tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLindsey & Wilmer: The Break Up

Lindsey & Wilmer: The Break Up


This is the true story on how the famous red-haired actress Lindsey Lohan got dumped by her boyfriend That's 70's Show Wilmer Valderrama. This story contains graphic and explicit content not suitable for readers under 18.

The star of Mean Girls and Teenage Drama Queen Lindsey Lohan just arrived on the set of That's 70's Show to have lunch with her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama who plays Fez on the show. As she entered the studio, Wilmer was just rehearsing some of his scenes. Wilmer spotted Lindsey wearing a tight white tank top with her bra very visible and tight fitting blue jeans that made her ass stand out.

As Wilmer greeted his girlfriend, his co-star and friend Ashton Kutcher just walked on the set, not being notice by anyone. He hid behind the bleachers, watching Lindsey and Wilmer talking.

"Oh man! Lindsey Lohan. Boy is she sexy. I remember getting a nice warm hug from her after she got punked on my show last year. Man those breasts felt so warm and soft hidden in that blue fuzzy sweater she had on. Man what I wouldn't do to get a piece of her ass right now," Ashton said to himself.

Ashton Kutcher is known for pulling pranks on celebrities on his hit MTV show called Punk'ed. He's also in a high profiled relationship with actor Bruce Willis's wife, actress Demi Moore.

"I loved Demi but damn. She's no Lindsey Lohan. Plus her pussy has been beat up by so many other actors. I need some new pussy. Some young and virgin pussy. Some of Lindsey's pussy," Ashton plotted to himself with a huge wicked grin on his face.

"I'm sorry Lindsey but I really need to finish these scenes. Would you be willing to wait an hour or two until I have finished? I promise I'll be as quick as possible with my scenes so we can have our magical lunch together," Wilmer told Lindsey.

"Yeah. Sure. Take your time. I'll be waiting in your trailer," Lindsey responded with a disappointed tone.

"Thank you babe. You're such a wonder girlfriend;" Wilmer praised Lindsey and gave her a small peck on the forehead.

As Wilmer headed back onto the set, Ashton Kutcher ran up to Lindsey.

"Hey Lindsey!"

"Hey Ashton. I didn't see you come in. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. What about you. How you doin?" Ashton replied mocking Friends star Matt LeBlanc's signature line.

"I could be much better but you know how acting life is," Lindsey said. "So how is everything with Demi?"

"Its all right I suppose," Ashton mumbled.

"What?" Lindsey questioned.

"It's great. Really great," Ashton said quickly rephrased his first answer.

"Oh? That's good."

"So how are Willy and you doing?"

"We're ok I guess. He seems to be more into his work lately then me," Lindsey responded.

"Well that's what happens when you play a close to be gay man on television," Ashton said.

"What?" Lindsey questioned with a dumbfounded look on her face.

"I said this season is really important for him as well as the rest of us," Ashton once again rephrasing. "Damn this bitch is dumber then a blond. So she could be easy to get into then."

"Will I must be going now. I'm supposed to wait for Wilmer in his trailer."

"How about I come and keep you company?" Ashton suggested.

"Sure if you're not busy?"

Without knowing, Wilmer's girlfriend secretly left off the set with his That's 70's Show co-star Ashton Kutcher. Ashton and Lindsey headed to Wilmer's trailer to continue their conversation and Ashton hoping for a little bit more action.

Once inside the trailer, Ashton and Lindsey sat down on Wilmer's pinkish couch and continued their conversation.

"Something seems to be bothering you Lindsey. Is everything all right?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah. But it's just Wilmer and I. He doesn't seem to be very interested in my looks but more of my fame."

"Will the only kind of guy I see passing you on is a gay man. I mean. Let's face it. Wilmer practically plays one on TV. Perhaps he tapped into his sexuality while being this character Fez," Ashton explained.

"So you think he's gay?" Lindsey questioned.

"I'm not saying I think he is. I know he is. If I was him. I would say screw work. I want to screw Lindsey."

"Awwwe. You're so cute. Demi is lucky to have a guy like you who doesn't just think about himself."

"Lindsey. Can I ask you some personal questions?"


"Now don't be offended or anything but has Wilmer and you done it?"

"Done what?"

"You know. Done it?"

"No. I don't know."

"The big S."

"The big S?"

"Yes. The big S!"


"No. Sex. Have Wilmer and you had sex?" Ashton asked frustrated.

"Oh. No. The only sexual conduct Wilmer and I have ever done was kiss," Lindsey responded shyly.

