tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJill Kelly Goes To Prison Ch. 4

Jill Kelly Goes To Prison Ch. 4

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note: This is chapter 4 of an on going series, it leans heavily on Ch. 3, so it would be helpful to at least read that chapter first, if you don't have time to read them all. Thanks:

All of my stories can be found right here on the literotica web site.

* * * * *

Jill drove the truck back to April's house and helped April and Red into bed, as the two women were groggy from the night's events. She drove her car back to Connecticut and crashed herself.

It was a long week at the bookstore; work now seemed so mundane, compared to the sexual escapades her weekends had become. She drove back to Vermont on Friday for the prisoners wife's meeting. Jill was still little apprehensive when she first arrived, because she still hadn't talked to April about their sexually romp on Billy's bed. Jill entered April's house and noticed the women were already drinking, the lights were turned down and there were tons of candles burning, soft music played in the background.

"Jill you're just in time April was going to tell us about last Saturday night's party," Candy said as she greeted Jill.

Jill scanned the room, all the women were there, Beth, Candy, Red, and April. She also noticed they were all dressed in sexy lingerie.

"Jill go in the bedroom and put on some lingerie, and join us," April said, as she hugged Jill and kissed her on the forehead.

Jill went into the bedroom and found that there was a pile of lingerie on the bed. She fished through them, trying to find one that wasn't too reveling, unfortunately most of them where. She finally picked out a black mesh camisole with spaghetti straps, and matching G-string.

"Here we go again," she said to herself, as she saw her reflection in the mirror, "I've been here like five minutes and I'm next to naked again."

Jill walked into the living room to a chorus of hoots and hollers from the other women.

"April where did you get all the..." Jill started mumbling before cut of by April.

"I stole it!" April barked.

"C'mon April," Red said with a laugh, "she's just playing with yah Jill, we did a lingerie show last night, and we both got to keep some of the stuff instead of money."

Candy poured some wine in Jill's glass.

"April let's hear your story now that Jill's here," Candy purred.

"Well where was I, oh yah, I told you about Red dancing and then I went, ok so then I grabbed Jill by the wrist and she started dancing for Billy, remember Jill?" April said.

Jill just shook her head as the visions of last week quickly started spinning in her head. She took a seat on the coffee table just in front of April who was in the recliner while the other three women settled in on the couch.

"She started to unbutton her blouse, I don't know how she even did it, her hands were shaking so much," April said as the girls giggled.

"April do we really need to hear this?" An embarrassed Jill moaned, but Candy just threw a pillow at her.

"Hey some of us weren't there, I mean I can't believe you didn't call me, I love cake and ice cream," Candy said, as the girls giggled.

"Ok so she is down to her bra and panties and is just standing there when the music stopped, I see Red take the other guy and his sister out of the room," April said.

"Yah I though Jill might wet her panties," Red broke in with, "so I figured I would help her out, plus that girl Wendy was rubbing my naked ass and purring in my ear."

"Let me finish Red and then tell your side, I mean I want to hear about what went on in her room too," April barked, "now so after they leave Jill is just standing there shaking, so I asked Billy if he wanted to take of Jill's bra and panties, and he like jumps off the bed. He starts tugging at Jill bra, trying to unsnap it and he's like tugging and tugging. Jill's hooters are bouncing all around, it was pretty funny. Then thankfully he finally gets it undone and drops it on the floor, and then pulled her panties down in about a second flat, and sits back down leaving Jill just standing there butt naked."

Jill felt her face flush as April told her story, she also knew where it was going.

"So I grab his hand and bring it up to Jill's tit and she like freaking, he was squeezing away. I had to show him how or Jill would be minus a tit right about now. Well I look at Jill as we're both felling her up and she has her eyes closed as tight as she could, here face was as red... Well I figured we better move on, so then we had to check out her cute little ass next, of course he was more interested in her pretty little pussy instead," April said.

"Man Jill how did that feel?" Red moaned.

"Like I need so more wine," Jill cried.

