tagLoving WivesHiking up the Mountain

Hiking up the Mountain


My Child Bride and one of my best friends decided to go for long hike on a hiking trail in the mountains of southwest Colorado while we were staying a week in some friends cabin. I was fine with this. Both of them knew I would love for them to fuck each other's brains out and then share all the gory details with me. He is married and neither of them have been willing to create lies that could come back to haunt us. His wife is not very active sexually and I have at times shared some of my stories and a few of the erotic pics of my Child Bride with him. He openly states he lives his sex life vicariously through Child Bride's and my activities. My Child Bride is aware that I share everything with this friend and that he has seen some of our erotic pictures.

So let us go from there with a wonderful fantasy:

They set out in the middle of the morning dressed appropriately for hiking in the mountains. Good hiking shoes, jeans, flannel shirt, sports bra and a cap were the order of the day. I drove them to the trailhead give my child bride a big kiss and whisper in her ear, "You would really make my friends day if you decided to become a slut while hiking."

She punched me on the arm and said, "Dirty old man you know I don't want to make his wife mad."

"She's mad anyway so why not?" I replied.

She turns on her heels and starts up the trail with my friend right behind her. If I didn't know better I would have sworn she was prissing her little ass just to tantalize my friend even more than he already was. But I did not want to get my hopes up. So I headed back to the cabin and my watercolor painting project.

Late that afternoon I heard the front door open and in they came smiling to beat the band. I ask how the hike was and they both almost at the same time said, "It was wonderful!" My friend proceeded up the stairs where his wife was taking a nap and my Child Bride (CB) sauntered over to me and sat down on my lap.

"Ok." I said.

"I think you will really like the pics your friend took while we were hiking." She whispered in my ear.

"Oh you guys had some great sites then." I replied.

"Oh for sure he had some great sites, no question about that. In fact unless you have been lying to me I think you will love a very special batch of them." She said looking me in the eye.

"OOOHHHKKKKKKKK. Should I ask my friend to let me see his camera or are you going to tell me about this special batch of pics?" I ask loving either idea equally.

"Well let me think about that. Since I need some help right now why don't you just let me tell you about our hike and then you can get his camera. Is that OK?" she said standing up, taking my hand and leading me upstairs into our bedroom.

"Just what kind of help do you need?" I ask really not knowing where this was going.

Without a word she slowly began to strip off her clothes. First she pulled her sports bra out of her back pocket, then her pull over blouse out of her other back pocket and then out of her front pocket she pulled out her panties. All of which she drops on the bed right in front of me. She is smiling like she knows something I don't.

I say, "Oh, well, now then, when you left here you had all that on under your flannel shirt and jeans did you not?"

"You know I think you are right." She giggled.

I smile with great joy and antisipation. Disbelieving this is really happening but not wanting it to stop.

She then begins to unbutton the flannel shirt very seductively. Turning away from me, as the last button is undone, she lets the shirt fall off her shoulders.

"Bravo." I yell. "Bravo."

She smiles and lets her hands fall down to her snap at the top of her jeans. With a flourish she opens the snap and zips down the fly. Cutely wiggling her ass at me she shimmies the jeans down her ass over her legs until she steps out of them. She then turns around and I can see her shave cunt all shiny and wet. She then goes to the bed lays down and scoots up to the head board and leans against it supported by some pillows. She then spreads her legs by pulling her knees up and out at the same time. She then kindly suggests I get undressed and come and clean her up.

I start to take of my shirt and jeans and ask,"Just what and why am I to clean something up?" Acting like I had not noticed her wet and shiny cunt lips when she turned around.

She smiles very seductively and says, "Your friend left a mess in my pussy when he shot his load into me when we were fucking on top of the mountain."

"Oh, well let me get in there and take care of that bit of business right now." I said as I stripped off the rest of my clothes and jumped between her legs. Just before I start licking her cunt I said, "Do you want to give the wonderful details of your hike?"

"Oh I guess I could do that." She giggled. Her cunt smelled like fresh sex and it was still hanging open from having been freshly fucked. I proceed to start licking all around her pussy area taking my slow time gradually moving into the sweet spot.

She started telling me what happened as I was licking.

"We were not ten yards up the trail before your friend could not stand it anymore looking at me swish my ass around in front of him. So he made some comment about what a cute butt I had and how I really knew how to shake it. I told him to eat his heart out but kept up the swishing of my ass. We traipsed along for a good hour with him following right behind me never taking his eyes off my rear end. Then we came to side path so I decided why not and took the side path in hopes there might by less traffic which would allow some privacy. I was not sure just where I was going with this but in for a penny in for a pound."

