tagBDSMIn Ancient Alexandria Ch. 04

In Ancient Alexandria Ch. 04


Bee has been coming to my private play room for twenty days now. She has had her ass plugged each of those days. Now she can accept the larger plug in her anus with a minimum of preparation. I do not fuck her ass every time we play. I do not want her to get too accustomed to it.

I do make sure that Bee takes the seed from at least one cock into her mouth every day. My guards compete among themselves to be the one called to my punishment room when I want to give Bee a new phallus to enjoy. She appears to be thriving on this. Her skin is soft and sleek. Bee's hair is growing longer and glows like a new gold coin.

One of my friends from Rome, Marc, is here in Alexandria for a few days. I invited him to visit me today and sample the pleasures Bee can provide. Marc and I are reclining on couches beside a table laden with food and wine. He has brought a slave girl with him. She sits on the floor close to him and is feeding him grapes. She is naked.

I notice Bee's shadow by the door and call her in. She glances around the room and then walks to stand at the foot of the table, her eyes cast down, her hands by her sides. Her fair skin shines in the light.

"Bee, this is Marc and his slave girl, Astra. They are going to be playing with us today. I have been telling Marc what a wonderful cock sucker you were. Go and practice your art on him. Do it now."

Marc stands to remove his tunic. Then he rests on his left side close to the front of his couch. He bends his right leg up and rests his foot on the couch to give Bee free access to his testicles. The naked girl kneels and reaches forward with her right hand to hold his phallus. Her left hand moves to stroke Marc's scrotum as she begins a gentle milking motion on his cock. He gives a deep sigh as his phallus starts to swell. Bee leans in to kiss his cock's head. Her lips capture his thick cock and her cheeks hollow as she begins to suck.

I sit up, remove my tunic and motion for Astra to come to me. She kneels between my legs, bends down and starts kissing all around my groin. When she reaches my testicles, her tongue comes out and she licks her way up to the head of my cock. Astra takes all of my phallus inside her mouth. She rests her hands on my thighs as her head bobs up and down.

Soon, I notice that Marc appears to be growing close to a climax.

"Allow her to finish you off, Marc. Bee can do remarkable things with her throat muscles when you get your cock all the way down in there."

He nods and puts his hand at the back of Bee's head. Marc holds Bee by her hair and pounds his phallus into her mouth. I can hear her straining for breath as his cock's head enters her throat. Marc's hips start to jerk. He is shooting his seed into the girl's mouth. Bee swallows loudly and then remains still while he slowly thrusts his cock between her lips. Eventually, he turns onto his back. The motion pulls his cock away from Bee. She gives it a last lick and then sits back on the floor.

All this time, Astra has been sucking me gently. I decide to save myself for later and tell her to stop. Marc and I go into the punishment chamber. The two naked girls follow us.

"Bee, go get the olive oil and the larger ivory plug. You are going to fill your own ass while our guests watch."

The girl's face flushes red as she bends over a stool and inserts an oily finger in her anus. I do believe that Bee is shy about playing with her ass in front of company. She massages the ring of her muscles. Marc stands behind her to watch the process. Astra squats on the floor in front of Bee. She raises one hand and caresses Bee's face. I command Bee to insert a second finger. As the two fingers slide into her ass, Bee takes a deep breath and holds it for a moment.

Astra leans in and kisses the straining girl. Bee's eyes fly open in surprise, but she continues to work her fingers in and out of her ass. Astra takes another kiss. This time their lips remain together. Astra lifts her left hand and reaches under Bee to cup her breast. Their lips open. Two soft tongues start to wrestle.

"That is very interesting, Bee. Do not forget what you are doing there."

Bee breaks the kiss long enough to pick up the ivory plug and dip it into the oil. Bee slides the large plug up through her anus. When her muscles close around the plug's neck, she takes several deep breaths to calm herself. The girls return to their kiss. I see Astra's fingers pinching Bee's nipple. The spicy scent of their amrita is in the air now. It is time to get along with the afternoon's entertainment.

