tagIncest/TabooJeremy's Mom's House

Jeremy's Mom's House


Author's note: This is not a new story, but one posted in May 2010 and very well received. I was made to make changes to it and resubmit it.

It wasn't that four fit young men were lying around her downstairs family room naked that made Kate stop and look twice. The porn movie images on the big screen TV caught her eye. After her jaw dropped and she surveyed the group, she saw four young men nude and sporting full erections.

Kate smiled to herself. The boys -- young men, now, she had to remind herself -- were sitting on chairs or lying on the floor, their manhood sticking straight out or straight up. None was touching himself. All no doubt wanted to do what comes naturally to 20-year-old college students on summer break looking at porn, but were a little embarrassed to do it in front of each other.

They would not, however, be embarrassed to be naked in front of her, which is why they had no hesitation about being nude in her family room. She guessed that they were bold enough to put in a porn movie because they were old enough to do so, and because she stopped having objections to them having a few beers the day they graduated from high school, even if they weren't 21 yet.

Over the years, they learned that there was a bit more of a liberal attitude around Mrs. C.'s place. Or, as they would call it, Jeremy's mom's house.

Jeremy and his friends, Joshua, Cory and Matt, were inseparable throughout their school years. Kate always thought they bonded shortly after Jeremy's dad died when Jeremy was 6. They took their grieving classmate under their wings, and Jeremy clung to them ever since.

That was despite the fact that Jeremy did not have certain things in common with them. They came from much more stable household situations, with the traditional mom and dad, and siblings. And those friends were much more athletic and popular than Jeremy. Not that he was a class nerd or anything. All were on the football team, but Josh, Cory and Matt were starters. Jeremy was more of a team hanger-on. But those friends never looked down on him for it.

Kate was quite young when she had Jeremy's older sister, Wendy. Though only 16, she kept the baby, finished school, and ended up marrying the father, Jack. Jeremy came along when Kate was just 18. Now her son was 20 and her daughter 22 and studying overseas.

That was Kate's dream when she was that age, but mistakes and tragedy took her in a different direction -- though a direction some misguided people would envy.

Jack was killed in an industrial accident. The tragedy made Kate a single mom, but also made her financially secure, as if that was more desirable than having a loving husband and father around.

Kate did the best she could, and was deeply appreciative of the help she received from others, including those boys who befriended Jeremy. She loved having them over to play with Jeremy, and even bought that big backyard above-ground pool adjacent to the deck to help draw them over to spend more time with her son.

It worked. They practically lived there in the summers.

One year when they were young, they sent a nervous Jeremy into her to ask if it was OK if they went skinny dipping in the pool. She said it was OK, and over the years they did it a lot, and she paid no attention.

But this situation with four naked grown young men, all sporting impressive equipment at full mast, was a game-changer. There had been nothing sexual to her about the casual nudity-around-the-pool, but this was different.

The mistakes she made early in her life made Kate wary of new relationships with men. Jack had been good to her and she felt they would have built a good life together. But after dedicating herself to raising the children, she was hesitant to bring a man with his own wants and needs into the family, or to distract the kids from the memories and legacy of their real dad.

Kate dated a bit. She didn't have any problem attracting men. She was a slim and fit 5'7" with naturally firm and full breasts, but not so large that they sagged much, even now in her late 30s. She kept her long dark brown hair stylish and her makeup simple. She was aware that men found her quite attractive.

She hadn't gone 14 years since Jack died without a sex partner, but she didn't have much. Every few years she would meet someone; they would have sex a couple of times, and she would get cold feet for the sake of the kids. And she just plain missed Jack so much, and couldn't have sex without thinking about him.

It had been a long, lonely time, at least physically speaking. She knew she could get sex whenever she wanted, but what she really wanted was the impossible. She wanted Jack back.

The sight of four young men with full erections brought back memories, and desires.

They didn't see her, so Kate let her gaze linger.

Matt, the leader of the group, was lying on his left side on the couch on the right side of the room, his head toward Kate, propped up on his hand, his eyes fixed on the TV screen against the wall in front of him. His cock stuck straight out from his side, strong enough that it didn't touch the cushion.