"Kiss? You have got to be kidding me?"

"Nope. Wilmer is not a sexual person. He told me that he and Jennifer Love Hewitt never done anything pass kissing either. That he's waiting for marriage to have sex I believe."

"What a fruit."


"Wilmer must be gay if he didn't do anything with Jennifer Love Hewitt."


"A handjob or something. So what about those rumors about you having breasts implants?"

"Does it look like I had breasts implants?" Lindsey asked.

"Will I don't know Lindsey? In the Parent Trap. You were as flat as a board. Suddenly in Mean Girls, you had on that tight pink top walking down the hallway and those big hooters of yours were bobbing with every step," Ashton reminded Lindsey.

"I hit puberty late. What you like to feel them to see if I'm telling the truth?" Lindsey asked.

"I would be a gay man if I didn't say yes," Ashton responded.

Ashton reached over with both his hands and pressed his palms against Lindsey's big tits. He started squeezing her huge mounds through her top and bra. Lindsey herself was moaning slightly and enjoying the feel of a man's hands on her breasts. This would be the first time a man has ever felt her breasts.

"It's hard to time with the bra on thought Lindsey. You could be stuffing?" Ashton accused.

"Fine! I'll remove the bra."

Lindsey reached under her tank top and unclipped her bra straps. Ashton's eyes were getting wider with each movement getting closer and closer to seeing her beautiful breasts without the bra. Lindsey pulled the bra out from under her top and tosses it to the floor. Her big, pale breasts were huge grapefruits that continued to sit high on her chest without the bra. Lindsey's movements caused her breasts to sway back and forth inside her tank top.

Ashton felt his cock filling up the front of his jeans. He could see Lindsey's large areolas visible through her top and her nipples were poking through.

"Touch them now?" Lindsey suggested.

Ashton reached up and groped Lindsey's chest. Cupping her large orbs by the bottoms and squeezing them. Lindsey was moaning non-stop, which was music to Ashton's ears.

"Ohhh Ashton. Why can't Wilmer be just like you and not afraid to speak or do what's on his mind," moaned Lindsey.

"Because deep down inside, Wilmer is really gay," Ashton responded and continued to toy with Lindsey's huge breasts. "These things feel a lot better then Demi's."

Lindsey let out a small giggle and said "thank you." She looked down and saw a huge bulge in Ashton's pants. "Looks like I'm not the only one packing some large assets."

As Ashton bounced Lindsey's delicious breasts in his palms, Lindsey reached down and started squeezing Ashton's crotch. She started unzipping his jeans and his big white cock sprung out to her surprise.

"Good Jesus!" Lindsey said stunned.

This was Lindsey's first time seeing a big dick in person. She and her friends used to watch pornos and make fun of them.

"I forgot to mention. I don't wear underwear."

Lindsey gripped Ashton's thick meat at the base and started moving her hands up and down it.

"Oohhhh Lindsey. You don't know how good that feels," moaned Ashton as he let go of Lindsey's big tits. "Why don't you get a little closer to it? It won't bite."

"You mean you want me to give you head?" Lindsey responded.

"Um...Yes? You have never given head before?"

"I have practiced a few times on carrots and my mom's dildos."

"That's disgusting Lindsey. Who knows where you mom's dildos have been. Since you gotten all that practice, now you can try the real thing."

Lindsey bended her head down between Ashton's legs. His thick cockhead was throbbing for Lindsey's wet tongue. Lindsey hesitated a minute and decided she couldn't be a virgin forever. She started licking the edges of Ashton's cockhead. Her mouth captured his cockhead while her tongue lashed out at it, licking every inch of his mushroom and licking out his pee-hole.

Ashton relaxed back against the couch and closed his eyes. Enjoying the red-haired actress sucking his cock.

"Demi never made my cock feel this good," Ashton said to himself.

Lindsey moved her mouth slowly down Ashton's throbbing cock. Lindsey loved the taste of a real man's cock down her throat. Ashton's thick pubic hairs tickled Lindsey's nose and her cheeks as she performed her very first deep throating. That send a warm tingly through Ashton's body.

"Ooohhhh God Lindsey," Ashton moaned, running his fingers through her long, silky red hair.

Lindsey moved herself onto the floor without taking her mouth of Ashton's cock. She lifted Ashton's legs up onto her shoulders and pressed her mouth down hard against Ashton's cock. Swallowing every inch of his manhood. Her face was buried in his crotch and her lips rested on his heavy balls. Lindsey started gagging as saliva poured out of her mouth. She lifted her head up off Ashton's slobbery cock and started stroking it.

