Going to the Club


Jenny pushes her breast forward, trying to get her nipple deeper into his mouth.

"I release your nipple. And my lips touch your breast below your nipple. I move my lips down, kissing slowly. Just as I reach the arch of your breast going towards your ribs, my tongue slides out and carefully moves along your skin. The tip of my tongue touches you, sliding under your breast. As my tongue tip reaches the crease that marks the end of your breast and the start of your ribs, it slides back into my mouth. There I kiss your skin once more, moving down from your breast at an angle towards your stomach."

Jenny moves a finger along her body. Still, she traces the movements of his lips. She moves slowly and lightly along her skin while her mind remembers the feel of the action. She could feel the warmth of her body. She presses her legs together unconsciously. She is definitely aroused, she realizes.

"My lips kiss and suck again along your skin. You feel my lips move closer and closer. My lips reach your belly button and there you feel my tongue touch you once more. You did not expect the warm wetness as it traces around the outside of your belly button. My tongue circles your belly button a couple of times, then as it slides down to the bottom part of your belly button, you feel it flick across to the top. There my lips touch you once more and gently suck at the top part of your belly button."

Jenny enjoys his little tease there. She isn't sensitive there but the sensation is interesting. Jenny moves her finger along and imagines kissing him. When she hears him moving from teasing her belly button, she pays closer attention.

"My tongue snakes down from the bottom of your belly button. My hands move down from your ribs to your pants. You feel my tongue moving closer to the waist of your pants just as my fingers move forward. You feel me fumbling with your pants but soon the top is open."

Jenny tilts her head to capture the phone between her shoulder and ear. She reaches down and unbuttons her pants.

"You feel my fingers reach into the waist band and pull at your pants. My tongue and lips pull away from your skin as I adjust myself to pull your pants down."

Jenny pushes at her pants as she lifts herself off the bed. Then carefully, she pushes her naked behind on the bed and leans forward. Her hands move with her legs to take off her pants and panties. She quickly grabs the phone with one hand before it slips off. The pants and panties still on one leg, she kicks them off and lets them stay on the floor.

"You hear me ask you to lift as I pull your pants and panties off. One leg at a time, I help you off with your pants. When they are free of you, I toss them to the side."

Jenny quickly lays back onto the bed, her feet flat on the floor.

"My hands touch each of your ankles. My fingers slide along your legs. Lightly touching your legs and stop at your knees. Sternly, I hold your knees and carefully guide your knees apart. Spread your legs for me, Jenny."

She obeys and spreads her legs.

"My lips touch your right knee. Softy and slowly my lips move up. You feel my hands move along. My lips travel slowly along the inside of your leg while my hands move along the top. As my lips move closer to your inner thigh, you feel the kisses turning into slow licking."

Jenny moves her free hand down from her breast. She cannot reach her thigh without getting up. Jenny did not want to stray too far from his descriptions and what she recalls from the time he did this so she settles for slowly moving her fingers lightly over her skin. She did this below her stomach but above the pubic region. Her fingers move lightly along her skin. It is not quite like the way he does it, but there is a similar effect.

Another sigh of pleasure escapes her lips.

"You feel the tip of my tongue touch your inner thigh. It moves just as slow as my kisses, only my tongue does not move along in a straight line. It moves in a slow lazy 'S' along your inner thigh. My breath slides off your skin to be replaced by the cooler air. My fingers reach your hips."

Jenny slides her fingers over her waist to her hip.

"My fingers press against your hips. I could never resist the feel of your skin. Did you know that?" He asks, but does not wait for a response.

Jenny remembers the touch of his hands. She moves her hand along her waist to just below her stomach, then back to her hip.

"Now, as my tongue continues to slide slowly against the skin of your inner thigh, you feel my lips kiss your thigh lightly. And every now and again, instead of a kiss, it is my lips pressing against your thigh and carefully sucking. Then my tongue would slide out and flick once before trailing along the soft skin of your thigh."

Jenny moans once more at the thought and memory. She can almost feel him there, licking. She continues to move her hand along her hip and waist. Her legs move, involuntarily spreads wider to give him more access.