"Then I see that he's all-hard, and naturally I ask him if he wants a blowjob. Wow did he freak, man I was so embarrassed, me and my big mouth. I shouldn't have asked, I should have just done it. I didn't know that his cousin didn't tell him that we would do more then just strip for him. So finally somehow we get him calmed down, so I finally get him to climb on top of me. He was so sweet, he was fumbling around at first, so I guided him into me and his face lights up like a Christmas tree, and then he pumps a few times and he's done," April said

"Sounds like my husband!" Candy gasped, as the room filled with laughter.

"I got a wash cloth and started to clean him up, and well we have lift off, so I put on another condom and ask him if he wants to do Jill next, and if you could have seen her face."

"You didn't even ask me!" Jill cried.

"If I did what would you have said," April hissed.

"No," Jill mumbled.

"That's what I figured, believe me Jill if someone needed to get laid at that point it was you." April said as the women giggled. "So he climbs on and Jill had her eyes closed again, I think Billy lasted a little longer this time. Jill seemed to like it after she finally relaxed, and then when he was done again, and then!"

"Please April," Jill interrupted, as she knew what was next.

"Jill there is nothing to be embarrassed about; it was pretty hot,"

"What happened?" The other girls cried.

"Well after Billy rolled off of her, she looked so sweet. I just went to kiss her and tell her that I would take it from here, but she kissed me back harder and stronger than I've ever been kissed before, and she even grabbed my hair, and well it was pretty powerful. WE JUST WENT AT IT! I knew that she probably just wanted or maybe just needed to cum, and well if there is one thing I can do.

"That's for sure," Red purred. "So Jill how was it?"

Jill was more than a little embarrassed, as she knew that she liked it, and that still scared her a little bit. She just took a big sip of wine.

"So anyways afterwards, Jill was all foggy and then she went night, night," April said

"Man again sounds just like my husband!" Candy hissed.

"So moving along, me and Billy jumped into his brother bed, and I looked him in the eyes and told him that I would do whatever he wanted for the night, tonight I would be his little sex slave, I announced to him."

"You didn't April, Oh girl you are so bad!" Red cried.

"Yah so what did he want?" Candy asked with excitement in her tone.

"Well at first he must have thought I was crazy, cause he just sat there, and then hesitantly he groans, please suck my dick. It was so funny, it was like he was testing his new found powers," April said, "I pushed him back and I take his dick in my mouth, and just kind of swirled my tongue around a little and then I put a condom on, so he would last longer and went back to work, but he still didn't last that long.

"Then he groaned that he wanted me to fuck him. While he wasn't lasting long, he had little down time, ah the joys of youth. Well anyways, so I climb on top of him, that was interesting, he kept slipping out, so basically I milked him with my pussy muscles. I think he just wanted to see my tits bounce around anyways, well he came again and I cleaned him back up. I thought that might be it, I mean I didn't want to kill the dude, but then he said he wanted to watch me play with myself." April said

"Wow, he didn't, what happened?" Candy cried out.

"I followed his order. Lets see, first I started by touching my breasts like this," April moaned, as she pulled her baby doll top off.

"I even licked my nipples guys love that," April moaned, as the girls watched as she licked her right nipple.

"They aren't the only ones," Red purred, "man I wish I could do that!"

"So then I slowly moved a hand down my body," April continued, as she also continued to demonstrate for the girls, "and of course I was already naked, so I think I'll just take these off.

April slipped her G-string off and sat back down and put her legs over the arms of the recliner.

"So then I started rubbing my pussy like this, man his eyes were wide as saucers, like they were when we saw them at the prison. I saw that he was totally focused on my pussy probing now so I brought my other hand down and spread my pussy lips for him as far as they would go like this," April moaned.

Jill looked around the group; they even seemed a little surprised that April would expose herself to the group like this, judging by their stunned looks.

"I saw him leaning forward for a closer look, I started to put a finger or two in my now dripping pussy, trying to open myself up for him even more. I just loved looking at his face, I knew that this was the first live pussy he saw, up close, his expression was priceless," April groaned.

