tagIncest/TabooGrammy's Boy Ch. 04

Grammy's Boy Ch. 04


Author's Note: This story continues Grammy's Boy ch–03. It can be read and enjoyed as a standalone but it will be a more enjoyable read after the other three stories. It takes place the day after Grammy's Boy 03 ended. All characters that deal with sex are over eighteen.

I awoke as the sunrise just peeked over the Eastern horizon. I had opened the shades before going to sleep last night so I had a great view of the Atlantic Ocean from my bed. That attracted very little of my attention, however. I couldn't get my mind off the hot sex Carla and I had last night. It would have been better if Carla could have remained in my bed all night but we agreed she couldn't, not after that close call we had the other night.

So I lay there awhile playing with myself while thinking about the next time with Aunt Carla...I keep forgetting to leave off the aunt. And I kept wondering how far I could get with Sara. Her still being virgin really turned me on. I remembered how I felt just a few weeks ago before Grams finally showed me the ropes. I remembered how nervous I was about the first time. I was afraid I wouldn't do things just right and that whomever I finally made it with would laugh at me. If she would allow me to be her first I vowed to be as gentle and understanding with her as Grams had been with me.

The odor of frying bacon made me crawl out, make my bed and start the day. Pulling on a Clemson tee shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, I made my way to the kitchen/dining room where Grams and Sara were cooking breakfast.

"Good morning, Sleepy Head." Sara appeared to be in good humor for someone stuck with kitchen duty. We all took turns cooking and cleaning while at Crocodile's Cave but I really didn't expect Grams to draft a visitor.

"Gosh, Grams. You don't usually don't rope visitors into cooking." I said.

"We'll treat her like family and she can act like family," Grams replied with a wink.

"Gosh, Mrs. Jones." Sara looked at wistfully at Grams and I thought I saw a tear dribble down her cheek. "You don't know how much I'd love to be part of your family."

I felt kind of sorry for her, wearing her heart on her sleeve like that. I couldn't say I blamed her for feeling the desire to belong. Laura had filled me in on some of her Sara's background. It seems her father had been out of the picture for years and she and her mother were hard put to keep things together. To top everything, her mom often went off for days with some man leaving Sara home to make out as best she could. Sometimes Laura had to give her money during the school year so she could eat lunch with her. I must admit my heart went out to Sara when I had heard about her status and now that I witnessed this scene something got in my eye also.

"Would you now?" Grams had heard Laura filling me in. "If you're serious, I'll see what I can do about that."

"What do you mean, Mrs. Jones? How can I possibly join your family?"

"Hell, Honey! I got more money than all of us need and there are certainly empty rooms in that old house. You're over eighteen and can live where you like. We could even adopt you if necessary. Of course we'd expect you to act like part of the family. I warn you it isn't all fun and games. Ask Ricky, we all work like hell when there's work to be done."

"You got that right," I confirmed. "We raise a lot of our food in our garden and let me tell you, in the summer it gets awfully hot out there."

"Believe me, I'm not afraid of work." She hesitated a moment then her face turned from happy to sad. "I...I couldn't leave Momma," she stammered. "She really needs me. After Dad ran off she almost went mad. If I left, she couldn't take it."

"Humm. That does throw a monkey wrench in the gears." Grams took up another pan of fried bacon while indicating Sara should remove the biscuits. Don't worry Honey. Sometimes I even surprise myself with what I can do. We'll start by calling me Grams or Grammy like the rest of the family. Now, go tell the other sleepy heads they better come on to breakfast if they want to go shopping with me."

"Right away Grams." She took the stairs two at a time while I went to knock on Mom and Carla's door.

"I feel kind of sorry for that girl." Grams said when I got back.

"Well, she does seem to be nice." I replied. "Did you notice the way she tries to mimic Laura?"

"Yep. I noticed how she seems to have eyes for you too. My guess is, you can break her in if you play your cards right."

"I tried, but she's scared to let go. Laura says she's a virgin and Sara almost admitted as much."

