tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Learn to Serve Stevie Nicks

I Learn to Serve Stevie Nicks


I went to work for Fleetwood Mac as a roadie in the late seventies. They were already huge, 'Rumours' was number one with a bullet, as they used to say, and they could sell out anyplace at anytime. Unbelievably this was my first gig as a roadie and the only reason I was hired was due to my brother knowing the tour manager. I knew what to do, I had been around stages most my life but god, this was Fleetwood Mac, and they were the biggest of the big. The biggest problem I had was not being caught standing around with my mouth open and just staring.

We were setting up in LA, Stevie was doing a sound check, and instead of working, I was just staring at Stevie whom to me was the sexiest woman on the planet. I didn't even see my boss behind me and when he saw what I doing, or should I say not doing, he began to chew me out. Stevie stopped her sound check and came over to see what the ruckus was all about, I thought this is it I'm out the door. Instead, she comes up to me and tells my boss to leave me alone. Next she turns to me and says,

"Fuck him; you stay with me as my assistant."

I didn't hesitate I just blurted out,

"Thanks Ms Nicks I'd do anything for you."

Just like that, I became Stevie Nick's personal assistant. It didn't take Stevie long to find out I was in complete awe of her and I think she wanted to see just how far she could go. Whatever she asked I did and let me tell you even if it's going out at two in the morning to buy Tampax you don't mind if it's for Stevie Nicks. It wasn't long until I was her complete personal servant, gofer, assistant, even personal groomer. Stevie had no qualms about being naked around me and would go so far as to have me trim her bush on occasions. I think she enjoyed seeing that it always gave me a hard on.

The real change in our relationship came after I scored her some kick ass coke. She already was a coke freak but this score was so pure she couldn't stop shoveling it up her beak. One night, she snorted so much it affected her singing voice cutting her vocal range down. She was bemoaning this fact to me and fretting about not doing blow anymore. I related a rumor I heard, she liked the idea so much she wanted to try it right then. I had heard a story about an aging rock start whose septum was so ruined from coke that he had to stop snorting it. He had an assistant blow coke up his rectum with a straw enabling him still to get a buzz and stop ruining his nasal passages.

Before I had finished my story Stevie was on her bed with her dress up over her ass, she never wore panties so that left her ass exposed to me. On her elbows and knees, she reached behind and spread those luscious large cheeks of her. What an erotic sight, my queen, my goddess presenting her precious rose bud to me. I told her it was just a rumor and I had no idea if it worked or how it would affect her bowels. She didn't care; she was excited and wanted to try it right now. I didn't have a clue on how to accomplish this chore and proved it right away by trying to put a little silver straw up her ass with no lube. She screamed and told me to stop that it hurt too much, I realized what the problem was and told her I needed something wet to lubricate her. Stevie told me just to use my tongue, believe me she didn't have to tell me twice. I couldn't resist, first I kissed her little rosebud, and I swear it kissed me back. I told her to relax, she must have listened to me as my tongue began to violate her rectum. I didn't want to stop, I mean here I was, a nobody, giving Stevie Nicks analingus, however she wanted to try her new delivery system. This time I got smart and dipped the straw into the bag of coke first, filling the straw almost full. It slipped into her salvia-lubed ass with ease and then I gently blew into the other end. I pulled the straw out and wiped off my spit, as Stevie still in position stayed still. We both began to feel that maybe it didn't work when all of a sudden, she moaned. I tell you it worked like gangbusters; she kept saying what a rush she was getting.

Next came the best part she told me to give her an orgasm while I was down there, she lowered her chest and brought her genitals into display. I turned over onto my back and she sat her pussy on my face. I was in heaven; I buried my tongue in her vagina and licked between her lips up to her clit. As I suckled her clit like a baby on her mother's nipple, she kept urging me on. The more she wanted the more I gave her finally beginning an assault on her clit. I sucked all of her clit into my mouth and then began to bite; again, she screamed more until I became afraid I would injure her. Then she came with a blast of fluids from her vagina, my face and shirt were covered with Stevie Nicks cum. She lay almost catatonic for a few moments and then pushed my face away. She never said can I take care of that raging hard on you have there, not even thanks.

I was by her side for the whole tour; wherever she went, she took me. Don't get me wrong I wasn't a date or even an escort; no, I was a servant there to do her bidding. It didn't matter where we were, she would excuse herself, and then I would follow her into the ladies room occupied or not. She always wore these flowing gauzy dresses, I would get on my knees, and she would just put her dress over my head. It was always the same; I would tongue her ass until wet, then blow a straw full of coke up her ass and then lick her to orgasm. She told me one time, she enjoyed the rush of the coke combined with a good cum. She didn't always spray me with her fluids but I'm proud to say she always came.

That whole year she never saw me naked or even once touched my dick, as far as she was concerned I was a eunuch. Therefore, I can't say I ever fucked Stevie Nicks but believe me it was the most erotic year of my life and I wanted it to never end. However, at the end of the tour, I was dismissed and I'm sure she found someone else to serve her but I will never find a queen such as her to serve.

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