"God you're so big! Demi is lucky to have a big cock stuffing her pussy," Lindsey spoke.

"Wow Lindsey! You have a foul word. I think you need a face fucking to clean that up," Ashton suggested.

Ashton stood up and gripped the back of Lindsey's head. He started thrusting his big member down Lindsey's throat. Ashton looked down, watching the gagging expressions on Lindsey's face as his cock invaded her mouth. His balls were banging her chin and cheeks hard as his cock rapidly thrusts in her mouth.

Lindsey gripped onto Ashton's butt cheeks and forced her mouth completely over his big dick. Sucking it down to the very base. Ashton held her head for support, keeping her buried in his crotch for a few seconds. Lindsey quickly pulled up and started couching. Saliva poured down her chin and all over Ashton's cock and balls.

"That was good Lindsey. Once of the best blowjobs I have ever had. I thought even though Mandy Moore had big lips that she would have been the best but after tonight, I'm reconsidering."

"Mandy Moore gave you head?"

"Yeah. She was very upset about the Punk'Ed prank we pulled on her so I took advantage and got a free blowjob."

"How rotten."

"Shut up and finish sucking my cock. I'm about ready to cum."

Ashton stuffed Lindsey's mouth with his big dick and started thrusting again. He held Lindsey's head while he pushed his crotch hard against her angelic face. Lindsey's tongue was working Ashton's thick shaft as it plunged in her mouth.

"HERE I CUMMMM!" moaned Ashton.

He held Lindsey's head in his crotch and started to cum deep down her throat. Lindsey's mouth was overflowing with Ashton's hot jizz. She started couching and choking on his cock. She used force to pull her head from his crotch so she could lean back and swallow the cum that was all ready in her mouth. The rest of Ashton's cum leaked down her chin and neck and off Ashton's gooey hard cock and balls.

"Oh my God! I swallow," Lindsey said to herself out loud.

"Being a swallower is not a bad thing. You get more respect," Ashton teased. "Now take off those tight jeans and let me get at that juicy cunt you have."

Lindsey stepped out of her tennis shoes and pulled down her tight jeans. She stood in front of Ashton in just her tank top, white panties and socks. She sat down on the couch and lifted her legs up at Ashton. Ashton took Lindsey's ankles and started sniffing her white, fuzzy socks around her feet.

"Mmmm! Smell like Gain. I love that shit ," Ashton responded.

Lindsey smiled at him and lifted her ass up off the couch so that she could pull her panties off her crotch and down her legs. By the time they got to her ankles, Ashton pulled them off and sniffed them for her sweet aroma.

"Mmmm! Smell so good I can taste it."

Lindsey separated her legs, revealing to Ashton her nicely trimmed pussy. Ashton would be the first guy to ever lay eyes on her pussy.

"Wilmer is so fucking gay," Ashton said astonished.

Ashton held Lindsey's legs by the calves and planted his face deep in her crotch. His tongue moved rapidly deep inside Lindsey's womb. Tasting her sweet juices and finding her clitoris at the top. Ashton used his teeth to nibble her clitoris before slurping it between his lips. Ashton used the tip of his tongue to flicker Lindsey's juicy clit back and forth. This send Lindsey into an orgasmic state. Her moans were getting so loud that she had to bite down on a pillow to keep what Ashton and her is doing a secret.

Ashton wiggled his tongue deep between Lindsey's pussy folds. Darting her cunt with his tongue like a cock. Lindsey pulled her sweaty top tank over her big breasts, letting them wobble freely on her chest.

Ashton continued to suck and lick Lindsey's pussy from every inch before inserting two fingers deep between her cunt walls. Ashton's tongue continued a merciless assault on Lindsey's clitoris that was setting Lindsey's pussy on fire and trashing her upper body about on the couch. His two fingers were planted deep in her pussy, digging deeper and deeper, probing her sweet snatch from the inside while his tongue worked the outside.

Lindsey's body started trembling, as she couldn't take the assault anymore. She gripped her big tits tightly as she started cumming in Ashton's mouth.

"AAHHHH GOD!" cried Lindsey as she started bucking her crotch against Ashton's fingers.

As Lindsey finished cumming, Ashton removed his two sticky fingers and lodged them between Lindsey's mouth. Letting the actress taste her own juices while he lapped up her juices in her cunt.

"Mmmmm. You taste really good Lindsey. Ready for you first cock?" Ashton asked her.

