tagNonHumanLusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 02

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 02


All was quiet when she got to grandma's house—unnaturally quiet; the birds weren't chirping, the wind wasn't blowing...nothing was stirring. The world seemed to have stopped.

She knocked on the door.

"Who's there?" came a deep, raspy voice, one that Red barely recognized. She suddenly felt guilty at the fact that it had been too long since her last visit.

"It's Red, your granddaughter. I've brought you some goodies to make you feel better."

"Come in, come in, child."

Red entered the dim house and made her way to grandma's bed. She sat there in shadow, a big frilly night cap covering her head and a thick duvet covering up the rest of her. But something wasn't quite right...

"Oh, grandma, what big arms you have..."

"The better to hug your soft body with," answered granny.

"Oh, grandma, what big ears you have..."

"The better to hear your screams of pleasure."

What a strange thing for grandma to say!

"Oh, grandma, what big eyes you have..."

"All the better to see you naked with, my dear."

"Oh, grandma, what big tongue...

"All the better to lick your wet pussy slit with, my dear."

"Oh, grandma, what big teeth you have..."

"All the better to bite your tender flesh with, my dear..."

"Oh, grandma, what...oh!...what a big cock you have!..." she cried out as a huge cock began to grow and part open grandma's flannel sleeping gown.

"All the better to fuck you with, my dear..." the beastman growled on an evil laugh, and lunged at Red's quaking figure.

And after that she didn't have a chance. The hairy beast pinned her to the floor, her legs parting helplessly so that the huge red cock slid with a powerful thrust into her waiting wet virgin pussy. The wolfman's head loomed threateningly above her face, panting and growling as his cock continued its primitive rape of her untouched fresh young pussy. He pounded savagely and mercilessly, mindless of her cries of pain and horror. Eventually, he cummed inside her, listening as her cries of pain turned into cries of pleasure. When it was her turn to cum, she was frightened by the newness of violent sensations but welcomed them in her innocent purity. She held on to the wolfman's cock in her pulsating, fiery pussy, a cock that was way too long to fit inside her completely. Grabbing onto the fleshy part of the dick that wouldn't fit inside her, she pumped the meaty pole of its last man cum with her hands, crying out as it sprayed her insides with a powerful blast of hot liquid.

But her pleasurable torture wasn't over yet. He remained thick and stiff and only rolled her over onto her stomach so that he could straddle her hips and, with his cum-slicked cock meat, lunge into her unsuspecting ass hole, making her yell out with pain and unexpected pleasure.

What was happening to her? She couldn't be enjoying something so primitive and savage, but she was! Once the pain passed and her ass canal opened up to him, she began to go over the edge again. The ass fuck continued until Mr. Wolf once again emptied what seemed like gallons of man jizz into her, flooding her bowels until they overflowed with the white juice. She screamed out with pleasure as she cummed with the thick cock in her ass, welcoming the sensations like a cheap whore.

And just when she thought she couldn't take any more, he dismounted and walked over to the picnic basket she'd brought. He opened it and rummaged inside until he pulled something out triumphantly, holding it up for her to see. It was a large black gel dildo! He knocked the basket over and all sorts of sex toys tumbled out. What a strange thing to pack for grandma! Red mused. "I wasn't aware I had those kinds of goodies in there," Red said with a chuckle, but her eyes were glued to the toys with rapt attention and anticipation. There were dildos, butt plug, beads, vibrators... And suddenly she knew that he intended to use every last toy on her.

"Spread 'em," he ordered as he came towards her with a dildo. As soon as she parted her legs, still lying on her stomach, he shoved the black dildo into her cum-slicked asshole where it stayed lodged. He came back almost immediately with another large rubber penis, one that was making noise, and he slid it teasingly up along her pussy and over her large clit, making her squirm with pleasure just before he shoved the vibrator in to the hilt. Red felt so full and so sensitive that she thought she'd explode again at any second.

And for her mouth, he had something special; his own cum-covered cock meat. He trotted up to her and the cock fell into her waiting mouth. He stood there as she sucked on his glistening cock, using her small hands to rub him until he finally began to hump her mouth while her hips thrashed about with the dildos inside her other orifices.

It wasn't long before the wolfman was cumming heavily in to her mouth, making her almost gag on the amount of cum shooting into her belly. And as she was swallowing his seed, her pussy gushed out a cumload of its own, her fingers going to her rock hard clit and rubbing frantically. She wanted to scream with pleasure, but her noises were muffled by the cock in her throat.

"Oh, wolfy, I'm cumming so hard!" she screamed out when he finally pulled his spent meat out of her mouth. He pulled the vibrator out of her twat. His fingers found her gushing hole and two digits slid in to fuck her before thrusting his big cock inside her welcoming tunnel of love.

Red was so lost in pleasure that she didn't know that they had an audience once again. The eight wood cutters were all standing outside, looking in through the open window, working their peckers hard for another load of jizz.

Poor, exhausted Red lay languidly on her grandmother's bed with Wolfman's cock still buried deep inside her pussy while he lay on top of her, breathing hard against her face. She happened to glance at the antique clock on the nightstand and gasped when she notice the time. "Oh, no, I'm going to be late getting home! What will I tell mama?"

Mr. Wolf only laughed. "Don't worry about that bitch. I don't think she's expecting you home tonight— or ever."


