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Letter to Kara


Dear Kara,

As I sit here riding away from home, and you, a lot of things are going through my mind. Did I do the right thing? Will you be there when I get back? You are the love of my life Kara, always have been always will be.

I remember when we first met, years ago. You were the quiet, shy, skinny girl who walked into my first grade class half way through the year. No one spoke to you, and you kept to yourself. I felt sorry, and befriended you.

We were together all through grade school, standing by each other's side. When you had tonsillitis, I visited you in the hospital. My parents got their divorce, and you were there for me. I remember it all like it was yesterday.

In junior high you moved away. I was upset and depressed, because my friend and confidant were gone. Through my adolescent years, and into high school, I never had a friend like you. The doctors and my family could never figure out why I was so depressed and kept to myself. When I tried to explain, they could not understand.

Then in my junior year, you came back. Your long hair silk smooth, your eyes sky blue, and when you walked into the room that day, my world started anew. The only empty seat was the one next to me at the back of the room, and when you sat with your eyes down cast, I knew that you were just as nervous as the first time we met. Through the years I had changed, and you did not know whom it was you were sitting next to.

Reaching into my wallet, I took an old piece of paper with first grade writing on it, that I had given you all those years ago. Slowly sliding it across, you looked at me with an unrecognizable expression. Not wanting to get in trouble on your first day, you slid it back to me. Being persistent, I wrote on the back to please open, and slid it to you. When you saw the first grade writing, you looked at me and cried a silent tear. Reaching underneath the table, I took your hand, and you grasped it, not letting go.

We exchanged numbers, e-mail addresses, and that first night we sat up talking till our parents told us enough. We again became inseparable, and soon became a couple. Going to the movies, long walks through the park, functions at school, we were always there.

I can remember that first kiss when you returned. We were at the park watching the sunset, and the different colors in the sky, when you put your head on my shoulder and softly cried. When I put my arm around you to ask what was wrong, you told me that you dreamed of this as a little girl when we first met. Reaching over, I put my free hand under your chin, and lifted your face to mine. First kissing away your tears, and then your soft red lips. You ran your hand through my hair as we kissed, while the sun slowly sat in the sky.

I came out of my depression, and gave my heart to you. All my spare time I spent with you, never wanting to let you leave again. Then when we were both eighteen, we gave each other more than just our hearts.

We took a walk in the mountains during spring break, wanting to get away with just each other. You had packed a lunch saying that we would need the energy. We walked all that morning until we came upon a small plateau over looking the valley. You wanted to rest, so I spread out the blanket we had brought, and we both sat and talked. Soon we were kissing with you laying on your back, and I leaning over you.

Our tongues were at war with each other, struggling and dancing, and we knew what each other wanted. As your hands were going up and down my back, I moved mine over your breasts, rubbing them through your shirt. You pulled my shirttail out of my pants, and then I sat up and pulled it over my head. Being shirtless, I started to kiss you again, while your soft hands were going over my bare skin. I then unbuttoned your shirt, and pushed your bra aside freeing your breasts.

You softly moaned when you felt my hand, and when I started to massage your nipples; you hugged me close loving the feel of my hand. You then pushed me over, and took off your shirt and bra, letting me fully look at the beautiful orbs of your breasts. Then you surprised me more when you stood, and stepped out of your pants.

Here you were, my beautiful goddess, standing in front of me with the body that I loved. From your sky blue eyes, to your red lips, down to your beautiful breasts, to the womanhood between you bronze, sculptured legs, it was all that I truly believed was there.

I then stood, and was soon as nude as you. We looked at each other with lust in our eyes, and then kissed as our hands roamed over each other's body. Soon, to the blanket we returned, where you were guiding me into you. Slowly I sank, until we moaned in ecstasy, and our bodies became one.

With your legs locked behind me, I started to move in and out, wanting this to be something that we would remember for a lifetime. As slow as we wanted to go, soon, we were moving faster. Then before we knew it, you screamed out in orgasm, as I sank in to shoot deep inside of you.

We lay there catching our breath, whispering our love for each other. Soon we were side by side, wrapped in each other's arms, as we silently slept out in the open.

When we had our rest, we woke as one, and started all over again. This time I was on my back as you sat on top. You planted your hands on my chest as you rode up and down, and I had my hands on your breast to keep them from bouncing. We did it slow, knowing that it would be some time before we would be done.

We stayed like that until you started to get tired. While still connected, I rolled us over so that we were side by side. You laid one leg over mine, and we set up a rhythm moving in and out.

We soon picked up our speed, wanted to cum as one once again. When your muscles tightened, I knew that you were close. That knowing feeling came over me, and soon I was planted deep inside once more as we came together. Once rested, we reluctantly dressed, kissed, and then headed back home.

Soon we graduated, and you would head off to college. I wanted to go with you, but the money would not let me, so I decided the next best thing was to serve Uncle Sam.

So here I am dear, on this long ride from home, remembering the tears you shed before I left. It is my turn to be gone hun, but like you I shall return, and we will be one.

You will always be in my dreams.

Love you always,


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