"And you shipped the cargo where?!"

", Planet 487, outer rim."

"487, four-fucking-eight-seven, a primitive non-member planet. You sent a Sorkassigan Oil Worm, the rarest most in demand species in the civilized galaxy, to a planet full of half-savage primates. Are you guys that stupid or is this some sort of humor-gram?"

"Well! the numbers mixed up."

"So you're stupid."

"Well, we can get it back."

"Do it. Do it now, before I rip your head off and feed it to the other one."

"I don't think..."

"Was I talking to you jerkwad? You're just the supplemental head. Shut the fuck up."

"Oh dear!"


"Bio-net says the worm is in mating cycle!"

"That's just fucking great you fucking idiot."


Carey Berenson, nurse, was relaxing in her tub when she heard the splashing. "Damn it! Those kids are in the pool again!" She left the tub, put on a robe and stormed into the back yard.

Carey couldn't afford the pool on her nurse's salary but her Ex could. She got the house and pool in the divorce but keeping kids out was a pain. Not that she didn't like kids, but a drowned child meant lawsuits from litigious parents.

The yard had a hedge instead of a fence. A gap in the hedge let all sorts in. Pets and children were the most problematic. An arborist was due in a few days to take care of the problem.

When Carey saw the body at the bottom of the pool, "Aw shit!" she went. She stripped her robe and in she dove, controversies over nudity subsumed by fears of drowned children and lawsuits.

Approaching the prone form she noted, "He's larger than I thought, and what's he wearing? Just great, probably the Williams kid." Joe Williams was a prematurely tall thirteen-year-old who needed a trip to fat camp. Getting him out would be tough.

Carey got close and immediately found two things: it wasn't the Williams kid and, when it uncoiled, was much larger than she thought. Screaming under water was difficult by any means but Carey gave it a good try.


"So what's this thing we're picking up?"

"A Sorkassigan Oil Worm. Some morons from the Combine shipped it to the wrong planet."

"Shouldn't be a problem retrieving it then. We'll just go to the locals and fill out the paper work."

"Not that simple. The planet's non-member; the species' barely above ape-hood. We'll be lucky if they haven't killed and eaten it."

"So that would be bad, then?"

"The most expensive creature in the galaxy? Millions of galacto-units lost? Yes, very bad."

"So what's so special about this worm? My species is new to this galactic thing."

"It's the oil. It can be used for almost anything on anyone: cosmetics, medicine, perfumes, age extension chemicals, sex enhancers; you don't get that variety in other species. The scientists say it's some sort of virus combined with specialized fruit the worm eats. They can't replicate it. It adapts to just about any species it comes in contact."


"The worm's amphibious so look for water. Oh! And it's in mating cycle so be careful. It's probably porking one of the locals, so we trank it or you might get porked yourself. Plus, it's a primitive planet so we go in cloaked and discreet."


Carey splashed frantically out of the pool. The thing slithered fast behind her. "Whatthefuckisit!" screamed through her head. She never put it above her neighbors to keep exotic pets, pythons, ferrets, monkeys, and the like, but this creature looked like nothing from this planet: a giant maggot meets the anaconda from the same named movie, except if the anaconda were colored pink and orange, like a peach.

"Gottagetanimalcontrol!" she thought, panicked as she ran for the house...or started to, she the absolute wrong time or so she thought.

Turning on her back, she saw her trip up had a cause: something long, ropy, and pink wrapped around her ankles; a slimy, pink extrusion that terminated in the mouth of the monster."Yaaaahhh!" she screamed. "Let me go! HEEEELLLP!" Carey clawed at the slick, smooth, and recently watered grass, which didn't help with traction. "No! No! No! Somebody!"

Unfortunately for Carey, the neighborhood children heeded her warnings for once. Her next door neighbor was at the grocery. The lecherous husbands were at work and even the neighborhood voyeur, eighteen-year-old high school senior Cody Hall, was at his fast food job, thereby missing his chance to see the hot thirty-five-year-old MILF get swallowed by a peach-colored giant worm.

Carey's bound ankles prevented her from kicking, so she had to settle for screaming, sobbing, and flailing her arms. The creature opened its mouth wider. It had no teeth. A ring of soft-looking protrusions rimmed a mouth that resembled a pair of thick red lacquered lips.

