tagIncest/TabooJugs Ch. 04

Jugs Ch. 04


Once again I'd like to thank flim62 for his insights and help.

Chapter 04: Jugs Mom & Friends – Mrs. Andersen

Mom turned her head and looked at me and smiled. "You guys are something. That was EVERTHING that Meghan said it would be."

I sat up and looked at Traci. Who had seduced who, here?


"Mom? What the fuck? Meghan told you? You didn't say anything?" I had more questions but Mom shushed me and then Mom and I sat on the end of the bed and Traci just lay there.

Mom told us everything that had gone on with Meghan. "When we got home and Meghan was here, I had to know why. She and I came in here and even though Meghan was crying, she seemed entirely too at peace with Colin's behavior. We talked about what she should do about Colin and she decided to give him a second chance, depending on his attitude. Still, the calm way that Meghan approached all the issues worried me.

I asked her why she was so willing to forgive Colin so soon after she had caught him. She smiled a sexy, secretive smile and just said she had two very good reasons and that I should trust her judgment. I couldn't let it go that easily and badgered her about it.

Finally, Meghan said 'Are you sure you want to know?' and I said yes. I asked if she had gotten even, but, I had no idea how she had gotten that done so quickly. Then there was that smile, again. All she said was 'Pete and Traci'. I was confused and I told her as much. Then she laughed. Then she explained how the two of you seduced her and how the three of you spent the weekend making love. That's what she said, making love, not fucking."

Mom paused to search our eyes for any questions or disagreement. Finding none, she continued.

"Then, because we were sitting, right here, on this bed, she leaned over and kissed me. She kissed me like a lover, not my daughter. I tried to pull away, but, Meghan pushed me down and straddled me. She quickly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my breasts out of my bra. She kissed me again and worked her way down to my chest and then she suckled at my breast like she did when she was a baby, but, oh so much differently.

She started tugging on my skirt and finally when she got it up she rubbed my pussy through my panties. I was shocked, I was turned on, I was disgusted and I didn't want her to stop. I started moaning and then she pushed my panties aside and gently pushed two fingers into my pussy. I was stunned at how wet I was. Meghan, your big sister, then put her fingers, dripping with my juices, into her mouth. She moaned and withdrew them from her mouth and shoved them in my cunt again.

This time she put them to my mouth and I tried to refuse, but she wouldn't allow it. She wormed her fingers into my mouth and I found that I loved the taste of my juices. I had never, ever, tasted myself before. Meghan pushed two fingers in again, but this time she put her thumb directly on my clit and started rubbing. She then leaned back down and gave me another passionate kiss. She stayed on my lips with hers and teased me with her tongue while bringing close to orgasm with her fingers and then backing off. I desperately needed to cum and she wouldn't let me. Then she dipped her head to my nipple and lightly bit me as she increased the pressure on my clit.

Suddenly, she curled her finger and found what I assume is my g-spot. The orgasm ripped through me like a tidal wave. I started to scream and she covered my mouth with hers. I shook as she manipulated my clit and g-spot until I couldn't take it any more. I pushed her away and she sat up and smiled at me. Meghan went and got me a washcloth and helped me clean up.

As she was helping she pulled my panties aside again and licked my pussy. I immediately came again, and pushed her away. She took my head in her hands and kissed me. I told her that was the most amazing sexual experience that I'd ever had. Then, as I finally calmed enough to see the rest of you, she said something that has been driving me crazy."

Mom stopped to look at us and sat quietly while we absorbed what she had just told us. I couldn't take it anymore. "What did she say?"

Mom laughed and said "I knew you would break first, Pete."

"Meghan said, if you think this was amazing, wait until you fuck Traci and Pete!" Mom said, shaking her head. "I said, 'Meghan, I can't do that! They're my kids!' Meghan smiled and said 'so am I, MOM!' I've been thinking about it ever since that day. I tried to keep you guys apart, thinking that if you couldn't fuck for a while, you would drift apart.

Then, Pete, you wandered into the room, after I left the door open by accident, and you saw Dad and me. I might have been able to resist, but when you whipped out your rock hard cock and started stroking it, I figured I was lost. A couple of nights later I deliberately left the door open and attacked your father because I was sooooo horny thinking about you guys. When you came on my leg and I tasted you I knew I couldn't resist too much longer.