"My hands slide carefully from your hips towards your thighs. They move lightly and smoothly along your skin just over halfway down your upper inner thigh. As my lips kiss your skin and tongue slides out to touch you again you feel my palms gently push, guiding your legs apart. Your legs spread as my tongue near where your upper inner thigh stops. You shiver more as you feel the warmth of my breath tease your skin so close to your pussy."

Jenny's body agrees with Sam's description, even shivering just as he describes her action. She knows what is to come. Looking forward to it, her hand strokes her own upper inner thigh up and down waiting for him to move forward.

"Then you feel my lips touch you. They do not touch your pussy. They do not touch you pussy lips either. Just outside, to the right of your pussy lips. My lips kiss you lightly and they move up. Even as you move yourself, trying to get my lips to touch your pussy, I move my lips. Then my lips turn into my tongue. It slides so close. My tongue moves slowly, seductively, almost circular up along you. It is so close to your pussy, moving closer to your clit."

Jenny moans loudly, remembering the tease. Her body remembers also. The fire of desire that just before was a low slow burn becomes something more. Her body twists as her hips start to move. Jenny did not move her hand to where he describes. This is for two reasons. One reason is for fear of straying from his words. The second reason is to tease her self.

Sam hears her moans. He could hardly stand it. His own excitement is almost painfully hard. He resists touching himself for two reasons. One reason is because he did not want to ruin the tease. He has self control, but he knows the moment he touches himself, the pleasure and need for release will take control. The second reason is because he loves teasing her just as much as he desires release.

"You feel my palms too. They move to the end of your upper inner thigh. You feel fingers move lightly on the left side of your pussy. My fingers also avoids touching your pussy. They move along the opposite of my tongue."

Jenny moves her fingers like his. Touching herself but not the way she desires. She continues up following his words to maintain his tease. She moans, almost whimper like issues forth, remembering the feel of his warm breathe and circling tongue tip. Her soft moans continue with the feel of fingers moving along on the other side.

"As my tongue reaches the spot right above your clit, I stop my fingers right besides my lip. You feel my tongue replaced by my lips. They avoid touching your clit but it is so close. Or it feels like my lips are so close that your slight hip movements make it feel like my lips a moving close. The wetness of my mouth touches you as my lips gently suck. My mouth pulls at your skin. The movement vibrates towards your clit but it is not enough. You want to feel more. You want my lips lower, don't you? You want me to touch your clit?"

"Yes, you teasing bastard." She answers then falls back to her half moans half whimpers.

Sam smiles at this. He knows now how excited she is. Sam discovered a while back that Jenny curses when she is very excited. She curses even more when she is close. He wipes his lips, a nervous gesture and shifts slightly so his excitement is more comfortable in his pants.

"My lips continue to kiss and suck lightly above, but not touching your clit. Remember this, Jenny? Remember how I just kissed and sucked for a while? My lips would sometimes slide closer and then move away. Did you enjoy it? I know I did feeling your skin against my lips. Feeling the closeness of your excitement made me want to lick it. But do you know what was driving me crazy? Do you know what makes me so hard just thinking about it?"

"No, what?" She asks quietly between whimpers.

"It is actually two things. The combination really is almost too much. The sounds you make when you are excited. My lips open wider and pull more of your skin above your clit into my wet mouth. My lips seem to hold you there longer. It almost feels like the top of your clit touches my lips."

Jenny shivers as if he did touch it. She stops her fingers before they reach over to simulate the feeling. Her mouth opens but closes almost immediately. She is almost too excited. She can feel the heat and moisture from between her legs. She can feel his lips, his mouth. She wanted to feel his tongue on her, on her clit.

"You know what the other is? Can you think of the other as my lips release your skin and the tip of my tongue touches you. It flicks up and down. It, like my lips do not touch your clit."

Jenny moans louder, remembering the feeling. It is like constant light stroking above her clit. It did not touch her clit with her fingers but it felt like it is being stroked. Her hips move, remembering the rhythm. Slow up and down strokes mimicked by her hips.

"Maybe I shouldn't tell you. You might find a way to use it against me. But you should see, or feel the hard on I have now just thinking of it. You should feel this against you."

