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Guess Who Wants More


Karen was sitting down on the street side of the cafe. She smiled as she sipped some espresso as she watched the men ogling her. She knew her long muscular legs were enticing to admire. She watched as a couple walked by. The wife hit her husband in the arm and mumbled angrily at him as she caught him admiring too long. She thought to herself..."I could have her too if I wanted." How many straight women had she seduced, how many married men did she conquer. It was a game and she always won.

If you don't remember Karen, let me remind you. A Latina that loves her feminine muscles. Her 36D's barely being held by her halter-top. And she was sure that enough ample cleavage was showing. She licked the rim of the cup as the man sitting with his wife at the next table glanced at her. He looked away fast and then put on his sunglasses. "Ah..." she thought..."This way he can look at me without his wife knowing..." She silently mouthed, "I want to fuck you..." she could see his chest breathing deeper.

She smiled and looked away. And then her mouth dropped. She remembered this man that just walked by her. He was with his wife...and she remembered his wife too! She tried to place the faces so she got up, paid her bill and walked behind them. They were arm and arm and how long had it been... a year...no, it was 2 years. It was Marc and Beth. She remembered how fun they were. How she seduced her husband as she worked as a nanny for them. She remembered how she took his wife and made her want her. She smiled coyly as she remembered how Beth resisted. She smiled, biting her lower lip as she looked at Marc's great build. He was 10 years younger than her...but she knew she could get him anytime. Marc and Beth went down to the subway. Karen followed. She wondered if they would recognize her but she would wait till the right moment.

They jumped on the subway with Karen right behind them. It was so packed. Karen was in front of Marc and Karen was right behind Marc, pushing him into the crowded train. She grabbed his ass and mumbled a "sorry, excuse me..." he turned and nodded without really looking at her.

Karen looked down and saw him grinding his cock against his wife's beautiful ass. "She's been working out..." she thought to herself. They were giggling. She was getting all hot watching them tease one another while they thought no one was watching. She couldn't hold back...she reached her hand around Marc's waist. Grabbing his cock hard and leaning her tits hard against his back "Guess who wants more...?" She said loud enough so even Beth could hear.

Beth gasped as she slowly turned around. Marc couldn't do anything...Karen's hand gripped him and he remembered how good she felt. He missed her in his perverted way. Beth turned around, hugging Marc. "Get away from us..." her eyes glaring at the seductive eyes of Karen. Karen smiled as she whispered to Marc. "Tell her you want to fuck me...tell her you want to fuck me right in front of her...one more time." Beth's eyes shot up at Marc, but he didn't have to say anything. Beth could feel Karen's hand kneading her husbands cock right there on the subway. Karen took Beth's arms from around her husband. She clasped her own arm into the arm of Marc and when the subway stopped. She looked at Beth and told her "Follow us..." As they walked up to Marc and Beth's apartment. "You moved up in the world, huh?" She quipped to Karen as she admired the building. "This isn't the home where I fucked you and your husband last time..."

Beth glared at Karen but Karen knew Beth wanted her too. She wouldn't say so but who else in their right mind would allow this unless she wanted some of what she had planned.

When they walked in, Marc looked sheepishly at Karen. "I have to tell our maid to go home though..."

Karen's face went in shock. "You have another maid? Don't you ever learn? Where is she?" Beth's face went blank at the new hunger seen in Karen's' eyes. "You wouldn't like her...she's not a slut. And she's not fucking my husband..."

Karen walked over to Beth, smiling. Pushing her softly against the wall. Smothering her tits with Beth's. Her tongue shot out and licked Beth's lips. "I just want to meet her..." her hand cupping her mound and could tell Beth wanted her right there if she could.

The maid came out, seeing Karen and Beth pressing against each other. Her face turned red and she looked away mumbling something about the clothes being put away and she would be leaving.

She was a young woman. She probably was just short of drinking age. She had nice round tits, though smaller than Karen's. She was athletically built. Her ass was so round. She had to be definitely a runner, thought Karen.

