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Master's Gift


Stepping out of the shower I begin to dry off, feeling the aches and twitches of my well used body. Master always uses me so thoroughly. I reach onto the counter and grab my butt plug, as I've been ordered to wear it as often as possible. Leaning a bit over the counter I slip it into place with a small pop, then catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I have to laugh a little. If anyone had told me six months ago that I would become completely attached to this man, be so closely bonded to him that I would do anything, I would certainly have laughed in their face. But as it is, this man I call Master has pushed me, stretched me, guided me and taught me. I am his slave, his slut, his whore... I am what he says I am because to be any less would devastate me. I smile again because the knowledge of His control over me makes me feel happy, safe and secure in the world. He is my anchor, there is nothing I would not do for him and tonight I intend to please him even more. I have been working with my girlfriend, guiding her and teaching her just as Master taught me. I believe she is ready to finally be presented to him. I get a little nervous, knowing that this will be the true test of what I've been trying to accomplish. It will be interesting to see how I submit to one person while maintaining control of another. But isn't that the point? The highest of compliments to Master?

I walk into the bedroom to find her getting dressed for the evening. I smile and touch her face, leaning in to kiss her softly. She looks up at me and smiles back, then worriedly nibbles at her bottom lip and begins to ask the same questions she's asked a thousand times before. I laughingly reassure her that yes, Master will be pleased with her if she only does as I've instructed. I also take the time to remind her that Master's commands supersede my own. She nods only slightly and again my own doubts surface. Perhaps a little play time would be good for her?

I walk around her until her back is to me, when she begins to turn around I order her to stop and stand still. With a feather light touch I run my hands up and down her arms, then across her shoulders and down her back, caressing her slowly and softly. I then surprise her by grabbing a handful of her hair and leading her to the bed, telling her to bend over, face on the bed, and spread her legs. I hear her slight gasp, this is one of her favorite "games". I then begin to let my hands roam over her ass, down the outside of her thighs then back up the inside. I feel her twitch a little and only tease her sweet little pussy with a graze of my fingertips.

I reach to the dresser and grab a small box that I've been saving just for tonight. There are just a few last instructions to give my little pet. I set the box on the bed and tell her to look into it. She sees a new butt plug and quickly turns to look at me. I will brook no argument on this, Master likes his girls to be ass whores. If I am that for him, so shall she be. It's a small one, and I comfort her by letting her know that Master is patient and will wait until she is ready, but that she must begin training her ass for His use as I have. I turn around and bend over a bit so she can see my own butt plug already inserted.

I push her head back down onto the bed and again stand behind her. I kneel down and spread her cheeks with my hands, feeling her tense against me. I sigh and lean in, telling her that she'll learn to love it as much as I have, then slowly drag the tip of my tongue across her tight little ass. She quivers slightly so I increase the pressure, my tongue swirling around her, pressing gently until I feel her start to relax and even push towards me a bit. I squirt a dab of lube on my thumb and rub it against her gently until she pushes back more and then slowly I slide my thumb into her. I feel her gasp and her hot little pussy begins to drip for me. With my thumb slowly sliding in and out, opening her up, I use the other hand and slip two fingers into her sweet cunt. Feeling her instantly begin to tighten around my fingers I give her leave to cum as she pleases. She looks over her shoulder at me questioningly, as I've never allowed this before but tonight is special and I'm so proud of her for stretching her boundaries even more.

She wiggles her hips and pushes back against my hands until I relent and shove a third finger into her, finger fucking her hard and fast while my thumb continues its slow dance in her ass. I feel her tense like a bow then scream out as she orgasms hard... but I do not relent, only press harder with both fingers and thumb until she is panting and quivering. When she has finished I slowly pull my fingers out and slide them up to her face and watch her lick her juices from them. I remove my thumb from her ass and laugh a little at her quiet protest. I ask quietly if she is ready for her butt plug and she responds with a quick "Yes, please!". I take it and slowly begin to insert it into her ass. She is moaning before I even get it all the way in. I continue to push until it's buried inside of her and smile to myself. Perhaps I'll be able to pull this off, after all. I tell her to finish getting ready as Master will arrive at any moment. We dress quietly, not saying too much as we are both anxious for his arrival.

