tagBDSMMaster of the Universe Ch. 05

Master of the Universe Ch. 05


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Shanella and Madison embraced each other while straddling Harry's face. Shanella whispered something into Madison's ear as they stroked each other. Madison nodded her understanding and squatted down to sit on Harry's upper chest.

She leaned over Harry's face, pendulous breasts dangling over his eyes, and slipped her hands behind Harry's neck, undid the strap holding the double dildo in his mouth, grasped the slippery black member and pulled it free. Harry choked at the sudden movement of the dildo deep in his throat and then gasped for air as the airway through his mouth was suddenly open again. He sucked in a huge slug of air, filling his lungs, expanding his chest against the strap holding him to the table and exhaled noisily.

Shanella looked down between her legs at Harry and smiled broadly, gleaming white teeth sparkling against her black skin and thick, dark pink lips. She adjusted her position, moving forward just a bit to position her tight buns directly over Harry's gaping, open mouth.

"Okay my little man, I want you to clean me out, and I mean thoroughly - inside and out. I want that tongue of yours deep up my little, brown poop shoot and I want it licking all the way."

Shanella reached down to her ass cheeks with both hands, spread them wide to expose her puckered, pinkish brown ass hole and lowered herself, squatting down until her hole pressed itself against Harry's open mouth. Harry recoiled in disgust as he momentarily forgot about his precarious position and reacted as he normally would have had he received such a command from a woman. Harry made a serious mistake.

Shanella reacted immediately to Harry's hesitation, raising herself back up. "What's the matter Harry - my black ass not good enough for you? Afraid of getting your tongue a little dirty. Well, I think you need a real taste of me Harry to appreciate what you're getting."

As Shanella spoke, Madison slid off Harry's chest, hopped down off the table and moved back behind Harry's head, out of his field of vision. She returned carrying two objects which she handed to Shanella and returned to her position, sitting on Harry's upper chest.

Shanella took the first object, a pair of rubber tipped tongs, and quickly reached deeply into Harry's mouth, fishing out his slick, squirmy tongue. She pulled it out slowly, stretching the ligaments holding his tongue to the floor of his mouth to the tearing point. Harry groaned and screamed in protest, his tongue turning a deep red and then purple in color as the tongs squeezed down hard on it trapping the blood within and forcing it to the surface.

With her other hand, Shanella took the second object, a funnel with a long, curved neck and slid the neck deeply into Harry's mouth, sliding over and past his trapped and stretched tongue. Two straps extended from the funnel, dangling on either side of Harry's mouth. Shanella continued to slide the funnel neck into Harry's mouth until it hit the back of his throat. Harry gagged and coughed in response trying mightily to eject the funnel neck with his squeezing throat muscles. The effort was to no avail.

Shanella continued to ease the curved funnel neck down, down, down his throat, into his esophagus. Madison leaned over and buckled the straps behind Harry's neck, pulling the strap tightly to draw the funnel deeply into his mouth, pressing the cone portion against his open lips and securing it tightly in place. Harry's tongue was trapped outside of his mouth, pressed tightly against the underside of the funnel with no room for movement. Shanella let go of Harry's tongue, opening the tongs and watched as his purple tongue remained trapped between the funnel and his lower lip.

Shanella positioned her cunt over the top of the funnel and squatted down until her swollen outer labia just touched the open end of the funnel. She brought her left hand down to her cunt and spread her lips with her middle and forefingers Harry's eyes opened wide in terror. Harry heard a low hiss emanate from Shanella's spread lips. He felt the hot stream hit the back of his throat and roll down his esophagus, straight into his belly.

"Haaa! How'd ya like that?! Drink up Harry, there's plenty more to come."

The bright yellow stream continued to flow into the funnel with a loud "hssssssss," draining out the bottom into Harry's throat, the hot, salty liquid streaming down directly into Harry's stomach. Harry gagged but he could do nothing about it, the burning river of piss continued unabated, rolling down his throat, filling his heaving white belly.

