tagLesbian SexLost in Texas Ch. 04

Lost in Texas Ch. 04

byEvil Alpaca©

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

It is also a long story. If you don't like longer stories or are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to skip this one.

--------------- ----------------

"Liz?" asked Alice from the bedroom.

"Yes?" Liz was crashed out on the sofa watching the news.

"Where's my collar? The good one?"

"It's on the kitchen counter. I was oiling it."

Just a month earlier, this might have been an unusual conversation for Alice to be part of. But then Liz had introduced her to a world of sex that she had never imagined. It was a world of leather, chains, dominance and submission. But it was a world that had helped Alice in a number of ways. Despite spending most of their sexual 'sessions' crawling around, obeying commands or being tied up in some way, Alice felt safe. She cared for Liz and Liz cared back. It might have been a more elaborate erotic game than other people played, but Alice never felt like the 'inferior' member of the relationship. And not having to worry about how she was going to keep her girlfriend pleased, since Liz would make SURE that Alice pleased her, allowed Alice to concentrate on other things. She was actually having an easier time with her class work and her songwriting than she had ever had before. So she found herself packing up a change of clothes, a wide leather collar, a couple pairs of restraints and her toothbrush for the outing that she and Liz were going on.

The outing was to a conference quaintly called "Obedience School." It was a weekend retreat for people who participated in dominant/submissive relationships. Liz had a friend who was able to get them reservations at the last minute. And rather than being a big orgy or festival of debauchery, the event was actually quite professional. Most of the time. There was an introductory dinner where everyone showed up as themselves, not as a mistress or master or slave or whatever. On the first night, everyone was equal. There was a series of sessions on Saturday morning for submissives only, where they met in groups with speakers who would describe the variety of options that lifestyle offered. There was a very reputable psychologist who was going to be talking about why some people liked to be chained up, or whatever their pleasure was, and there was also a time where the submissives would be allowed to mingle and discuss their own relationships. In the afternoon, things got a little kinkier as the slaves "reported for duty," as it were. They would be on their best behavior for the remainder of the evening, and they would all be checking out Sunday morning. Alice was nervous, but no more so than if she was going to be giving a class presentation. She had adjusted better than she, or Liz, every thought she would. And while Liz might be in control during sex, Alice found that she could get her own way most of the rest of the time, so it all evened out.

Alice picked the collar up. "Do you think it's dry enough to pack?"

"Should be, but wrap it up in one of the dish towels just in case, and we'll air it out a bit when we get there."

"Why did you have to oil it today anyway?" Alice asked.

"I forgot to yesterday. I just wanted it to look nice. Besides, you've been sweating in it a lot, and that dries up the leather."

Alice grinned at the "sweating" comment and gave Liz a quick kiss on the forehead, and then the taller girl drew Alice down for a slightly longer kiss on the lips. Then Alice looked disapprovingly at Liz's feet, which were resting on the nice oak coffee table her grandfather had given her. "Feet off the furniture. It's hard to find real wood furniture these days, and you don't want to scuff it," she said as she wandered back into the bedroom to finish packing.

Liz shot the retreating girl a dirty look, picked her feet up and started to spin so she could just lie down on the couch.

"And don't even THINK about putting those dusty boots on the couch," came Alice's voice from the back.

Liz grumbled something about it being her apartment and she should be able to put her damn feet up anywhere she wanted. But she put her feet back on the floor.

"Actually," came Alice's voice again, "could you call Heather and tell her we're getting ready to leave?"

Liz grumbled again but picked up the phone. Heather wasn't apparently at the dorm, so Liz left a message giving their departure time. She then complained to Heather's answering machine that she wasn't allowed to put her feet up on her own furniture. At that moment Alice came out and grinned as her girlfriend bitched about a 'slave' in her own home.

"C'mon and hang up," Alice requested. "It's time to get going. It'll be good to have a nice, normal weekend away from college." Alice stopped and appeared to be pondering something. "Did we pack my leash?"

-------- --------------

That evening . . .

