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The room was bathed in a soft glow from the fire, and candles that were burning around the room. I entered the room as I always did, kneeling in front of the bed, waiting for Sir to speak.

"Hello little one"

"Hello Sir"

"Where is your toy?"

"Right here Sir" I show him the toy sitting next to me.

"Good, now I want you to insert your toy, then take my cock in your hand. When your ready to cum, squeeze my cock, but don't cum until I tell you to, understood?"

"Yes Sir" I insert my toy and hand him the control. He turns it on low. As I let my mind drift, and my body feel the toy thrumming inside of my pussy. Sir gradually increases the speed of the toy, bringing me closer to the edge. Soon my body is straining for release.

As I squeeze his cock harder I beg for release. " Please Sir, may I cum?" I put my head down squeezing him harder,

He whispers in my ear "Flow for me" as my body releases. I let out a long low moan. I start to relax, as Sir lays back down again.

"Stay where you are, and do this again"

I give him a quick glance, but do as he says. Again, my body is soon aching for that release. I squeeze his cock, he sits up, puts his hands on my shoulders and whispers in my ear again.

"Flow for me" I moan as I feel the wetness flow out out of me.

"Very good, now, remove your toy, and stand over on that side of the bed." I remove my toy, then stand where he indicates. He slips a blindfold on me. "Tonight I want you to give me colors if anything gets to intense for you I need to know. I don't want you slipping into subspace where you can't communicate."

"Yes Sir"

I can hear him moving around the room moving things.

"Put your hands behind your neck"

I clasp my hands, already knowing i'll feel the silk of rope being put on my body. But instead of feeling the rope around my breast like I thought I would I feel it around my stomach. I wonder what he's doing.

"Put your hands out in front of you, low"

I drop my hands and hold them in front of me. I feel the rope slip over my wrist, not tight enough to cut off my circulation, but enough to keep it in place. I feel the rope slip around my other wrist, Now both of my hands are tied in front of me, close enough where my fingertips can just touch the top of my pussy.

"How are you feeling?"

"Fine Sir"

I feel his hands on my shoulders, a quick rub, then he pushes me backwards so I'm lying across the bed. I hear him moving around the room again. I just lay there, hearing the snap of wood in the fireplace. I feel the bed dip as he kneels next to me. I feel the first kiss of the leather paddle on my inner thigh. I flinch, then relax. The paddle then moves to my other thigh, then on to my pussy. I moan at the contact.



"You're sure?"

"Yes, Sir"

I feel him climb off of the bed, and I hear a zipper. I'm wondering what he's doing, but know better than to ask. So I just lay there quietly, waiting.

"Lift your legs"

I feel him slide a towel underneath me, now my curiosity is really aroused. Now I'm wondering what he is planning on doing.

"Spread your legs wide" he commands as he pushes my legs apart.

I soon feel my toy put in my pussy and turned on low. I feel something being clipped to my pussy lips, and clit. He then he clipped something onto my breast. I could tell it was a clothes pin. He placed several of them on my breast and on my nipples. Soon I'm writhing, with the need to cum again.

"Please may I cum Sir"

"Now" he commands, as he pulls the clips off of my clit.

Soon I feel the leather paddle again. On my inner thighs, and clit. I moan softly.

He stops using the paddle, and moves off the bed again, making sure his covered cock, runs over my face. I fight the urge to nip.

I can feel him down by my feet, but I'm not sure what he's doing. I hear a zipper again. Suddenly I feel something very cold being inserted into my pussy. I moan with the intensity of the feelings shooting though my body. My vaginal muscles tightening, then after a while start to go numb. As he starts using the ice to move in and out of my vagina faster and harder, my muscles clenching, I feel the ice melting running cold to my anus. Soon I'm begging for release again, as he gives me permission, my body tightens up just before release as I let out a long moan. I can here Sir chuckle. " Your just a cum slut tonight aren't you?"

"Yes Sir" I gasp.

He slips a finger inside my pussy, wiggling it around , I can only feel the pressure of his hand, I try to stay relaxed when I realize he is trying to fist me. I can't tell how many fingers he has in me but the need to orgasm again takes over and I'm begging for release. He soon gives me permission, and when my orgasm finsihes I lay limply on the bed.

"I think it's time you rested" He cleans me off so I can scoot back on the bed, I feel sore and tired at the same time.

"So, did you enjoy that" He asks as he pulls me into the crook of his arm.

"Yes, Sir I did, very much so" I sigh as I put my head on his chest, letting my hand rest on his cock. Slowly stroking it.

"May I suck it Sir" I ask quietly.

"Yes, you may"

I eagerly kneel on the bed and take him into my mouth. Slowly taking the length of him inside, running my tongue up and down. I can hear his low murmur of pleasure. I continue to stroke his cock with my hand and mouth, until he explodes. I lick the last of his cum off of him, then grab the towel to dry him off.

I lay down next to him, content, sated.

" Oh my little one you have warn me out" he gives me a kiss on the forehead.

"We will rest for a few minutes then I need a shower."

"Yes Sir"

"Come on lazy bones, time for you to attend to me in the shower"

"Yes Sir" I sigh as I get up off the bed. As I walk past him into the bathroom, he cracks me hard across my ass.

I jump. I just look at him over my shoulder.

"Problem, little one?"

"No, Sir"

He climbs into the shower, and I follow. Allowing him to stand in the spray. I take the soap and lather it up in my hands, and start massaging it into his chest. He leans his head back and tries to relax. He turns around and I do the same to his back, this time reaching around the front to gently stroke his cock. I give him a massage while the water beats on his back. I hear him sigh, and I smile to myself.

We finish in the shower, and I climb out, and shiver as the cool air hits my skin. I hand him his towel and he tells me to dry myself off. He can see that I'm chilled already. We dry off quickly and climb back into bed. He pulls me close to his side. Gently stroking my body from shoulder to hip. I slowly drift off to sleep in his arms.

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