The acrid, ammonia smell filled Harry's nostrils as he sucked in air as best he could. The steady flow of hot, yellow piss continued seemingly forever, filling Harry's poor tummy, causing his white belly to rise and expand as it filled with Shanella's musky, hot urine. Finally, the flow slowed a bit, then was reduced to a trickle, eventually just a dribble flowed down Harry's throat. Shanella squeezed her little but highly developed kegel muscles to squirt the last few spurts of urine from her little hole and then shook herself a bit to get the last few drops into the funnel.

"Okay Harry, we're going to try this again. Hopefully, with this little sample, you've developed a taste for my black ass because if you haven't, well . . . ."

Madison leaned over and unbuckled the strap holding the funnel in place. Shaneela lifted the funnel up out of his mouth, the tip scrapping his throat as it went. She took hold of his tongue which was still flattened against his lower lip

"Now, we'll start with my cunt, cleaning all of that golden nectar, using that tongue of yours like living toilet paper. I want to be squeaky clean in front before diving into my back door. And then I want you to go at it as though you're life depended on it, because, Harry . . . it does."

Harry lapped away at Shanella's widely spread cunt with the flat of his tongue, licking in long swipes, cleaning the remaining drops of urine from her inner and outer lips. The combination of salty, ammonia tinged urine, musky, slick cunt juices and sweaty crotch gave off a powerful odor, causing Harry to gag once more before continuing his enthusiastic tongue cleaning.

He probed her urethral opening with the tip of his tongue before swiping in tight circles around it, expanding the circles to clean the insides of her inner labia thoroughly, expanding once again to clean the inside of her outer lips before plunging deep into her hot, wet hole to draw out the thick, copious cunt juices flowing from within. When she felt that she was completely clean, Shanella directed Harry back to the original target.

"Okay my little man, you've had enough of my honey. . Haaaa, HaHaHa," she cackled raising her head up to look at her reflection in the overhead mirror, seeing her own gleaming white teeth in the picture.

Shanella raised herself up a bit by straightening her legs, moved forward, tilted her hips up and squatted down once more over Harry's upturned mouth, spreading her ass cheeks as she lowered herself. Harry saw his world disappear into darkness as her black ass descended over his face. He felt her weight press down hard on his face as she settled herself down.

He tasted her distinctive, musky ass hole as it pressed itself against down his lips. Harry was relieved to find that it was very clean. His nose barely stuck up through her ass crack with only the tips of his nostrils able to suck in air. He pulled in as much air as he could through the tiny, remaining openings and immediately got to work, thrusting his tongue as far as it would go, curling it into a tight roll to press it against her resisting outer sphincter.

"Ahhhhhhhh, that's it my little man, push that squirmy little tongue of yours deep into my hole and clean me out. C'mon boy, get that tongue in there!"

Harry pushed harder against her sphincter and worked the tip of his tongue into her dark hole. It slid in slowly, a millimeter at a time as her ass hole opened up to allow his slimy tongue to enter. She pushed down to meet his tongue which he stiffened to withstand the additional weight pressing down upon it.

"Oh Yesssssssss, that's it Harry, get that tongue all the way up there. C'mon, give it to me; ream me out with that tongue of yours."

As Harry thrust his tongue deeply into her rectum, Madison bent over at the waist while still sitting on Harry's chest, and ran her tongue along the perimeter of Shanella's tightly curled, black triangle. She blew on it lightly, flicking her tongue along the edges of her crotch and inner thighs as she went.

"Oh Yessss baby, come to mama, do me good girl."

Shanella tilted her hips up to meet Madison's grazing tongue, trying to get more pressure on her aching cunt. As she did so, the tip of Harry's nose slid back into the crack of her ass, pinching off his last source of air with his mouth tightly pressed against her asshole. He started to struggle, plunging his tongue in and out furiously to please her, thinking his air cut-off was punishment for lackadaisical effort. He grunted in protest but barely a sound made its way through the thick, mushy ass cheeks pressed against his mouth.

