tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLisa Shows Him Off

Lisa Shows Him Off

byJason Danger©

Mark liked it when Lisa brought her friends to the boat. He knew that she liked to play the hostess, a role she played with aplomb, and enjoyed the whole scenario. Lisa is 38, tall and willowy with a beautiful mane of thick dark hair. Her breasts are small but perfect for her build, she was an ex dancer – and it showed. Mark loved to watch her move.

He was not surprised when she turned up one evening with Marina and Diane in tow. Marina and Diane were old friends, totally opposite, both in their late thirties, Marina was about a size 16 but with a pretty face, Diane was in her early forties and very skinny indeed. They all settled down to some drinks and tasty canapés that Lisa had brought. Mark mainly listened to the girly chatter and he enjoyed it. Inevitably as the wine flowed the girls started talking about sex. Mark tuned in a bit but it was all pretty tame so he let his mind wander, it wandered where it usually did, over Lisa.

He was snapped out of his reverie by Lisa saying, ..."haven't you Mark?" He apologised and she repeated what she had said, " you have a large collection of porn DVD's haven't you Mark?"

"Er, yes" he replied, a bit flustered and tuning in rapidly.

Diane had been telling Lisa that she had never seen a porn DVD and Lisa had told her that Mark was a great aficionado, as were most men, and that not only didn't it bother her, she quite liked it too. Marina was just giggling into her drink.

"Do you want to see one?", Lisa asked Diane. After much giggling Lisa instructed Mark to put on his Andrew Blake DVD. Mark obliged and soon they were watching a collection of very beautiful women fucking themselves, each other and some very pretty men with large cocks. Mark wasn't sure what was going on, as this was unexpected behaviour from Lisa. She wasn't normally so forward in company.

They were all seated on the bench facing the TV. Mark and Lisa in the middle flanked by Diane on Lisa's left and Marina on Mark's right. Lisa's hand was resting on Mark's thigh. The girls were criticising the women and admiring the men. They were talking as if Mark wasn't there and he liked the banter. The atmosphere was getting a little steamy when Diane asked what sort of porn men in general, liked. Mark was about to answer when Lisa did it for him.

" Mark likes Lesbians and group Lesbians, but his favourite is women masturbating," she said. This caused much discussion about who masturbated and who didn't. Mark kept quiet but was enjoying himself immensely. He didn't think it would lead to anything, he was safe with Lisa.

"I've never seen a woman masturbate," said Marina. "I want to see it now!" Lisa nodded at Mark and he changed the DVD, the girls were quiet as they watched various women bring themselves to orgasm in many different ways.

"Why do men like it so much?" asked Diane.

Mark gave his "deeply private/mirror of the soul" speech but it sounded a bit shallow. Marina piped up;

"I want to see men masturbating, I've never seen that before either".

They all laughed when Mark told them that he didn't have any DVD's of that. He was about to make another change of DVD when Lisa spoke;

"I like watching Mark masturbate and he likes it too".

Conversation stopped, Mark was quiet, immobile, and Diane and Marina were nonplussed. No one spoke for at least a minute as the women continued to moan and groan on the TV. The temperature in the room had risen several degrees, as had Lisa's hand on Marks thigh, it was now in his crotch rubbing his cock lightly, slowly. Mark wondered what was going to happen next, he didn't want to say anything as Lisa had engineered the situation and he wanted to see where she was going with it.

"In fact I love it when Mark wanks for me" she stated.

There was no doubt Lisa was up to something but Mark couldn't work it out, nor could Marina and Diane as their faces both sported looks of astonishment. Mark watched as these looks changed into something more sinister, more interested. He began to feel a little uneasy and the enjoyment he was getting from Lisa's hand in his lap ceased. Lisa looked at Mark, "my friend Marina wants to see a man masturbate" she said.

"What do you want me to do about it then" Mark replied, plaintively.

He caught a glimpse of Diane's face, rapt with attention. Lisa was looking at him, her face a mask.

"I want you to wank for my friend Marina," she said.

Diane gasped, Marina giggled then went quiet when she saw the look on Lisa's face.

"In fact I want you to wank for all of us, and I want you to do it now!" Lisa continued.

Diane started to say that maybe this was not such a good idea, but Lisa cut her short. "I want to see him do it, you may stay and watch if you like, but it is going to happen".

Mark looked at Lisa, his face a mixture of horror and excitement. He was in turmoil; he knew that he wanted to do it for Lisa, but the others? She gave him a look that was reassuring, but he did not feel it.

"I think we will have him naked now" said Lisa as she started to unbutton his shirt. She raised a quizzical, freshly plucked eyebrow at Marina, who started to unbutton Marks trousers. Mark didn't, couldn't, resist. He wasn't sure whether or not he was enjoying himself or not. His cock wasn't hard, of that he was sure. There he was, naked, sitting between three, fully clothed women. Lisa kissed him deeply and slid her tongue into his mouth, her left hand stroking his cock. The other two just watched in silence. Mark could see Marina's nipples erect through her shirt, Diane just watched, transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of her.

"I – want – you – to – wank – for – me" Lisa breathed into Marks ear. Lisa slid to her knees in front of Mark and put her chin on his knees. Diane moved closer to get a better look, Marina put her hand on Marks thigh.

"Stroke your cock for me you bastard" commanded Lisa. Three pairs of eyes swivelled towards her, shocked. Mark took his slowly stiffening cock in his hand and began stroking it. Lisa casually ran a fingernail from his balls, down his perineum and over his arse. He squirmed with pleasure and his cock stiffened a bit more. "Good boy" she said. "Now Marina will stroke and lick one nipple and Diane the other", Marina obliged and to her own surprise, so did Diane. Lisa gave Mark a wicked smile and gestured for him to continue. The three women stared at Mark's cock as it became fully erect. He was conscious of the comparisons they must be making but pushed the thought from his mind. He wasn't sure how he felt, vulnerable, abused, sexy, exploited, all ran through his head. He wanted to please Lisa, that was the overriding concern. This was a fantasy he had had, here was the opportunity to live it. Carpe Diem.

"Talk to him, he likes it" said Lisa as if Mark wasn't even there. He found it an incredible turn on to be so totally controlled by Lisa.

"I like the way he strokes his dick" said Marina who was by now very red in the face.

"This is very sexy indeed," said Diane stroking Marks hair. He continued to stroke his cock slowly, his right hand running up and down his shaft rhythmically.

"Fucking wank properly for me you cunt" Lisa shouted, "I want to see your cum on your belly" Mark gasped and the speed of his stroke increased. Marina and Diane were whispering encouragement in his ears. Mark was losing himself in the situation, he didn't care, all that mattered was cumming for Lisa. His pace increased, he could feel the breathing of Lisa's friends getting heavier and quicker, he was really turning them on. Lisa, still kneeling on the floor, inserted a finger in his arse, Mark yelped but continued to hammer at his cock.

"Are you going to cum for me you little shit?" demanded Lisa.

"Oh Lisa I'm gonna cum for you" he responded breathlessly.

"Do we want to see him cum ladies?" asked Lisa, neither replied, they just nodded. Lisa grinned wickedly up at Mark, she knew he was nearly ready to shoot his load for her.

"Come on my baby give it to me now" she said softly. Mark's groaning was getting louder.

"Lisa, Lisa Lisa" he kept saying. Then with a huge groan a spurt of cum hit his belly, the second spurt hit Marina in the face and she gasped and recoiled, the rest went on his hand. Even when there was nothing left he continued to stroke his dick for a full minute as he came down from wherever he had been. When he realised what he had done he looked at Lisa. She returned the look and smiled. That was good enough for him.

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