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Jackie Oh


Jackie arrived on time to meet her date. She looked chic in her knee length black chiffon dress and five inch Italian stilettos. She wore her hair down unlike the first time they met. She had met Ben at Starbucks, and thought he was cute not knowing the lingo to order her an Iced Quad Venti Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato. Which he offered to replace after knocking hers over reaching for his espresso. She assisted him in ordering the drink and they exchanged numbers.

After weeks of talking on the phone they wanted to take things to the next level so they decided on a formal date. The place of the date was in the restaurant of a five star hotel on the outskirts of town.

They shared a glass of wine and made small talk at the bar waiting for their table. Jackie tried to ease Ben into an evening of pleasure.

Ben was naturally quiet and having been burned on several online dates was weary; divorced for five years he had difficulty meeting women.

Jackie noticed his shyness and led the conversation. After they shared small talk and a few more glasses of wine at the bar, she thought perhaps skipping dinner and moving on to getting down and dirty in room 416 would be better. They could always order room service later.

It started with soft kisses on the face and lips as their hands explored the contours of each others bodies.

She pushed him toward the chair next to the window in the room. Then she sat on his lap and pressed her body on top of his.

As she undulated on his lap she teased him with the warm wetness of her sans panties crotch. Ben feared he would ejaculate there in the chair as the heat of her body seeped through his trousers exciting his throbbing penis.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Jackie cooed knowing it had been a while for him.

He grunted "yes" between kisses.

After a few moments of kissing and grinding Ben stood up lifting Jackie as her legs clasped around his buttocks he carried her to the bed. He undressed her swiftly as she did the same for him.

Once they were naked, Ben grasped her hips and guided himself into position. Then he pinned her to the bed and fucked her hard.

It had been awhile for Jackie too and the pain and pleasure he gave her body was amazing. She moaned as Ben thrust deep inside her.

"Don't rush it." Jackie moaned.

As she relaxed her body to accept Ben's flesh, her legs trembled and she could feel her nectar ooze onto his penis. She was close to an orgasm, the wild movements of her hips were a telling sign.

Even though Ben knew he made her cum several times; his lust was not satisfied and he was not finished tapping her ass yet. She kept fucking back at him using her pussy muscles to try and milk him dry.

When Jackie had enough she spread her legs wide open inviting him to push deeper and harder inside her; she moved a hand down to his tensed balls and gently caressed them.

"Cum for me!" Jackie urged softly in his ear.

The sensations of her oral command brought him to climax, with a stifled gasp. He felt his entire body tighten as his orgasm erupted. He gently nibbled her lower lip, before he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

As the spasms subsided he rolled off and slowly settled himself back onto the bed holding her in his arms before drifting off to sleep.


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