tagFetishLife's Changes Ch. 02

Life's Changes Ch. 02



I awoke feeling Bill's satin covered body next to mine. His hard cock pressed against my pussy. I wondered if we had time to make love before work. I looked at the clock and startled to see it was eight thirty, which meant we where late for work. Shaking Bill awake I jumped out of bed and dashed in for a very quick shower Bill was right behind me. I was out before he was in. In the bedroom I slipped on my garter belt and hose then panties. Then I sat and was putting on make up as Bill came in. Going to his dresser to put on underwear I said.

"Wear the purple panties today."

"You want me to wear panties to work. You think that's wise."

"Why not you don't normally show your underwear to anyone do you."

"No I don't. I guess it'll be all right. As long as you don't make me wear a dress." Bill said with a grin.

"Oh no I'd make you wear a short leather skirt and five inch heels." I said as Bill looked at me in shock. "Don't worry love I wouldn't do any thing to embarrass you. Unless I knew it was what you wanted."

"I don't think I could ever want that." He said

The rest of the day was a blur. Murphy's law kicked in big time. I had a system crash the minute I walked in and things went down hill from there. The only thing that kept the day manageable was knowing Bill was wearing purple satin panties under his Brooks Brother's suit. I arrived home well after eight pm. I called Bill earlier to let him know I'd be late and he'd have to fend for himself tonight. When I did get home Bill met me at the door with a big hug and a kiss.

"You had a really bad day didn't you?" He asked.

"It was the worse ever. I didn't stop all day."

"Are you hungry have you eaten at all today." He asked

"Not a thing is there anything left from yesterday." I asked hopefully

"How about a nice chicken salad with Italian dressing and a glass of wine. Then a soak in a nice hot tub." He asked?

"That would be heaven." I said

Bill guided me into the kitchen and sat me down. After preparing my dinner he when to draw me a bath. I finished my dinner just as Bill came back. He took my plate put in the dishwasher refilled my wine glass. After placing the glass in my hand he scooped me up and carried me to our bedroom. He stood me up and began to strip off my cloths. Once I was nude he carried me to the bathroom and placed me in our whirlpool tub. I leaned back and let the bubbles caress my sore body as Bill massaged my shoulders. This was worth all I went through today.

"Bill why don't you get in here with me"

Bill stripped down and got in the tub. I then asked, "How did it feel wearing panties to work?"

"It was really exciting especially when I was in our staff meeting. With all those old men with there conservative attitudes. But after that I mostly forgot about them. But when I did remember I start getting hard which thank god was mostly when I was sitting down.

" While Bill was saying this he was massaging my legs and thighs."

"I was too busy most of the day too think about you wearing them but every once in a while I would think about it and I must have been smiling when I did. Because someone said 'You must have had a hell of a weekend.' I asked why they said that 'because you have been smiling for no apparent reason so I figured your hubby must of gave it too you real good over the weekend.' Jeff could be such a pig at times the way he talks. I realized after he said that I gave it to you more than you gave it to me. Then burst out laughing just thinking about the look on his face if I told him what I was thinking."

"I'm glad you didn't I would be the laughing stock of you office if they knew I let my wife fuck me in the ass." I could see Bill was upset so I move over to him sat on his lap with my legs astride his and said

"Bill don't worry about guys like Jeff there pigs. He can't get a date in the company because he is a selfish lover only worried about getting his pleaser and not his partners. You're a much better lover because you worry about my pleasure. Take tonight for instance you thought about me having some thing to eat and this bath and it's not because of the domination thing you have always been like this."

"Well that's true." He said.

"Of cause its true. If other girls knew you like I did I have to beat them off with a stick. Ok Bill that's enough of feeling sorry for your self. We need to talk."

"About what Mistress." Bill said

"Well first your not my slave and I am not your mistress for right now." Bill looked at me with a sad expression on his face. It almost broke my heart to see him like that. "What I want to talk to you about is we said that we would discuss how we feel about what we did this weekend and if we want to continue. I'll go first. I loved what we did this weekend I didn't like whipping you. It hurt me when I hurt you but you did get off on it. If you liked it I'll do it once in a while but not a lot." Bill tried to interrupt me but I put my finger to his lips to stop him and continued. "I loved making you wear women's cloth and having you on your knees sucking my fake cock and really, really loved fucking you in the ass. And even if you don't want to continue with this Mistress slave relationship I'll want to do that again. Ok know its your turn tell me how you feel. And I want the truth.

