tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 01

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 01


This is a series of television shows that I watch. These are fantasies of the shows as I wish would appear on television. I will list the cast members and their television show names at the beginning of each episode that I write about. I hope you enjoy and join in my TV fantasies.

Cast of JAG; David James Elloitt (Captain Harmon Rabb Jr.); Catherine Bell (Colonel Sarah MacKenzie); Karri Turner (Lt. Harriet Roberts); Scott Lawrence (Commander Sturgis Turner); Zoe McLellan (Petty Officer Jennifer Coates); Patrick Labyorteaux (Lt. Commander Bud Roberts); Tracey Needham (Lt. Commander Meg Austin); John Jackson ( Rear Admiral A.J Chegwidden) Nancy Chambers (Lt. Loren Singer)

As I stated in my previous stories, I am an author of sexually explicit fantasies. I never claimed to be a "so called writer". If you are looking for a perfect composition please stop reading now. There may be grammatical and spelling errors (even though I do use spell check). So if you love sexual fantasies involving television stars, please read on. If you are an English teacher leave now!

The Story is dedicated to Kathy & Ken in Florida!!


"Colonel MacKenzie, find Captain Rabb and come into my office!" Admiral Chegwidden flipped off the intercom.

"Yes Admiral"; replied Sarah. She went into Harm's office; "Come on Captain, the Admiral wants us in his office." She turned to go and she felt his eyes on her ass, and they were. She turned and smiled, licking her bee stung red glossy lips; "Now Harm and stop staring at my ass."

"Sorry Colonel, I can't help it!" He rubbed his crotch area against her bubble butt as he slipped past her on the way to the Admiral's office. He knocked on the door.

"Enter"; barked the Admiral and as they stood before him at attention he barked out again; "At ease, have a seat!"

Both of them took the straight back chairs before the Admiral's large desk.

"First of all I'll be out on leave for the next week, so Colonel I want you to occupy my office while I'm away." The look of disappointment showed on the Captain's face; "Don't look so disappointed Captain, I have a very sensitive case for the two of you. I want you Colonel to defend and you Captain to prosecute. Captain you'll have Lt. Singer and Commander Roberts assisting you. Colonel you'll have Commander Turner and Lt. Roberts assisting you. Colonel if needed you can also have Petty Officer Coates at your disposal seeing I'll be out of the office."

They replied; "Yes sir, sir can you fill us in on the case"; replied Sarah.

Tossing two copies of the file across the desk, they both picked it up; Colonel, Seaman Ken Brown is charged with fraternization."

The colonel seemed puzzled; "Sir that seems a little low on the scale for the two of us to be handling don't you think?"

Looking pissed as he always does replies; "NO COLONEL I DON"T, if you read the charges he's accused of singling out better then average female officers, seducing them, getting them pregnant and then leaving them to do it all over again. To make it even worse, he's marries and from all indications it doesn't seem to bother her."

Harm had a smile on his face; "Admiral, just how many of these officers is the Seaman being accused of impregnating?"

"First of all, wipe that smirk off you face and the number is eight documented and another four or five unsubstantiated."

"Yes sir, sorry sir!"

Sarah spoke up; "Excuse me sir, but don't you think it would serve the Navy better if I was prosecuting?"

"Why Colonel, because you're a woman?"

"Exactly Admiral!"

"Wrong Colonel, I believe you'll serve the Seaman better seeing you'll despise what's he's doing. If the Captain would be defending, he'd give a biased defense just because he is a man. The press will be all over this case and doing it this way, I believe the Captain will serve the Navy best doing the prosecution."

The Colonel stood; "Yes sir, I'll do my best to defend him, I just hope I can do him justice."

Without looking up the Admiral replied in a disgusted voice; "I know you'll do your best, and Colonel?"

"Yes Admiral?"

"Don't fall for this Seaman!" He looked up with a sly smile on his face.

She smiled back; "I'll do my best not to sir."


As they left the office Harm placed his arm around her; "Sorry Colonel, this is going to be very interesting."

She shrugged his arm off of her shoulder; "At ease Captain, watch your ass cause I'm going to beat your on this case."

Harm laughed; "I'm sure to keep an eye on yours Sarah, good luck."

