tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night


You come home from work; tired, discouraged, bored. Another night of eating alone because you've worked so late everyone you know is already in bed. You decide to take a shower first to wash the day off of you. You head straight for the bathroom, undress and take a long cold shower, feeling the stress let go of your muscles as the water hits your body. You get out of the shower and feel the coolness of your wet body contrast with the warm summer air.

You walk into your bedroom and are about to turn on the light, when you see a glow coming from my window. We are neighbors in the type of buildings that may as well be attached, so our bedroom windows almost touch. Flirty at times, but still just neighbors. Your window is open and you can hear music coming from my house; the sensual, jazzy voice of Nina Simone. The soft glow and the music are inviting to you and you're curious, so you don't turn on the light as you approach your window, staying in the shadows. You can see me. I am sitting on my bed, the window open to allow the cool breeze to blow through the room, also blowing the soft, silky curtains away from my window. My bed faces the window and I am sitting on it wearing a light pink silk robe, wrapped loosely around my body in the summer heat.

I look up and for a split second it looks as though I'm peering right at you and you think I've seen you. A moment later I lean forward and grab something just out of sight from your view. As my upper body reappears in the window, you can see me untwisting something in my hand. I lean my leg out, flexing my soft little foot toward my body. I lean slightly forward and begin stroking something onto my feet. The sight of my soft, small, pink feet stirs something in you and you realize I'm putting on hot pink nail polish. I flip my head back as to not get any hair on my newly manicured toes and as I do so, my robe opens slightly, exposing a portion of my large, firm breast, but not the nipple. I resume my pretty paint job on my delicate toes and you turn to grab a chair. Sitting down, your hand goes naturally toward your cock, which is starting to stir as you watch me.

I shift position to continue my loving care of my other foot and as I do so, my robe opens even more, a beautiful pink nipple winking at you from my window. I do not try to cover myself up. When I finish my manicure, I lean slightly back to admire my work, both legs stretched out on the bed. I lean forward, my breasts swaying slightly and begin to slowly blow on my toes as I wiggle them back and forth. A strong breeze blows through my window, spreading the light silk robe open along the length of my body, exposing by breasts, spreading open against my soft, flat stomach and allowing a tempting, but not quite clear view of my soft pussy. You can tell I'm enjoying the breeze as I stretch my arms up and shake my head back.

Your cock is getting so hard now that you can feel the veins pulsing on the inside of your hand as you slowly stroke yourself. All of a sudden, I get up off the bed and you can't see me anymore. You fear your luck has just run out and you'll have to finish what you started replaying what you just saw, but just as fast as I disappeared, I reappear. You can't believe your eyes, or your luck, as I am now totally naked. I prop four pillows on the headrest behind me and lean back, my right hand slowly lowers to my breast as I begin to massage it. You can see my nipple getting harder as I slowly squeeze it between my fingers. My left hand is tracing soft lines on both my thighs, as my legs are still pressed together. As both my nipples begin to harden, I lower my ass on the bed and spread my legs, replacing the soft tracing of my right hand with my right hand; guiding two fingers inside my already wet pussy. You can see that I am shaved and my lips are glistening. Your cock is pulsing now and you grab your balls with your other hand, massaging them lightly.

You see my fingers exit my pussy and go up to my clit. You can see my fingers moving in short small circles around my clit as my left hand begins to pull and tug on my now hard nipples. You are stroking your cock harder now, wanting to cum but waiting to see more. You're watching my hand continue to massage my clit as soft moans begin to escape my mouth. As my fingers circle faster, my moans get loader and your cock gets even harder. All of a sudden you can hear me screaming and just as I finish cumming, you hear me say… "Well Kevin, I thought you'd never get home, now would you like to keep watching or do you want to come on over and do something about that big cock of yours, which I'm sure is nice and hard now………Well?"……to be continued if anyone seems interested

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