"Ooohhhhh yes!" Lindsey moaned as she started rubbing her pussy. "Fill me up with your cock Ashton. Fuck me."

Ashton stood up still holding Lindsey's calves and plunged his big hard cock between her pussy lips.

"OH GOD! You're so fucking tight. I love fucking virgins," Ashton moaned.

Ashton planted his hands on Lindsey's huge breasts as they were jiggling on her chest like jell-o with his thrusting.

Lindsey had her eyes closed, feeling like she was on ecstasy from Ashton's thrusting. Her hands gripped onto Ashton's shoulders while her legs rested on his arms. Ashton's hands were kneading her bare breasts. Tugging at her little hard buds and rubbing his thumbs over them. Lindsey's tight, drenching pussy was completed stuffed by Ashton's throbbing rod as he pounded harder and faster.

Ashton's body sweat started rolling down onto Lindsey's moist body as their crotches bumped and grinded harder and faster. Ashton placed Lindsey's legs on his shoulders and bended down to suckle her hard nipples from her bouncing jugs. Ashton squeezed and kneaded Lindsey's tits while licking and sucking at her thick, small nipples. Ashton driller faster and harder between Lindsey's legs.

"OH GOD ASHTON! FUCK ME PLEASE! MAKE ME CUM! OH GOD!" cried Lindsey as her nailed started sratched his back.

Ashton picked Lindsey up without removing his big dick and slammed her against a wall, pounding her while standing up. Lindsey wrapped her legs around his waist and embraced his body during the impact of his cock. The entire trailer was moving and rumbling from the two fucking like jackrabbits. Other co-stars of Ashton and production crewmembers walked by the trailer, wondering what the hell was going on. They didn't bother stopping to see what was going on.

Wilmer had just finished his scenes after an hour. He quickly left the set and headed to his rocking trailer. Wilmer had a blank stare on his face and wondered what was going on. He slowly walked up to the door and opened it. He didn't break his blank facial expression as he saw Ashton fucking Lindsey doggie-style. Her huge tits were swinging underneath her sweaty body and Ashton's hands were all over them while his big dick pounded her pussy to the breaking point.

"I'M GOING TO CUM! OH GOD!" cried Lindsey feeling her tight pussy bleeding from Ashton's pounding.

Both Lindsey and Ashton had their eyes closed while Wilmer was watching them. Lindsey's soak cunt clamped tightly around Ashton's thrusting meat as she started cumming.

"AHHHH! UGGHHHH GOD! AAHHHH!" Lindsey hollered as she was cumming.

Ashton continued thrusting Lindsey's pussy. Feeling her round, firm ass bouncing against his crotch.

"Get ready for a cum bath," Ashton warned Lindsey.

Ashton started slowing down and giving Lindsey long, hard thrusts and his balls started to spasm. His hot semen started flowing through his shaft and out his pee-hole, flowing directly between Lindsey's swollen pussy walls. Ashton gripped Lindsey's ass cheeks hard, embracing his cum flow as he filled up Lindsey's cunt.


After Ashton finished cumming, Lindsey and he started breathing normally again. They opened their eyes to see a blank stare across Wilmer's face.

"WILMER!!!" shouted Lindsey as she quickly moved from underneath Ashton.

"Hey buddy. How are you doin?" Ashton asked Wilmer imitating Joey from Friends again.

Wilmer turned his back and started walking away.

"Wait honey! I can explain!" Lindsey said as she was getting dressed.

Ashton pulled up his jeans and ran outside to Wilmer.

"Look man. I'm sorry ok. Lindsey just needed some dick, which you weren't giving her. I broke her in for you man," Ashton explained to him.

Lindsey came outside as soon as she got dressed.

"Lindsey? Ashton? I have a confession to make," stated Wilmer.

"What is it Wilmer?" asked Lindsey

"I'm gay and I'm running away with that hot gay black guy from The Real World Philadelphia," Wilmer blurred out.

"Congratulations man. I'm happy for you," said Aston sarcastically.

"OH my GOD! What does that mean for us?" asked Lindsey surprised?

"We're through. It's over. Now you can have all the hot, steamy sex with Ashton all you want," said Wilmer.

"Great! He doesn't mind. Now lets get back to what we were doing Lindsey," said Ashton with eagerness.

Ashton picked up Lindsey and carried her back into the trailer where five minutes later, the trailer was rocking and sounds of moaning and grunting could be heard. Wilmer started walking away from the trailer and ready to begin his new life style, as a gay man.

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