tagInterracial LoveI Love Black Ch. 03

I Love Black Ch. 03


After our son was born I had an operation to prevent any more chances of getting pregnant. We were happy with our three children 2 girls and 1 son. My husband, Tom, treated them like they were his own. The girls were, at the time of this story, were 9. 7, and the baby boy 4 months.

I had kept my figure almost at the sizes of my marriage. 38DD, 21, 36. Still brunette and nice looking, weight still was in the mid 120's.

I was out walking our son in a carriage, again wearing the usual, a short skirt and a blouse that the top 4 buttons were not buttoned, leaving a large amount of skin showing. In fact if I bent over to check our son both tits were showing. I was two blocks from home. Standing at a corner waiting for the light. I heard some talking and looked around and saw 4 black men standing at the door of an apartment house talking.

Before the light changed two of them were standing next to me and one asked..

"Oh, look Ty, see the baby."

"Yeah, really black."

Then to me one asked "Yours or baby sitting"


"Oh, you must have adopted it?"


"Oh, you have a black husband.?"


"Oh you mean that your not married."

"Oh, I am married to a very nice white man."

"Oh, what did he say when this came out?"

"He loved it, seeing his son."

"Oh he calls him his son."

"Oh, yes he planned it and it to him is his son."

"He planned it, How?"

"He had 10 black men at the house for the right weekend and this is the out come of the weekend of fun."

As one of them moved to stand behind me, the one talking asked.

"Do you have any more children?"

"Yes two girls."

'Are they black as well?"

"Yes, but are a very light color and could pass for two girls with a nice tan."

"Same fathers?"

"No, we have no idea who fathered any of the three children."

I turned to face both of them and as I turned around my blouse caught on the front of the one who was standing behind me and one of my tits was bare. I didn't bother to cover it and soon both tits were bare.

The other two black men had now joined us and were really taking in the sight.

"You like black cocks?"

"Yes, I like to feel them in me as well as sucking on their lovely cocks"

"Interested in showing the 4 of us how you like it?"

I looked at them then at the baby who was sleeping and answered.

"Where can we go?"

"Our apartment right here."

"OK, let's go in."

Soon we were in the apartment, and I was led to the bedroom, I dropped my skirt and blouse on the carriage. Soon was flat on my back with the first of four cocks in my cunt. Oh the feel of the cock sliding in and out was wonderful and the sight was very nice watching as he pulled out so I could see almost all of his cock, maybe 9" and then push in me deep as possible.

Finally all four had all that they wanted, I had been fucked by each of the twice and I had also gotten a nice taste of cum from each of them. I gave them my name, phone number and where we lived just two block away. I told them "Any time you want to fuck me come on up."

At home I told Tom of my fun time and me mumbled something like

"Didn't get paid?"

I sat up and asked

"What do you mean didn't get paid."

"Oh, I forgot you didn't know, that I got paid for every guy I arranged for you fuck since we started it."

"What did you do with the money, and why didn't you tell me about it."

I added "Just where is the money and how much is there"

"It's in the bank and about $75K. right now and we should begin looking for a nice house, in the country, to buy."

I heard what he said but I was still mad, and asked him

"Just how much did you charge for my cunt, mouth and ass?"

He tried to explain to me how he charged his friends and others he set up for me.

"Oh for you alone it was any where from #100. to $500."

"For a group of up to 10 it was $1500 to $3000."

"For a large group $5000."

"Me a prostitute, what were you thinking?"

"I thought about you and what we could do if you wanted to fuck guys let them pay for it. I'd show them pictured of you and it went from there."

I went to sleep thinking about it, and now I knew that may times when a guy came to the house and said some something like this,

"Your husband set me over."

It took some time for me to accept what he did and still does but if I get picked up there is nothing said about money, I was free for my own pleasure.

My next question to Tom was "did you include that money in our taxes."


Nothing more was said about it. He still does charge when he makes a date, but I don't say a word about it to anyone.

Oh there is a knock on the door, I will send this and see how readers like it.


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