Seeing you two today just pushed me over the edge. I almost just ripped my clothes off and jumped in bed with you, but, once more I managed to resist. If you hadn't come in, Pete, at some point there would have been some other reason for me to jump you two, it was inevitable."

Traci lay there with her mouth hanging open. Mom turned and crawled between Traci and me. As she lay down on her stomach, she pushed me onto my back. She propped herself up on her elbows and gently thumbed my nipple with one hand and Traci's nipple with the other. Even though we had just had incredible sex and I had cum several times in the last couple of hours, her gentle touch in addition to her story was turning me on again.

My cock rose up from my stomach to take a look around. I heard Traci start to moan and I could feel the bed start trembling from her quivering body. Mom dipped her head to Traci's nipple and was laving it gently. I got up from the bed and Mom raised her head and looked at me curiously.

I smiled and said "You have tasted Traci, you know what I want, don't you?"

She giggled and nodded and went back to her loving task. I slithered between Traci's legs and threw them over my shoulders. I could see the dripping, drooling evidence that Mom was stimulating Traci tremendously. I touched my tongue to the sensitive, quavering lips of my sister's cunt. Traci's hips leapt off the bed, in familiar fashion.

I reached up and unfolded those beautiful, glowing wings to reveal her rosy core. I delved my tongue deeply into her and rested my nose on her clit. As I probed her depths with my tongue, my nose stimulated her and her trembling increased. I gently inserted my forefinger into her, under my chin and thumbed her rosebud also.

Between Mom and me, Traci was being stimulated from all directions. Without warning, Traci yelped that she was cumming and I was drenched in her honey. My big sister then pushed my head away. As she pushed my head away, she pushed Mom's away, too. Mom rolled over on her back and I simply moved over to her juicy cunt.

"Pete, no" Mom said "you just came in me. You don't want to do that, do you?"

I picked my head up and said "You don't think that I haven't followed myself before? I love Traci's honey, with or without my stuff, just like I love Meghan's juice. I'm certainly not passing up the opportunity to lick you. Mom."

I licked her and peered up at her. "I'm licking my Mom's sloppy cunt that I just fucked. Mom."

I was emphasizing 'Mom' every time I said it.

"Mom. Your baby boy is licking your wet, cum filled pussy. Mom." I said as I watched her eyes glaze over.

"Mmmmmm, my Mom tastes good. Doesn't she, my sister Traci?" I said teasingly.

Traci scooted down so that she was between Mom's legs with me. "Oooooh, Petey, can I share? I want to lick Mommy's pussy, too."

Traci slid in beside me and we alternated licking and rubbing Mom's cunt. Mom had dropped her head to the bed and started thrashing around. Traci's fingers curled deep inside our Mom and just like Traci, or probably more correctly, Traci was just like Mom, her hips bounced off the bed as she wailed that she was cumming.

I scooted up and wrapped my lips around a springy nipple. As I sucked and licked and teased, Traci kept up the pressure on Mom's gaping pussy. Mom was writhing and bouncing and squirming all over the big bed. I looked over at the mirror and almost came from the sight of the three of us. Mom on her back with Traci on her knees between Mom's legs, her magnificent tits swaying and swinging beneath her trembling body, and me mauling Mom's jiggling orbs.

"Mom, Mom, MOM!" I said trying to get her attention. Finally her heavy-lidded, glazed eyes fixed on mine. I whispered "Mom look at us, look at your children ravishing your body!"

Mom's eyes grew wide and she pulled me down with one hand to kiss me and to shove Traci's face deeper into her hungry cunt. I heard Traci's muffled cry as Mom gushed a huge shower of juices into Traci's face. The look on Mom's face was frantic as her body reached higher and higher into the eye of the orgasm hurricane. Mom was deeply flushed all over and she pushed my head away and then Traci's head away.

"Peeeete" she cried as she rolled over onto all fours. "I need your cock, fuck Mommy, baby, fuck Mommy as hard as you can!!"

I got behind her and thrust my throbbing dick into her boiling cauldron of a pussy. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. I slammed into her again and again, watching in the mirror as her tits were flying all over the place beneath her rocking body.

Traci slid beneath Mom and fed her neglected pussy under Mom's mouth once again. This time Mom attacked Traci's pussy savagely. I think Mom bit Traci as I felt her cunt clench tightly around my pole because Traci cried out in pain. I pushed deeply into Mom and my orgasm verged on pain as I was virtually dry. Mom finally collapsed onto Traci. She didn't move, other than faintly breathing for a long time.

