tagMind ControlKindling Ch. 03

Kindling Ch. 03


Kindling III – Lily

She couldn't understand how all at once a feeling could be so wonderful and so terrible. Wonderful in the way she felt so sexual, so sensual, able to attract anyone she wanted and give them pleasure like nothing they'd experienced. Terrible in the way she was constantly, desperately aroused; frozen on the brink of orgasm in a way her fingers could do nothing about. She'd used her fingers, and her new toys, over and over in the hours since her friends had left, but it hadn't helped. If anything, the tiny little cums she'd been able to elicit made things worse ... it kept her wanting more. And when Lily was able to strip it down to its essence, she knew there was only one thing she really wanted.

The Hot Blond.

She'd first heard the phrase a month ago; two guys at work, chatting in the hallway, talking about "The Hot Blond". Lily paid them no mind, but she knew immediately who they were talking about. Juliet was the company's newest intern, her arrival had been only slightly less conspicuous than an exploding hand grenade. For three days, none of the straight men or the lesbians who liked them femme got any work done; they were all scrambling to find out what this girl's deal was. The picture of her boyfriend on her desk and the rock on her left ring finger answered all the important questions, and even though there'd been a fair amount of disappointment as the news worked its way through the grapevine, no one could hold it against her. The sweetness and kindness with which she conducted herself, and the competency with which she did her duties made that impossible. That she'd be brought on as a full time employee the moment her internship ended was a given around the office.

All Lily knew was she had to have her.

"So ... take her!" the voice in Lily's head demanded. She looked at the paper bag that contained her toys and her share of the wood chips. Lily grabbed her phonebook and quickly found the address.

The drive, which took 25 minutes, was a blissful torture. Lily's whole body was trembling with anticipation as she parked, then exited, her car. An old woman was entering the apartment building as she arrived, Lily simply followed her in. She took a deep breath, to steady herself, at the door to the unit. She knocked.

"Lily, what a surprise!" Juliet said, and she did look surprised. But pleasantly so.

"Hey, sorry to just show up like this."

"No problem, come on in," Juliet stepped aside. "What's up?"

"My car dies," Lily explained, "and I knew you lived around here. Do you mind if I use your phone to call a tow truck?"

"You poor thing! The phone's over here and I'll keep you company 'till they show up."

Lily dialed the number to her home phone and requested a two from the voice on her answering machine. Juliet was still in her work cloths; a pair of tight dress pants that showed off her lines to mouth watering effect and a soft, pastel colored sweater. Her loosely permed hair cascaded past her shoulders, her deep blue eyes twinkled with sympathy.

Juliet possessed a thin, luscious body that was a gift from the heavens, the kind that required no exercise or surgery whatsoever. Her facial features were sharp, yet delicate with a button nose and pointed chin. Juliet's beauty was the kind that made some women, many women, jealous. All it did was make Lily wet.

"They said it'll take about an hour," Lily said apologetically as she hung up the phone.

"Don't worry about it. How was the camping?"

"Great. How was work?"

"Same old, same old," Juliet chuckled. :What's in the bag?"

Lily smiled, "Do you like incense?"


"I found this great stuff up north," Lily explained. "Get a big bowl and I'll show you."

Juliet went into the kitchen and returned with a metal mixing bowl. Lily placed wads of paper in the bowl, then a handful of chips. Juliet picked up one of the chips.

"This is incense?"

"It's a little different," Lily conceded, "but you'll like it."

With a shrug, Juliet dropped the chip into the bowl and handed Lily matches.

"Have a seat," Lily ordered and Juliet sat on the couch. Lily struck the match and peered over the flame to look at Juliet. The blond stared back, the very picture of trusting sweetness. A delicious shudder worked it way up Lily's spine. She let the match fall into the bowl.

The chips sparked, then the flames roared up. Lily had only seen the effect outdoors, it was far more intimidating in a confined space. Her head snapped back to follow the orange/blue jet; it actually singed the ceiling before calming itself.

Juliet stared into the flame intently, lips slightly parted, the tip of her tongue just visible. Already she was breathing deeply, each one following quicker than the last. Lily took a seat on the couch and slipped a hand under her skirt and gently rubbed herself as she watched Juliet's gradual enthrallment. Her breathing quickly came to match Juliet's.

She came out of the trance with a sharp gasp, as though coming up for air from underwater, then fell gracefully into Lily's waiting arms. Lily kissed at her fiercely, pushing herself forward. But as fast as Lily wanted to go was how slow Juliet went. The Hot Blond pressed the palms of her hands to Lily's shoulders, keeping the brunette at bay but never pushing her away. With a frustrated growl, Lily restrained herself and settled for massaging Juliet's small breasts through the sweater. Juliet liked this. She pushed her tits into Lily's hands.

The kiss was long and slow, jaws working, tongues moving. Juliet's fingers gripped Lily's shoulders as Lily played with the hardening nipples. Gradually, Juliet pulled Lily closer until their breasts just touched. Lily's hands dropped to the other girl's hips.

Softly, so gently Lily almost didn't notice, Juliet's hand drifted to the bare portion of Lily's thigh, where her skirt had ridden up. Fingernails scraped slowly up Lily's tingling skin as Juliet's hand floated higher and higher. Lily spread herself. The hand wandered under the skirt, gliding over moist, warm skin so slightly it made Lily tremble. When the fingers pressed against the front of her panties, Lily groaned. Her own hand moved to caress Juliet's pussy; this time the blond made no move to stop her.

"My boyfriend will be home soon," Juliet protested. She continued to finger Lily's quim.

Lily blinked with shock and desperation, "We could go to my place."

"I don't think I can wait that long," Juliet looked around the room. "I have an idea."