Sarah entered her office and buzzed in on Commander Turner's office; "Commander Turner, can you please step onto my office and bring Lt. Roberts with you."

"Yes Colonel, be right there."

They entered and Sarah was sitting behind her desk; "Commander, Lieutenant, please have a seat. We have a strange case that we need to defend and I want you both to know before we begin that I am against defending this Seaman. I asked the Admiral to allow me to prosecute, but in his wisdom decided that I and you would serve the Navy better if I was to defend."

They both looked puzzled at Sarah, Turner spoke up first, "Colonel, I've never seen you this troubled by the Admiral's decision before. What is the case about?"

She stood and walked around and sat at the edge of her desk. Turner took in the shapely legs exposed from under her skirt, he hid his gaze, but Sarah caught his stare. "Harriet, Sturgis, we are put in charge of defending a Seaman who impregnates female Naval officers, leaves them and goes and does it over and over again. Fraternization will be the formal charge, but morals clause seeing he is married and is having affairs with other women. So tell me what can be our defense?"

Sturgis shook his head; "Colonel, I don't see any defense for a man to do that to any woman."

Harriet chimed in; "I agree Commander, but we still have to don't we Ma'am?"

"That's right Harriet, I believe the first thing we need to do is go down to his ship and bring him here. He is restricted to quarters and I think we can put him up here in the barracks, of course also under restricted quarters. Would you mind going to pick him up Harriet?"

"Colonel do you think that is wise, you know Lieutenant Roberts is rather attractive and he does prey on female officers."

"Commander Turner, first thank you for the complement, but I take offense that I can't handle myself with a Seaman that we are charged with defending."

"You know Harriet, Commander Turner may have a point. After reading his file, he had preyed on several female officers that I've made acquaintances with and some of them are very strong woman. I believe it may be better if Commander Turner go and pick him up."

"With due respect Colonel; I would like to do this. If I go, the Commander and you can stay here and plot out your defense strategy. With the Commander going it would limit the time for your pre-trial planning."

"She does have a point there Sturgis, okay Harriet, go and pick him up. I want you to call me hourly and keep my updated on your progress, no arguments."

"Yes Colonel!" She got up and walked out; smiling to herself that she had stood her ground and got her way.

She got in the military vehicle and headed out to the naval yard to pick up the Seaman. As she drove she flipped open the file and staring at his picture licked her lips and exclaimed. "Oh my Seaman Brown, you are one hunk of a man!" As she drove and glanced back and forth from the picture to the road, her hand slowly ran up and down her nylon clad legs. Parting her legs wider she came in contact with her bare thigh above the stocking tops. Staring at Ken brown's pic she nearly drove off the road. Slowing down she continued her path towards her panty clad pussy. Pulling he panty aside she tickled her clit and it was wet with her juices and already stiff. She dipped one finger in her hole and let out a groan. She nearer the Naval Base and straightened her skirt and licked the juices from her fingers. This turned her on even more as she felt the juices leaking from her pussy. As she approached the gate she realized the scent was pungent in the car and she lowered all of the windows to air out the vehicle. She showed her credentials to the guard and was directed to the cruiser where Seaman Brown would be found. She smiled weakly and drove over to the cruiser. Stopping in the parking area she took a deep breath and tried to compose herself before walking up the gangway leading to the ship.

When she got there she showed her orders to collect the Seaman to the officer of the day and after about three minutes Seaman Brown was escorted to the gangway by a MP.

Seaman Ken Brown smiled broadly at Harriet and reached out his hand to shake hers, she stood before him and said; "I believe it's appropriate to salute a superior officer Seaman!"

"Sorry Lieutenant, you are correct!" He stood at attention and saluted her. She saluted him back and said; "Come with me Seaman, we'll be heading back to Falls Church now."

He followed behind her and took in her slightly large butt. He could just imagine pressing his face between those lush cheeks and licking her pussy and asshole. When he first laid eyes on her, her large chest stood out as her finest feature. Her cute face and sexy blonde hair that was pinned up also didn't hurt her looks. His cock began to harden as he kept his eyes on her ass movement and her shapely legs walking towards the car.

When they got to the car he rushed over to open her car door, she smiled and thanked him. As she got into the car he noticed how her skirt rose up her thighs, up past her lacy stocking tops. She followed his gaze and tugged at her skirt as the Seaman closed the door.