"Don't be in such a rush. What's your name?"

The maid looked at Marc and quickly away as she softly replied "Claire."

"And are you in college?" Karen persisted as she grabbed Claire's hand and sat her down on the couch.

Claire nodded "My first year..."

Her short shorts were driving Karen wild. "Can I ask you a serious question and you be totally honest with me..."

Claire's face went white. She nodded but her hands were tight on her lap.

"Have you and Beth ever...you know...?"

Claire looked shock and stammered "No! Never!" shaking her head as she looked at Marc again. "Tell me the truth!" Karen persisted. "No, I am not that way."

"Oh yes you are that way..." shot back Karen. She reached in between Claire's legs. Pushing her thumb onto the clit of their maid. "Just what I thought...wet..." smirked Karen. And she leaned forward, pushing her breasts against Claire..."You want me...and I want to fuck you right in front of them..."

Claire sighed and her lips were moistened as she watched the seductive dance of Karen. "I'm going to get fired..." Claire whined.

"Shhhhhhh...just grab my tits...pretend they are not here..."

Claire sat back on the couch. Letting Karen straddle her legs, holding Claire's face in both her hands, kissing her passionately. Pushing her tits on Claire's smaller body and smothering Claire. She gets up and holds Claire's hand, pulling her up and bringing her to the bedroom. She looks at the stunned Marc and Beth and tells them to come into the master bedroom with them.

Karen pushed Claire onto Marc and Beth's bed, ordering her to strip. Karen looks over at Beth and asks her "...which side is yours...?" Beth looks away angrily. Karen looks at Marc who points to the right side of the bed. Karen orders Claire to get on the right side of the bed and undress... she does. Her firm young breasts heaving from the way the day was turning out. She grabs her pussy and looks over at Marc and Beth, almost shyly but wanting to fuck Karen. And the thought of fucking her right in front of them had her shaking all over.

Karen undressed and sat down next to Claire...grabbing Beth's pillow and pushing it between Claire's legs. "I want her to smell you tonight..." She moaned as she brought her lips to Claire's tits. Sucking hard and squeezing it into her mouth. Her long fingernails tracing her new lovers clit. Pulling it and turning it slowly around between her fingers. Claire moaned and she glanced at Beth then more longingly at Marc. Karen saw...

She pushed Claire back...straddling Claire's tits and rubbing her wet pussy all over them. Inching her way up to Claire's mouth. Grinding hard from front to back "Suck on my clit, bitch!" Her hands gripping the headboard as she rocked on Claire's mouth. She turned her head to watch Marc and Beth. Marc standing there with a huge hard on in his pants and Beth not having enough common sense to take advantage of that rock hard cock! "Marc! Come over here!" Karen yelled out trying to control her rhythm with this fucking delicious nanny under her. She grabbed Marc's shoulders while she face fucked the nanny. Looking right into his eyes. She lifted her mound up just a bit from Claire's mouth. "Hey Claire? How long have you've been working here?"

Claire moaned out 1 year and a half.

"And are you still telling me that you and Beth never got it on?"

Claire shook her head "No..We never even talk really."

Karen smiled, all the while looking at Marc. "So how long have you been fucking her husband..."? Beth gasped. Marc swallowed hard, guiltily. And Claire pushed one finger in Karen's ass. Her other hand gripped Karen's big tits and her mouth clamped on Karen's pussy sucking hard.

Beth yelled out "SHE HASN'T...SHE'S NOT A SLUT!"