Jenny remembers the feel. The last time he was doing this, at some point similar to this. Sam reached over with his free hand and guides her leg over to touch his hardness. He held her leg against him and it was almost hot. It throbbed against her, almost stroking her leg. She remembers how strangely hard and yet soft and smooth it felt throbbing there against the skin of her leg.

"My flicking tongue moves slightly to the side. Not quite next to, more halfway down near the side. My lips suck once then it turns back to my tongue tip. It starts to move in slow circles. The wetness from my mouth unmistakable as my lips touches you now and again creating slurping sounds. No so much so that you cannot feel my circling tongue tip so close to your clit."

"Fuck." She curses quietly then asks, "What is the other thing?"

She asks hoping it will get him so excited and touch her there.

"And what is the second thing?" He asks.

"Yes, you said two things. One is the excited sounds I make and what?"

"Oh. The second thing is your fragrance."

Confused, she asks, "My what?"

How her perfume would get him that excited, she thought to herself. Then she remembers, but he is already answering her.

"Yes, your fragrance when you are excited. The smell of your excitement is overpowering. And even more the taste of your excitement is intoxicating. So you see, even as I tease you, getting you more excited, I am teasing myself. I know you are excited by the fragrance I smell coming off of you. Knowing my teasing tongue is just there. There, at the entrance to tasting your excitement."

Jenny understands but the itch is there. How can she get him to finish? Yes, she could do it herself. She could reach over and slide her fingers over her clit but then the fantasy, his tease, would be over.

"My tongue moves up, still making small circular motions along your skin above your clit. Moving up and around to the other side."

Her fingers move to where his words describe his tongue. She teases herself with his tongue, moving in circular motions like his tongue. Her hips move, her body shakes with the pent up excitement.

Jenny decides to ask before he continues, "Do you know how excited I am right now?"

At first he could barely understand her as she breathes loudly into the phone. It took a second for him to answer so he does. He answers honestly, "No, I do not."

She manages to answer with heavy breathing, "If you were here, you'd know."

He asks, hoping, "Do you want me to come over?"

"No, I have to shower before meeting you for dinner."

He asks, a little frustrated, "Then how would I know how excited you are?"

"I am so fucking wet from your dirty little mouth." She says, a little too loudly than she wanted.

Sam laughs out loud but feels his cock twitch. Not the normal twitch but the kind that comes from his balls.

Sam sighs quietly and asks, "You want my tongue to touch your clit?"

"Yes." she hisses.

"My tongue circles closer. Can you feel the way it moves along your skin?" he asks.

Without waiting for a response, he continues.

"Remember the time I had you stick up your pinky? There my tongue tip touches it lightly on the tip. My tongue traces the crown in a circle. Slowly, I move it around. I touch softly with the tip of my tongue moving in circles. This is how I am moving around on the skin but not touching your clit."

Jenny remembers when he showed her. It was early in there relationship. It was during the time when they first started to explore each other physically. He was explaining how he could drive her wild with just her pinky. She laughed at him. Then he showed her.

She shivers almost uncontrollably remembering the pinky incident and the oral tease. Now the reference of how his tongue moves around her clit improves the image in her mind. Her body remembers too and she shakes almost uncontrollably.

"You shit. I need to go finish before dinner."

"You still feel my tongue moving around but not touching you clit. But you feel my fingers touch your pussy. Two fingers run up along you pussy lips. The slide up but do not touch your clit."

Jenny almost screams, "Fuck!"

Her fingers follow his instructions though, the parts she does touch is hot. Her body moves with her touch and his verbal descriptions.

"Three strokes Jenny. One - My fingers move along your pussy lips, sliding along you soft wet lips but not entering. Then back down again. Two - My fingers twist and turn, palms up. They slightly spread your lips as they move up, but I do not slide them in you. My tongue still moves in a small circular motion, stops above your clit again. The tip of my tongue, though, continues to circle. My fingers move back down along your slightly spread pussy lips. Three - My fingers moves up and again my palm turn upward. I press my fingers against your pussy lips. You can feel the tips of my fingers slide in. Just the tips of my fingers slide in. As my fingers near your clit, I stop. With my tongue tip circling against your skin, I flick it. I flick it up and down against your skin right above your clit every now and again."

