tagFetishHusband's Anal Adventure Ch. 05

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 05

byAnal Slave©

I didn't know what to say, my wife was mad as hell, I have never seen her so mad. She was calling me cocksucker, bitch, whore and a lot of other names. But I noticed she was not getting up and trying to get to me. The other women had her under control, all at once Donna told my wife to get up and clean my cock off. She told my wife to lick all the dried cum off of my balls and cock and that she had better do it right. I was scared, I thought as mad as she is she might bite my cock off. As my wife started to suck my cock Donna grabbed her head and told her to be nice with my cock or she would be punished.

My wife was sucking my cock and licking the head of it so good I thought I would die. I was pumping her mouth real hard, and she let my cock slip out of her mouth and she bite down on my ball sack she looked up at me and said; I will deal with you later Cumboy. My ball sack was hurting but it could have been worse. My wife hurried up and stuck my cock back in her mouth. Donna came over and gave my wife a saucer and told me to cum on the saucer. My wife was sucking my cock all the way down her throat and I started to cum. I jerked it out of her mouth and two small amounts of sperm were forced out of my cock.

Donna looked at the amount of cum and started laughing, she said they wasn't enough their to take a sperm sample. She made me get down and lick the cum off of the saucer. I did as I was told but I wish they had been more cum there too. Donna took the saucer away and told me to get my nasty ass in the shower and clean up. That she would be in there in a minute and flush the nasty cum out of my anal opening. I was in the bathroom taking a shower enjoying the hot water running down my back, it felt real good to be clean again. I turned the water off and I could hear someone coming into the bathroom.

It was Donna she was holding a rubber bag and a long hose. She said bend over and grab your ankles Cumboy. I did as I was told and I could feel my ass being penetrated by the end of the hose. She stuck about 6" in my ass and released the substance that was in the bag. It felt real cold and it made my ass tighten up. I keep the liquid in my ass till Donna said to release it. I showered off again and stepped out of the shower. She threw me a silk robe and told me to go out and sit down on the bed. I was sitting there looking at my wife she had her legs spread and pussy cum was running out of her cunt.

Dana the other woman told me to get down and clean my wife's pussy and ass out with my tongue. I was licking her pussy and it tasted different I keep licking, and I finally discovered what was different about the taste. It didn't have male sperm mixed with it. About that time Donna came into the room and said to my wife that I didn't have any cum left to give them so she was going to call up some of her men friends to supply them with some male cum. I know she made 3 or 4 phone calls and she was saying things like she had a woman over here that needed a big cock and lots of cum.

I just keep licking and sucking on my wife's cunt and ass. Dana said quit eating her cunt and taste mine. I got up and went over to Dana I got down between her legs and she had the softest little pussy I have seen in a long time. Hell, it reminded me of a girlfriend I had back in middle school just a little bit of hair around her clit and it was so soft. I started sticking my tongue in and out and she was breathing heavy. I started sucking on one side of her pussy lips then the other she was having a wonderful time. She cum in my mouth 2 or 3 times and I loved it. She made me stop and I looked around and Donna was letting 3 guys in the front door.

When they came in Donna introduced us all and told the men to get naked. They all three was standing there with there cocks hanging out. Two of them had 11" dicks and the other one maybe 8". Donna told them the reason they were here was that I didn't have any cum to give the girls. She glanced over at me and said get over here and suck the biggest one's cock. I dropped down on my knees and started licking his giant prick and I could feel it get big and hard. It was so big around I could only get the head of it in my mouth.

P.S. if you like this story e-mail me I get horny too.

To be continued...

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