"Well, who would have thought that? Go slow, Ricky, but not too slow. You don't want her over thinking once you get the ball rolling." Grams had to shut up when the others started piling in for breakfast. She did have a chance to whisper, "Don't do anything without condoms. She doesn't need that kind of problem. You aren't ready to be a daddy either," as she poured me a cup of coffee.

After breakfast everybody tried to decide where they wanted to go for the day. Spending the day sightseeing, including Brookgreen Gardens and other attractions, split with just shopping until they dropped. They were deciding who would go in which car when Sara spoke up.

"Would it be okay if I just stay here at the beach? You guys get here so often you might get bored with it but to me it's great."

"Of course, Honey. You do anything you want and Ricky can stay with you. It can get lonely by yourself all day." Grams caught my eye and winked. "Take good care of her, Ricky, and you better treat her just like family."

"You can count on me, Grams. We'll have a day at the beach neither of us will forget."

"What do you want to do first?" I asked, when we were alone.

"Lets hit the water before the sun gets too hot."

We changed into bathing suits and I gathered the umbrella, towels, and lotion while she got the cooler and drinks. I allowed her to lead the way so I could watch the sexy sway of her behind as she walked,

We set up the umbrella, and then raced to the water. Sara was a little ahead of me and when we made it to about chest deep I tackled her, pulling her under and getting a good feel of her petite breast in the process. She surprised me a bit when she came up laughing as she straightened her top.

We continued to play around in the water. I felt her body as much as I could and she only pretended to object. When I tried to kiss her, she was more than willing, even letting her tongue probe my mouth first. When we were locked in a passionate kiss, I tried to lift her so she could lock her legs around me. She went along at first but as soon as my hard shaft probed her she dropped away and started for the beach.

Once we settled down under the umbrella she handed me the lotion and asked if I'd put some on her back. Boy! Would I! She lay on her stomach while I kneeled beside her. I began with her feet, gently massaging them as I applied lotion. Apparently she was a woman who enjoyed a good foot rub for she visibly relaxed as I massaged them.

I started working my way up her caves, encircling each leg with both hands while working from ankle to knee and back again. I didn't want to scare her away so after covering from the knees down I switched to her upper body. As I worked on her neck, shoulders and back she started making soft contented noises and it seemed her body came unglued. I let my hands stray up her sides, trying to feel her breast. Her petite knockers didn't bulge very much so I soon abandoned that tactic.

Once I had enough tanning lotion on her upper body to prevent sunburn for the next thirty years, I had no choice but to move down and see how far she would allow me to go. Starting with the left leg, I squirted on the lotion then massaged it in from the knee to just below the bikini. She didn't react until my fingers touched the suit's material so I stopped and repeated the procedure on the other leg.

Once I had plenty of lotion applied I took advantage of my oversized hands to completely engulf her leg and slide them all the way from her calf to just below the suit's material. I had done this at poolside on Laura many times and she said it felt wonderful. Of course, since nothing sexual was going on with Laura, I always stopped lower on the leg than I did now. Judging from Sara's reaction it still must have felt just as good.

She had tightened up when I had touched near her butts before, but now as my hands approached closer and closer with each stroke, she even spread her legs a little to allow easier access to her upper thighs. Now I let my index finger stray a little ahead of its mates and as we approached the apex it lightly brushed across her bikini-covered slit. I could see her visibly tense up but she said nothing. I continued touching it lightly for several times before I tried to up the ante. On the next pass I used three fingers to firmly press against her snatch. That got an immediate response.

"Okay, I think you have my back good enough," she said as she turned over. "I can get the front." She reached for the bottle and started putting lotion across her lower body. I sat and watched her work. Actually, I watched the way her mound seemed to proudly puff out when her hand rubbed across it while she did her upper thighs and lower stomach.

"Does that fell good?" I asked when her hand remained on her crotch a moment longer than necessary.

"What do you mean?" She jerked her hand away like she'd touched a hot wire.

"You don't have to be bashful," I teased. "I thought it felt good when I touched it a while ago."

"I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about." She covered her face with a towel and pretended to go to sleep.