He was circumcised, Kate observed, and magnificent. She figured his cock to be 7 inches, and generous in diameter. It stuck out from a body that Kate had seen many times before. Matt was one of those boys without a lot of body hair, but that would have only distracted from the well-defined pectoral muscles, the washboard abs, and sculpted thighs. She knew Matt had a great, athletic body. Sticking an erection on it made him enormously, irresistibly, sexy.

So did his confident, take-charge attitude. He had little problem getting the young women his age to do things his way.

He was the quarterback of the football team in high school, and that in-the-huddle experience showed when he led the others to follow his plans.

Cory sat on a recliner on the right side of the room. Kate could see over his shoulder that his uncut cock was sticking up at an angle, the head emerging from the foreskin a bit. She caught him sneaking a tug at it.

Cory had nothing to be ashamed of, but he was not tremendously well endowed, more of an average-looking 6 inches, but nice and thick. His package was framed by a mass of blond curly hair and Kate recalled how when he was younger he had a mass of curly locks he couldn't control on top of his head. Now he kept it cropped close like a Marine's.

It didn't change the constant smart-aleck smile he always seemed to have. He was the prankster, the partier, but had a good heart and a first-rate mind -- an honor student.

Josh sat in the recliner on the left. Although she had seen his penis many times without thinking twice about it, she took particular notice of his hard-on, wondering how many girls in the high school where he graduated or the college he now attended would love to get a look at what she saw. Josh wasn't muscular like Matt, but was in fine shape with a well-toned body, 6 feet tall, with a modest and attractive amount of body hair matching the jet black on his head.

But his face was incredibly handsome, the heartthrob type, like Tom Cruise in his 20s. He had the controlled curly hair, the dimples on his cheeks, the dreamy eyes, and a wet-your-panties smile.

And the cock that topped off that package? Kate had noticed once how small it looked as he ran around skinny dipping the summer after graduation. But erect it was beautiful. He didn't quite match Matt's 7 inches, but he was clearly bigger than Cory. But, like the rest of his body, there was something lovely about it, even if you weren't sure what. It looked so nice and smooth, and of a perfect pink complexion, circumcised, with a head with sharply defined lines like his chin. Kate could swear his cock almost had dimples like his face, if that were possible. There was just something adorable about it as it stood straight up at attention.

Kate sometimes knew when her son was masturbating in his room. But she always resisted the slight temptation to take a look to find out for sure.

Jeremy, it was clear from the casual nudity in the house, was generously endowed, a gift from his father, Kate knew. His balls were huge, almost disproportionate to the rest of his somewhat slight frame. His flaccid penis hung thick, with a big circumcised head.

She had never seen it in its full glory, but always wondered if it lived up to its promise. It certainly did.

Jeremy seemed embarrassed by it. He was lying on his left side in the middle of the floor, facing away from the others, head propped on his left hand, and with his body twisted a bit toward the floor. His right elbow rested on his side, with his forearm and hand partially screening his prize. Kate was sure her bashful son was trying to hide.

And he had a lot to hide. Kate suppressed a gasp that would have given her away. Jeremy's cock had to measure 10 inches, perhaps more, impressively thick, with the head almost purple in color.

It didn't seem to fit his body. Jeremy was slightly taller than Kate at 5'8". He was slender, with more of a swimmer's or runner's body, in shape but not muscular. He had fine light brown body hair, and looked good nude. There was no doubt, though, that anyone seeing him nude in a sexual situation would be focused on that equipment.

Kate had never looked on any of these boys in a sexual fashion before. She had noticed they were attractive, even when they were nude, but never fantasized about them sexually, or looked on them with desire.

That had suddenly changed. She wanted to put her hand in her panties and dip her finger inside to feel and encourage her dampness.

But she composed herself and adopted her usual Jeremy's Mom attitude.

"My goodness! What have we here! Four naked young men, drinking beer and watching porno on my TV, all with hard-on's sticking straight out in the air," Kate said, making her presence known and entering the room. "Now, I've seen you guys naked before, but never like this!"

She startled the group. Jeremy turned almost completely on his stomach to hide his huge tool. Cory and Josh covered theirs with their hands as if to protect them from some expected blow.

Only Matt was brave and bold. He sat up suddenly and looked back, temporarily covering himself with his hands. When he saw it was Kate, he sat up fully on the middle cushion of the couch, with his feet on the floor. He confidently extended is arms along the top of the back rest, slid his butt forward on the cushions and spread his legs a little.