Traci squirmed out from under her and looked at me. "Holy shit! Did we kill her?" Traci asked with panic and tears in her eyes. "We'll never be able to explain any of this to Dad!"

The pictures in my mind of Traci and me trying to explain this situation to our father struck me as hysterically funny. I started laughing and Traci looked at me like I was fucking nuts and told me as much.

I explained what I was envisioning. "Dad, no really, she loved it. She did Traci and me after she did Meghan. Nooo, it's not sick, it was fabulous. Well, up until we fucked her to death, it was great Dad." Traci smiled and then started giggling as she followed my story. Finally she was laughing as hard as I was.

Mom finally lifted her head. "What's so funny? Did I miss something?" she asked groggily. That sent us into another fit of laughter.

Mom's head dropped back onto the bed and we could tell she had fallen asleep. She was finally breathing normally and seemed to be OK, just tired. We covered her with a sheet and tiptoed out of her room.

"You wanna shower together?" I asked Traci.

"Jesus, Pete!" Traci nearly shouted at me, smiling. "Don't you ever get enough?!?!" She asked while looking at my cock, which was at half-mast and twitching.

"I just want to shower, Sis" I said as sincerely as I could "I think it would be nice if we could get cuddly in the shower. That's all I want."

Traci eyed me suspiciously "If you try anything, you won't be using THAT for a while!" as she pointed at my now wilting dick.

"OK, OK, I just want to be near you." I replied.

We went into the shower and I was very good. I washed Traci's back and her hair and held her gently under the warm water. My big sister surprised me and turned and gave me a sweet kiss and then laid her head on my shoulder. We stood there for a few minutes as the multiple jets of water sluiced over our bodies.

Finally, we got out of the shower and dried off. We went to our rooms and I put my sleep shorts on. I went to check on Mom and she was out like a light, so I closed her door. I then knocked on Traci's door and she told me to come in. She was sitting on the side of the bed. It looked like all she was wearing was one of Dad's old t-shirts.

"Hey." she said softly.

"Hey, yourself," I said. "What's up?"

She slowly shook her head. "Can you believe that shit? We just fucked our Mom....well technically I think she fucked us."

I sat beside her and gently put my arm around her shoulders, her head falling to my shoulder. "I have no clue what that was about. But I liked it!"

Traci elbowed me. "Asshole!"

"What?!? I said I liked it! Are you jealous?" I was confused.

"NO! Yes, I don't know." Traci said miserably.

"Let me get this straight, you're jealous because I fucked our mother?" I said, even more confused.

"You fucked her TWICE, Pete! You fucked her doggie, twice, Pete. I saw your face, you were in heaven." Traci said, pushing me away and burying her face in her hands.

I was dumbfounded, speechless and more confused than ever. "Traci, I don't understand. Are you jealous because I fucked her? Or are you jealous because I fucked her doggie?"

Traci sat quietly for a moment before wailing "I don't know! I just know that it hurt like hell seeing you enjoy Mom's cunt! I know I'm being silly but that's how I feel."

"Traci, I'm an eighteen year old guy. I think with my dick and you should know that. It's special with you and Meghan and Mom so don't be mad at me. I love all you guys." I was trying to explain myself.

Traci finally sighed "I know, I'm sorry. But would you sleep in here tonight? I don't want to sleep alone and Mom can't say much."

I waggled my eyebrows and grinned like a dirty old man. "Just sleep, little girl?"

"Asshole!" Traci growled as she lay down in the bed and dragged me with her.

"Ahhh," I said "everything is back to normal." I scooted in behind her and we spooned, falling asleep almost immediately.

I woke the next morning alone. Traci's t-shirt was on the bed and she was nowhere to be seen. I got up, went to the bathroom and then went looking for everyone. I wasn't sure how Mom was going to react and was nervous about seeing her. My fears were unfounded as she smiled radiantly at me when I found her by the pool, dressed only in bikini bottoms.

"Jeez, Mom, you're half naked!" I said, shocked.

She reached for her top and said "Oh sweetie, does this bother you? I can cover these up if you're embarrassed."

"No, no, wait, wait." I stammered as she lifted her top to cover her tits. She stopped and smiled at me.

"OK, which is it? Top or no top?" She asked sternly as she held the top in front of her.

"Ppplease llleave it off, Mmmom. IIII lllove yyyour, tttits!" I stuttered as I realized what I was saying to my mother. I just stood there, my face on fire.