Shanella's eyes were closed as she luxuriated in the slick sensations of Harry's tongue sliding in and out of her asshole, twirling and reaming all the way in and all the way out, and Madison's flicking tongue teasing of her crotch and cool, sweet breath on her hot, sopping gash. Harry jerked against his binds in desperation as he struggled to free up just the tiniest tip of his nose through her crack to suck some air into his starving, burning lungs.

Shanella sensed the distress as Harry jerked beneath her and tilted her hips forward just a bit, pushing the tip of Harry's nose up through her ass crack, rising like a periscope to finally break the surface of hot, soft black skin to the cool air above. Harry sucked in a huge slug of air through the tiny portions of his nostrils free of her fleshy butt.

Shanella felt the rush of air on top of her butt, just above her crack and realized it was Harry's desperation inhale causing the light, tickling breeze. She smiled to herself realizing the wonderful game now available to her. Slight tilt of her hips forward, Harry breathes. Slight tilt of her hips back, Harry slowly suffocates. Life, death, life, death, all with the slight tilt of her hips.

She shivered all over in pleasure at the slick pressure of Harry's worming tongue, Madison's little lightening flicks and the deep sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of Harry's predicament.

"Get that tongue working Harry! You're slowing down. No tongue, no air. If that tongue of yours doesn't get me off, I know I'll go off a like a rocket if I slowly suffocate you with my ass. All that desperate grunting and jerking really gets me off Harry."

Shanella shivered all over in incredible pleasure as Madison found her engorged love button with the tip of her tongue just as Dr. Jansen flicked the switch on an ivory white vibrator and brought its tip to the entrance of Shanella's dripping hole. Shanella involuntarily thrust up to meet the vibrator and press her hard clit against Madison's tongue.

She bounced on Harry's face, impaling herself on the vibrator and driving Harry's stiff, curled tongue deeply into her butt hole. Madison used the flat of her tongue to press just below Shanella's clit on the incredibly sensitive underside of her nub.

"AAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, OOOOOOOOooooooooooohhhhhaahhhhhh, Yessssssss!" Shanella wailed at the triple onslaught. Her insides were starting to spasm from deep in her womb, outward in electric sparks to the entrance of her hole and engorged clit.

Dr. Jansen stroked her right breast, wetting the tips of her fingers on Shanella's drooling lips and pinching her rock hard nipple, squeezing and pulling in sync with the vibrator thrusts. Dr. Jansen flicked the switch on the vibrator again, turning it from low to high, and shoved it in to the hilt - eight inches of thick, white pulsating rod filling her cunt, pressing against the roof of her vagina, on that incredibly sensitive "G" spot.

As Dr. Jansen thrust the vibrator in, Madison finished her off by pressing down hard on Shanella's clit with her lips, sucking it into her mouth and using her tongue to make little butterfly flicks against the trapped tip.

Shanella lost it completely. She nearly blacked out from the incredibly powerful spasms of pleasure in what seemed to be every muscle and organ in her body. She had never felt anything even remotely like it.

She gushed cunt juice as it squirted from the small glands lining her inner labia. Her legs jerked up and she doubled over, squeezing Harry's head tightly between her thighs, jamming herself down on the vibrator and Harry's stiff tongue, in a paroxysm of pleasure that engulfed her down to her curling toes. She shook violently as the wild spasms inside her cunt turned her insides into white hot exploding jelly. Shanella rode Harry's face like a jockey closing for the win, inner thighs pressed against his ears, asshole jammed against his upturned mouth, legs jerking up and down in spasms that rocked her world.

As Shanella continued to cum, in spasm after spasm, Harry struggled desperately to breathe. Her jockey like crouch over his face sealed his mouth and nose in hot, sweaty black girl flesh with not a millimeter of space for an airway. Harry was jerking spasmodically against his tight bonds himself as he struggled for air. Just before he blacked out, Harry got a slug of air into his lungs as Shanella jerked forward just enough for the tip of his nostrils to clear her ass crack. The opening was short-lived as she again sealed his airway tightly.