She stood, retrieved a keychain from atop a bookcase and motioned for Lily to follows. The pair went to the building's third floor and unlocked a door halfway down the hall.

"This friend of mine is out of the country for the next week," Juliet explained. "I'm feeding her cat."

The pussy was sitting in the middle of the living room, staring at them as the two scurried into the apartment. Juliet was aggressive now, pinning lily to the closed door as she unbuttoned the brunette's blouse. With the shirt open, she reached in to unclasp the bra, then ran her hands up Lily's chest, pushing the bra and shirt off in a single motion. Juliet bent down to take a nipple between her lips.

"You have such beautiful boobs," she whispered. "I've always wanted tits like yours."

Lily pulled Juliet up. As they kissed she slipped her hands under the blonde's sweater and ran them up the ribs just to let Juliet know she didn't think there was ANYTHING wrong with her tits. Juliet raised her arms, so Lily kept going. The sweater dropped to the floor. Juliet wore a wispy, foam green bra, which soon joined the sweater of the floor. Her tiny red nipples contrasted like anger with her milky skin. Again, they came together. Lily's skirt fluttered down her legs.

Juliet pulled away, taking Lily's hands. She flashed her most brilliant smile, the one that brought all their co-workers to their knees.

"This way," she whispered.

Lily was led to the bedroom. Juliet sat on the edge of the mattress and, still holding hands, pulled Lily down. This kiss was the hottest yet. Lily quickly undid Juliet's belt and unhooked the clasp on the pants. Juliet fell back and lifted her hips. Lily pulled the slacks off. Juliet's panties matched the bra ... Lily peeled them off slowly, Juliet whimpered softly when they finally came free.

Lily rose to her full height, shoulders back, chest out. Slowly swinging her hips she rolled her black panties down her thigh. Juliet stroked herself as she watched Lily strip. Lily stepped out of the flimsy nothing and crawled onto the bed. Juliet slid back to allow her the room.

They were parallel on the bed, Lily on all fours, Juliet on her back. Lily took a moment to breath in their mingled, heady scents before she pivoted, slinging her leg over Juliet's body. She lowered herself, feeling her breasts flatten against Juliet's stomach. The blonde's legs slipped under Lily's arms then locked across the shoulder blades. Lily's arms wrapped around Juliet's thighs, her hands stopping at the sodden twat, her fingers peeling apart the sticky folds. She could feel Juliet doing the same to her. Juliet's cunt was as fresh and as sweet as she imagined it would be.

This was just about Lily's favorite, being the top of a 69 with another frenzied slut licking her out, feeding that other girl as much or as little of her pussy as she wanted, closing that circuit of pleasure and lust, making her cum, knowing she'd be next because it was the only thing in the world that mattered to that delectable little thing on the bottom.

Juliet was screaming out her release, her cries stifled by Lily's cunt. She savaged Lily's twat, thrusting deeply with her tongue to scoop out as much of the brunette's essence as she could. The flavor filled her mouth ; Juliet had never tasted anything so wonderful. Lily's head snapped back, her cries of joy filled the room. Her body rocked back and forth, pulling Juliet forward and back as her mouth remained glued to Lily's cunt. Chocking, whining noises spat from Lily's throat, through gritted teeth, then loud, heaving gasps. Then Juliet's teeth found Lily's clit.

"Ohhh ... ohhh ... God ... oh God ... oh God ... oh God!" Lily shook violently as she screamed. When her orgasm abated, she dismounted Juliet and lay back. They kissed tenderly, slipping into a light sleep.

The light outside had faded considerably when Lily came to. Juliet was already awake, placing gentle kisses on Lily's neck and shoulder, her hand lightly stroking Lily's wet pussy. Their mouths met, signaling both were ready for more. Lily rolled off the bed.

"I'll be right back," she promised. Juliet's eyes burned with lust as Lily left the room. She retrieved her strap on from the paper bag. She'd had to bargain with Anne back at the cabin for it, eventually surrendering the DVD's she'd been allotted as well as a promise of a whole day of sexual servitude. As Lily tightened the straps around her hips, it seemed a small price to pay. Juliet grinned with anticipation when lily returned. As soon as she saw the phallus, she rolled to her stomach and lifted her beautiful ass high in the air, legs spread. Lily climbed back on the bed and took her position behind Juliet. Lily pressed the head of the shaft to the blonde's slit.

"Ready to get fucked?" she whispered, allowing a hint of menace to seep into her voice. Juliet nodded rapidly, making a submissive noise as she did. Lily pushed the bulbous head into the dripping folds.

Lily was amazed how tight Juliet was. The blond pushed back steadily, impaling herself on the dildo. The air seemed to rush out of her body, as if it were making room for the dong.

"Keep ... going," she moaned.

Finally, the dildo was buried all the way to its base. Lily froze and enjoyed the view as Juliet trembled beneath her. She pulled back slowly and pushed forward again, sinking the plastic all the way in with a single stroke. Juliet made a noise halfway between a moan and a sob. Very quickly, Lily was pounding the dildo as hard and fast as she could. Juliet growled like an animal as she fucked Lily back. When the orgasm hit, Juliet collapsed t the bed with a scream. Lily landed atop her.

There was no need for words. When they'd recovered their senses, they rose from the bed. They dressed each other slowly, lovingly, then made their way back to Juliet's apartment. Her boyfriend was there; he was staring catatonically into the bowl and the dying embers. He did nothing to indicate he ever noticed them. Juliet ignored him. She quickly packed a bag with a few essentials, then followed Lily to the car. They drove quickly back to Lily's apartment. There was so much more she wanted to teach the hot blond.

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