"Sheri since the day you agreed to marry me you have been my mistress. Everything I've done has been to please you. I got my pleasure from pleasing you. When you are happy I am happy. When you are sad I am miserable. No matter what you want I will try my best to give it to you. So no matter what we decide I will always be a slave to you." What could I say to that he was the most wonderful man that ever walked the face of the earth and he was mine? Then he continued.

"I loved what we did this weekend and I want to continue doing all those things. I really loved when you fucked me. I like wearing women's cloth because I feel closer to you. You tell me you get turned on thinking about me sucking a real cock. It turns me on knowing you'll get turned on watching me."

I took him in my arms and kissed him shoving my tongue into his mouth. His hands caressed my back and my ass his cock was hard and pressing at my opening I wanted him inside I want to feel his cock expand my pussy. I pulled my lips from him and said

"I think it's time to take this to the bed room. Don't you?"

We got out of the tub and dried each other off and went in to the bedroom. I pulled Bill to the bed. Just as I was laying down the phone rang. Bill said

"I forgot to tell you Jenny Marsh call and wanted you to call her back when you got home." I picked up the receiver and said my helloes it was Jenny

"Hi there Sheri I'm sorry to bother you this late. I hope I didn't interrupt anything" I knew she was talking about sex

"Oh no we just got out of the bath."

"The both of you that sounds like fun."

"Yes it can be. Bill told me you called. Is it about tomorrow do you need to cancel?" Part of me was hope she would and part was hopping she wouldn't.

"Oh no. I was just checking to see if you had changed you mind or if you couldn't make with all the trouble you had at work."

"No everything's been straighten out there. I should have no problem meeting you tomorrow."

"Just a little higher sweetie."

"Excuse me I don't understand "

"Oh not you love I was talking to Jim. That's it right there sweetie. Oh yes now your doing it right."

"Jenny do you want to go and enjoy what Jim's doing" I asked. I could tell by her voice that Jim was doing something sexual to her.

"Oh it's ok I can enjoy Jim's tongue in my pussy and talk to you at the same time unless it offends you. I wouldn't want to do that." I wasn't offended at all I was turned on.

"It doesn't offend me at all I just never had anyone do this before." I said as I pulled Bill's head to my breast. He had a shocked expression on his face but went straight for my nipple anyway.

Oh you should try it some time I love having Jim's tongue up my pussy while I'm talking to a girl friend. I normally don't tell them he's doing it. But I knew I could tell you. Does it turn you on to know he's licking me while I'm talking to you."

"Yes." was all I could say Bill was sucking my right nipple and his fingers where stroking my pussy

"Is Bill doing something to you." I told her yes

"What is he doing?" I didn't say anything at first. "Tell me sweetie tell me what Bill is doing."

"He's, He's sucking my nipple and his hand is stroking my pussy" I couldn't believe I just told her that. Bill looked up at my face in shock but his mouth and hand never stopped what they where doing.

"MMMM I wish my mouth was where Bill's mouth is right now. Would you like my mouth on your nipples sweetie tell me you would. Would you like my mouth where Bill's hand is too? You would wouldn't you?"

"Yes " Again that was all I could say. Bill must have figured out what was being said because he started to finger fuck me as his mouth was working its way down to my pussy.

"I knew you would. I also know you want your mouth where Jim's is right now. Don't you wouldn't you like to tasted my pussy? Jim tells me its sweet. Would you like to taste me to see how good I taste?"

"Yes, I do." I said Bill was sucking my pussy now and my toes where tingling. A sure sign my orgasm was not far off.

"Say it. Let Bill hear you say you want to suck my pussy like he is doing to you."

I couldn't help myself. "I want to suck your pussy like Bill is sucking my right know. I want you to cum on my mouth. I want to lick up your sweet cum. Oh god I'm cumming Jenny, Bill's tongue is making me cum just like yours will and mine will make you cum." I could hear Jenny moaning over the phone. I was sure she was cumming too. Her breathing was labored just like mine. Bill's mouth was glued to my hole as my juices flowed out of my pussy into his mouth.

