Junky Chronicles Ch. 03


Natalie reacted almost instantly, she punched him, breaking his nose and walked out the door. She raced to Alice's house, she just knew that Megan would be with Alice after the rejection her friends had clearly shown her. Natalie barged through Alice's door, finding Alice sitting on the couch with a large glass of wine and a disembodied look in her eyes. Sweat glistened on every inch of her skin that was visible, her face pale and her hands shaking, almost spilling the dark red liquid. She lifted the glass to her lips, still unaware of Natalie's presence.

''Baby girl?'' Natalie asked gently.

Alice looked at her, her eyes looking but not seeing, ''What are you doing here?''

''I love you, baby girl. Of course I would come, what they said baby girl, it's no true. I love you and you are the only thing that matters to me,'' Natalie pleaded.

''No, Nat they were right. Every single word they said was true, Nat open your eyes, see what is in front of you instead of what you want to see,'' Alice said, her mind and body still removed. Her pulse was racing, her body burning and all she wanted to do was sleep, her whole body told her to simply close her eyes, it would be better that way, but Natalie was not supposed to be here, she was not supposed to see this.

Natalie took her in her arms, holding the shaking body close, ''What is there to see but my love for you? Baby girl, nothing matters but you,'' Natalie looked into what she still believed to be Megan's eyes, pulling those lips up to her own.

Natalie kissed her softly, her lips molding to those of her love, moving in a dance that she so loved and cherished. She put her soul into that one kiss. Alice kissed back with her last bit of energy, feeling her both her body and mind leaving her. She used what she had left to show Natalie how much she loved her and how much Megan had loved her, soon this would be over, everything will end.

''Leave Nat, before it's too late. Just leave,'' Alice breathed, lowering her head, barely able to hold her own wait. Her knees gave way and she plummeted to the ground.

''What did you do? MEGAN! Answer me, baby girl, what did you do?'' Natalie asked frantically, on the verge of hysteria.

''It doesn't matter, just go Natalie. I beg you to leave,'' Alice whispered, barely audible. Her eyes were closing and she felt herself fading fast.

''Stay with me baby girl, I'm calling an ambulance,'' Natalie said, unable to fight the tears that flowed freely.

''NO! Natalie let me go, what we did to try and save what you and Megan had was a disaster. I am not her, I will never be. It's over now, let it be,'' Alice's eyes shut, her breathing became shallow and Natalie sat next to her, watching the life fade from her.

Her brain refused to accept what Alice had said, she still saw her wife. Natalie loved her too much to let go and too much to deny her what he had asked for. She held onto the lifeless body, crying silently for the love that she had lost once again. She was unable to save her wife for a second time and guilt filled her being. Natalie had sworn to protect her no matter what and her she was for the second time, holding her wife and the illusion of her wife, unable to do anything but watch her fade.

That was a pain Natalie could not bear, the last pieces of a dream died in her arms. She sobbed body rattling tears, never once letting go of what she believed to be her wife. Not long after Devon and Kaz walked through the door into a scene that shattered their lives for the second time in six months. They acted quick, phoning an ambulance and attempting to drag Natalie away. She refused to let go, she believed that it was their fault that her wife was now gone forever. In that moment she hated them with everything in her.

''You killed her,'' Natalie said in a cold voice. She looked into the familiar faces but no longer recognized them.

Neither responded, they knew that all three of them played equal parts in the events that led to the death of their friend. There was nothing that could ever change that, they now had to face the consequences of their actions and pray that they survive them. When the EMTs' arrived Natalie finally let go, they gave their statements to the police and when Natalie as done she left. Kaz and Devon were still giving statements, Natalie gave them one last look and got in her car. She drove to her house, packed her bags and a few pictures of her and Megan together, loaded it in the trunk of her car and started driving to nowhere in particular. She drove to wherever the road may take her, as long as it was far from where she was.

Natalie drove for hours, through small towns and green scenery, up and down mountains, still unsure of here the road and her subconscious mind was taking her. The highway got busy, cars piling at intersections and the air stuffy and hot. Her skin felt sticky in the change of climate and she realized where she was and where she was headed next. Durban, the city where she and Megan had gotten married, they had the family private beach set up and had said their vows under a gazebo. Natalie kept driving until she entered Ballito, a few more turns and she drove into her family estate. She walked next door and retrieved the spare keys from the neighbors. She entered the large, empty mansion. No sign of life simply furniture and family pictures hanging on the walls.

