair with a softening cock. Jess was still inside of Rory but you could tell they were both done for the night. Taylor then got up, put on his pants and tucked in his shirt. To anyone else he would like he did every other day.

He smoothed his comb-over before saying, "Well, I don't think anyone needs to know about this." After this he spun and headed out the door.

Rory, Jess, and Luke then gathered their clothes. They all went up stairs and got in the shower. Rory cleaned off and right before getting out gave both Luke and Jess quick blowjobs.

After Rory was finally out the door Luke turned to Jess and said one word. "Whoa."

Jess only nodded and headed upstairs.

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