He put himself on display as if to say he wasn't afraid of Kate's presence, and even welcomed it.

"Mom!" Jeremy shouted. "Leave us alone!"

"Why? It's my house and my family room. I've sat in here with you guys watching TV before, even when you were all naked after a swim," she said. "I kind of like this change of pace, though."

"Uh. . . Is it ok if we put a porno movie in and watch it in your family room Mrs. C.?" Josh said, in a polite tone. It was hard to tell whether it was meant to be mocking.

Kate laughed at his reaction. "I don't care if you watch porn down here. You're old enough. But I'm old enough, too, and if I want to watch it with you, I think I should be able to," Kate said, continuing into the room and sitting next to Matt, who maintained his look-at-me pose.

Everyone by Matt fidgeted.

"But what if we don't want you to," Jeremy protested.

"Well, that would be rude," Kate replied.

"Hey, you can sit here it you want. You can sit on my lap of you want," Matt piped in.

"Hey, you can sit on my face!" Cory said, with everyone but Jeremy bursting out laughing.

"Hey, you can kiss my ass!" Jeremy shot back. "That's my Mom!"

"Hey, you can suck my cock!" Cory retorted in a common young male mock-challenge.

Kate gave a fake gasp. "Were you talking to me??"

The boys burst out laughing, even Jeremy this time.

"Uh..." Cory stammered, not used to someone getting the better of him in such banter. "Can I get back to you on that?"

"Well, I'll let you think about it, and I'll be right back," Kate said, getting up and leaving the room.

She returned shortly with four washcloths, tossing two to Cory and Josh as she walked in, one down towards the floor at Jeremy, then sitting again next to Matt and placing one on his thigh as she sat next to him again.

"What's this???" Jeremy protested, still obviously uncomfortable with the situation.

"Well, I wasn't born yesterday," Kate said. "I know what guys do when they watch porn, and I'm not going to let you make your messes on my furniture or carpeting."

"Mom, we're not sitting down here. . ." Jeremy said, cutting himself off, not wanting to say it.

"You're not going to? But you're watching porn! I was looking forward to watching too! Is it all because I'm here? Well, I'm hurt. After all these years, you suddenly get uncomfortable with having me around," Kate said, with her best pouting look.

"Or do you just need some encouragement?" she added, getting up once more.

Kate came back with a bottle of lotion and sat down next to Matt, who continued to sit with his legs open, fully on display while the others tried to discreetly hide their erections.

"Oh my God!" Cory laughed. Jeremy wasn't even looking.

Kate poured a generous amount of lotion onto her right hand.

"Can I give you a hand with that?" she said, reaching for Matt's stiff member.

Not only did he make no move to resist, he grabbed his cock by its base with his thumb and forefinger and held it out for her.

Kate took his cock in her lotion-coated hand and began to work up and down. "My, my, you really have some impressive equipment here, Matt."

She joined in with the other hand, rubbing the lotion in deeply, then stroked slowly with her left hand while the fingers of her right hand played with the head.

"Ohhh! God, that feels good!" Matt said.

"Mom!!!!" Jeremy pleaded.

"Shutup, Jeremy, this feels great," Matt retorted.

"I can't fuckin' believe this," Cory said.

"Me neither," Josh agreed.

Kate put a little more lotion on her hands and rubbed his cock round and round between them. She loved how the slippery feel brought out every bump and vein and how silky smooth he felt when he was rock hard.

When she felt she had played around long enough, Kate just went to the right hand and worked faster.

"Oh, look, that's what she's doing on TV, too," Kate remarked when her eye caught an actress giving a handjob in the movie no one was paying attention to anymore.

"You're doing it better," Matt said.

When he arched his back and thrust his hips up and his breathing quickened, Kate grabbed his balls with her left hand and gently squeezed.

She pointed his cock at his chest when he shot, the drops reaching his chin.

"Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!" Matt groaned.

When he stopped she handed him the washcloth again.

"Don't get anything on my furniture," she admonished.

"Man, thanks Mrs. C. That felt great!" Matt said.

Moving along, Kate started to squirt more of the lotion on her hand as she knelt next to the recliner where Cory was seated.