Your friend ask, "Where I was going"

I stopped, turned around and ask him, "Are you afraid to be alone with me way up here on the mountain?"

"No, no, not at all." He stuttered.

" Well then get your camera out and come on." I said as I turned to proceed up the side path. I could hear him fumbling around with his camera bag as he followed me. I was still not sure exactly what I thought I was doing but what the heck I knew you would love it. Whatever I did. We came to an outcropping that allowed the bright sun to strike a rock overlooking the stream flowing down the mountain. I went over spreading my arms out letting the sun warm me all over. It felt good. Your friend walked up to me with his camera in his hand wondering what the hell I had in mind. In that I did not know myself I'm sure he was confused. But knowing you guy's talk all about our sex lives, I kinda thought he might be allowing his hopes to get up. So I look him in the eye and smile. He smiles back. Then I tell him to go over to the edge of the rock and get comfortable sitting on that log and if you see something you might want to take a pic of, you go right ahead."

He smiled again and said, "I can handle that."

I continue to stand in the sun on the rock outcropping. Slowly I take off my flannel shirt and spread it out on the rock and sit down on it. I then slowly again start to take my hiking shoes and socks off. Your friend is getting all nervous wondering if he should be taking pics or not. So I say with a smart-ass attitude, "Aren't you going to take some pics of me as I do a strip tease for you and your camera?"

He immediately snatches the camera up and begins to snap frame after frame and I'm not even doing anything but sitting there bare footed with my sleeveless blouse, jeans, sports bra and white cotton panties. Not really sexy attire but I was not planning any of this when I was dressing this morning. I giggle at him and lay back enjoying the sun on this warm rock. Then I have a brainstorm. I say, "Do you think I could take off this sports bra without taking off my blouse?"

Your friend not sure what to say and not wanting to mess this up, stammers out, "Well I guess you could try."

"Again I giggle. I then reach up and take one of the straps of the sports bra and pull it off you elbow. Then I do the same thing with the other strap. Shades of the movie "Flash dance" come to mind. I sit back up and pull the sports bra down under my blouse over my jeans and throw it at your friend. He grabs it but never takes the camera down for fear of missing something. Again I giggle at him but he could care less. I again lay back pulling my arms up over my head which pull my blouse up but not enough to see anything but my stomach. I stay like that for a while giving him ample opportunity to take more pics. After a while I bring my hands down to the top of my jeans. I hear a sharp intake of breath from your friend, which makes me feel very erotic. I slowly very gradually unbutton the top of my jeans. I hear the camera snapping away. I slowly unzip my jeans then spread the top of my jean out so there is a huge V flowing down to my cunt, which is covered with very un-sexy cotton panties. I stop and slowly rub or rather caress my stomach from the top of my panties to the bottom of my breasts. This pushed my blouse up to where he can almost see the bottom of my breasts. Your friend continues to snap pics. I look over and see he has stood up and there is a huge tent in the front of his trousers. I guess I knew that was happening but I had not thought about it until now. With one more rub/caress I push my blouse up enough so I know he can see the bottom of my breasts. Again the camera snaps are relentless. I ask him, "Do you like what you see?"

"No shit! I am loving every minute of it." He almost shrieks.

I smile at him and realize just how turned on I am despite all the times I had told you your friend did not turn me on. I reach down and grab my jeans at the belt loops, raise my cute ass up off the rock and slowly oh so slowly start to pull my jeans down my legs. As I pull down my panties get caught up in the process and are pulled down off the cheeks of my cute butt. Once the jeans are over my butt I raise my legs and seductively pull the jeans off my legs. Your friend is bouncing around making sure he gets the best shots of my erotic actions. I throw the jeans at him. Again he catches them and without thinking about what he was doing he pulls the crotch up to his nose and inhales deeply. I yell at him, "You pervert!"

"My, my that is some fragrant aroma you got their Blondie." He says through a huge smile.