Her fingers shake at the movement between her legs. She wants to slide them in. She wants to feel her lips spread and press against her fingers as they fill her. But she doesn't, some part of her prevents her from letting her passion take her away.

"Fuck. Put it in. And lick my clit already!"

Jenny's fingers move along her pussy the way he describes. Her finger tips just into the entrance of her pussy. Her hips roll, moving with instinctual reaction. She concentrates hard not to push.

"My fingers press and slide into you as the move down. Slowly you feel my fingers up to my knuckles. Then as they touch the lower part of your pussy, I slide my fingers the rest of the way in. All the while, my tongue tip continues to tease you just above your clit. It circles and flicks near your clit still."

Jenny lets out a lengthy moan as she slides her fingers in the way Sam describes. The feeling was and is incredible. She cannot believe how excited and desperate she is feeling.

"I slide my fingers out."

"No..." She mews.

"Then I slide them back in slowly."

"Oooh, yes…" She says as her fingers move in.

"My fingers move, slowly sliding out to the tips then back in. My tongue tip continues to move, circling your skin above as if it is circling your clit."

Jenny moans louder, feeling his fingers moving slowly in and out. Her body shakes, feeling the excitement. She is closer than she could have imagined.

"My fingers slide in and out. They arch upward slightly so my fingers slide out of you pussy slightly curved. The same when I slide my fingers in. Still they do not touch your clit, but they touch more of your pussy. Every stroke in and out feels like more of my fingers rub against you. My tongue tip moves faster, circling along and against your skin. I feel your body rocking against my fingers and tongue. You feel my breathing against your pussy."

"Yes. Fuck yes."

Sam could almost feel her. With her last comment, he knew she is close.

She is more pleased than shocked. The build up time is shorter than usual but she did not care. It is close, just around the corner so to speak. Her body shakes. Her legs spread a little wider and her fingers moves. She is not used to orgasms not involving stimulation of her clit or g-spot but she cannot stop it.

"I press my fingers deeper into you. My fingers move faster. I know you're near. I can feel you gripping my fingers."

She moans, nodding. She watches the approach of her orgasm with her mind's eye. She waits, anticipating its arrival. Jenny could feel her body shaking more and more at the approach. Her mouth opens wide and her head falling back.

"Push, Jenny. Push your pussy against my fingers. Imagine how hard I am seeing and feeling your excitement."

"Oh. Oh." she says out of breath.

Her fingers move with his instruction. In and out. Faster and faster. Her hips push against her hands, trying to get more of her fingers in. The sound of the bed moving did not distract her. Her excitement in the form of wetness makes a noticeable noise. She continues to rock faster and faster against her fingers.

"My tongue circles faster along your skin. It moves as fast as my fingers. I can hear your fingers moving like I would. Move them harder."

"Fuck!" she says as her fingers obey.

Her body moves faster. She could feel the bed hitting her ass as her body moves and her hips roll. It is so close!

"My fingers move. You feel it. You then feel my lips touch you skin again. They grab at your skin and you feel yourself in my mouth."

That was it. Her orgasm hit. She let herself feel it. It filled her from her pussy on out. Her entire body shakes and tenses hard then, finally, releases. Like a wave but more. It felt like was all happening at once. Maybe it was all happening so fast it feels like one motion.

Then it stops. She could now hear herself breathing hard. She did not hear anything else. She does not recall slowing down. But her fingers move slowly to a stop.

A second later, she realizes she had dropped the phone. She opens her eyes and finds the phone by her left hip. She picks up the phone and brings it up to her ear.

Sam smiles as he hears her clear her throat and then say his name.

"Hi." he says simply in response.

"Wow." she says still breathing hard but not as hard as before.

"Was it okay?"

She laughs a little then says, "Yeah it was okay."

She sits up and looks down between her legs. She moves her other hand to brush her hair away so she could see.

"I need to change the sheets too now."

Sam laughs and apologizes, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Can I come over and be 'punished'?"

"Sorry honey, no time for that." she says after glancing at the clock on her night stand.

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