Further in, more protrusions resembled elongated suckers. "Oh God! They look like cocks!" remarked Carey of the mouth growths. As if to confirm her phallic diagnosis, the mouth cocks squirted thick, jizzy peach syrup on her ankles.

"Eek! Help!" she shrieked, bracing for skin and bones to dissolve in what was obviously digestive fluid. Instead of searing pain, to her surprise it tingled like K-Y jelly.

The mouth closed on her feet. Sickening fear shivered through Carey's spine at the pillowy touch. Ripples and flexes flowed through the creature's body. A giant "Slurp!" sloshed from its mouth and Carey was sucked in to her knees.

"Eee!" she shrieked, weeping with terror. Her body writhed, her hands clutched at the grass. "Oh God! Please! Somebody!" Hidden soft, slimy things caressed her calves. Evil sucking noises issued from the mouth as something pulled at her skin. Carey screamed and shuddered.

"Sluuurrp!" Now immersed to her hips, Carey's pussy and ass were engulfed, or engulped. She bucked and weaved, beating frantically at the creature's rubbery skin. "Nononono! Please! Let go!" she sobbed. Then her eyes widened, "What are you doing?!"

The slithery things had moved to her petal. Others were sliding up and around her ass cheeks and along her crack. Slimy suckers slid over her bald pussy and sucked her clit. "Oooohhh! Aaaahhh!" she howled, outraged and terrified. And then, horror of horrors, some slid in. "Uuarrrg!" she growled, and struggled harder.

Slithers wound through her canal and rectum. They didn't friction against her walls. The suctioning of her clit had caused a reaction. She didn't want to believe it. "I'm wet!" While the objects slithered their way to her womb, suckers slurped at her rose. "It's like two lubricated cocks are entering me and someone's sucking my clit!"

"Schlurrrp!" Now she was up to her boobs. The creature's pink mouth closed softly over her body. Chest and melons were gently slurped and gummed. "Fucked, sucked, and swallowed, how humiliating," she grunted.

Arousal compounded humiliation. Even as she pounded futilely against the creature, her traitorous body responded to the slurping, in and out and over and around it.

"Sluuurrp! Sluuurrp! Sluuurrp!" went the creature. Carey screams were gradually accompanied by softer sounds, grunts, gasps and moans; "Ohhh!" she despaired. "It's eating me and 'eating' me! What kind of monster is this?!"

A great ripple went through the monster's length. The lacquered lips rimming Carey's body contracted. "Oh no!" she gasped, confused as to whether her expiration came from fear or orgasm. No matter, the giant worm inhaled. Carey wailed as, with a great "Sssssllluuurrrrp!" the creature sucked her up like a strand of spaghetti.


"Sir, the bio-pedia says the oil worm is herbivorous."

"Yes, pretty much. Actually it's a frugivore. What's your point?"

"Well the pic shows it swallowing a live animal and, well, if it eats fruit then why....?"

"Huh? Let me see that....humph! This bio-pedia's defective. Where'd you get it?"

"Spaceport Seven, recreational center."

"Those idiots? They sell cheap and defectives to tourists like you all the time. Screw this one."

"Uh, the live animal?"

"It's the oil worm's mating process. All their sex organs are inside their bodies. The males swallow the females and fuck 'em. Sometimes they'll suck their vaginal juices. Sort of a delicacy for them. Pretty much will do the same to any animal if there aren't any females around. Treat 'em like candy they do."

"I guess it would be tough on the animals."

"'Pends on what the animal thinks."


Carey, trapped in warm, wet darkness, was getting slurped to within an inch of her life. No previous experience ever matched it. Her screams and despairing wails were cut off by soft, fleshy, and surprisingly sweet objects rammed into her mouth. "Aaah-mmmm?!"

Dark, wet walls closed in and caressed every inch of her body. Interior muscles moved her back and forth. Alien sex organs pumped her nethers. Sweet, peachy fluid flooded her mouth and she swallowed to keep from choking.

Her face, D-cups, taut belly, toned ass, all were slurped, pumped, and sucked by the oil worm.

Carey had gone from wails to gulps, grunting with each thrust of the monster cocks, moaning with each suck of tentacles. She came every few seconds. Slurps, grunts, and gulps were the only sounds.

There was little air inside the creature. Everything smelled of fruit, almost overwhelmingly peach. The moist, fetid atmosphere made it difficult to breathe. Carey began to lose consciousness, even as her body came. Just as her mind faded, the creature withdrew its "tongue" and opened its mouth.