Chapter Twenty Three 10 June 2006

Natalie came home, teddy bear and roses in hand, she walked through the door, a massive grin on her face. Megan came from the kitchen and for a second simply stared at her wife, it has been six years and Natalie still took her breath away. She had also realized that Natalie still amazed her everyday, never letting up on letting her wife know that she was the only woman for her. It's easy to take these things for granted because you get used to it, but Megan always appreciated every small gesture.

''Hey, baby girl,'' Natalie beamed, ''I found this teddy and it will look so nice in Logan's room.''

''That's if we have space for him in the room after everything you have bought,'' Megan said laughingly, circling her arms around Natalie's waist. '

'Then we'll make the room bigger, oh and these are for you,'' Natalie said showing the flowers to Megan.

''I was hoping for a kiss, but thank you,'' Megan reached up and softly kissed Natalie. Natalie touched Megan's belly, at eight months pregnant she looked more beautiful than ever. She bent down and kissed her belly.

''Hey buddy, your mommy and I can't wait to meet you. Oh and I need to ask you to stop kicking mommy on her bladder. It's disturbing when she runs to bathroom every five minutes,'' Natalie teased while rubbing Megan's belly.

''Hey!'' Megan protested playfully, running her fingers through the kneeling Natalie's hair.

Natalie stood up and took Megan's face in her hands, ''God, Love you so much.''

''And I love you,'' Megan smiled and kissed Natalie. Natalie pulled her closer, feeling the bump of their unborn son pushing into her own stomach. Her hands traveled down to Megan's ass, squeezing it tightly and pulling her in closer. Megan got lost in the kiss; she felt a wetness growing between her thighs and a need of closeness that she only felt with Natalie.

''Baby, your parents are going to be here any time now,'' Megan protested.

Natalie looked at her watch, ''we have an hour.''

"Baby, I have to finish the food," Megan mumbled while Natalie nibbled on her neck, "Oh God."

"Not... Stopping... Need... Loving... From... You," Natalie said back between kisses.

Megan pulled Natalie closer, her defenses broken down and she gave in to the sensations that Natalie was creating in her body. Natalie scooped Megan up in her arms and carried her to their room, she laid her pregnant wife down and took her own shirt off. Megan raised herself to touch Natalie's bare skin, loving the warmth that always inanimate from her. Natalie reached down and pulled Megan's shirt off and removed her bra, her breasts had grown from a B cup to a full C and Natalie absolutely loved their weight and tenderness. Without hesitation Natalie sucked a nipple into her mouth, her hand reaching for the other one. Megan was already panting, her breasts were extra sensitive and under Natalie ministrations she was sure she would go over the edge in no time.

Natalie's lips were soft on her nipples and the soft biting created a contrast that set fireworks off in Megan's body and mind. She started bucking her hips, desperately seeking for any contact to her throbbing pussy. Natalie was beside her, not wanting to create any pressure on her baby bump and this frustrated Megan. But before she could give it too much thought Natalie switched breasts and Megan clutched her head to her breast, only allowing her enough space to breathe and then colorful shapes appeared before her eyes and she was panting desperately. An orgasm rocked through her body, her hips bucked wildly and her voice caught in her throat.

Megan pulled Natalie's face up to her own and kissed her tenderly, Natalie's hands roaming over the cocoon of their unborn son. She kissed down Megan's neck, collarbone and planted a quick peck on each breast. She stopped at Megan's baby bump, wearing her largest smile she kissed the bump.

"Hey, buddy. For the next part you need to close your eyes and ears, your mommy tends be a little loud and I don't want you to be deaf," Natalie smiled and looked at Megan.

"HEY! You can't tell those things to him," Megan said laughingly, still anticipating what she new was to come.

"I have to warn him," Natalie joked back.

"Yeah, yeah," Megan smiled and ran her hands through her lover's hair.

Natalie placed her lips on the belly one more time before continuing her journey. She undid Megan's jeans and pulled her underwear off along with the jeans, kissing down Megan's leg, she threw the clothes into a corner and made her journey back up the other leg. Her hands massaged Megan's thighs and pulled them apart a little bit more, her tongue snake out of her mouth and around Megan's clit. She was immediately rewarded with a sharp intake of breath.