That cracked her up and she lost her straight face. As she laughed I was taken with her swaying tits and big rubbery nipples. I know I had a lustful gaze on my face and a pocket rocket ready for liftoff. I took a step towards her as she recognized my intentions.

"Whoa, big fella, stop right there!" she said after she had stopped laughing. "I didn't mean to imply that anything was going to happen. I just wanted to tease you. We're going to step back and take a breath."

She continued as she held the bikini top in front of her. "If this is too much for you to stand, I will cover up." She stopped and looked at me.

"OK, I'll be good, please don't cover up." I said.

She dropped her top and lay down on the chaise lounge. "You'd better be!"

I stood and stared for a minute, and then I went in to get something to eat. The phone rang and I answered it. It was Mrs. Andersen and she asked to speak to Mom. I took the phone out and handed it to her.

After she said hello I reached with both hands and palmed her tits, knowing she couldn't say anything. She glared at me but didn't move. I dipped my head to her tit and sucked a nipple into my mouth. I nipped it with my teeth and she gasped, as I bit her and reached down and quickly rubbed her pussy.

"Oooooh Pete!" she gasped. "I'm sorry Vi, Peter is eating breakfast and just bit down on something hard and I was afraid something had been hurt. No, he's OK." she explained to Vi Andersen as she glared at me again.

I figured I had pushed my luck enough and went to get the stuff to clean the pool. She was still on the phone and from her end of the conversation she and Mrs. Andersen were making plans to go away. Pretty soon she hung up and called me over.

"Dad and Mr. Andersen are going on their golf trip to Myrtle Beach at the end of the week. Mrs. Andersen thought it would be fun for just the two of us to go to the lake for a few days and I agreed." Mom explained. "Mrs. Andersen made arrangements for Billy, Bobby and your little brother Chris to stay with Billy and Bobby's cousins at their cabin. There's only one catch."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Calida has to work next week and Mrs. Andersen does not want her staying alone." Mom continued. "I volunteered you and your sister as roommates next week."

I was ecstatic. I would have a chance to spend a few days around Calida. She looked a lot like her mom. They were of Mediterranean heritage, black shiny hair, olive skin, huge brown eyes and short smokin' hot bodies. They were barely over five feet tall with full tight asses and small to medium tits. In short; both of them were gorgeous.

With their heritage and appearance, their first names did not fit with the Nordic sounding Andersen. Mrs. Andersen's full first name was Violante, but she rarely used it and just went by Vi. She often complained that her name was mispronounced more than Ralph Fiennes.

Calida Andersen and I had graduated together a couple of months before. We were casual friends because of our parents, but we did not run with the same crowd. She hung with the jocks and cheerleaders and I was more bookish. Don't get me wrong, I loved sports and played basketball, touch football and baseball, but I was never talented enough to play with the varsity. I got along with Calida's entire group, but I was never really part of it because I never lettered.

I was quiet, thinking of all kinds of possibilities and Mom misunderstood my silence. "Is this going to be a problem? I know you guys didn't hang out in school, but I always thought you got along."

"Mom, it's not a problem. I know Callie and I were never close, but, we were, are, friends. I was just thinking about Callie, because I haven't seen her since graduation." I replied.

Mom grinned "Is that all?"

"Maybe." was all she got in response and she laughed and shook her head as she went into the house.

I went back to cleaning the pool and thinking of Traci and Callie. Mom came back out fully dressed, much to my disappointment, and said she was going shopping with Mrs. Anderson and left. I still hadn't seen Traci. I finished with the pool and went to my room and found a note from Traci, thanking me for spending the night with her and "being nice". Traci had never written a note to me before and I was confused.


Mom's Story

I took the call from Vi and was pleasantly surprised that she wanted the two of us to go to the lake together. We had always been 'family friends' not necessarily girlfriends. I had always really liked Vi but recently she had been, well, not standoffish, but let's say cool towards me as friends, so this was surprising and welcome.

I changed what little I had on. Pete was funny when I teased him. I know he thought he was being cool but I could tell that my nakedness had him totally unglued. He did get me back by groping me when I was on the phone, though I suppose I deserved it.

I put on a nice casual summer dress and stayed braless, feeling a little adventurous. When I walked out I could tell that Pete was disappointed that I was dressed, but, he'd get over it. I pulled up in front of Starbucks and Vi was standing with her back to the sun waiting for me.

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