A ripple of muscles moved Carey's body forward but only slightly, only so her head popped out of the monster's mouth. Carey blinked for several seconds, adjusting to the sunlight before sucking in the warm, summer air. "Oh! God! What is it doing to me?"

While the creature kept her head outside, Carey's body was still trapped within. Little happened for the next few minutes, other than Carey breathing vital oxygen, and then the creature slurped.

Carey shrieked briefly before her head was re-engulfed. Soon the slurps and gulps resumed. A pattern set in. Carey was slurped into one climax after another, squirting cum and getting pumped with alien spunk in return. Outworldly oils and fluids were slathered and worked into her skin.

Brief intervals where her head was popped out for air, let the milf rest before the cycle resumed. She stopped screaming; her mind subsumed into the cycle of alien sex and cum. Panic, fear, and outrage faded into a fetid haze of lust. Slurp! Gulp! Cum!....Slurp! Gulp! Cum!


"Sir! I found it! Grid sector four alpha!"

"Don't get so enthusiastic. It's only a pick-up. Hover the ship over the coordinates and use the tractor beam."

"Sir, shouldn't we survey the area first? Make sure there aren't any locals to get caught in the beam?"

"What? Oh. Yes, you're quite right. Good thinking."

".....The weather seems reasonably mild sir."

"It's their summer season in this hemisphere. Hmmph! What a primitive dwelling."

"Coordinates are near this watering hole and....there it is, sir!"

"Great! It's alone, we can just....wait! What's that?"

"Something seems to be stuck in its mouth, sir. It looks like an animal of some sort."

"Sigh! It's one of the primates. Well'p, there's nothing for it but to wait 'til it's done."


"It's in mating cycle, remember?"

"Oh....the primate doesn't seem panicked."

"I suspect it's been going on awhile."

"I heard some sentients get off on this kind of thing."

"Yes, some do. Interspecies sex is a popular fetish in some circles. Personally I don't participate myself. My wives would kill me."

"I don't understand it myself. Species should stick with species I always say. What kind of noise is the primate making? It sounds like a moon cow from the Zeta worlds."

"Maybe she's enjoying it, difficult to tell with these primates....well'p, yep, it's spit her out, get the trank gun ready."

"Ready sir."

"Good shot! Activate the tractor beam...that's it....ease her right in...good! Job well done. Bonus here we come, let's get out of here. I want to deliver this, get paid, get home, and get my mating cycle on."

"Shouldn't we help the primate sir? She doesn't look too well and the bio-pedia said prolonged exposure to unrefined oil worm viruses..."

"It's not in our contract. She'll be fine, oil worm virus is harmless. In fact, she'll probably benefit."

"But sir, I..."

"Look, if it bothers you, I'll put in a note to Bio Affairs. Right now I just want to finish the job and get home."


Carey woke up. "What? Where? What happened?" She blinked her eyes. She was on her back, staring at the clear blue sky. "I was in the tub." Why was she outside? "The sun's in the wrong place."

It should be morning; instead it looked past noon. Carey propped up on her elbows. She was on the grass near the pool. Her bathrobe lay, crumpled, on the edge. She looked at her body and gasped, "I look...slick."

Her body gleamed, shiny and slick. Someone or something had slathered her in....some kind of oil. "Body oil? Baby oil?" She smelled perfume, fruity, almost peachy, but not quite.

Her skin was flushed, an after sex kind of blush, rosy and post-orgasmic. A faint tinge, tannish or slightly orange, barely detectable, complimented her pink choler. "I look like a peach. I smell like a peach. Did some perve snatch me and cover me with peach flavored lube?"

Carey gazed on her body with growing horror and outrage. She noted how her legs were spread with cum dripping out of her pussy. She sat up and drew her legs to her chest.

Kneeling close, she noticed the fluid wasn't white like semen but slightly orange with a strong fruity smell. "They slathered me and put that stuff in me?!"

Her vulva was puffy and her clit, swollen. She touched it and, "Ungh!" Like pulling a trigger, her sensitive clit shot an orgasm through her body. The merest touch set it off. Peach scented cum squirted on her hand and the grass.

Carey gasped, stunned. She'd never orgasmed with this intensity, not since....a memory of water, splashes, screams, flashed through her brain and disappeared.

"Maybe I should go inside and call the cops," she thought. Carey stood; the grass blades fell off her body.