I wasn't to be put off that easily. I sat beside her and pretended my hands were butterflies and her body was a flower filled with nectar. Surprisingly enough she seemed to enjoy it. She made no response except to tell me how a good it felt when I hit an especially sensitive spot. Finally I lay down beside her and kissed her cheeks. By now the sand was becoming crowded so I had to control my impulses.

"I'm getting hungry," she said around eleven o'clock. "Lets go in." She grabbed up the towels and walked away leaving me with the umbrella and the rest of our junk. By the time I gathered it all up and got to the house she was already fixing sandwiches for our lunch.

"Aren't you the little homemaker," I said, as I caught her from behind. Wrapping both hands around her, I pulled her tight against my hard shaft. She wiggled her backside against me so I took a breast in each hand and kissed her neck. Turning her around, I sought her lips while she willingly wrapped both arms around my neck and pressed her mound against my throbbing shaft.

"I have something better than a sandwich for you," I whispered in her ear when I picked her up and carried her into my room.

"Mmmmm", was her only response, as I placed her on the bed and fell beside her. My arm and leg was across her body and I showered her with kisses. She was a willing partner, giving back as good as she got until my hand slid under her bikini bottom onto her little triangle of course hair.

"Don't," she said, her voice so low I could hardly hear. "We can't. I I can't," she stammered. I noticed she didn't pull away and as my hand massaged her mound she was rotating her hips against it. I continued rubbing and kissing without trying to insert a finger. I wanted her at fever pitch and she was rapidly getting there.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! Kiss them!" I had pulled her bra up and was nipping on her nipples. They were standing out like solders at attention. I caught one in my mouth and sucked until her breast was hard all around it. My hand was still cupping her mound. She caught it with her hand and pressed it into her like she was trying to get the whole thing in her body.

I was learning something new about girls. Sometimes, "No" means "No" and other times it means, "Yes I want it, but I don't want to admit it. As she started saying "No," while her hips undulated when my index finger slipped within her moist slit, I figured this was a no equals yes time.

She was still insisting we couldn't while she was lifting her butts to help me remove her bottoms and get rid of the top. Now she was in my arms as naked as she came into this world and she was still holding me tight and probing my tongue with hers.

"Listen," I said. "I want you so bad it hurts but as long as you're saying "No" this is as far as we go. If you want anything else you have to say it's okay."

"Yessss. She shuddered as my finger twirled around the edge of her pussy. "Just do me."

In a jiffy I was as naked as she was and unrolling a condom onto old John. Sara watched so intently I was convinced she had never even seen a cock before.

"Are all men's that big?" She confirmed my speculation.

"Some aren't this big and some are bigger. I think mine is a little bigger than most. At least, that's what I've been told."

"Wow! I don't think it will fit."

"Don't worry, I'll go real slow and if it hurts too much just say, "I can't take it," and I'll stop. You are so used to saying no I'm not going to pay any attention to that word."

"Will it hurt much?"

"I'm told it hurts at first but it isn't long before there is no other feeling as good. Some like this also." I slid down in bed until my face was right in her cunt. Carefully, I pulled the outer lips apart. Then my tongue teased her little nub out of its hiding place. As I tugged it slowly with my lips it seemed to grow larger and Sara went ballistic. The way she was moaning, if anyone had been in the house, they would have known the score. Heck, I'm surprised we weren't heard down on the beach.

With that I got between her legs and pulled them across my shoulders, giving me a wide-open target. I rubbed Old John across her slit a couple times then lined it up and shoved in a couple inches. At least that was my plan. Sara was so tight I couldn't even insert the head. So far I had caused her little pain and she was still writhing with passion.

It was time for plan B. I got the tube of "personal lubricate," from the night stand and applied a generous amount to her vagina using my fingers to get it in until I felt an obstruction. I kneeled over her again with Old John bobbing around like a stallion's. She was still pulling at me and begging me to do it. This time when I lined him up and shoved, Old John slipped right in but the look on Sara's face went from passion to shock. I was still stretching her a lot. I stopped, just holding my position to let her adjust.