I pulled Bill's head from between my legs too try and catch my breath. I placed Bill's head on my tummy so he could catch his breath. Over the phone I could hear Jenny's breathing coming back to normal. So I said

"That was wonderful I can't believe that just happen. But it was wonderful"

"Almost as good as being there. Maybe next time. I have to go an reward Jim for his extra effort. You should do the same for Bill." "Oh Bill's got a special treat tonight. He will remember this night for some time to come."

"Tell me about it some time. Bye for now I'll see you tomorrow 6pm at Fathom's. Oh and wear something sexy. You have a lovely body you should show it off.

"I'll be there. And you wear something sexy too." I said

"I always do. Bye and love and kisses to Bill." Then she hung up I put the phone back on the receiver and looked at Bill and said

"Can you believe that just happen. I never did anything like that before."

"Nether have I that was too weird and sexy. How am I going to talk business with that man knowing what happen to night." Bill was visible upset with the situation.

"Honey he was doing the same thing you where so you're on equal footing."

"Your sure he was eating her while you where on the phone."

"Well I couldn't see him doing it but she did say he was. That's just as good no?"

"I guess so? It's just so weird. Why would they do some thing like that?"

"I think Jenny wanted me to know that this dinner were have together is like a date. She wanted to give me a chance to back out if it wasn't what I was looking for."

"I guess your right about that. I wish I knew what kind of business we had in common. I looked at all the cases I had pending and non had any thing to do with him."

"Maybe it's just a excuse so Jenny and I can be alone."

"If that all it is I could live with that. But you know I don't like the unknown it's the lawyer in me."

"The problem with lawyers is that they don't see the forest because they're looking behind the trees for another lawyer. Now quit worrying and come here and make love to me. I have a special treat for you." I said as I pulled him close for a kiss.

After we kissed for a while I took a hold of his cock. It was hard very hard and very warm. I guided it to my pussy he got the hint. He moved between my legs I pulled his cock to the mouth of my cunt and he pushed the head in. God I missed the feel of his hard cock in me. We have had more orgasms in the past three days than in any three-day period since we were married and this was the first time his cock had penetrated me in those three days. I raised my legs to his shoulders to get him deeper inside me. I looked up to his face and said

"Fuck me baby. Shove that hard fat cock of yours up into my hot wet pussy."

That's what he likes. He likes me to talk dirty and act sluty when he fucks me. And I wanted to be fucked hard I wanted to feel the power of his thrusts. Bill put everything he had into that first thrust he sent all nine inches straight into my cunt. No matter how many times we have done this it still takes my breath away.

"Oh yess baby that's what I need. Now pound my pussy with that hard meat of yours. Fuck me hard and fast." That was all the engorgement Bill needed his hips went into overdrive. He would pull back and slammed it into me. When he slammed into me his pelvic bone would hit my clit and squeeze it between our bodies.

" That's it lover fuck me. I fuck me hard baby pound me with that magnificent cock of yours. Oh fuck baby I cumming fuck me harder baby fuuuuccck me."

Bill kept pounding away at my pussy right through my first orgasm. I couldn't say anything to encourage him all that would come out where moans and squeals and pants for air. But Bill didn't need any encouragement he was on autopilot his hip kept up a steady rhythm. His thighs where slapping against my ass cheeks. And I kept right on cumming my cunt muscles would squeezes his cock trying to milk his cock of his cum. Finally all the pounding and my squeezing was to much for him.

"Oh god I can't hold out any longer Sheri I'm gonna cum baby" I realized he was waiting for me to tell he could.

"Cum baby. Fill me full of your cum. Pump it in to me flood me with your jizzum."

That was all he needed. His cock expanded his cock head flared out as he pumped load after load into my pussy. Bill then collapsed on me. His head coming to rest next to mine panting for air as his cock continued to jerk inside me. His body was cover in sweat from his excretion. I let him rest for a while I needed the rest too. What I wanted him to do next would take a lot out of both of us. I kept squeezing his cock with my pussy trying to keep it hard. Put I was losing the battle I need his help to keep it hard for the next round. So I whispered in his ear.