Megan laid her head back and tried to prepare herself for the onslaught that was to come. Her hands clasped the sheets when Natalie flicked her clit, sending new sensations through her nerve-endings. Natalie ran two fingers up and down Megan's slit while running her tongue over her clit, when her fingers were dripping with Megan's juices, she slowly entered Megan.

"Oh fuck," Megan panted.

Natalie pumped her fingers in and out of Megan, slowly and tenderly at first, picking up pace as Megan's breathing quickened. Megan felt a massive orgasm build within her, she lifted her hips and bucked them wildly. She rode Natalie's face and fingers until she saw stars and screamed incoherently. But she knew her lover, this was simply the beginning. Natalie didn't stop and drove Megan to three more orgasms before letting up and giving her lover a shiny and toothy grin. Megan's hair tuck to her forehead from the excursions, beads of sweat all over her body. Natalie kissed their son one more time and planted her wet face on Megan's for a deep kiss.

"My turn," Megan declared, "come on, get up here. You know the drill."

Natalie removed the remainder of her clothing, got on her knees and lowered herself on Megan's face, always careful when doing so. Megan hooked her arms around Megan's thighs and pulled her lover down onto her over-eager mouth. Megan wasted no time and lavished her lover's pussy almost immediately, her tongue worked feverishly on Natalie's clit and Natalie was panting heavily, holding onto the headboard for support. Megan's tongue traveled lower and entered Natalie, she pumped her tongue in and out while her fingers stimulated Natalie's clit. Natalie's knuckles turned white as she grabbed onto the headboard, trying to avoid falling over. Before long she was gasping while an orgasm racked through her, causing her to tremble.

Megan helped her trembling lover down and lied down beside her, wrapping her arms around Natalie and holding her close while the aftermath of the orgasm subsided.

"God, you're good at that," Natalie declared when she found her voice again.

"I had a great teacher," Megan said kissing her wife.

Their moment was interrupted by the doorbell and Megan looked at Natalie shocked, "shit baby! They're here and I can't answer the door looking like this."

Natalie laughed, "God, I love how you still get nervous when my parents come over. I'll get the door, you go shower so long."

Natalie got up and started putting her clothes on while Megan rushed into the bathroom. She smiled to herself, she was still as in love with her like the first day. She rushed down the stairs and opened the door for her family. Her father gave her the 'I know what you were doing before we got here' look and her mother wanted to kiss her, but Natalie quickly turned her cheek. She thought it might be weird to kiss her mother with the remnants of her and Megan's love making still on her lips.

"Hi guys, come in," Natalie said happily.

"Why don't you want to kiss your mother?" Heather asked, eyeing her daughter.

"Uhm, I uhm, haven't brushed my teeth," Natalie said blushing.

Brian burst out laughing and hugged his daughter, "was it good?"

"It always is, dad," Natalie smiled.

She greeted her grandmother and led them to the kitchen so they could each grab something to drink and settled in the living room.

"Where's Megan?" Helen asked.

"She's making herself look pretty for you guys," Natalie smiled.

"Oh, so tell me, what is the expected birth date?" her mother asked, beaming with the excitement of becoming a grandmother.

"18 July, I can't wait anymore," Natalie said almost jumping up and down on the couch.

Helen smiled, she loved seeing her granddaughter so happy, but she still couldn't shake this feeling that has been creeping around inside her for the last week. It was not a good feeling and she was scared for her family, somehow she knew that this was going to affect them all, but she feared for Natalie the most. She could not describe the feeling if she tried, but she knew in her heart that something was wrong.

Megan came down the stairs a few moments later, Brian immediately got up to greet his daughter in law, "you are just as beautiful as Heather when she was pregnant," he said and kissed her.

"Thanks dad," she smiled and greeted her mother-in-law next, "you are simply glowing," Heather smiled.

"Thanks mom, you look great," Megan responded and accepted a hug from Helen.

Natalie kissed her blushing wife and ran upstairs to have her own shower. A feeling of dread overcame her, this feeling had been stalking her for a week now, but tonight it was stronger, almost overwhelming her. She pushed the thoughts aside and continued her shower. She wasn't going to give this feeling space, not tonight. Her family was here and she planned on having a good time with them.

