Last Night…


Author's Note: This is my twenty-ninth story. It is a recounting via email to one of my closest friends about the first night of sexual pleasure 2 days shy of my one year anniversary of being celibate. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Last night Alex came over. The whole point was so he could give me a massage and I agreed to a kiss beforehand. So he comes over, knocks on the door and I let him in, he asks for a hug so we hug. We chat about him getting lost for a minute then he tells me to lay down.

He gives me a GREAT half hour massage and then I offer to give him one in return. He lies down and I begin massaging him. Once I slow down and ask if it felt good he turns to face me and says it did, and then moves in to kiss me.

Within seconds we're kissing passionately and he's easing me onto my back. One of my legs is between his and he lowers himself against it so I can feel his cock getting hard inside his corduroy pants. I moan into his mouth and I begin moving my leg back and forth across his growing cock.

We lay like that for a few minutes, kissing passionately and rubbing against one another. Then he moves away from me and stands up, I can see the obvious tent his hard cock has made in his pants. He grins as he loosens the belt on the pants and says, "Now look what you've done" I grin back and halfheartedly apologize as I watch him unzip his pants and work his hard cock out of his boxers.

Seeing him standing there with his hard cock in his hand makes my mouth water and I get off the bed and stand next to him, kissing him as I lower my hand to his cock. It's hot and hard and I can feel a bead of precum already. I lower myself down and take his cock into my mouth and begin licking and sucking at it gently.

After letting me suck his cock for a few minutes he puts his hands on my shoulders and eases me back onto the bed and begins kissing me again. His hand moves to my waist and then lower to my pussy as he begins rubbing me through my pants. I ease his hand away, trying to maintain control over my raging hormones, but to no avail. His hands move up to my breasts and I soon become undone.

His mouth and hands are a blur and I find myself topless with his mouth suckling one of my tender nipples. I'm moaning as his hands move once more to stroke my pussy through my pants. I take a deep breath and push him off me so he's standing once more and I lower my mouth onto his cock again, teasing him with my tongue as I try to regain control of my senses.

I stand up to kiss him again and his hands drop to my hips and as they start to drop lower I push him down onto the bed and kneel between his legs and begin deep-throating his hard cock, making him moan with pleasure.

Every time I life my mouth from his cock for a breather he asks to touch my pussy, lick my pussy, just once. He promises it'll only be for a moment but I know I won't be able to let it be just for a moment so I resist.

That is, I resist until his mouth is on my nipples again, sucking hard and making me moan in pleasure and I can't take it anymore. I devise a plan which I hope will satisfy both of us.

I look him in the eye and say, "I won't take off all my clothes because if I do I know we'll have sex...and I can't have sex yet. Deal?" He readily agrees and I slip my black nightie on and take off my grey dress pants and purple lace panties. I push him down on the bed again and lay down on hi right. I smile and begin licking gently at his cock again as I bring a finger to his lips and tell him to suck it.

I take his cock deep into my throat at I move the now wet finger down to my pussy and begin teasing my clit with it. Once the finger is sufficiently wet with my pussy juices I bring it to his lips and let him suck the juices off.

When I bring my finger back down to my pussy he says he wants to watch me play with myself so I lay back on the bed and he kneels next to me absently stroking his hard cock while he watches me rub my clit.

My eyes are rolled back in my head as I rub my clit faster when I feel his hand on my thigh, gently rubbing from my knee to my pussy and back again. I look up at him and he asks me to trust him and I moan my acceptance as he moves closer to my pussy.

I spread myself wide and feel his tongue gently flick across my swollen pussy lips. I moan as he brings a finger to my pussy and dips it into the wetness without entering me. I then feel that finger move lower until it's pressing against my tight asshole and I moan eagerly, raising my hips, silently begging for his tongue on my clit.

He teases me mercilessly, his finger toying with my ass and his tongue just millimeters away from my aching clit. I'm whining and whimpering, so aroused I can't even form coherent words, then he finally asks if he can lick me and I moan loudly and raise my hips to meet his mouth.

His tongue on my clit is amazing, flicking quickly over me and then sucking my clit into his mouth, all the while he's finger fucking my ass and making me scream.

In a haze of pleasure I cum three times before he lifts his mouth from my pussy and I pull him up to me. I kiss him deeply, tasting my tangy pussy juice on his lips, tongue and beard.

Three intense orgasms down and my pussy is still aching for more and I begin pushing my pussy up against his throbbing cock as I kiss him passionately. He asks what I want and I suggest getting a condom. He says he has some of his own as well but asks if that's really what I want as he knows I'm only days away from one year without sex.

I breathe slowly and let myself calm down as I think of an alternative option for us both to enjoy. Finally the solution comes to me and I suggest us getting ourselves off while the other watches and he readily agrees.

I lay with my legs spread wide and he sits between my legs and watches as I begin to rub slow, lazy circles around my throbbing clit. His hand is on his cock and I begin to match the pace of my finger against my clit to that of his hand on his cock. When my eyes close for a second I feel his finger running against my wet cunt and watch as he raises it to his lips and sucks it clean.

His finger soon returns and he eases it inside my tight pussy and begins to slowly finger fuck me while I rub my clit. I remind him that he should be playing with his cock but he seems to be having too much fun shoving his fingers deep inside my pussy to care much about his cock at the moment so I lay back and enjoy the sensations.

Soon I'm cumming, screaming as he shoves his fingers deep inside my pussy. Then I'm cumming again, and again, and again, until I ease his hand from my cunt and raise it to my lips so I can lick off the pussy juice that's coated his hand.

Once again he asks me what I want and this time I suggest he cum for me. I tell him how much I want to watch him cum all over me and that he can choose which part of me he'd like to cum on. His choice is my face and tits and I happily agree. I begin sucking his hard cock again, taking it deep in my mouth and massaging his balls. After a few minutes of oral pleasure he tells me to lay back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. He stands beside the bed and I watch as he stokes his cock just centimeters from my face.

He moans loudly as he shoots load after load of his hot cum all over my face and tits. I lay there reveling in the feeling of his cum cooling against my skin and suggest he grab my digital camera off the desk and take a couple pictures.

Once he's taken a few pictures he heads into the bathroom to clean up and begin dressing. He notices I'm not rushing to wipe the cum from my body and I explain that I have a slight cum fetish and quite enjoy the feeling of cum drying on my skin and that since he manages not to get any in my hair I'll most likely let it dry as it and go to work with the cum still on my body in the morning.

He growls low in his throat and kisses me deeply. We stand there, kissing passionately for a few minutes and when he pulls back he smiles and says he could just about go for round two.

I suggest adding more cum to the load I've already received and he quickly strips down once more and I kneel to suck on his semi-hard cock.

He mentions a choking/gagging fetish of his so I no longer hold back while sucking his cock, I take it as deep in my throat as I can and let myself gag on it, making him moan all the more. Soon he pulls my head from his cock and tells me to get in the same position as before and within minutes of him stroking his hard cock and me licking his balls he's cumming on my face and tits once more with a lot even hotter and bigger than the last!

He takes a few more pictures before we say our goodnights and I lay down in bed and fall asleep as I feel the cum slowly drying on my warm skin.

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