"She despises you. It's jealousy. I was supposed to gobble you up tonight."

Shocked didn't even begin to cover how she felt. And then fright set in. Did Mr. Wolf mean to kill her still? She looked up at him with fear in her eyes, but he was quick to assure her that he planned no such thing.

"I don't think I can live without your sweet little pussy. I'm hooked, baby!" And to prove his point, he moved his hips against her, shifted his meat inside her as it began to come back to life again.

It was then that the eight woodcutters came into the room, their large hard cocks swinging out of their pants, hot and ready for action. "We want a piece of her," one man said belligerently to the wolfman.

Red was embarrassed by getting caught in such a compromising position with the horny village pervert. Yet instead of feeling disgust or fear at the prospect of all these men wanting her, her insides began to tingle at the possibility of so many cocks—different shapes, sizes and colors—pounding at her newly initiated furry pussy.

The wolfman felt her excitement at the prospect of a gangbang, her walls closing around his long meaty shaft like a vice. "Oh, wolfy," she breathed, "I can't let them have their way with me..." she began to protest coyly, but her voice then shifted to a hard edged sound, "Unless they bring my worthless mother to me. That bitch has to be taught a lesson." Rage still boiled inside her at the thought of what she'd planned for her fate. She looked over to the eight men and felt herself getting hotter and hotter at the view of all those lovely cocks, all ready for her. "Bring her and I will gladly give you my body to pleasure yourselves with."

They were out the door before she could say anything else. She chuckled at their eagerness. "Wolfy, I want to get cleaned up. It's gonna be a long night." He pulled out of her, disappointed but anticipating the fun they were all going to have soon enough.

She still couldn't get over her mother's treachery. The sexually frustrated witch wanted her dead. It was time for a little revenge...

The woodsmen came back to the house hours later with a bound and gagged and struggling Delores. She was cursing her captors from behind her muffling gag and her eyes were spitting her hatred—she as like a feral animal.

Red lay on the bed, tied to the posted spread eagled, wearing only her little red cape and hood. Her glistening pussy lips were open for everyone to see that she was no longer a virgin. Delores stilled at the sight of her very-much-alive daughter. She looked to the wolfman who stood by the bed, naked except for his excessive body hair. He motioned to one of the woodsmen to take out the woman's gag.

"What's the meaning of all this?!" she raged just as soon as the cotton was out of her mouth. "We had a deal, Wolf." She looked at her daughter, glowing with beauty, satisfaction and sexual awareness now that the wolf had had his way with her, and jealousy raged through the older woman. It had been years since she'd been fucked so thoroughly. And then she'd finally lured that stupid boy into her bed and she finds out that all along he'd been lusting after her daughter. She was frustrated and pissed off!

"You fuckin' asshole! You were supposed to eat her!"

"With pleasure!" replied the wolfman before he dived in between Red's spread-eagled legs and began to eat out her tasty young pussy with his large rough tongue, sucking up the delicious pussy juice that was pouring out of her like a burst dam. Red's moans of pleasure were like music to his ears.

Delores was livid! She could see the wolf's tongue making a meal out of the tender pink flesh of her daughter's little cunt and it made her own mature pussy heat up like a hot water tank. With each passing second that she watched, the more she wished she had that tongue lapping at her mature juicy box. She screamed out with frustration. And worse still, Red followed it with her own scream of satisfaction as she began to cum into wolf's mouth, convulsing on his face like a demented whore.

The wolfman looked up at Delores with laughter in his eyes. He looked over to the woodsmen. "Get the bitch's clothes off," he ordered. The men wasted no time in ripping every piece of clothing off the older woman's body. Their own cocks were as hard as stone again, bouncing around out of their pants, ready for release of their pleasure and their seed.

The wolf threw some rope to one of them and they proceeded to tie the ever struggling woman to a chair that faced the bed. He then untied Red, who got off the bed in all her naked glory and walked towards her mother. Before the older woman knew what was coming, Red slapped her across the face—once, twice and then a third time.

"I almost hate you!" Red spit out at her mother. "How could you?"

Delores glared back at her daughter with venomous hatred in her eyes. "You've always been the root of all my troubles, you little slut. I never wanted to have a baby. And then your father left me. And then when you were born, everyone adored and worshipped you—even now all the women want to be you and their men lust after you!"

Red smiled lasciviously at her mother's words. So all the men lusted after her, eh? The mere thought of all those faceless men wanting to fuck her made her gush uncontrollably. She had to get some satisfaction now, but she also had to get some kind of revenge on her heartless mother.

She looked at all the men in the room and, seeing their peckers all long and stiff. She licked her lips and knelt before the first one. Taking his fleshy pole in her hand, she looked over to her mother and smiled. "What a lovely cock. I wonder what it tastes like," she mused, before taking the tip in her mouth to suck on. She moaned her satisfaction. "He tastes good, mama. Would you like to put it in your mouth? Swallow the tasty cum?"

The older woman was silent but obviously getting aroused, even though she tried to hide it with a sour expression on her face. "Go to hell."

Red laughed. "Maybe I will. But first I intend on experiencing heaven." And with that she went to the next cock and made a meal of it, before moving on to the next and the next, until she sampled them all. And all the while she watched her mother, who was tantalized and agitated at the same time.

To be continued...

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