tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsay's Turn Ch. 03

Lindsay's Turn Ch. 03


Julie Collins sat quietly in her bosses outer office, fingering herself to the sounds of him hammering young Lisa Vasquez in the next room...and continued to reminisce about when they had first met 6 years ago...........


The professor leaned back in his big leather chair and enjoyed the attentions of young Katie Thomas, just a week past her 18th birthday, as she worked her lips all over his hard dick from her position between his legs on the floor. He had never bothered to remove her cuffs and he loved the way her small freckled tits jutted out proudly thanks to her arms behind her back. He felt Mindy's hand on his cheek and turned to kiss the luscious brunette fully and deeply. She was the most passionate kisser the professor had ever encountered, and his cock jumped a little in Katie's mouth despite the workout he had already put it through.

He broke the kiss off and let his gaze roam over his big oak desk, taking in the sight of Amanda Clark, team captain, struggling vainly against her restraints as Julie and Leslie indulged every lesbo fantasy they had ever had on her gorgeous helpless body.

He stood abruptly, dropping Mindy onto the big leather chair. The professor knew he only had a little more time with these girls before they were missed and he had unfinished business to take care of. He yanked Katie roughly to her feet and tossed her face forward onto his desk beside Amanda.

He took a moment to once again appreciate Katie's teeny tiny freckled bubble butt, so sweet and innocent with just the slightest wisp of red hair peeking out and cheeks so tight her little pink asshole wasn't even visible. Not until the professor reached down and parted those cheeks just a little bit, that is.

It was a shame he couldn't hammer this little ass like it deserved, but Katie was way too small, there would be no hiding the effects of his monster cock from her parents or Doctor. Still, the professor eased his cock head into Katie's virgin backdoor, exerting just the tiniest pressure and forcing her to open up to him just a bit, giving the little cutie a taste and a promise of things to come.

He backed away suddenly and dumped Katie unceremoniously onto the floor. It was time to finish this. He walked over to the front of his desk, where his Julie and her new assistant Leslie were systematically working over Amanda's amazing body, tag teaming her amazing body, moving from erogenous zone to erogenous zone, moving with a symmetry the professor had to admire, the two naked young ladies constantly kissing, stroking, licking, biting....Amanda's graceful neck, her beautiful breasts, and her sweet shaved pussy. Amanda's body had started to react in spite of herself, her nipples puffy, her breathing a little rough. The professor unhooked the ball gag from her mouth, and Amanda immediately started threatening bloody murder if she wasn't let go.

"Let me go now or I'll tell everyone what you are doing! You'll go to jail!" She threatened.

In response, Julie grabbed her volleyball captain by the hair and yanked her head back, staring her right in the face.

"What are you talking about, Amanda? You're going to confess stealing the test? After all, it was your idea" She spoke calmly, and a chill went thru Amanda.

"What???!?! " she screeched "It wasn't my idea!"

Before Julie could respond, Mindy spoke up

"Oh yes it was Amanda, and all of us will swear to it. And then trying to frame the professor with that silly story about sex to get out of punishment? You told us all that plan too. Very shameful. And that's what I'd tell anyone who asks." she said coldly.

"Really, Amanda, you should be ashamed of yourself, what a ridiculous story" Julie added, laughing, before resuming her assault on Amanda's tight box.

Leslie said nothing, but quietly, out of Amanda's view, strapped on the dildo Julie had given her and applied some lubricant, stroking it just like a man would, the professor mused.

The professor thought the look on Amanda's face was priceless as she realized her team had turned on her. She was a good captain and a great player, but she was a bit of a bitch, had used her position to lord it over the other girls, and was now paying the price. Shock, anger, resignation, defeat, all played out in just a few seconds on her pretty face. The professor knew Amanda Clark would be giving him no further trouble.

Her resistance to Julie's attentions became barely token and she stiffened only momentarily when the professor's rough hand grabbed her breast. When he thumbed her nipple, though, the sudden thrill shocked Amanda, causing her to release a surprised moan which caused the other girls to giggle.

She meekly complied when the professor reached over with his other hand, grabbed her blonde hair and guided her onto his cock, taking him willingly if not enthusiastically into her mouth. Within a minute or so, Julie's relentless tongue work and the professor's attentions had her moaning softly onto the professor's big dick. She started to take her teacher's cock deeper, becoming more of a participant, getting into a rhythm. Unfortunately for Amanda, there were a few more surprises in store for the blonde bombshell.