-------- --------------

Alice wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but she still managed to be surprised. When they had arrived, there were hundreds and hundreds of people who looked . . . well, normal. There were a few couples where the relationships had apparently become so extreme that it was easy to determine who was dominant and who was submissive. But for the most part, Alice couldn't tell. There were people of different ages, backgrounds, racial types and builds. Despite claiming to not be nervous, Alice was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. She was rubbernecking while Liz was checking them in when the older girl was approached by a couple who seemed to know her.

"Liz!" said a large black man. He was a handsome fellow (if you're into guys) in his late thirties with a bald head and an athletic build. A white woman accompanied him, also in her thirties with bleach-blonde hair and a generous figure who was maybe five feet six inches tall. She had put on a pound or two and her breasts might have lost some of their twenty-something perk, but she could still turn some heads. Her long hair was up in a bun and she was wearing librarian glasses and a gray business suit, and she was wearing an infectious smile.

"Dirk," Liz responding, turning and giving the man a big, back-slapping hug. She glanced behind him, saw the other woman and immediately released the big man and went to hug the newcomer. "Marcy," she said with a friendly, but much less manly, hug. "You guys just get in?"

"No," said Dirk. "Our stuff's already up in our room. I got them to put you across the hall from us." His voice was heavy and kind of sexy, even to Alice. "I'm glad you were able to make it. So who's . . ."

Liz cut him off. "Dirk, Marcy, this is Alice. Alice, these are the friends I was telling you about that helped get us reservations."

Alice was staring at her feet, but glanced up shyly. "Hi."

"Oh, she's precious," said Marcy, who bypassed etiquette and gave the young girl a warm hug and kissed her on the cheek. Alice already liked this lady. "So, you're the young woman who caught our Liz's eye. Good for you."

Liz was smiling ear to ear. "Dirk and I worked together for the last couple of years. He's going to be transferring to the new plant when it gets built, so he'll be my boss for a bit once I get my Masters degree."

"Nice to meet you," said Alice.

"Marcy here," continued Liz, "is a bank manager. She helped me finance the loan for my Harley." Liz wrapped her arm around Alice's shoulders. "So, you two wanna join us for dinner?"

"Mistress Jasmine is having a banquet this year. Actually, I've got us all at the same table. Why don't you go put your stuff in your room? Dinner is being held in the Sierra Room, so we'll meet you there."

Hugs were exchanged and then Liz and Alice carried their bags up to their room. Alice was impressed with their accommodations, flopping unceremoniously onto the bed. She had to get up quickly though so she could get ready for dinner. She put on one of her nicer sundresses, washed her face and hands and brushed out her hair. When she came out of the bathroom, Liz was just sitting in one of the chairs.

"Ready?" Liz asked. Alice looked the girl up and down. "You're covered in dust. You should wash up and change clothes."

"But . . ."

"You SHOULD wash up and change clothes."

Liz grabbed the backpack with her stuff in it and started pulling clothes out, grumbling the entire time.

-------------- ---------------

The next morning . . .

--------------- --------------

Dinner the previous evening had been wonderful, and Mistress Jasmine had been a delightful speaker. Alice had never imagined how many bondage jokes there were, though Heather had used a number of them in recent weeks. Dirk and Marcy were a lot of fun, treating Alice like an equal rather than just the shy new girl. She liked that. Then she and Liz had gone up to their room, the collar had gone around Alice's neck and Liz proceeded to "train" her young lover. They had curled up together an hour later and gone to sleep.

In the morning, Alice and Liz kissed and then went their separate ways. Liz met up with Dirk and a number of other "doms" while Marcy introduced Alice to a number of other "subs". They young woman was surprised at the variety, including the number of men who allowed themselves to be dominated.

"Don't be," explained Marcy. "We live in an age where men are still expected to be all strong and manly, but now they're also supposed to be sensitive. It can be a lot of pressure, so some of them like to escape."

There were three sessions that morning. The first was a male and female psychiatrist team that discussed a large number of reasons people engaged in sexually submissive behavior, its social ramifications and positive and potential negative implications of such relationships. Alice found it all informative, and was actually taking notes on a napkin. Marcy saw this and grinned.

