tagMind ControlJack's New Skills Ch. 01

Jack's New Skills Ch. 01


This is the first in a three part story involving Jack and his adventures in Amy's house. This chapter is from Jack's point of view.


I had a great plan. My girlfriend had recently broken up with me, and I had found the perfect revenge. I went on a course, learnt how to hypnotize people. I had tried out my new skill a couple of times on some unsuspecting women, and they had all accepted what they had done without turning on me. But they were just for fun. Amy was the girl I really meant to use and abuse.

She phoned me that afternoon at work, trying to sound friendly – as though she hadn't just broken my heart. "Hi Jack, how are you?" Like she cared. "Listen, I just wanted to ask you – I know this is really unfair – but I left some stuff at the house. Do you think you could drop it over for me? It's just that I'm going out tonight, and I really need some of my special lingerie."

The bitch had always been callous and insensitive, but this was really too much. Ordinarily, I would have slammed the phone down on her, but this time her heartlessness gave me a perfect excuse to go round there. "I'm still staying at my sister's. Just until I can get a place of my own. When can you come round?" I arranged to go round to her sister, Jenny's house at 5pm as soon as I left work.

She opened the door, showing me that her ideal good looks hadn't altered at all since we broke up – same perfect blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and amazing body. I've got to admit, I'd missed it. "Hey Jack. You got it?" She faltered when she saw that my hands were empty, and I grinned at her confusion.

"Of course I haven't. I've come straight from work."

"But then --"

I raised a hand to cut her off, and then looked directly into her eyes. I waited until she got that glazed look that meant she had just been put under, then knew it was safe. "You want to invite me in. You want to make me feel comfortable here. You want to have friendly conversation." By the time I had finished talking the glazed look had disappeared, and she was smiling.

"Jack." She pulled me to her and hugged me, letting me feel that gorgeous body once more. "I've missed you. Come in." She stepped aside, and I promptly went into the sitting room and sat down on the sofa. "How have you been?" I just looked at her, unsmilingly. She chattered away, slowly becoming more and more uncomfortable as I didn't answer.

"Stand up." She did so, instantly. "Take off your blouse." She immediately began to unbutton her blouse briskly, as if getting ready for a doctor's inspection. "No, not like that. Slowly. Tease me."

She smiled sexily at me and began swaying her hips as she pushed the top over her shoulders and off down her arms. She was wearing the adorable little white lace bra I had bought her for their one-year anniversary, which contrasted wonderfully with her tanned skin. "Good. Now, off with your skirt. Strip." This was going better even than I could have expected, as she went over to the sound system, and put a slow song on. Probably something she was saving for her date tonight, I thought, and I could feel a sardonic smile playing on my lips. She had a bit of difficulty unzipping her skirt and started fiddling with it, which thrust out her shapely breasts. She soon managed it, sliding the smooth fabric down over her hips and stepping out of it. She was wearing the matching thong, and seeing her in it sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine.

"I want you to sit down, and return to normal conversation. You can find nothing wrong with your apparel." She sat down, and this time, when she tried to engage me in conversation, I responded, laughing and joking with her. I had, in fact, almost decided to call off the whole thing, but then she leant down to get something, almost making one of her breasts fall out of her bra, and my cock jumped in anticipation. I took a deep breath and unzipped my jeans.

She looked up at the sound, and was about to protest, when I looked intensely at her with those deep brown eyes again. "There's nothing wrong with this, Amy. In fact, just seeing me undo my trousers is turning you on. You want to just come over here, pull my trousers down and ride me like there's no tomorrow. The fact that you can't is just making you even hornier." Almost as soon as I started talking, Amy's breathing had quickened, and as I finished, there was even a wet patch starting to form on Amy's panties.

I looked at her and smiled. "Are you OK, Amy?" Amy nodded, so full of desire that she didn't trust herself to speak. "You look like you want something. You can come here and tell me what it is, as long as you kneel in front of me when you speak."

She got up straight away, and knelt at my feet. Breathlessly, she explained. "God Jack, I don't know what's wrong with me. I want you so much."

"Describe exactly what it is you want me for."

"I want your body. Just seeing you is making me so horny. I want you to ride me like a pony, fuck me like a dog, fill me to the brim with your cum, make me your whore." I looked at her and couldn't help laughing. Even the idea of dirty talk had disgusted her during our relationship.

"Well I'm sorry Amy, but I can't do that." Her face fell, and I felt a little sorry for her. I looked into her eyes, although by this point she was so turned on that the hypnosis really wasn't necessary.

I stood up so that she was eye-level with my groin, and spoke to her again. "You want nothing but to please me. You will not cum until I allow you to, because that would not make me happy. You're not worthy of having my cock in your pussy, but I will let you suck me off. I want you to milk me and drink my cum." Without pausing, Amy pulled down my trousers, and got to working on my already throbbing hard-on.

She slowly worked her tongue up and down my shaft, teasing my cock before taking the full length into her. I pushed it all the way down into her, and she gagged, her throat contracting over the head of my cock and already pushing me into an orgasm. I concentrated hard – I wasn't ready yet to give her what she wanted. Instead, I took hold of a handful of her hair and pulled her head forward and back as I fucked her face.

I pulled myself away from her before I came, and she whimpered in desire. I bent down to her and pulled her head up to look at me. "Did you like that, slut?" Amy nodded eagerly, and the motion made her breasts jiggle up and down. I smirked, enjoying the sight. "Well so did I. That should make you happy." She nodded again, and I removed my hand from her head. She stayed looking adorably up at me, as I pulled my trousers up and sat down.

I motioned for her to stand up, and she did. "Now, I want you to reach up and undo your bra, then let it fall down." She smiled acquiescingly and did so, and my breath caught when I saw those gorgeous tits again – not too big, not too small – just perfect.

"Amy, come and sit on my lap." She moved over and perched on my knees, her legs crossed daintily. I pulled her round so to facing me, her legs straddling mine. I ran my fingers through her golden mane and took a moment to inhale her sweet perfume, then moved my hands down to her breasts. I gently palmed them, enjoying the desire in her eyes, then I pulled her down level with my mouth, and started flicking her nipples with my tongue. She got more and more excited as I sucked on those fantastic tits, her breathing quickened, and she started grinding her hips into mine.

I pulled away suddenly, and she looked at me with wild, undisguised lust. "Please." That one word did it for me, and I knew I couldn't keep from her one moment longer. I laid her down on the sofa, pulled my shirt and trousers off, and mounted her.

"Oh my God, Amy what are you doing?" I turned in shock to see Jenny, Amy's older sister, standing in the doorway, shock written on her face.

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