tagGroup SexLe Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu


It was just after twelve when the massive iron train pulled into the blustery station. The wind blew right through this place and chilled commuters to the bone. Men, women and children lined the platform waiting for their turn to mount the next train. The train pulling in at platform twelve was not for the average commuter, this train was headed for warmer climes. The passengers on board relished in the fact that they were not miserable briefcase bearing travellers but revellers in the debauched actions of this throbbing, moving, rolling stock.

In a dimly lit carriage, in a moist sweaty cabin, a wilting penis slithered out of a dripping cunt. Thighs disentangled themselves, sweaty and warm. Hot slimy sperm dribbled down from a swollen vagina. A gush of fresh semen splattered on the already spunk covered thighs. This was the aftermath of passion, the recoils of intense pleasure. This was, for now the end of a long indulging session of sucking, fucking, licking and spurting.

The train ground to a noisy halt, steel wheels screamed as heat from the rails burnt into the hard metal. The passengers were aware but uncaring. The train could materialise anywhere. The place was irrelevant, the bodies on board, the slithering, writhing entanglement of moist flesh, that mattered, that was a necessary pleasure.

Thursday, two-o-clock in the afternoon. The day had been long and dry. Any breeze was seldom and quick to be swallowed up by the desert like dryness. The dark metal train loomed in the station, silent, menacing, full of potential elemental violence. It gently hissed, steam building up inside the fiery body. On board the passageways were equally silent, still. A FLASH, a minds eye view of the inside of a cabin. Bodies, squirming, torturous heat, sweat like venom, hissing from body to body, writhing in such agonising pleasure. A FLASH, another room, more bodies, grabbing, stroking, losing any manor of ‘self’, cries of pain, hard, firm muscle onto soft soaking flesh. A FLASH, gone, into the corridor, silence, deathly silence. Still air, no sound but the splitting of air, molecules thrashing into walls of matter, the sharp agonising nothingness of absolute absence. The dark train hissed on.

A male figure stood gazing out of the train window, naked, dripping with sweat. A tender mouth reached out and enveloped his flaccid penis, sucking and dribbling over his cock the mouth persisted until the limp gland became piston hard. The female exercising her mouth was lying on the fold down bed, unable to move far due to the fact that she was bound to the bed. A long black cock thrust into her pink vagina, pausing then stabbing the cunt with this black weapon.

The female gasped, with mouth full and cunt full of cock she lapped up the filling pleasure. The male at the window slid out of her mouth and moved into a position behind her. He then squeezed his erect penis into the females arse. She yelped as the tool sunk into her anus, he panted hard as he went deeper and deeper. The black vaginal cock owner could feel the other penis moving next to his, with this he thrust hard and withdrew. The black cock was moved round to the female’s face. The cock was pulled and eventually spurted hot, sticky spunk over the female's eager face.

The semen clung to her mouth, she licked her lips and felt the fluid dribble onto her breasts. The man bent over holding his massive black tool in his hand. He licked at the females tits, sucking his own sperm off the woman's body. The other cock was still pounding in the females anus, hard and fast. The thruster pulled out his stiff prick and emptied his spunk upon the females arse and back. The male collapsed on top of the female, the other male crouched between them, sucking and licking at spent and spendings....

The train rolled on...

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