tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 06

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 06


Little Recap

While less spoken Pawan Malhotra was always keeping eyes over Sarla, I was in a state of having continuous erection for Rekha from months.

We all knew there were fires in us.

In the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan at last pulled Sarla from my arms while Rekha slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....

We were in pursuits for sweeter honey .....


Not worrying for many things, I got up, walked and while at door turned for once. Pawan lying over the bed had his eyelids chasing me, and his hand had moved to his pants over the lengthened lump. It was pleasing to see my suggestions working on him and a new woman turned him from an uninteresting sex to miserable itch! It seemed he would loose his brain if not fed woman regularly now.

I glanced at Rekha's amazement as she saw me coming out alone from the door. She had her back stretched over the sofa and sat with legs crossed. Our eyes met for longer and seemed speaking – and for the first time I felt her quite near to me.

It seemed she had been softening during all this time. She didn't move her eyes from me as I took strides towards her and that was something to make me crazy again. Those were also the moments she looked prettiest giving uneven tweaks to my penis. I flew a kiss as lovingly as I could send it to her through the air.

I swiftly came before her and stood impishly pointing at my raised pants. I saw her lowering her eyes and then her constant stare there stirred by bones and suddenly my penis came in tremendous pressure. It seemed she was withdrawing her from inhabitations and a woman through her eyes was so ready for a man!

I bent, drew her hand from her lap and then put it over my hard pants. She never looking up softly wiped the fabric before withdrawing it back to her lap. Her sumptuous contact had again and completely enthused me, and she was only one thing I had in mind. The long quest of my dreams had come to an objective! Yeah! Here was my desire and I was going to fuck her and only fuck her.

I slipped besides her on sofa and put my hand over her's that was on her ample lap and dug in the softness. She put her head over my shoulder and whispered, " Is he not cumming out?"

I hissed, my mind seemed miles away from such thoughts, " I don't know...first pleeasse kiss me....".

I bent towards her and she looked at my lips and then continued to look there and I gradually made them nearer and nearer to her's. There was an air separation and we remained like that and I felt her heat radiating through them. Then I prevailed ; she had melted enough , she lost and put her lips over mine and then I was kissing her as if there was no tomorrow! Our fists softly poked between adultness of her thighs.

It was same passion except her lower lip had dents of my teeth now. It was not a thing to be cared at this time! Her face had gone red as of first timer adult.

Amid our harder breaths it would have gone for hours.. had she not shushed removing her from me, " Is he.... not... coming ......papa must be so worried ..."

I held pressure over her hand, " Papa is sleeping...noow pleeasse kiiss me till I do not remove my hand.... " I again slipped my mouth before her open lips,

" ..pleeasseee.." My voice attempted to come out from gullet.

Then I again conveyed my desire while her deep eyes went in me. She kept on looking at my lips and then her thick lips fell and this time did kissing at their own. Her every lip action brought a new ecstasy, my penis would leak any time....

....it is different to be so kissed by a woman and I didn't remove my hand from her's. My other hand went over her sari over the breast. Then though eyes and tongue, I prompted her to pull her tongue in my lips and she gradually did..... Ohhhh! This heat was intense to burn a man completely and I had to lift my hand to prevent her moving lips.

She briefly slipped over me and whispered through wet mouth , "Children must reach school at eight..Chinni is in class team..! Isn't he is worried.. for any thing..at home..?"

I hissed, " He knows it.."

"...should I go alone ..?" She fizzed over my cheek .

"Why alone! I will come with you," I faintly spoke , " but it is three of night...".

That was not expected but it didn't so surprise her.

"You?... he will be here..."

"Yeah!" I sizzled over her cheek..

"....and Sarla..?"

I pressed her once over my lips. "I think..." I spoke.

"She agrees..?" She whispered.

"I don't know..."

"have they done...it..?"

"I don't know..," I mumbled through hot breath.

" What if Papa asks for him...?" She said.

I faintly smiled, " Pawan said....he had wooziness in movie and sleeping here with some medicine.."

That really surprised her and she looked intensely in my eyes.

"Sarla is medicine? " Her voice chocked.

" I don't know..."

"You two talked.... like this in room..?" She hissed.

"I don't know.." I put my lips over her's and lost in longer bites. My one hand was still over her sari in mounds zone.

She pulled her lower lip from my teeth, " Chhheee...You are biting me......"

And so I shall be going with her in morning ..... -I had in a flash settled the morning issue with her ; a friend's difficult job and entirely to his bliss!.... I thought, as I pulled her side in my arms and my lips fell over her cheek.

I innately whispered in throat, ".... I have been dreaming you every second from months and months ..." .....and then began softly kissing her cheek before me.

She leaned and fell in me and her head came below my lips filling my nose by her sultry female. I raised her right arm and put through my neck and this made her plenty breast to depress at right of my chest. While our upper parts were mingling, our gentiles seemed living in insincere homes.

I put her other hand over my pants and she didn't remove it ; I was successful making her fingers to roam there. My failings again knocked my underwear... again under a serious threat of cumming. I strolled my nose in her hairs.... through her ears.. and then kissing there by lips... mumbled,

"....why you took so time coming to me, didn't you ever saw my eyes..?"

She hummed, '...hhmmm...., "

.. her fingers extended over my pant near its tip while her other arm around my neck didn't attempt any thing.

I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her forehead slipping towards her lips never impinging the air and mumbled, " .........I can't bear me... pleeasseee.. become mine.. once for tonight........"

Her eyes whispered over my lips, " ..uuuooonnn...?"