"Bee, stand up now. I want you to go over to the cuffs hanging from the ceiling."

She knows the procedure. Her wrists are bound with soft leather cuffs. Her arms are then stretched up and spread apart. Ropes draw her legs open. Bee is displayed in an "X". I blindfold her.

"Marc, the poor girl looks chilly standing there. Let us warm her up."

I hand Marc a flogger made from a horse's tail. The hair is as long as my arm. I take up a light leather scourge. Marc moves behind Bee. I stand so I can whip the front of her body. Marc starts lashing Bee's ass. His first blows are relatively light, slowly he makes his strokes harder and harder. Bee cries out at each blow. Her body shakes and jerks. I watch Marc's rhythm for a while and then time my first stroke to land on Bee's breasts an instant after he strikes her ass. She screams in a most amusing manner. Marc moves to strike Bee's shoulders, her thighs, her bottom. My flogger is landing on her breasts, her stomach, her pussy. We continue until Bee's skin is shining with sweat.

"I believe she is very warm now. Marc, would you have Astra join our play?"

He nods. Astra walks in front of Bee and bends her head down to capture one of Bee's nipples with her mouth. After they've been flogged, Bee's nipples are always very sensitive. The girl gasps when she feels the gentle touch. At first, she tries to pull away, but Astra's arms hold her still. Soon Bee is moaning with pleasure as Astra's lips and tongue dance on her breasts.

I move behind the spread girl and give her a hard stroke on her bottom. She yelps. Her body is confused now. The soft sucking on her nipples is getting mixed up with the burning lash on her rear.

"Just surrender yourself, Bee. Do not try to think about what is happening to you now. Simply float along. Enjoy the ride."

Marc and I take turns whipping Bee. He nods to Astra again and she sinks to her knees. Every muscle in Bee's body goes tight when she first feels Astra's tongue probing her pussy. The flogging pauses for a moment so Bee can concentrate on her yoni. Astra is having to work at an awkward angle, but her lips, tongue and fingers soon have Bee trembling with passion. I reach down and give the base of Bee's ass plug a tap with the handle of my scourge. Her hips jerk forward against Astra's face. Marc and I again devote out attentions to Bee's backside.

Bee is going insane trying to deal with all the sensations she is receiving. Soon, she opens her mouth and asks permission to speak. I tell her to go ahead.

"My lord, I beg you, let me take my climax here. My yoni is on fire, my skin is on fire. Please let me release the pleasure I am feeling. Please, please, please."

"Very good, little Bee. You have handled this quite well. You have my permission to climax now."

I allow Marc to flog the girl into her release. Astra redoubles her efforts at Bee's yoni. Bee goes rigid. She screams, long and loud. The chamber echoes. Suddenly, she goes limp and dissolves into sobs. Marc drops his scourge. Astra is perfectly still. I step up to Bee and remove her blindfold. With one finger, I wipe the tears from her face. I gently kiss her. She is lowered to the floor. Astra cuddles her in a blanket as Marc and I walk back to the other room for wine and a chance to plan the rest of the afternoon.

When we return, Bee and Astra are locked in a tight embrace. Their mouths are joined, their breasts are rubbing together as they twist together on the floor. Marc commands Astra to get on her back and spread her legs.

"Bee, you are going to pleasure Astra now. Pay close attention to the instructions she gives you. Show Marc and I what a quick learner you are."

Bee sits on her heels between the other girl's legs. At Astra's gesture, she leans forward. Her head is taken in Astra's gentle hands. Bee's lips are directed to one of Astra's erect nipples. The girl begins to kiss. She moves shyly at first and then with increasing passion. She is told to lick. I watch as Bee's tongue comes out to play. She is told to suck. Bee's lips engulf Astra's flesh. She is told to bite. Astra writhes on the floor as Bee nips and nibbles. Soon, Astra moves the hungry mouth to her other breast. Bee brings a hand up to stroke and pinch the nipple she just left trembling in the air.

