tagLoving WivesHazel's Escape

Hazel's Escape

byTony King©

After the last episode with Houseman and his henchman Barry, I decided it was time to get out, she might enjoy being used but I didn't. I gave Hazel an ultimatum, either we leave High Wycombe and get away from them or I would leave her. She tried the old come on, flashing her big brown come to bed eyes and stroking my dick, but this time I was adamant. Reluctantly, she agreed and by the following Saturday we were loading up the rental van and heading for our new flat in Reading.

In out haste to escape, we had taken the first flat that became vacant, a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a three storey building. It was OK but we had to share a bathroom with the tenant down stairs. Hazel was really pissed at me for making her move and this reflected in everything including our sex life. One night in sheer desperation and at her suggestion, I tied her spread-eagled to the bed dressed in her aptly named whore suit and spent ages licking her cunt and fingering her arse, something that usually drives her crazy. After 30 minutes she was still dry and I was totally pissed off.

"OK, lets have bitch, just what is it you want huh, fucking fat boy and his black side kick, is that it, your missing them already?" "Oh don't get mad Hon, I sorry, I'm just not getting turned on. I don't miss Harry and Barry, but I do miss the excitement, you know how much it turns me on me being treated like a slut, I just can't help it." I was furious, my own wife was basically telling me that I wasn't enough anymore. I stormed out of the bedroom leaving her tied to the bed and went downstairs to take a piss.

As I approached the bathroom, Tom, the old boy in the middle flat was coming out. "Hello there," he beamed, "it's free now, I just finished my shower." "Thanks," I muttered not really paying much attention. "Oh my, is there something wrong, I don't mean to interfere but if there's anything I can do just shout." "Thanks Tom." Coming out of the bathroom I had an idea. I knocked on Tom's door and out he came still in his dressing gown and slippers. "Still want to help?" Tom was old by our standards but probably only mid fifties. He was tall and lean and had obviously looked after himself, I found out later he was ex marines.

"Certainly, what can I do for you," he was a real gentleman. "Come with me, I got a problem in one of the bedrooms." Tom went to get changed but I said he was fine as he was, "it will only take a minute."

As we entered the bedroom Hazel was lying with her eyes closed, Tom was stood with his eyes wide open. Standing at the foot of the bed he had a clear view from her high heels, along the black seamed stockings to her shaven cunt and on towards her massive tits struggling to break free of the under the nipple bra. "My, you do have a problem don't you." Hearing his voice Hazel's eyes sprung open and she stared in disbelief at the two of us. I thought she was going to say something, instead, a sly smile spread across her face. "Ah, I see you've brought reinforcements."

Tom took this as a sign of approval and started to run his hand up one stockinged leg, stopping just short of her cunt. "Hmmm, seems she's having a little trouble getting wet," I said, "I thought maybe two cocks might get her going." "Reminds me of my army days," Tom said, "one of the guys was married to a lovely young girl like this and every Friday me and lads would go round to his place and help fuck the living daylights out of her, she loved it." "Sounds like a man of experience," Hazel purred, writhing on the bed as Tom played with her pussy and nipples. Within a few minutes I could hear that familiar slurping sound as Tom inserted three fingers into her now very wet cunt. He smeared her love juice all round her shaven mound before offering his fingers to her mouth. As expected, the little slut made a big show of sucking each one of them clean. "Like the taste of cunt do you?" "Hmmm, I love it," "and what about cock?" he said offering his semi hard prick to her mouth.

He wasn't as big as Houseman or Barry but this didn't seem to bother Hazel, she pursed her lips and sucked it all in, leaving a lovely red lipstick ring at the base of his cock. Tom simply stood still while Hazel moved back and forth on his hardening cock, slurping her tongue round the end before taking it deep into her throat. "She's a real fucking slut once she gets going Tom, just feel free to do whatever you like to her." "Can I fuck her?" "Asked her," I said. "Would you like my cock up your cunt?" he asked Hazel, "Hmmmm, I love it up my cunt but don't you want to cum in my mouth first?" "I haven't had a fuck for months and I'm not sure I can get it twice these days."

We untied her legs and holding them high in the air Tom climbed between them. By now she was so wet his cock just slide straight in. He held her legs over his arms leaving his hands free to play with her tits. She loved it as he rammed his cock up her and pulled hard on her sensitive nipples. "C'mon Hon, let me show Tom how I like to suck cock while I'm being fucked," "You mean show him what a little fuck slut you are," "Hmm, I'm sure Tom likes horny little sluts, don't you Tom?" God, what an actress, she was staring directly into Tom's eyes with that pouting little innocent girl look on her face and asking him if he like sluts. "Is that what you are? A slut," Tom asked, "Oh yes, I'm a real sluty whore Tom, I love to drink a mans spunk and I love to feel a big hard cock shooting up my cunt, do you like my cunt Tom, is it nice and wet for you, I love the feel of your cock, oh yes, that's good."

Tom couldn't believe his ears or his luck and banged away like it was his last fuck on earth. I shoved my cock in her mouth and holding her head still fucked her face. Within seconds we were both coming, filling her mouth and cunt with warm spunk, sending her over the top into a crashing orgasm that lifted her body completely of the bed. Pulling my limp dick from her mouth I undid the cuffs holding her arms allowing her to wrap them round Toms neck.

She was kissing his neck and ears thanking him for the tremendous fuck. When he eventually rolled off her she immediately took his limp cock in her mouth and licked him clean. "Told you I like the taste, was I good?" she asked coming up for air and laying beside him, "good, you were fucking fantastic."

Tom went back to his flat with the promise that he could fuck Hazel whenever he wanted. I took his place between her legs and enjoyed some sloppy seconds. As we lay together afterwards I asked her, "is this what it takes to have a sex life with you, sloppy seconds, always having to have other guys involved?" "Oh your angry aren't you, I'm sorry Hon, I didn't know this side to me exited before, well, you know." "Yeah, but are we aver going to have a normal sex life, that's what I'm asking." She started to stroke my cock again while kissing my neck and licking my ear. "Don't you like you little wife being a slut, watching her suck other men's cocks, drinking all that lovely spunk, you like it when it gets all over my face and in my hair." The little bitch, talk about go for the jugular. "And you know how you love it when you shove your cock up my spunk filled pussy, you told me it was the best feeling in the world, another man's spunk and my wet cunt, you like that don't you Hon, how would you like to fuck me after several men had shot there loads up me, huh, would you like that, your cock likes that." She was right, my cock was rock hard again at the thought it her taking a gang bang, I imagined Barry and his black mates using her as a total slut.

Hazel straddled my cock and started to ride it. "Imaging all those lovely fat cocks going in and out of my juicy cunt, you lovely little wife being used like a whore, all that spunk in my mouth and cunt, ohhh yes, can you imaging that love, a big, big cock up my cunt fucking me hard while I played with two others, wanking them off, getting them ready for there turn, oh yesssss, maybe one in my mouth, oh God I'm going to cummmmmmmm." Cum she did, she was bucking so wildly I had a job to hang on. Her dirty talk really turned me on, I flipped her into the doggy position and rammed my cock up her as hard as I could. Her cunt was still soaking wet from the previous two loads she had taken but it only heightened the feeling. "You want to be a real whore, fuck anyone I tell you to?" "Yesssss." That was it for me, in no time I was coming again, holding her hips tight as I rammed home.

I wasn't sure what the future held but it sure going to be interesting.

* * * * *

Hazel was my first wife and I've documented our life together as a series of short stories, all of which are true. See Hazel meets the Rent Man (part I & II) and Hazel Meets Barry. There's more to follow including photo stories.

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