He hurried around and got into the car; "So Lieutenant, where am I staying while I'm in JAG custody, hopefully with you?"

"At ease Seaman that may work with those officers who you try to charm, but not with me. Remember I AM married, happily mind you!"

"Yes Ma'am"; He smiled slyly and took off his cover.

As she drove she glanced over every now and then at Seaman Brown, she estimated him at about six feet tall, and two-hundred pounds. He had navy issued haircut, with strawberry blonde hair, full kissable lips and the bluest eyes that looked as though they looked right through her, well at least through her clothes and she was slowly getting damp between the legs.

"So tell me Seaman, what possess you to seduce superior female officers, make them fall in love with you, impregnate them and then dump them, especially when you are a married man?"

She looked at him and licked her glossy full red lips and staring at his mesmerizing eyes she nearly ran off the road.

He quickly grabbed the wheel and brought the car back in its lane and dropped his hand onto her stocking covered leg to keep him from falling across her lap.

She darted from her knee to his face and back to her knee. She felt him squeeze lightly and it sent tiny bolts of lightening from her knee directly to her pussy.

"I have it now Seaman, you can take your hand off my knee now."

He slowly slid it up a few inches and removed his hand.

She caught her breath and bit her lower lip and ran her tongue around her glossy parched lips. She closed her eyes briefly, trying to regain her composure.

Harriet called Colonel MacKenzie about halfway back to let her know they were on schedule.

"Any problems Harriet?"

"No Ma'am, none that I can't handle, if you don't mind Colonel I need to make a brief stop at my home to pick up some papers before heading back to headquarters."

"Okay Lieutenant, but if there is any problem I want you to call me immediately, do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am, we'll be back soon, bye."

"So Lieutenant, do I get to see the inside of your place too?"

She ignored the question; "Seaman, you never answered my question, why do you do it?"

"Well Lieutenant, I was about to answer, but I had to grab the wheel to stop you from killing us."

"I'm still waiting Seaman, how are we to defend you if we don't know what really happened or why it happens?"

Seaman Brown ran the tip of his finger along the edge of her collar and onto her long graceful neck; "It would be a lot easier to show you then telling you Ma'am."

She pushed his hand away; "At ease Seaman and just get on with it."

He chucked; "I was trying, but you pushed my hand away."

Blushing and getting flustered Harriet replied; "Stop it Seaman Brown, now are you going to tell me or not?"

"Okay Ma'am here is how it is..."

She pulled into her driveway and turned off the engine; "Come on Seaman, I have to pick up some papers. Would you like a cup of coffee or a soda?"

"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!" He sat there for a second watching her get out, her skirt tightened about her full ass as she was about to slam the door. He noticed a relatively large wet spot on the back of her skirt. He smiled and rubbed his stiffening cock and knew if he played his cards right he could have another officer in his harem.

He followed Harriet into the house keeping his eyes plastered on her ass and the large wet spot on the back of her skirt.

She got her papers she needed and put them on her briefcase and put it near the front door. "Come on Seaman follow me into the kitchen. What will it be coffee tea or..."

"Seaman Brown whispered in her ear when close enough; "Or me?"

Harriet caught her breath and pushed him away; "No Seaman, soda, what will it be?"

"If that's my only choices, make it coffee." He knew that would take some time and hopefully by the time the coffee was done he could persuade Harriet Roberts to lower her defenses.

She finished preparing the coffee and as it started brewing she sat on a stool facing Seaman Brown. "Okay Seaman Brown, now tell me why you do what you do?"

"Okay Lieutenant, but please call me Ken instead of Seaman Brown."

"I don't think that would be wise Seaman."

"Okay, so until you do, I'm not telling you."

She looked at him, licked her full lips and said; "Okay Ken tell me why?"

He took her dainty tiny hands in his large hands and looked into her bright blue eyes and started; "Well Harriet, it's hard to put into words, but please be patience with me. I may repeat myself, but by the time I finish you should understand, or at least know why I do what I do, okay?"

She nodded and looked at him intently.