"Okay," I said after most of the expression of tension went out of her face. "This will probably hurt a little for a few minutes but it'll go away and you'll wonder how you did without for all these years." She smiled bravely and just nodded. I pulled back until I thought the head was the only part left inside her cunt then I rammed it home as hard as I could.

"Oh my God!" She screamed. "You're killing me."

"It's over now," I assured her. In a few minutes it'll feel wonderful."

"How the hell do you know? Have you ever had a dick split you apart?"

She had me there. "No, but I read a lot and that's what the books say." I didn't pull out, instead I lay quietly on her and soon I noticed she started to move slightly. I followed her lead and before long she was working her hips and moaning about how good it was. Her tight sheath was just too much for me to last as long as I wanted.

I couldn't help it. I drove into her like a jackhammer. She was game and tried to work back, but she couldn't match my frantic pace and when I felt the volcano in my balls start to rumble I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"I'm about to cum," I warned. "Cum with me if you can." With that I felt myself pumping into her. If not for the condom I'd have surely filled her. When finished, I collapsed beside her and as we lay there with her head on my shoulder I played in her hair while we talked. "Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Never felt anything so good." We both drifted off to sleep. Later, as we discussed our first time she confided she didn't know what I was talking about when I told her to cum with me if she could. However, that was after our next session when she had learned exactly what I meant.

The clock beside my bed read 2 O'clock when I awoke. Sara was on her back beside me, still naked, still asleep. I watched her chest rise and fall a few moments; then started blowing lightly on her nipples. They hardened and stood out like a Marine at attention. Unable to resist, I rolled one between my fingers while I nibbled on the other.

Sara must have really been asleep. She didn't move as I trailed kisses down her naked body from her breast to her mound. She began to stir but still hadn't fully awakened when I ran my tongue through her triangle of coarse, curly hair. She came alive when my tongue found her clit and started flicking across it.

She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me into her. I managed to slip two fingers into her still snug channel and search for her G-Spot. I had only seen this on video so I didn't really know what I was doing. I don't think I ever found the spot but between my tongue and fingers I was driving her nuts. Her hips bucked so much I could barley keep my tongue in her slit much less on her clit, but each time I found it she moaned and begged me not to stop.

I did stop, however, just long enough to run my arms under both legs and lift them to my shoulders. I kneeled between them with my raging hard-on barley touching the hair surrounding her slit. Supporting myself with one hand I guided old John to the opening and pushed. I thought it would go in easier given our first bout and the amount of moisture leaking from the lips.

"Oh!" she said, "I thought you said it wouldn't hurt anymore."

"Like you said, I haven't had a dick stuck in me. All I know is what I have read. I kept working slowly, trying to gain a little with each stroke. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Hell no! It hurts a little bad but it hurts a lot more good."

She was working against me so I pushed harder. When our pubic hairs meshed, her face glowed with excitement. She grimaced and twisted her head from side to side while her hips matched mine stroke for stroke. I thought Grammy's was good and certainly Carla's drove Old John wild but right here, right now, Sara's was wonderful. I think maybe it was because this was her first time and she was extremely tight.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, goodness. I never felt like this."

I could feel the muscles inside her vagina grip my shaft. It felt like they were actually chewing on it. I held still a minute or two, just enjoying the sensation. When I sensed she'd climaxed I started pumping short fast strokes. The pressure in my balls increased to the point of boiling over and they erupted inside her now relaxed cunt.

"Hey! I can feel you pumping into me even through the rubber." She took my face in both hands and rained kisses on it, "I felt a sensation start at the bottom of my foot and run all the way to the top of my head," she said. "I never felt anything like that before. It was wonderful."

"That's what I was talking about when I asked you if you'd come awhile ago. I bet you know from now on if you did or not." I have to admit that, I was feeling a little proud of myself. Man! I was taking care of three women. How many other men could make that claim?

We lay on the bed a few minutes before I reminded her the others would be returning before long. I started pulling on my clothes, but she just sat up and started playing around in my nightstand drawer. Suddenly she jumped up and faced me.

"Aren't you the little liar? Why did you tell me I would be your first? If I'm your first what happened to the rest of the condoms that were in this box?"

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