"If you can keep your cock hard I'll let you take my virginity." Bill laid real still for a second or two. I was wondering if he had heard me. When his head popped up and looked me in the eye and said

"What did you say?" Having him looking at me as I was saying it caused me to blush and became self-conscience. I looked away and said

"I said if you can keep your wonderful cock hard I'll let you take my virginity."

I felt his cock in me start to fill with renewed life. Then he said, "Sweetheart I can only think of one place you could still be avirgin. Are you really saying what I think you saying"?

"Yes my darling husband I want you in the one place no man has ever been." I knew I didn't have to say any more but he likes me to talk dirty. And I'm getting to like it too. "I want you to take that cock of yours and fill my asshole with it like I filled yours yesterday. I want you to screw my virgin asshole. That's if you can if you can get it hard again." I knew that was not a problem I could feel it getting harder since I first said virginity. And right now it may not be one hundred percent it was pretty close to it.

"Your sure you want to do this I'm pretty big and your pretty small. I don't want you to do this to try and prove some thing to me."

"Lover I'm not trying to prove anything to you. And I know how big you are. You seemed to enjoy it yesterday and my dildo is about as big as you are. I just want to try it. Ok? Just take it easy and be genital." I said as I took his face in my hand and kissed him.

"Ok if you're sure we'll need some lube to grease you up."

"Just use the cum you deposited in my pussy that's pretty slick." I said. I could see he was nervous about not wanting to hurt me and excited about finally getting his cock up my ass. He pulled his cock out of my pussy then he scooped out some of his cum. then raised my legs to expose my rear hole and smeared his cum all over my anus. I willed my self to relax as he started work one of his fingers into me this was some thing I always enjoyed. Bill would eat me then take a slick up finger and shove it up my rear hole and work it in and out while he continued to eat me. This time was a little different this time he wasn't eating me. He took one finger got it all slicked up and started to finger fuck my asshole. Then slid another in and pumped these two in and out. I was really starting to get into the pumping action and moving my ass to it. Then he started using a third. I looked at Bill he was staring intently at his fingers fucking my asshole. I wanted more in me and I knew using four fingers was too hard to maneuver. I said to Bill

" I think I'm about as ready as I'll ever be love." Bill looked to me and said

"Your sure you want to try this?"

"Yes Bill I'm sure now before you talk me out of it put your cock in there."

Bill griped his cock with one hand as I held my legs up and spread as far as they would go I couldn't see any thing put I did feel his cock touch the entrance to my asshole.

"Remember Bill slow and easy. Like the first time you took me vaginaly."

Bill nodded his head then pushed his cock slowly into my ass. I felt the tip of his cock spread the opening apart. I tried to relax to let it open and take him in. His cock kept spreading me wider and wider. Till I didn't think it could get any wider but it did. It felt like he was trying to push a baseball into me. And still it was going wider. Finally I said.

" Baby how much do you have in me?"

"The heads not in yet, but its at its widest point. The head's almost in just a little more to go love are you ok. "

I just nodded my head. Then the head must have slid in. there was a strong stinging pain which made me whimper. Bill asked

"Are you ok should I pull out."

" No we just got it in don't you dare pull it out. Just stay still for a minute and see if I get use to it." My legs starting to hurt being spread like this so I let them rest on Bill's shoulders. The pain started to go away at this point. I then started to move my ass just a little working a little more of his cock into me. I started to feel better. I told Bill to start pushing more into me. He would push a little in and then pull a little out he kept putting more in then he was pulling out. I knew Bill's cock was big if felt big in my pussy but in my ass it was huge. His cock felt long too he kept pushing more in me than I though was possible. I guess I was getting use to it because it started to feel good it was the same fullness I get when he's in my pussy, which I really like. But it was even more so now I felt really full and it felt really good. Bill was being really genital with me. He was slowly work more of his cock in to me until I felt his thighs against my butt cheeks.

"That's it baby you got my whole cock up your ass. Are you ok? Does it hurt?" Bill said with genuine concern in his voice.

"I'm ok love. I feel so full. It's like your cock is twice as big as normal. It doesn't hurt any more. In fact it feels good. How does it feel too you."

" Your ass is the tightness thing I ever put my cock in. And it's so hot in there. I could almost cum from just being in you."

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