The second session was by Mistress Jasmine, the very elegant and stern (but funny) woman in her early forties who hosted the event. She talked about some of her past relationships and how she had developed her "Mistress Jasmine" persona. Her real name was Jasmine Berkowitz, and she was a successful real-estate agent down in Austin. That got a laugh out of the crowd. She discussed how she had changed her style over the years to accommodate different subs, which she explained perhaps unnecessarily was short for 'submissives.' She emphasized that while subs didn't have to make many decisions during their sessions, it was in fact the subs that held most of the power. A true dom reacted to his or her submissive, and the sub had the ability to stop everything at anytime.

The third session consisted of four veteran submissives talking about their own experiences. Marcy was one of them, and she had everyone laughing. She had been married for a year to Dirk when they became interested in the lifestyle. It had started inauspiciously enough. She had gotten back after a day of dealing with idiots and making butt-loads of decisions that she was too tired for sex. Dirk had expressed interest, but she had told him that he could do whatever he wanted but that she was going to bed. So he did whatever he wanted, and she decided she kind of liked it. She knew he would have stopped if she had shown herself to be really serious about wanting to sleep, but she found she enjoyed not having to make any more decisions, even if it was just for an hour. By the end of the evening, she had her hands tied to the headboard and the two of them were experiencing some of the most exciting sex of their lives. Eventually they had transformed their sexual relationship into the Master/Dog type of relationship that Liz and Alice shared. Alice wondered if that's where Liz got the idea.

Finally the afternoon rolled around, and subs and doms met back up before going to a late afternoon brunch. But this time, everyone was going in his or her full regalia. Alice was nervous, but willing to participate. When she got up to the room, Liz was already there, and had a present for her. It was a new dress that had been made specifically for Alice. It was similar to many of her sundresses with a few exceptions. For one, it was indecently short, with the hem barely making it past Alice's butt cheeks while standing. Down on all fours, people would easily be able to see the young woman's crotch, which would be covered only by her purple silk bikini panties. The section of the dress between the bodice and the skirt was made of soft black leather, and it clung to Alice's midsection like a second skin. The cotton portion was a light purple-paisley design that the young woman absolutely loved. It was a little bit country and a little bit bondage-slut. Alice loved it!

"I had it made up for you last week. Had the guy do a rush order," Liz said, licking her lips at the concept of getting the young girl into that dress.

Alice quickly shirked her clothes and the older girl helped her slide into her new garment. The leather section actually had ties in the back that, when loosened, allowed the dress to slide on over Alice's head. Then Alice put on her padded leggings and gloves. Liz actually did Alice's makeup, using purple lipstick and eyeliner. Alice REALLY loved every shade of purple. Finally, Alice put her hair up in pigtails, adding a sense of 'naughty schoolgirl' to the ensemble. She could tell from the look of lust on Liz's face that she was going to be thoroughly fucked after brunch was over. Liz put on her tightest leather-pants and a leather vest. Her tanned, rippling abdomen made Alice's mouth water. Liz also decided to wear a leather skullcap, which contrasted nicely with the pale blonde hair hanging down past her shoulders, and she was wearing elbow length latex gloves.

The two girls just grinned at each other before Liz leaned over and gave Alice a warm, lingering kiss. "I don't know if I want to wait until after brunch to fuck your brains out," she whispered in Alice's ears, making them turn red.

"We wouldn't want to seem rude to Mistress Jasmine though, would we?"

"No, I suppose not." Liz picked Alice's collar off the bed. She slid the collar around Alice's neck and buckled it. Then Liz's face grew stern. "You know where you belong."

Alice got down on her hands and knees and waited for Liz's next command. Her mistress latched the leash onto the collar and ordered Alice to heel. She crawled at Liz's side out the door and into the hallway. This was the first time Alice had ever been so exposed, but she found it to be a bit exciting. Liz knocked on Dirk's door. When he answered, the handsome black man was wearing an immaculate three-piece suit. His wife was on her hands and knees and his side. She was wearing a full body latex suit that went all the way up to her neck, with strategically placed openings that allowed her full breasts to hang out. They were so huge and soft looking. Alice was almost hypnotized. There was also a circular opening around Marcy's crotch that exposed most of her thong-clad ass and pussy. Alice thought she was pretty damn hot for an older woman. Marcy also had a collar and leash, though Alice decided, with no small amount of pride, that SHE had the nicer collar.

