tagNonHumanHowl of Lust Ch. 05

Howl of Lust Ch. 05


It was a cloudy, rainy day up in the mountains, and I awoke to the sound of rain hitting the cover that made up Samantha's tent. We had fallen asleep inside the small 'residence' after a long—very long—night of rutting. After my unorthodox introduction to peanut butter, I had pounced on her, and we did not lie still until the early hours of the morning.

As I waited for my mate to awaken in the small tent, with Samantha curled up against me, I stared at the 'ceiling', deciding once and for all that I was going to stay with her, wherever we went. I couldn't help but dread the possibility that meant traveling to a human city and living with her there.

Before I could ponder and fret over this problem further, Samantha began to shift against me, groaning in her sleep. My ears perked as she whispered, "Isaac..." in her sleep, and I nudged her, thinking she might be having a nightmare or something of that sort.

However, her moaning continued, and it was not long before I noticed they were not of fear or dread. They were of pleasure. "Oh...Isaac...!" She cried out in her sleep, grinding her body against me. I felt my cock begin to harden, her displays of lust arousing me to an extreme degree.

Soon she was grinding nonstop against me, her arms coiled around my waist tightly, as if letting go would mean the end of the world. "Fuck...fuck me...fuck me Isaac...!" I was honestly surprised. She had never spoken in such a dirty, such a lustful way to me, not during any of the times we had rutted.

I fought to control my own hormones, as I was so aroused by her words and actions I could barely resist the urge to wake her by fucking her while she slept. Suddenly, gripping me as tight as she could, and with a surge of wetness coating her thighs and as a consequence the side of my right hip, she cried out, "Oh! Fuck my ass Isaac!"

This caused my eyes to widen, and I looked at her with disbelief, even though she was asleep and couldn't possibly explain her cry. Then again, it really explained itself, did it not? I was, to put it mildly, surprised and lustful.

Unable to restrain myself anymore, I rolled her onto her stomach as she dreamed of rutting with me, lifting her hips in the air and spitting on my furred hand, using it to lubricate my cock a bit. I spit some on her asshole as well, determined to make certain she would enjoy this as much as she was enjoying dreaming of it.

I pressed the head of my cock against her virgin ass, causing her to groan in her sleep and attempt to pull away from my intruding dick, only to be held in place by my firm hands. After a few minutes of pushing and then pulling away only to push in again, the head of my cock slipped into her ass, and she shrieked, her fists clutching at the sleeping bag beneath her.

Her eyes must have shot open, and she glanced over her shoulder at me. "Is-Isaac?!" She spoke in an embarrassed, shocked, and yet aroused voice, obviously surprised to find her dream turned to reality.

I looked back at her with half-open eyes, pushing another couple of inches of my cock into her ass, causing her eyes to shut tightly as she whimpered, shaking her ass from side to side, which only inspired me to truly fuck her brains out.

I continued to impale her further on my hard cock, each inch slipping into her ass slowly until my hips were pressed against her ass cheeks. She panted and writhed as she felt the pain and pleasure of having her secret little fantasy come true.

She again glanced over her shoulder at me, her own eyes only half-open now, whispering my name. I growled, and began to pull out of her, earning a long moan from her, "Ohhhhh...!" leaving just the head of my cock in her tight ass before pushing it back into her, holding her hips still so that she couldn't throw herself forward to avoid it.

I closed my eyes, grunting as I pulled out almost completely again, thrusting my dick into her now-deflowered ass with a bit more force, causing her to let out a brief squeak of pain and pleasure. "Isaac...!" She cried, still moving her hips within my grasp as if to get away.

She writhed on my cock, her attempts to escape seeming half-hearted and almost playful. I growled, pulling my cock almost entirely out of her butt again, before stuffing it back into her with a grunt, a gentle cry being my reward.

I stroked my cock in and out of her tight ass again, building a bit more force in the thrust, earning an erotic sound from her. This time, she bucked her ass back to meet my thrust, whimpering. "Oh...yes...!"

Pleased that she had finally admitted to enjoying it, I began to work myself into a rhythm, thrusting my dick into her ass with hard, powerful thrusts that caused her to cry out, my own growls and grunts of lust in the background.

"Yes, Isaac, yes...Fuck me, Isaac...Fuck my virgin ass...!" She was speaking in a dirty manner as she had in her dream, which aroused me more than I could've possibly imagined.

Eventually I was slamming my cock into her butt as hard and fast as I could manage, stuffing her ass with my dick as she cried and whimpered. Occasionally, she would glance back at me with those half-open eyes, a submissive, lustful expression on her face, and I would spank her ass as I fucked it, growling.

I gave a final, hard, lusty thrust into her ass, before my cock began to flood her butt with my cum, resulting in her cry, "Oh, god... Isaac... I'm cumming...!" as her pussy surged with more wetness. Both of us remained in our respective positions, as we panted and basked in the afterglow of the lustful, unorthodox rutting. Eventually, I pulled out of her deflowered ass, earning a last, gentle moan from her as I collapsed beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist. She looked at me, her eyes still only half-open. "Isaac...that was...I mean...how did you know...?"

I only gave a wolfish grin, panting as I recovered from the fierce, lustful session. She curled up against me as she had before I had woken her with a surprise realization of her fantasy.

As fate would have it, we ended up falling asleep again in a position very similar to how we had started that morning, and when I awoke next, it was night, and still raining. Samantha was already awake, and she greeted me with a gentle kiss to the side of my muzzle. "Hey...Isaac..." She said, clearly embarrassed about earlier.

I growled a greeting, nipping at her ear playfully. She shivered, whimpering briefly. For a while, we just lay together, kissing and licking, nipping, all sorts of teasing. However, she eventually spoke up about the dreaded issue. "Isaac...I'm hoping you're okay with this...but I...I think I know what I want to do...with us."

My ears perked up, and I tilted my head inquisitively, as she took a deep breath and gave me a gentle smile. "Isaac...even though I love my family, and my friends very much...and I'm used to living in the city...I've decided. I want to stay up here in the forest...with you..."

My eyes widened, my tail wagging happily, as she continued, "And...I want you to...to treat me like...like I'm..." She bit her lip nervously, finishing in a small voice. "Like I'm your submissive little bitch...."

She glanced up at me with submissive, pleading eyes, and, grinning happily, I pounced on her, the sound of the rain falling being pierced later that night by two long howls of lust.

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