The group of women watched as April continued to add more and more ferocity to her finger fucking. Jill was really feeling uncomfortable, she wanted to yell at April to stop it, but was hoping one of the other girls would instead.

"It was so cool, he started leaning even closer like he was trying to smell me, but then he flicked his tongue out, so I knew that he wanted to taste me as well. I stopped my finger fucking, but still left myself spread for him as basically he started lapping me like a puppy. It was so funny, and precious at the same time." April continued. "Candy would you do me a favor and play the Billy role and I will show you how he did?"

Jill gasped at the request, even Candy seem to have a problem with it, but April just snapped her fingers and Candy slowly dropped to the floor in front of April, even slipping her silk teddy over her head, per April's request, and joined April in the totally nakedness department.

"Ok Candy start simply licking my pussy up and down like a snow cone. Yah that's it, that's what he was doing, so I figured I'd let him experiment a little, and he was licking me all over real sloppily," April moaned, as Candy copied her words.

Jill moved over to the couch, as she fell strange sitting so close to the action. Although she was now sitting next to Red, whom she didn't notice earlier was rubbing her pussy, while watching the show.

"So I take my hand away and put them on his head, so I can guide him around. At first he was fighting me and then finally he got the hint, and followed my lead. I had him lick just around my clit like I like it, in circles, yah Billy, just like that!" April said, her voice trembling.

"Yes! Yes, I was moaning, oh yah, just like that Candy, I mean Billy, then he stopped, and we fucked some more, but if you stop Candy I will kill yah."

Jill, Beth and Red watched as Candy was slowly moving her head in small circles, Audible moans escaping from April's lips. April suddenly grabbed Candy's head and trusted forward, as she was basically fucking Candy's face.

"Man...Oh yah...Yah!" April screamed, as she was lost in ecstasy, "Oh...Wow, oh,"

April finally brought Candy's face up to hers, but Candy just broke away.

"Fucking bitch," Candy moaned, as her face glistened with pussy juice.

"Oh I'm sorry," April purred, "Honey really I guess I got a little carried away,"

"No shit!" Candy hissed.

"C'mon lets get you cleaned up," April purred as she led Candy into the bathroom.

"Man that was hot!" Red cried, as she looked at Beth.

"Hey don't look at me you know I just like to watch," Beth said, as she left saying something about needing an another drink.

"Ah yah a drink sounds good to me too," Jill mumbled as she followed Beth, as she was little scared to be left alone with the sexually desperate Red.

"C'mon, who is going to do my pussy?" Red cried. "Fuck, where is April's damn vibrator?" She moaned as she bounced into April's bedroom.

Beth and Jill had a brief conversation about Beth's kids before Beth had to leave to relieve the babysitter, leaving Jill to her wine. Jill was soon startled by a knock at the front door, she threw on a large sweatshirt and was even more startled when she opened it up. Standing on the porch holding a twelve pack of Budweiser and a couple of pizzas, was the young Deputy who had become a much more prominent fixture in her life recently, then she would have liked. She reluctantly let the young man, who dressed in a pair of black jeans and a university of Vermont T- shirt, look unbelievably less imposing to her, than he did in prison.

While Jill was surprised by the Deputy's invasion of their meeting, she was less surprised when the towel covered, April and Candy bounced into the kitchen, like they didn't even notice him.

"Pizza," they cried as dove in, as did Red, dressed in a silky bath robe, when she entered the kitchen. It was quickly apparent to Jill that the young man's appearance was a surprise only to her, as they all chatted away about food and the favorite local restaurants.

"Nice Sweatshirt Jill," April teased with a wink. Jill look down at the shirt, it had the words (Pussy Power) in big pink letters. She couldn't have picked the one the had Mickey Mouse on the front.

It wasn't long before the conservation turned back last weekends adventure. Jill wanted to crawl up and die when April repeated her story from earlier, only this time to the young Deputy, who kept flashing Jill surprised looks.

When April finally finished her story the whole group moved into the living room and it was Red's turn to tell her story.