"And how about you, Cory? Do you need a little help getting started and getting into the spirit of the movie?" Kate said sweetly. When he didn't stop her either, she took his cock in her hand and started to work in the lotion.

"Oh, man, this is so cool!" Cory exclaimed.

"Mom!!!!" Jeremy protested. "Stop jerking off my friends!"

Kate let go of Cory's cock and stood up.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You're right, Jeremy," she said with mock humility as she squirted more lotion on her hand. "Here I am trying to relieve company when my own son is in need. But Mommy can take care of you right away."

She knelt beside Jeremy and tried to reach around for his cock.

Jeremy's friends burst out laughing, and Matt nearly fell off the couch as Kate groped around for Jeremy's cock.

"Noooo!" he shouted, turning away and curling up in a fetal position to keep Kate, who was laughing, too, from reaching for his manhood.

Cory suddenly jumped up from his chair and went for Jeremy. Matt and Josh, sensing what Cory was up to, moved right after him.

Cory, far more powerful than Jeremy, easily pulled Jeremy's arms back and held them over his head. Josh and Matt rolled him on his back, stretched out his legs and held them down.

Jeremy was flat on his back, though he was bucking his hips in a futile attempt to escape his stronger friends. His cock had started to deflate during the commotion, so it didn't stick straight up in the air. Still, at semi-hard, it still noticeably beat his friends' equipment.

The scene had turned very naughty, but they were all having a lot of fun. Everyone but Jeremy was laughing and getting into it, and Kate suspected that Jeremy was acting more reluctant than he really was.

Still, Kate was unsure if she should go through with this next step.

But looking at her son's amazing penis made her long for something it reminded her of, now that she had seen it in an excited state. It was just like Jack's, and a day didn't go by that she didn't want Jack back. That longing emboldened her.

Keeping the joking attitude but secretly longing to devour this cock and lose herself in the passion, Kate reached out and took it.

"Now it's been a long time, but I've touched this before,' she said taking it in a lotion-filled hand. "My, how you've grown!"

The boys laughed louder.

"Mom!!!! Please!!!!"

"Ok, Ok, be patient," she said, pretending that what he meant for her was to hurry up and get going.

She started to stroke up and down, but lost it with Jeremy's writhing.

"I get it. I'll just hold on tight and you can work it back and forth in my hand," Kate said.

And that's exactly what happed as he squirmed. When he realized he was aiding and abetting the situation that way, Jeremy settled down. By then he was at full staff.

"Holy shit, Jeremy, you're hung like a fucking horse," Cory said.

'Man, I knew you were bigger than me, but -- damn!" Josh said.

"Well, I finally found something you can top me at," Matt said. "I'm glad my girlfriends never found out about this. They'd be dumping my ass and running off with you, pal."

Even Jeremy laughed at that, and as he settled down and Kate focused more on stroking his long member, he got into it.

"You really are beautiful, Jeremy. Take it from a woman, even if she is your mom. It feels magnificent!"

Kate took it in both hands and did something she hadn't done since Jack died -- because Jack had been the only man she had ever been with who had a long enough tool to make it possible.

She grabbed the base of Jeremy's cock with her left hand and the top with her right, then twisted her left hand clockwise and her right hand counter-clockwise. She would then loosen her grip and twist her hands back around to do it again and after a few like that, reversed the motion of each hand.

"Ohhhhh! God!!!! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!" Jeremy moaned, his body stiffening, but no longer in resistance.

"She's wringing you out, man," Matt said.

The head of Jeremy's cock, sticking out from Kate's small hands was swelling and turning purple.

Cory had let go of Jeremy's arms and he put them at his side, his fingers clawing at the carpet.

Kate noticed those huge balls had pulled back tight up to his body. She ceased the twisting motion, worked him with her left hand while her right hand squirted more lotion directly onto the towering phallus.

She worked it in with writhing fingers rather than a hand motion, running her index finger all along the underside of the rim of his cock head, with another finger tracing the line on the underside of the shaft from the head to the base.

"Ohhhh!" Jeremy let out, sounding more like a whimper that drew a couple of quiet chuckles from his fascinated friends. They had turned silent, watching a really good hand job that topped anything in the movie.

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