Dirk and Liz led their two "pets" down the hall and back into the dining area. Alice was amazed by the variety of outfits and relationships being displayed. There were guys in ball gags and wedding dresses, men and women in miscellaneous types of plastic, leather or latex, and there was even a very pretty young girl in a cheerleader's outfit wearing those old fashioned stocks they put people in who were suspected of witchcraft. Each dom led their sub to their table and secured them somehow. Liz sat down and pulled on Alice's leash, bring the girl close to her. Liz then put one hand on Alice's backside and ordered her to sit. Dirk did the same with Marcy. Marcy glanced over at Alice and winked. Alice blushed and winked back.

Dinner was an unusual affair for Alice. Liz fed her by hand, like giving a dog scraps at the dinner table. But the food was excellent, and there was a lot of bite-sized finger food for just such an occasion. And after every morsel, Alice licked Liz's latex-clad fingers clean. Meanwhile Marcy was eating her food out of a ceramic bowl that Dirk had brought with him. Alice found herself a bit jealous. 'I want a bowl,' she thought, almost pouting.

Mistress Jasmine, who seemed to be radiating power in her leather and latex dress, stopped by everyone's table at some point in the afternoon. When she came by to talk with the people at Alice's table, the young girl decided to get into her show position. She straightened up her back, lifted her head and remained perfectly still until Jasmine came around.

"What have we here?" asked Jasmine to Liz. "Is this one new?"

"Yes," Liz responded. "Bitch here is only a month old."

"Excellent," Jasmine practically cooed. She knelt beside Alice and examined her much like Liz had done that first time, looked at her posture and tracing the line of her jaw. "She looks healthy. Good lines, excellent posture, and a firm behind," she said, patting Alice lightly on the ass. "And only a month old? She takes to training well."

"I've never had better," Liz said. Alice was almost flushed with pride. Jasmine moved on to greet Dirk and compliment him on Marcy, then went on to talk to another table. Dinner lasted about an hour, and even with the padding, Alice's knees and hands were beginning to bother her a bit. After dinner, the doms mingled while the subs attended their masters and mistresses. Dirk and Liz were both chatting away with a number of other people when Alice felt someone sniffing at her backside. She quickly glanced around and saw it was Marcy. Alice blushed. Knowing it was Marcy made it seem less of an inappropriate action. Marcy sniffed Alice again, and the young girl's skin tingled after feeling Marcy's breath on the sensitive skin of her crotch. Since Liz was distracted, Alice turned around until she and Marcy were side by side. Then she leaned forward, turned her head and sniffed and Marcy's crotch. The two girls did this several more times each, and also rubbed their sides together. After all, that's what dogs were supposed to do.

"What's going on here?" asked Liz jovially, noticing what her pet was up to. "Dirk, I think our dogs are getting a bit frisky over here."

Dirk smiled at his wife. "Hmm. I think we're going to need to separate them."

Liz was looking down at Alice, staring into the young girl's eyes. She thought the young girl's face actually looked somewhat lustful. Liz grinned.

"Maybe. But I've also been wondering how this one," she said, pulling on Alice's leash, "might take to breeding. Do you think your little bitch is up to it?"

Dirk glanced at Marcy, whose expression Alice couldn't read. Dirk looked back at Liz. "I think that might be a fine idea." Alice had no idea what was going on.

Liz and Dirk led their pets out of the dining area and back up to the rooms. Then the four of them went into Dirk's room and shut the door. Alice was getting a little nervous. Dirk pulled on Marcy's leash and got her into show position.

"Bitch," Liz said to Alice, "since you're so interested in getting to know that other dog, I want you to REALLY get to know her. Now sniff!" Liz walked Alice over until the young woman's face was just inches from Marcy's crotch. Meanwhile, Dirk had untied the strings keeping Marcy's underwear in place and removed the garment. "Go ahead," Liz ordered her. "Sniff."

Alice placed her nose against the tip of Marcy's pussy and inhaled deeply. It smelled sweet, and had the aroma of roses. She must have used perfume. Alice wished she had thought of that.

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