Carey's feelings were odd, a mixture of detachment and, "Horniness?" Seconds ago, she'd felt outrage; now after her orgasm, a slow building heat throbbed in her pelvis.

Carey looked down and around. Whatever happened caused a lot of activity in the grass but she had no bruises, dirt or any sort of blemish on her skin. "Just this...oil."

Her skin tingled. It felt sensitive and tender. When she ran her hands across it the effect was almost like touching her clit. "What is this stuff?" It also seemed as if her mind was slowing down, especially after her orgasm.

Carey realized she was totally nude in the backyard. Voyeurs could probably see her through the gap in the hedge. "I don't care," she thought. In fact her sex craving grew at the thought, and that perplexed her. "What happened? I didn't have feelings like these, this morning. I've never felt this horny...before."

Further, the hornier she felt, the more it seemed her thoughts were muddled. "I need to go....inside. Take a shower...I need to...think."

Carey stumbled into the house to the bathroom. She paused at the mirror. Her jaw dropped slightly. "I look hot. Strange...but hot. My Ex would jump a second." People always regarded Carey as a hot milf. She liked the compliment but never really flaunted it.

She had short, neck-length bobbed-cut hair, medium blonde (albeit slick because of the "oil"). Her face sported a long, straight nose, full pink lips on a broad mouth, large emerald eyes, and a strong jaw. The face reflected the beauty and maturity of her thirty-five years.

Her body, toned and conditioned by regular exercise, was near centerfold. Her most prominent feature was her breasts. D-cups set on a thirty-four inch chest, with a slight teardrop that marked them as natural. They sported a feature that, since adolescence, had driven her Ex and others mad with lust: saucer-sized areolae.

Her tiny puckered tits sat within a pair of pink expanses that could fit a tea cup. Her areolae made her boobs unique, as she noted in the showers with the other girls' quarter to silver dollars.

Carey's Ex used to love running his fingers over them, sensitive nipples plumping before his lips came down to suck... "Whoa! Carey!" she gasped. Her hands had strayed to those melons, fondling until she nearly came. "What's....happening!" Her voice was a husky alto.

Carey's hands slid to her flat, smooth belly; slender fingers tweaked the innie button. Her waist measured twenty-five inches of good diet and exercise.

She inched her hands along her hips, wide child-bearing thirty-sixer's with what her Ex loved to call a "ghetto booty."

Her hands smoothed down to her pink, hairless pussy, slick, wet, and dripping with cum. "Peach" syrup flowed down her legs. The day before, she'd gotten a Brazilian, plus another spa treatment to remove all her body hair, courtesy of a hospital lottery.

As her fingers brushed across her swollen clit, electricity rolled her pelvis. She used a hand to brace herself against the sink. Peach cum squirted against the other hand as she plunged in. "God...I'm...horny!"

A pink, peach haze clouded her vision briefly, before the white porcelain and chrome of her bathroom returned. Gasping, she looked in the mirror again.

Her appearance was intensely erotic. The mysterious oil enhanced every contour and curve of her body. Her skin was smooth, slick, shiny, and gleaming from head to toe. ""

She brought her oil-slick hand to her tongue and licked it. The taste was fruity, peachy, and....something else. "Can...this"

Carey's mind felt increasingly lethargic, matched by a growing sexual craving. She staggered to the tub to drain the water and turn on the shower. The shower didn't help. It made it worse.

The warm water cascading upon her body beaded and sloughed off. Even the soap had no effect; she remained oily and slick as ever. Furthermore, her skin increased its sensitivity, especially around her boobs.

The effect was as if thousands of tiny fingers massaged her body, an erotic, sensual massage that drove her into overlapping orgasms....and with each orgasm, Carey's reason faded into sexual oblivion.

"Ooohhh!....What's....happening?!" she moaned. "! But....oooo!....It....feels....sooo....goood.....can't.....stop....cumming! Can't....stop!"


The soft "ssshhh" of the shower wafted through the house. The bathroom door was open. A light mist of steam drifted into the hall.

She stumbled out, smooth, slick, and nude, peach-colored skin gleaming. She moaned a moan of orgies and one night stands, nights in the backseat, nights in the bedroom; locked in a yearning drive no longer entirely human. "Want....fuck..." she gasped, faintly.

She staggered to the door and threw it open. Naked and slick, she stumbled into the bright warm summer the neighborhood beyond.

Continued in Lubed Two: Attack of the Lubies

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