Shanella gushed from every orifice. Her cunt spurted love juice as her tunnel gripped down hard on the impaling vibrator. The slick, greasy juice flowed down Harry's chin and jaw, rolled down the sides of his neck and pooled in a growing puddle at the base of his skull. Saliva dripped from the corners of her slack lips in long strings as she lost all control over her spasming muscles. A foamy white mixture of saliva and sweat covered Harry's lips as Shanella's asshole squeezed down incredibly hard on Harry's stiffened, impaling tongue.

Finally, the spasms shortened in duration and lessened in intensity as Shanella jerked a few times more in reaction to the powerful waves of pleasure and then stopped, collapsing over Harry's face in a release of all muscular tension. Dr. Jansen turned off the vibrator and slowly eased it out of her gaping, gushing gash. It exited her love tunnel with an audible "plop", followed by another stream of cunt juice that flowed freely out of her gaping hole.

The tip of Harry's nose broke through the top of Shanella's ass cheeks and sucked in air at a furious rate. Slowly, Shanella released her jockey's thigh grip on Harry's ears and lowered her feet to the platform, taking some of her weight off of Harry's poor, flattened face at last.

As her eyes began to once again focus and voluntary control of her muscles returned, she raised her torso up, the change in angle releasing another mini-flood of love juice, which rolled down Harry's chin and neck. Madison contented herself with slowly rubbing Shanella's tummy in slow circles with the flat of her hand, occasionally dipping down and running her fingers through her soaking crotch, as she looked lovingly into Shanella's eyes.

"You have no idea how good that felt Harry," Shanella said, slowly rotating her hips while Madison's fingers gently stroked her bush. " Looks like there may be some use for you after all. You're face makes a perfect love seat and I just love it when you jerk and squirm when you can't breathe. We'll have to do more of that!"

Shanella ground her crotch into Harry's face one last time as if to emphasize her last point before raising herself up off of him. Her cunt juice streamed down her leg as she stood up. Madison bent over and caught the juice with her curled tongue and swallowed it greedily, licking her lips to capture the drops.

Dr. Jansen put the vibrator down and took a few steps towards the foot of the table, stopping about mid-way down its length. She leaned over and took Harry's flaccid little penis between her thumb and index finger and waggled it back and forth.

"His face may be useful for fucking but that's about all. Have you ever seen such a sorry little dick in your whole life?! The great Harry Brennan! The powerful Harry Brennan! Haaaah Ha Haaaah! Four beautiful women are going at it with you and that's the best you can manage?! An inch and a half of soft jelly?! Really Harry, I expected more of you. We might as well cut that useless little appendage off and make a woman of you, eh?! We could slice off your dick and balls, shave you real smooth and then fuck your tight little ass-cunt. Bet you'd like that, wouldn't ya my little slut?"

Harry groaned in response. He tried to articulate words but between his exhausted tongue and widely stretched mouth, he just couldn't form sounds that even remotely resembled words.

"eees, eeeesss, oooooo, ooooooooooo"

Oh god, please don't cut my dick off, don't cut my dick off. I'll do anything, anything! Harry thought.

"Maybe you need a little more direct stimulation to get it up. Stimulating a man's cock and balls just happens to be My Ling's specialty. I'm sure she'll be happy to accommodate you. In fact, it will give us all great pleasure to see My Ling work you over. She is soooooo creative."

My Ling's lithe figure moved with cat like grace to the table. With a black leather pouch in one hand, she hoisted herself up on the table with the other. Dr Jansen stepped back towards Harry's head, leaned over his face, smiled her broadest toothy grin at him, shoved a red rubber ball gag into his mouth and cinched it securely behind his neck.

"There will be plenty of time to hear you scream later darling, but for now I think we'd all like to watch this show without your pitiful little complaints to distract us."

End Part 5

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