I could see her trembling while she came more inside of me. My hand from her breasts reached over her hand that was over my pants joint and then shifting her fingers softly, I pulled my fly....then my hand moved back to her breasts leaving that notch for her ...and she bent little by little and her fingers slipped inside it over the contaminated underwear overstressed by its tough contents... like putting flames inside a volcano hole.

Her fingers over the fabric cautiously traced the outlines of that thing escaping stinking fluids and..then... when those icy fingers came over the edge... softly touched furry forest of bare thigh. I widened there and that prompted her to insert her fingers inside the edges. She could touch the streak of swelled vein and then she pulled up the fingers inside the fabric.... Once she was near the tip, I pushed my hips upwards and garbled, " nooo...pleeasse ......."

She abruptly withdrew and her cold fingers slid slipped towards its base protected inside thighs and cloth..

I mumbled , " ...you ...want..it...ttt....."

She didn't reply but struggling with fabric reached at the base of the rod over the stack ; and then as her hand was wholly wedged there.....she extended her longer finger....that went in hairs of those bags containing liquid meant for females for making babies.

I grinned in her hairs below my nose, " ...ohhh!....what are you dooinggg.... want it...pleeasse ...kisss my chest..."

She continued to move finger over the bag and then her head moved and she kissed my chest once...

Ohhh! She was mine......sooo willingly.....I felt urge suddenly maddening me and I pulled her face and put my burning lips over her whole mouth....then pulled her hand from my fly opening and brought around my neck to join her other arm behind me....

A woman of my long dreams was ripe for me........ I remained looking at her and gradually my face went a ton heavy and eyes began to accumulate all my passions. Her eyes were stockpiled at my face as my desires were piercing her....

.....and then... with my arms I began dropping us over the sofa length .

My lips were over her mouth and we were only half laid when she went stiff. She cutely smiled, holing my chest and mumbled,

" .sshheeee ....no... nooot here ......."..... and then resisting my chest strongly again whispered, "..stooop...pleeasse what are you doing ...... any one can come..."

That made me to stay and I left my pressure and leveled ,,,while she tried to pay off slightly by putting her head over my shoulder.

I whispered in her ear, " ...pleeasseee.....on bed"

Her eyes under threat of ecstasy spoke again, "...where....?"

I recalled we had only two beds and each already had one hot soul.

I mumbled, " ..and Sarla be with him....?" She evaded from me, " ...noo... how shameless you are ..not now... any one should not know it...."....and then she shrunk her further in me.

I wishpered, " ..when....?"

She didn't answer...I kissed her hairs and again hissed, "...tell..me..I...... can't...can't...bear..it...now.."

She faintly hissed from my chest, " ...at home...after sending children...to school.."

I mumbled, " ..but there ...are others...."

She hissed, "...they won't know..."

It sent a shiver in me and I didn't want to know more than that...

She said that for better pleasures of me and so made me to give my immediate urges, but that also suddenly reminded me of Pawn dying for other woman and me suggesting him instead to reassure his 'home' once before he submits to other's 'garden'.

As we sat straight, I drew my arms around her waist and pulled her up to my lap. With my arms around her breasts, I could guide the lady to shyly organized her where exactly I wished her to sit.

It seemed night of desires!

Her full hips gave plentiful compact prize to my lap while her flat back and neck sprayed by hairs were before me. The lady blamed for so many erections on roads behind her was over my lap... Softly guiding her to slightly lean ahead, I kissed and kissed her back playing and displacing her hairs by fingers. Then I moved my tongue over her blouse back along her tight bra lines... and along the three deadly hooks.

She shuddered when I bent and held her sari in fingers in an attempt to steadily pull it up and up ; it came to her knees and after that any further fabric was shuffled between us!

I mumbled over her neck, " ...raise you're hips..."

She hissed turning her eyes to me, "....what are you doing ... "

She waggled and slipped her from my lap to the sofa and pulling he sari from my fingers covered her knees and below. She again cutely looked at me and I got to my feet pulling my zip to close the notch.

And then not to her expectations, I bent and slid my one arm behind her back and with other slipping her underneath her knees, muscularly lift her from sofa and pressed her in my chest. Her two arms were hanging in air but as I kissed her open lips she encircled her arms around my neck and that made my balance better.

Then I began strides towards the room that had Pawan....

This sudden change and then we moving near to rooms made her face shark red and her eyes widened. We were in half, she wiggle in my arms, "... nooo... ...there...pleeasse stop..."

I stood holing her in air and whispered, " ...let me tell Pawan ....he left us alone and I have made you mine......I am here to take you home in morning..."

This only made her to shake in my arm , " ..oohh..noo.. how can you say this ....... nooo...pleeasse...leave..me.."

I bent and burbled over her lips, " ...yeah...okkk ....I am not really not going to say him..this...but...you should be with him once ..and I talk to Sarla before we ...goo..in morning..."

She muttered , " ..is it soo necessary...?"

"...are they not our home...?" I whispered over her lips and made them wet once more.

She kept looking in my face and when I bent again to kiss her she moved her lips away and giggled, "..but pleeasseee do not tell them every thing..I said...not...like this....leave..me ...I know to walk...."

I mumbled, "....no..dear...your feet are not for such labor..let..me..take you..."

And then through my eyes I made her not to wiggle violently but she pressed her in my chest and hissed, "... you should be serious...I told you please be careful before others...pleeasse do not do any thing here.... pleeasseee...leave me.."

That was something of greatest sense she was putting in me...I stood and softly released her and she stood at her feet...and we...

... advanced where her husband was. .......


...some thing more in Ch.7

A small feedback I desire besides your evergreen delights!

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