tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoliday Blackmail Ch. 04

Holiday Blackmail Ch. 04



I stood on the street corner in the chilly December air, patiently waiting for Dave to arrive. Conveniently, he called me on a day that I had told my husband I would be doing after-work shopping, saying he would pick me up so we could "knock off" one of the blowjobs I owed him. Owed might have been a strong word, since the only thing I was getting out of the bargain was his cooperation in not releasing the footage and pictures he had taken of our first encounter, when I had sucked him off in return for a highly sought-after toy during a black Friday sale. Never-the-less, I was eager to get the ten blowjobs over with so that I could get back to my life without the constant pressure from Dave to get together and service him. While the fact that I was being forced to perform fellatio on a relative stranger was obviously less that stellar, deep down I knew a part of me drew some enjoyment from the arrangement. Dave, for all his criminally extortionate faults, was clean, dirty minded, and had a very nice cock. Servicing him was far from the worst job I'd ever had to perform.

I was surprised when a cab pulled up in front of me, with Dave riding in the back seat. I had expected him to pick me up in his own car, and with trepidation I responded to his gestures and clambered in. Sitting down beside him I saw that he was still dressed in a suit, and gathered that he must have come straight from work. A cursory inspection of the cab revealed that we had a middle-eastern cab driver whose license listed his name as "Ahmed." I gave David a half-hearted smile and attempted to engage him in small talk in order to figure out exactly what he was up to. In response, he mostly ignored me, opening a newspaper in front of him and reading it while I tried to engage him. After a couple minutes I gave up, and sat back to wait out the cab ride to whatever our destination was.

As if sensing my capitulation, Dave suddenly reached out and grasped my left arm at the wrist. I looked up at him as he guided my hand to his lap, and watched for a response on his face as I gave his already hard shaft a light squeeze through the fabric of his pants. Dave played it cool, and the only response I received was a slight lift of his eyebrows as he went back to scanning the paper, removing his hand from mine to turn the page. Sensing what he wanted, and using the upheld paper as a shield against the driver's prying eyes, I quietly unzipped Dave's pants, reaching in to remove his throbbing shaft. His cock looked fat and hard jutting out from his fly, and I gently stroked it up and down with my hand, watching as a bead of precum formed at the tip. I glance up at the mirror, watching for some response from the cabbie. Though he does seem to make eye contact with me a few times, I don't see any indication that he is aware of what is happening in his back seat.

Emboldened, I leaned over Dave's lap with my head. I paused there, waiting to make sure he wanted me to suck him in the cab, and quickly felt his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me down; exactly the indication I was waiting for. Quietly, I began to bob my head up and down on his cock from the side, holding it upright by the base with my left hand. Dave went back to his paper, bringing it closer to me to better shield my fellatious actions from the driver. I reached my right hand into his pants and cupped his balls, kneading them softly, and was rewarded with a soft moan from Dave that he poorly-disguised as a clearing of his throat.

Wetly, sloppily, but quietly, I sucked Dave's cock in the back of the cab. I jumped slightly when Ahmed began to make small talk with Dave, but felt his soothing hand on the back of my neck, and went back to working his cock as I listened to the two men banter. I couldn't tell if Ahmed knew what was happening, but if he did he was too polite to say anything lewd to Dave. Resting my cheek on his lap to give my mouth a break, I stroked Dave's cock rapidly, kissing his shaft while I did. He caressed my back until the corner of his paper collapsed, much to my horror. Ahmed didn't seem to notice, however, and Dave raised his hand to hold the paper in place again.

I giggled softly at the close call, smiling as I went back to work on Dave's cock. In spite of myself, I found myself enjoying the naughtiness of sucking him off mere feet away from the ignorant cab driver; growing wet between my legs as I slathered his fat cock with my tongue. Sub-consciously, my hand drifted away from Dave's balls, and I put pressure against my pussy, through my pants. I stifled a moan as I pressed, my body shuddering at the feeling of my hand against my clit. I stopped myself then, not wanting to make noises that would give us away, or give Dave the satisfaction of watching me cum with his dick in my mouth. I refocused, and doubled my efforts on his member as the cab began to slow down and travel in suburban rather than city streets. I glanced out the window, and from my low angle on his lap, was unable to see anything but tree tops as we slowly drove around, stopping at regular intervals. I was quickly distracted from my looking around as I felt Dave's hand once again on my head, giving me a squeeze to let me know he was getting close.

I stroked him hard an fast then, holding just the head in my mouth while my hand did all the work to get him off. I felt his ass cheeks and stomach tense, and heard a quiet but sharp intake of breath. I held mine as I felt a copious quantity of Dave's semen erupt into my mouth, and made suction on the end of his cock to keep from spilling. I felt his cum coat my tongue, and rolled that salty liquid around in my mouth as jet after jet followed the first. Unable to hold any more without swallowing, I pulled him out of my mouth, careful not to lose a drop and swallowed loudly, while still stroking his cock against my lips. I felt it oozing more of his pearly juice, and rubbed the head against my lips like gloss, smearing it all over my mouth and even onto my cheeks and upper lip. I heard him slowly let out a hugely deep breath as he tried to regain control, and I slapped his shaft wetly against my face, teasing him and rubbing cum in a sheen all over it.

I slowly raised myself back up, so that I sat beside him, smiling widely and bringing my hand to my face to wipe off some of the cum as I watched Dave put his dick back in his pants. I noticed that for the first time he was watching me intently, and I looked at him quizzically. I followed his eyes as Dave glanced out the car window to my right, and I turned my head to see what he was looking at. I froze with the shock of familiarity as I saw my neighbour's house, and my own fast approaching. Out in the front yard as my husband, dutifully raking leaving, and paying little attention to the oncoming cab. I felt the cab begin to slow, and had a sudden fear that Dave was about to drop me off at home, cum-covered face and all.

I glanced around in horror, not knowing what to do, and found myself staring into Ahmed reflection in the rear view mirror. My eyes locked with his, and though I couldn't see him mouth, I knew he was smiling; that he had been in on it all along. My eyes darted back to my yard as we slowly cruised by, though to my relief we didn't stop. I stared as we continued past, turning my head to watch out the rear windshield as my husband stood up straight, arching his back to take a break from raking. Just before we turned the corner off my street, I swore my husband looked right at me. Though I knew there was no way he could see me through the glare on the windshield, I shuddered to think of what he was missing: his loving wife sitting in a cab with a relative stranger, face coated with, and mouth tasting of cum. And worse yet; she liked it.

I knew I should be mad, I knew I should scream at Dave and Ahmed both. But instead I found myself biting my lip as I put pressure between my legs again. I didn't look at Dave, though I could feel his eyes boring into the back of my head as I continued to face the rear of the cab. Pressed into my clit hard, and felt myself begin to shake as I quietly convulsed in the throes of orgasm. When I had recovered and caught my breath, I turned back around, and ungrammatically wiped the cum off of my face, removing it with a Kleenex from my purse. I maintained an icy silence as we pulled up to the lot my car was parked in.

"Seven left!" Dave called out as I exited the cab.

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