tagMind ControlI Control Minds Ch. 04

I Control Minds Ch. 04


Alex couldn't believe herself. She was fishing Greg's cock out of his biker shorts and wondering to herself why she hadn't done this in the past. As she got it out and began stroking the fat organ she really couldn't believe that in all these years she hadn't taken advantage of this man's gift. Her mouth watered as she pulled him toward her.

"How could you have kept this from me," she asked before filling her mouth with the enormous head of Greg's cock.

Greg leaned back against her desk as this woman went to town on his erection. Life certainly was good for him now. His mother in law lived for another fucking, his wife would do anything for his dick and the woman in his office, who never stopped talking, now felt as though every urge she had to speak meant she should fill some orifice with his cock instead.


Greg didn't live too far from work and on many mornings when the weather permitted he would ride his bike to work. Upon arriving at work his routine was to stop by the office, check on things with Alex before grabbing a shower and changing into work attire. Sometimes something was already happening and he and Alex would discuss it before he showered. This morning she had been having issues with files on her computer, she often did, so he decided to look at it before he went to get ready for the day.

"What's the matter now," he asked stepping around her desk to look at the computer screen.

There was silence and so Greg looked at Alex and caught her staring at the bulge in his biker shorts. It wasn't the first time she had been so transfixed.

She cleared her throat and said, "I'm not sure. There are a bunch of files I had here that seem to have disappered."

Whenever he got this close in the morning before changing that obscene bulge was unavoidable but she did her best not to notice it and once she did to ignore it.

Greg was fascinated by the dynamic and had noticed her struggle in the past and to be honest it was part of why he stopped by before changing-- he was somewhat of an exhibitionist. He knew that this outfit flabbergasted the woman; but the only fun he could have with that was to frustrate her...until now. Greg began thinking about what he could do with the mind control power he had been using on his wife and mother-in-law for the last two days when Alex's inane rambling broke his daydream.

"...so I have to get these files so I can get out of here on time because Jamie has so much to do this evening - school - and after Jamie goes to soccer practice then there are two soccer games and I have to go to all of them and somehow I have to get dinner done and Jamie has a ton of homework I feel like I might have to do it for her because..." she never took a breath.

Every day he was regaled with a never-ending story about Jamie. Jamie this. Jamie that. He really could care less about Jamie.

"Why do you always have a story about Jamie, do you really think I care," Greg snapped.

It didn't take his newfound powers to read the look on her face. Greg wished he hadn't snapped at her but it just never stopped. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Alex you are a nice lady but you talk too much. You talk compulsively. You mean well but you are driving me nuts," Greg was telling her this and altering her reality at the same time "you realize this and don't want to drive me crazy. From now on when you have the urge to speak about something frivolous you will remember how I don't like it and have the desire to do something you are sure I will like instead"

Greg let that idea marinate for a minute.

"Your compulsion will be not to speak but to ensure that you please me. You do know the only thing that is a surefire way to please a man don't you?" Greg watched her eyes grow wide as she realized the answer to the question.

"Yes, you do know don't you? Your new compulsion will be to give me a blow job or to get me to fuck you either in your pussy or ass"

The look on Alex's face told the whole story. She looked to be struggling. Greg knew she must have already come up with something else dumb to talk about that quickly and realized her desire for sex with him. She was trembling trying to stop herself.

Greg smiled. This was fun for him. He exaggerated his movement and thrust the bulge in his biker shorts toward her face. Perspiration was visible on her brow now.

He stood with his hands made into fists on his hips in a stance that drew attention to his dick which was growing hard now and snaking obscenely down the leg of the tight shorts.

Alex couldn't take her eyes of of it. She needed to have the fat organ. It crossed her mind how good it would feel plugging her bottom, its thickness was apparent as it grew. Alex tried to push the thoughts out of her head, she tried to think of something to say but she could only think of things of little consequence and the feeling just grew stronger.

While Greg was enjoying this and knew she would break eventually he was quite horny himself now so he sped things along, "One thing Alex, you have no inhibitions"

Just like that her hands flew to his crotch and she was fishing him out wondering why she hadn't done this in the past.


Greg was very close now. His balls were full and tightened against him.

He grabbed the back of her head and began ramming his cock in her mouth in earnest.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Greg was yelling as his cock erupted in her mouth.

He held her head in place as he thrust forward as far as he could and unloaded. Alex was having a hard time breathing even before this move and now the combination of the movement and cum that was filling her mouth made it nearly impossible. She became lightheaded and started to see stars...she stopped feeling the ache in her jaw.

Everything went white.

Even though Greg was holding her head Alex's body went limp and she fell backwards into her chair. As she did the final ropes shot from Greg's dick hitting her first in a line across her face and then marking her outfit.

Greg breathed deeply calming himself while watching Alex's slumped body as her chest rose and fell, "motherfucker that was good" he said to no one in particular.

Alex began to come to. Greg may have cancelled her inhibitions but she still had shame. As she realized what she had done a wave of shame and guilt washed over her. She looked at Greg who was still sitting against her desk and at his cock which while not erect was still relatively bloated, wet, and dripping the remnants of his orgasm.

"I..." she went to speak hoping to make things less awkward but couldn't come up with anything that made sense to say to explain her actions. She began to babble when her need for the cock hit her like a truck.

"...I want your cock," she growled reaching out and stroking the still slightly engorged member. Squeezing from base to tip Alex looked up at Greg saying, "it would be a shame to waste this as the last of his cum was forced out of his cock toward the tip. She sucked on the tip - hard.

"MMM, you taste good too," Alex stated while wiping some cum off her chin like a little kid using the back of her hand to do so. She belched.

"Disgusting," Greg said not believeing that she had done that. Looking at her he could see that she wasn't even phased by his reaction she just kept stroking his cock. She seemed obsessed with it now.

Greg realized he may have gone a bit far taking away any inhibitions and acted to correct that before she did something truly disgusting. "Alex you do have inhibitions like you always have it is just that when it comes to me and anything sexual you no longer have any inhibitions at all" he commanded.

Greg noticed that Alex's minstrations were more annoying than pleasurable and realized he needed some time to recover. He placed a block on her acting on her desires for the next hour allowing her to stew the whole time. He wondered how she would react when the block was removed. He figured she would probably be very adamant about having sex at that point.

He left to take a shower. 20 minutes later Greg returned and found something he had forgotten about. Michelle the student worker had come while he was gone.

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