Astra starts to move Bee's head down her body. The girl traces a path of kisses across Astra's sleek belly. Bee's head is held motionless for a moment while she inhales the warm aroma of the yoni just beneath her nose. Hardly speaking above a whisper, Astra directs Bee's exploration.

"Now higher, now lower, softer, harder, faster, slower."

Bee is learning how to please a woman's pussy. Soon, Astra stops using words. Her moans and murmurs and sighs show Bee the way. Marc and I watch as our cocks grow hard again.

"Bee, do not stop what you are doing. I want you to get your knees under you and lift your pretty bottom in the air. My guest has an erect phallus and requires a warm place to put it. Marc is going to fuck you while you continue to play with Astra."

The girl manages to kneel without taking her mouth from Astra's yoni. Bee spreads her knees wide and even thinks to shake her ass to entice Marc. He moves behind her and places one hand on Bee's back to steady her. His other hand takes his cock to Bee's pussy. Her amrita is flowing and he rubs his cock's head around and around the opening of her yoni. She moans into Astra's pussy and, in turn, Astra moans at this new sensation. Marc makes two shallow thrusts into her pussy to loosen her up and then flexs his hips. He slides all the way into her.

I watch and slowly stroke my phallus as the three bodies strain and stretch. Soon, I hear Astra gasping for breath. Bee's questing tongue is bringing her to a climax. Astra thrashes and twists.

Marc is pounding his cock into Bee. The sight of Astra finding her release tempts him into his own climax. He grips Bee's hips and groans as his seed floods into her yoni. Astra holds Bee's head still and tells her to be gentle as she comes down from her frenzy. Marc pulls out of Bee and sits back. Astra turns onto her side and draws her knees to her chest and breathes deeply as she tries to calm down.

Poor little Bee is alone for a moment. Her face is shiny with Astra's amrita. Marc's seed is dripping from her yoni. Her eyes do not seem to be able to focus until I take her arm and help her stand. Before she knows what is happening, I move her to a padded waist-high rail. I bend her across it so that she is facing Marc and Astra. Bee's hands can just reach the floor. I nudge her legs apart and step in close behind her.

"You have had an eventful afternoon, Bee. You had your mouth and pussy filled with cock. You have also gotten to put your tongue into a beautiful yoni. To make the day complete, I am going to fuck your lovely ass now. Keep your head up so our guests can watch your face. Hold still now."

I take the base of her ass plug between my fingers and draw it out. I dip one finger into a jar of olive oil. My cock is as hard as a stone when I rub the oil onto it. I part Bee's cheeks and press the head of my phallus against her anus. For one instant, she tenses and tries to draw away from me. Then, with a sigh, she relaxes and actually moves back against the pressure of my cock. I stay immobile while she goes back and forth, taking my cock's head just into her ass and then letting it slip out. I hold her hips steady when I thrust myself all the way into her. Bee cries out one time. I can feel her clenching and releasing the muscles in her ass as she pleasures my cock.

Marc and Astra are watching closely as Bee is being fucked. Astra looks worried, but then relaxes when she realizes that Bee is pushing herself back into me every time I pound my cock into her ass.

I bend forward over her back so I can squeeze her breasts. When I put my ear close to her head, I can hear Bee whispering, "fuck me, fuck me, please do not stop, fuck me until I die, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Bee's ass is too hot and tight for me to be able to fuck her for long. Grunting like an animal, I bury my phallus in her as I reach my climax. My seed flows into her as I gasp and strain. I leave her bent over the rail as I collapse onto a stool. Astra darts into the other room and returns with a pitcher of water and cups. I drink as she helps Bee to stand. The well fucked girl is handed a cup. As she raises it to her lips, our eyes meet. Bee smiles and then takes a long drink.

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