"Well here goes, as soon as I hit Wendy's bed she dives in between my legs, man I was so wet, Danny was sucking my tits, biting my nipples, it didn't take long for me to cum, let me tell yah that Wendy girl knew what she was doing."

Jill was trying her best not to think about the young Deputy as Red was telling her story, but she couldn't, she couldn't believe that Red could talk about sex so freely with him there. She still viewed him as the enemy.

"So then I find myself on my hands and knees; Danny thrusts his smallish cock in my mouth. Wendy was still playing with my backside, next thing I feel something rather large enter me from behind. I freaked for a second but when I looked back, Wendy had a sly grin on her face as she was fucking me with a big black dildo." Red continued, "I felt Danny pulling back on my hair, I was kind of surprised that he didn't want to cum in my mouth, but he had other plans. I felt Wendy squirts some cool lotion on my anus, and Danny plans were soon uncovered. I was thankful that he wasn't really hung, because he was soon butt fucking me like there was no tomorrow."

Jill noticed the room was eerily quite during Red's story. Maybe the other girls were a little embarrassed by Red's story as well.

"Well after we all cleaned up, Danny said he wanted to watch me eat out Wendy's pussy. While I wasn't really surprised by this request, Wendy was. She was protesting and then it kind of hit me, them being cousins in all. It was kind of funny, it seemed Danny had been begging to see his cousin naked for some time and well he was using me as his opportunity He had me tell her how much I wanted to and how good I was and all that. I really was more turned on by the whole bargaining thing."

Jill noticed the Deputy move to the edge of his seat, glued to Red's story.

"Finally I lifted her skirt and just pushed her panties to the side, I figured I'd tease Danny a little. Well I wasn't surprised that she was dripping wet, while I was licking away, Wendy was starting to get into it. Well Danny used this to his advantage again as he pulled her T-shirt over her head. Wendy tried to protest, as she did when he leaned down and starting sucking on her nipples. I'm sure he was biting them as well, as she was crying out now and then." Red continued her story pausing only to take a sip of beer.

"When Danny had enough of this position he flipped Wendy over on her hands and knees. He grabbed her skirt and pulled it up to her stomach and then yanked her panties down, They were off before Wendy knew what hit her. He took some time pulling her ass cheeks apart, exploring her bare assets, her pussy was a deep pink, like April's, Ah sorry...Well he grabbed my hair and before I knew it, I was licking her anus, I guess that was his thing, maybe Wendy's as well as she was now totally into it, moaning and groaning away,"

The room was stone cold quite, Jill swore she could hear her heart beating

"Well I could hear her muffled cries and I could see that Danny now had his cock in Wendy's mouth, he had a good hold of her hair, he kept saying if you stop, she stops, he was defiantly flirting with the being forceful and being down right mean. I'll admit though it turned me on, and soon I was giving Wendy the tonguing of her life, she was soon bucking and shaking, I had to hold her in place, she was wild.

"When Danny was almost ready to burst, he had us lie down. Wendy facing one way me the other, but our heads side by side, and when he climbed on the bed and straddled my head, I knew what he had planned. Wendy started to protest but it was to late, as Danny erupted, for a small cock, he had a lot of cum, or maybe it just seems that way when it's all over your face.

"I felt a little bad for Wendy, as I helped her into the shower. We washed up and talked. I found out that she likes women, but loved her cousin, she wasn't even mad at him for taking advantage of her. Danny even joined us in the shower, and they acted like they were young lovers once again, go figure. I even felt left out and returned to her room and went to bed. I was actually just getting to sleep when April came into to get me."

"Wow Red that was some story!" Candy cried, the girls all seemed to take a deep breath simultaneously.

It seemed like the whole room also turned their attention to the Deputy sitting on the edge of his seat.

"Do we have a little problem there Deputy?" April asked, as the girls giggled as they noticed him shifting, trying to adjust the bulge in his pants. Jill was even giggling, happy that for once it was the Deputy's turn to feel a little embarrassment, if only for a moment.

The end of Ch 4.

Stay tuned for Ch 5.

What does the Deputy have in store for the ladies?

Please feel free to send me your comments and vote. Thanks for your time.

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