"So Harriet, it's like this, the U.S. armed forces takes away the sexuality of the female officer. The male officer's uniform are formed fitting and are cut to enhance his physique. On the other hand the female officers are forced to wear unflattering uniforms, buttoned to the neck with silly black ribbon ties. One of woman's finest assets, her hair has to be rolled up or tucked into a bun under a silly cover to hide their sexuality. I love to expose the female officer for what is hidden under those unflattering sterile uniforms. To see a female officer let herself go and show her sexuality and be what we all are, sexual animals, who when undressed are all equal. I let them be what they all want to be, but can't show outwardly because the Army, Navy. Marine Corp, and Air Force establishment tells them they cannot. So I strip them of their starched sterile uniforms and treat them like the sexy repressed women they are and bring out their pent up boiling sexual animals they all yearn to be."

All along Ken was slowly rubbing his thumb along the soft fleshy skin between her thumb and index finger. She was now breathing heavily through her mouth and licking her full red lipsticked lips she nodded; "I now understand and in some ways I can understand your actions. The point I can't get past is that you are married, some of the officers you've been with are also married and you took advantage of them and ruined their lives."

Shaking his head; "No, no Harriet, you don't get it. First of all my wife is okay with it, sometimes she even joins the female officer and me, she is bi-sexual and helps free the officers of their puritanical beliefs and they are happier and more fulfilled afterwards. As for the married officers, once again, I've never forced myself on any woman, in the armed forces or out. Sure I may have given them a stern nudge because deep down they want it and again the armed forces or main stream society says it's wrong, but once they get past that so called taboo, each and every one of them are happy it happened and are better off with what has happened. Regrets, sure some have regrets because the results have turned their mundane life up on their ear. If any one of them really took a deep search of their souls they will realize what I have given them is far much better them what they had before I came into their lives."

"Okay Ken, I think we have a defense, now we better be heading back to the base, are you ready?"

She stood up and the wet spot on her skirt had increased in size from the excitement of his explanation.

"Lieutenant, you may have a problem if we arrive at the base with you looking like that."

She turned and looked back; "What, what are you talking about!"

"I think talking about my case and my seduction methods, well sort of turned you on."

Harriet had an angry look on her face; "Seaman Brown you are out of line and I did nothing of the sort!"

Smiling he pointed to the big wet stain on the back of her skirt; "Lieutenant, I believe that big wet spot on your skirt tells me differently!"

Her eyes went wide; "Oh my, oh my, I'm so embarrassed excuse me Seaman while I run upstairs and change, I'm so sorry. I never realized."

She kicked the navy issued short high heels off her tiny feet and headed for the stairs. As she passed him he gripped her by the shoulders; "It's okay Harriet, like I said earlier, you are just like any of the officers I spoke about, repressed and frustrated."

"SEAMAN BROWN, just because my husband has an issue with his disability and our two young children are a handful, neither of those issues has anything to due with your assumption that I'm repressed or frustrated!"

She scurried up the stairs to her bedroom to change into dry panties and a new starched skirt. As she fumbled with the button on the back of her skirt she drew in her breath sharply.

Ken had followed her up to the bedroom and now his fingers were opening the button on the back of her skirt. Once open he drew the zipper down slowly and once open all the way hooked his fingers in the waistband of her skirt and drew it slowly down her petite shapely legs. When it pooled about her feet he reached around and placing both hands of her belly, just above her panties he drew her back against his starched uniform. His stiff cock nudged against her plain white cotton panties.

Placing his mouth next to her ear he whispered; "Harriet, in the future I want you to wear some sexy panties, not these cotton granny panties, understand."

She moaned when his lips ran along her neck, His tongue slipped out and left of painted trail of wetness from her ear to the collar of her blouse.

His hands were moving about her body starting tiny fires on her body wherever he touched. One hand moved upward under her blouse while the other moved downwards into her panties. He cupped her mound which was covered with a large patch of hair covering her dripping cunt.

He whispered in her ear again; "Next time we're together I want this cunt of yours bare. I love eating pussy and it's a lot easier to love all of you if your cunt doesn't have any hair on it, understand?"

She moaned and nodded, she let out a loud groan when he slowly slipped one finger deep into her cunt.

"Do you like that Harriet; do you want me to continue?"

She nodded.

"I can't hear you Lieutenant!"


He chuckled knowing he had her now; "Yes what Lieutenant?"

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