I wonder if my panties are wet and I'm almost sure they are, but so what your friend's tent has not gone down at all. If anything it had gotten bigger. I start to wonder just how big it might be. Oh enough of that I tell myself I'm never going to see it anyway. So I go back to my tease. I drop my legs and spread my arms and legs out spread eagle on the flannel shirt covering part of the rock. Your friend again never misses a trick and snaps away. "Goodness this is so wonderful. This warm rock and sun beam are making me tingle all over." I say as I see your friend move down to the edge of the outcropping so he can take pics up between my legs. At first embarrassed that he will see the moisture between my legs I snap my legs together. Seeing his disappointment I ask myself what I think I'm hiding. So gently I roll over on my side facing toward him. Then I raise my right leg and point my toes at my left knee, which gives you a great shot of the gusset of my cotton panties. He quickly starts snapping again. Smiling I roll over on my back again taking the bottom of my blouse and slowly bring it up over my head. I twirl it around a few times then throw it at him. Again he catches it never taking the camera down. I cover my nipples with my hands, which causes him to come back up on the side of the rock to stand almost over me to take pics of me caressing my breasts. My legs are still spread out and I know I look like a total slut. Squeezing my breasts, my legs flayed out like I want a fucking and smiling up at the camera I realize just how horny all this has gotten me. I look up at your friend's very erect cock pushing his pants to the point of splitting. Slowly I loosen my grip on my breasts and take my now hard nipples between by thumbs and forefingers. Gently at first I roll my nipples back and forth making them harder than I ever remember them being. You squat down to get a close up of my nipples being rolled. Gradually I begin to increase the pressure on my nipples to the point of making me moan and groan in sheer ecstasy. Before I cum just showing off for your friend I stop rolling my nipples and gently rub them to show just how hard they are. He is still squatting down right beside me well within reach of each other. By this time I am beyond to point of worrying about what his wife might or might not think. I am so horny and hot for sex I just don't care. I reach down and take the top of my cotton panties and gently roll them down over my hips until I get to top of my shaved cunt lips. Your friend again does an intake of breath when I stop. Then I gently begin to caress you lower stomach from my navel to the very top of my cunt lips. Your friend, God bless him, never misses a trick as he continues to snap away. I then raise my legs up together and slide my cotton panties off my hips and up my legs. I again twirl them around and throw them at your friend. Again he grabs them and pulls them to his face sniffing the soaking wet gusset. He makes moaning sounds. While he is caught up in the panties I reach over and put my hand on his erection. This immediately brings him to attention.

"Hello." He says.

"Hello, there yourself. Is this for me?" you say grasping the cock through his trousers.

He smiles as he sets the camera down and says, "It is if you want it to be."

"I know my loving husband has wanted me to do this for so long it is unbelievable. So I guess I want it to be." I say as I roll over and push him down on his butt. He almost falls over but catches himself with both arms. This allows me to grab his belt and start to unbuckle his belt. He stays just like he is. I take the belt off and unbutton his pants. His eyes are big as saucers. I slowly pull the zipper down which allow his rock hard cock to spring from his trousers unaided. Goodness I think. Wow am I really doing this?"

Your friend is in disbelief. His eyes are still as big as saucers his hard cock is throbbing right in front of my face. Without another word I couldn't stand it anymore. I reach out and pull his cock to my mouth and without any hesitation I engulf the head of his pre-cum dripping cock into my mouth. I wrap my tongue and mouth around his cock as I fuck my mouth up and down his still throbbing cock. Your friend is moaning and saying, "Wait, wait!"

I slipped off his cock and lay back on the rock. I spread my legs and begin to play with my pussy while your fiend takes off the rest of his clothes. His cock is dripping from my saliva and his pre-cum. He kneels down between my spread legs. I take his rock hard cock in my hands and guide him into my soaking wet cunt. He hunches forward as soon as he is lined up. "God it felt so good."

I wonder how long he will last since he was having a hard time keeping from cumming in my mouth. "Wow was I surprised." Your friend started to slow fuck me with a steady rhythm that slowly got me started to begin to raise my hips up to meet his every thrust. I really was getting into it. I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist to use my legs to pull myself harder against his rhythmic thrust. This allowed him to push deeper and deeper into my pussy. We worked ourselves into hot frenzy. Pretty soon I felt an amazing climax rolling deep from inside me. He must have felt it also because he began to tighten up. I exploded with a primal scream as the orgasm racked my body. This cause him to push as far into me as he could and spew his pent up cum deep into me. He tried to pull out but I held him into me with my legs around his waist. We lay there holding each other as we tried to regain our composure. He finally rolled off me started to get dressed.

I ask, "What was his hurry?"

He nodded his head up toward the trail and said, "Those two couples have had enough of a show for now, don't you think?"

I rose up and sure enough two couples had walked up on us and not said a word. I don't know how long they were there but I know they must have really liked it. They were applauding with huge smiles on their faces. I stood up, curtsied and smiled as they walked away to give us our freedom. Then I came back here so you could clean up the mess. "How does that sound to you?"

I rise up from licking your cunt and say, "It sounds absolutely wonderful."

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