When she came back downstairs her family was in the kitchen, her grandmother came to her and lowered her voice, "Nat, something is not right."

"I feel it too, ouma. But there's nothing we can do about it. It scares me," Natalie said truthfully.

"You just protect your wife, she loves you. Come, let's go eat," Helen said and led her to the kitchen.

Now Natalie couldn't fight the dread, it filled her very being. She walked to Megan and kissed her, "I love you so much."

Megan kissed her again, "and I love you, baby."

The doorbell rang and Natalie looked around the room, "it's probably Devon or Kaz."

She opened the door and saw three men in skim asks standing by the door, the one pushed her inside and spoke, "you took her from me and now you will pay."

Natalie tried to think desperately, she had to warn her family to get away, she prepared to move and then a gun was pushed into her face. The other two stood by his side and watched, "I was supposed to have married her, not you. You ripped my life apart," suddenly Natalie recognized him.

She had never met Shaun, but she knew all too well how upset he was when Megan left him. All she could think about was getting a warning to her family, "well, here we are. Leave the gun and let's have a fair fight."

"Oh, I don't intend on fighting, I am going to kill you after I make you watch Megan die. Homosexuality is a sin and you dragged a beautiful and innocent woman into your world of sin," he said in cold voice.

"Natalie? Who's there?" Brian asked and walked into the living area. He froze in his tracks, the man with Shaun raised his pistol and fired one shot, straight into Brian's heart. He collapsed onto the ground, blood pouring from the wound and pooling around him.

The rest of Natalie's family rushed to the sound and Natalie ran to her father, "dad! Dad, stay with me!"

Natalie looked up and saw the shocked faces of her family, her mother collapsed next to her, sobbing over her husband's body. Another shot echoed in the room and Heather collapsed over husband's body. Natalie's brain stopped working and another shot echoed, Helen fell to the floor, her body limp.

Natalie stepped in front of Megan, trying to protect her. Megan's face was pale, she stood frozen on the spot. Shaun removed his mask, "I want you to see my face when I kill both of you."

"This is between me and you Shaun. Let Megan go," Natalie pleaded.

"NO! This is both your faults and you will both pay for your sin," he said raising his pistol.

BANG! Natalie felt the burning in her arm, she fell to the floor involuntarily and a second shot echoed from the pistol. Natalie lay there and watched Megan fall to the floor, blood seeping from her stomach, her own wound forgotten she rushed t her wife's side and applied pressure to the wound.

"Look at me, baby girl. Stay with me," Natalie choked up at the sight of the life draining from her wife's face.

"I... Lo... Love... Yo.... You... Fo...For... Ev..." Megan's head fell to the side and her eyes turned glassy.

"I am going to kill you, you motherfucker!" Natalie shouted, but he was one step ahead.

Natalie looked into the barrel and BANG! A bullet pierced her chest and she fell backward next to her wife. The men scrambled out of the house when they heard the approaching sirens and Natalie's world went black.

Chapter Twenty Four 22 December 2006

Natalie woke up in a cold sweat, her body trembling and tears brimming in her eyes. The world came into focus and Natalie's brain started unraveling the events that had led her to Durban. Alice was dead, and it was her fault, she had driven Alice to end her own life. Suddenly she remembered everything with clarity, she reached for her phone and dialed detective du Plessis' number.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Shaun Eckert. He killed my family, he had two friends with him," Natalie said urgently.

"What?" he asked.

"This is Natalie Scott, and I just told you who killed my family. Now stop fucking around and go get him," Natalie disconnected the call and made one more phone call.

She phoned Devon and told him the same, she hung up before he could ask too many questions and threw a jacket on. 'Heroin, I need a fix,' was her only thought, tears staining her face, she needed to forget and heroin made her forget. Her emotions were blocked, no tears came and no sadness felt. She knew that if she didn't get a fix she would experience withdrawal symptoms and every single emotion that she has managed to block will come down on her like a ton of bricks and crush her under its weight. She simply couldn't let it happen, she wouldn't allow herself to feel even a fraction of the pain she felt when her family died.

Finding a dealer in big cities was easy, she drove to the main beach in Durban, parked her car and called to a car guard. He came running, any opportunity to make some quick cash was a God send to them.

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