Karen looked at Beth with a sly smile "Oh? Believe me, they have fucked...many times. I can tell..." Then looking back at Marc..."Haven't you. You wanted this young maid, and you fucked her hard and many times..." Marc didn't answer. Karen grabbed his cock and whipped it out of his pants. "Tell me the truth...you have fucked her, haven't you?" He conceded and nodded yes. She put his cock right over Claire's mouth and Claire screamed "Many times..." as she took his cock into her mouth. She sucked hungrily as Karen turned around, rubbing her wetness over Claire's body as she fucked Claire's pussy with her fingers. Claire was slurping away at Marc's cock. He moaned and Karen looked sympathetic at Beth, motioning her to come to her. Beth could hardly believe what was happening again. But she went to Karen. Karen held out her arms and brought Beth's head to rest on her tits. Beth looked over her shoulder to see the young mouth of Claire sucking hard on her husbands cock. Karen peeled away Beth's clothes and kissed her passionately. Feeling all over her body. "Lets watch them fuck..." Whispered Karen. She went behind Beth, squeezing her tits from behind and folding her own tits around the head of Beth. Beth was between the feet of Claire... and Claire knew what to do. She looked over and saw Beth watching her suck her husbands cock. She knew her husband was enjoying every second. It got her excited knowing that his wife was right there, a tinge of jealousy and lust in his wife. She put her foot against the wife's pussy and pushed in. Fucking her with her foot. She was so wet. Beth's pussy sucked her toe into her pussy. Karen purred in Beth's ear. "I want to taste you so bad... tell me the truth. Do you want me... be honest."

Beth nodded. And slowly her hand reached around and pushed two fingers into Karen's cunt. Karen pushed down hard on them. Riding her..."I want to 69 you...do you want me?" Beth nodded. And laid down. Biting her lower lip as one hand went up to Claire's pussy and the other reaching under Karen as she laid on top, massaging her big tits. "Squeeze hard!" moaned out Karen as she planted her pussy on Beth's face.

As Beth swirled her tongue all around her pussy, Claire got up..Laid down side-by-side to Beth and motioned for Marc to fuck her pussy as she looked into the eyes of Beth as she sucked on Karen.

He couldn't fuck her hard enough and as she bounced her and Beth looked into each other's eyes. Beth was feeling the sting of jealousy as she watched this girl younger than her by 5-7 years, moaning how good her husband felt inside of her. Watching her body move up and down to his pounding. She couldn't take anymore and flooded Karen's face with her juices. Claire looked over at Beth..."He's been so fucking good to me... for about a year now." Her eyes wide as she hears Claire not able to respond because of the way Karen grinds her pussy onto her tongue...

Claire rolls over "Oh..hon, he's been fucking me so often that sometimes when you kiss him when you get home, I'm surprised you haven't tasted me yet. I can't wait to fuck him like this tomorrow..."

Karen stopped and Beth responded "But what about your boyfriend?" Claire smiled "Oh, he and I've been going together since High School. He is so naïve when it comes to sex, I fuck him like I fuck your husband..."

Karen came hard... and Beth licked her hard. Not looking at the bitch Claire. Then Claire screamed as Marc grabbed her tits and came hard, jerking his body into her over and over...

Karen turned and smiled at Beth, Beth's juices glistening her lips. She leaned over Beth, tits to tits... "Beth? I love the way you tongue me..."

Beth smiled at Karen. The first time, she ever smiled. Then Beth pulled Karen's face closer..."Can I have you again, please?" Karen kissed her passionately. "Anytime." She looked over at Marc and commanded "...get that dick into me! Stroke it whatever you have to do just get it back to satisfy me!" Just the sight of 3 naked women had him hard within a few seconds. And he pushed it into Karen, pushing it hard. Claire started sucking on Karen's tits as she rolled over and waited for Beth. Beth leaned over, kissing her. Her hands massaging Karen's head and tonguing her mouth, exploring as she moaned how much she wanted Karen again and again.

After a few more rounds...Claire left. And then Karen got her things together, smiling at Beth who smiled back. "Hey Beth?" She called out just before she went out the door. "Yes, Karen?"

Karen shot out a mischievous grin "What was Claire's boyfriends name and where does he live...I think he deserves to know what she's up to and maybe I can console him?"

They both smiled at each other as Beth quickly wrote down his name and address.

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