Julie's tongue was replaced by something cold and hard. Before Amanda could process the new feeling, Leslie had rammed the strap on dildo its full 6 inches deep into Amanda's wet pussy. She tried to fight, this new degradation spurring her defiant nature, but the professor and Julie held her in place, the professor pushing her back, forcing his rod deeper into her throat, fucking her face while Leslie worked the rubber cock steadily into her tight cunt all while Julie worked her nipples expertly and relentlessly.

Soon Amanda was fighting something different, the orgasm that she felt building in spite of herself. Once she acknowledged it to herself, it crested quickly, hitting the gorgeous student like a wave, so obvious that the professor pulled out just to hear the young girl let out a long loud moan of pleasure.

Amanda lay back, exhausted, defeated, and humiliated. The professor moved behind Leslie, her strap on still buried in Amanda's box, again suffering a pang of disappointment that he couldn't take Leslie's tiny little Asian ass right then and there, as delicious as it looked. She was just too tiny to attempt it without a lot of preliminary preparation. He gave it a playful slap, then moved Leslie out of the way, laying his big cock at the entrance to Amanda's pussy. Another hole he couldn't fuck, he thought. But he still had options.

He motioned for Julie to turn Amanda over, her feet barely touching the floor, her perfect ass spread before him, her silky blond hair laying in tangles down her perfect back, her arms still cuffed behind her. He made a small gesture to Leslie, and she responded instantly, dutifully working her captain's ass with her tongue, causing Amanda to moan softly and start to whimper.

Julie, always impatient, pushed Leslie aside and rammed her 6 inch strap on up Amanda's ass with no warning or preamble, all the way in, pumping it furiously.

"Ohhh! Fuck fuck fuck!" Amanda cried out helplessly.

The sight of Julie ass fucking this beautiful body was an incredible turn on for the professor. Suddenly, Mindy was next to him, her hand on his cock, kissing his neck and whispering

"God this is so hot..you have to fuck her...I want to see you fuck her"

The professor kissed Mindy deeply...and told her again how amazing she was. He had to work out his feelings for this young lady when he had a moment, she flustered him in a way no one else had ever done. He shook his head to clear it and stepped up behind his Julie as she pummeled Amanda's ass.

Amanda had thrown in the towel, there was no f

fight left in her. She just sobbed softly as Julie violated her most private place with gusto, little ass cheeks tightening with every thrust, taunting Amanda as she took her revenge.

The professor, thinking his assistant was getting a little too big for her britches, grinned evilly, grabbed Julie's hips, and eased his big dick up her ass without warning, forcing her deeper into Amanda.

Julie let out a loud "OHHH!" of shock at the unexpected anal invasion, but she loved her master and his dick and had learned to love ass fucking under his careful tutelage as well.

After weeks of practice, her ass fit the professors' cock like a glove, tight but accepting, allowing him to stroke easily and steadily into her, each thrust felt deeply by both Julie and Amanda, letting him fuck both these beauties at the same time. The professor felt his orgasm building, and knew exactly where he wanted to blow it.

He pulled out of Julie, practically tossed her aside, took her place, resting his cock between those perfect buns for just a moment, savoring, before driving his cock up Amanda's perfect ass in one long smooth stroke. His hard on was at least three inches longer than the rubber dick Julie used, and Amanda's yelp told him she could tell the difference. The feeling of her virgin ass on his cock was too much for the professor, after only a few strokes, he felt himself coming, and pulled out so he could blow his load all over Amanda's ass and back. Mindy took him in hand and stroked gently as he spurted again and again...then feeding his dick to Julie so she could clean it off....


The sound of the front office door opening shocked Julie Collins back to the present. She looked up suddenly, but it was only Marni Thompson, known as "mouse " because of her shyness, big glasses and habit of dressing like a librarian .. or maybe a bag lady. Julie had discovered though, that the baggy sweaters hid a luscious little body and some strong lesbian tendencies...both of which Ms Collins exploited mercilessly and thoroughly. Mouse was now her chief spy among the student populace, giving the sexy secretary the dirt she needed to help her professor blackmail young women. She had new information for Julie, having gotten a hold of Lisa's digital camera. Julie Collins laughed out loud as she went through the pictures...girls were so dumb these days! She knew now that Lisa couldn't be enjoying the pounding she was getting in the next room, but she could fix that. She sent mouse on her way, slipped her soaking panties off and opened the professors inner office door.......

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