I hear Master's car pull into the driveway and feel my heart race. I've been pacing and waiting anxiously for his arrival. Pet has watched me silently, recognizing my agitation, but not entirely understanding it. I make the quick decision to send her to the bedroom and wait until I call for her. Master enters the house and i quietly kneel before Him, casting my eyes downward and trying not to show my excitement. Of course He can see it... He knows me so well, there is nothing i can hide from Him. Master smiles knowingly and says that i might as well come clean and tell Him what i'm up to. I sigh quietly and request permission to go into the other room. Master agrees, but as i begin to stand He grabs my hair and and pulls hard, asking why i'm on my feet. I mumble an apology, and drop to my knees to crawl from the room. I turn the corner and quickly get to my feet and enter the bedroom. i smile at Pet softly, wrap her long braid around my hand, push her to the floor and begin to walk towards the living room, pulling her along behind me. I stop at the door and call to Master, requesting permission to enter the room on my feet. He humors me and grants the permission and pet and i enter quietly. I look into His eyes and see complete surprise, then His beautiful lips turn up into that smile that goes straight to my soul. Master is pleased, and if i have my way, will be pleased even more yet.

As Master approaches i again drop to my knees beside pet and place my hand on the back of her neck, forcing her face down and forehead against the carpet as i lower my eyes and assume the most submissive position possible while still allowing pet to feel the comfort of my control. It seems such a thin line to balance and i hope with everything that i'm not messing it up. Master begins to walk around us both and i gather my own comfort from the brush of His hand on my shoulder, the way He pulls my hair back from my face. He nudges my shoulder slightly and i, too, press my face to the floor. I feel His hand slide down the cheek of my ass and He presses slightly on my butt plug with His thumb as He tells me what a good girl i am. I smile, overwhelmed, as always, with the intensity of happiness i feel in His presence. I hear Him begin to speak to pet in that calm, smooth voice that i love so much, asking if she is okay with the situation, if she is comfortable and happy, if i am a good mistress. I can hear the surprise in her voice as she answers, it is uncommon for a Master to show so much concern for the well being and happiness of a slave.

Master stands quietly and i know that He's making some decisions. He gruffly commands me to stand and bring my pet to the bedroom. I once again wrap her braid around my hand and lead her through the house. Once there He commands her to kneel and proceeds to gag her. He then tells her to go to the corner and sit in a submission position and to keep her eyes on me no matter what. I wait patiently, wondering what He has in mind and knowing full well that, whatever it is, i will most assuredly love every minute of it. Master then guides me to the bed and tells me to lie on my stomach across a pillow He has placed in the center of the bed, spreading both my ankles and hands towards the corners. I do so and He binds me to the post of the bed, spread eagle, with my ass up in the air. I turn my head to the side and make eye contact with my wide-eyed pet. She has never seen me submit to anyone, and this is quite the learning experience for her also.

Without warning I feel the slap of a leather flogger across my thighs and i moan softly. Master knows how i do enjoy such treatment. Again it comes down in a quick slap against the flesh of my butt, then my back. I feel myself getting extremely wet and moan again softly. Master is picking up the pace a bit more, setting a steady rhythm. The pain builds but the pleasure intensifies even more and drowns it out. I'm moaning and grunting, watching pet flinch and shiver with every slap against my flesh, however, i also notice a distinct wetness coating her own thighs and smile to myself. Master then slips his fingers inside my dripping wet pussy and rewards me with a "good girl". I nearly orgasm right then, but i know better and hold back, beginning to beg Him to let His slut cum for Him. He says nothing and continues to torture my quivering pussy. I continue to beg, louder and more desperately. When i'm nearly screaming for release He grabs a handful of hair and snatches my head back hard with the order to "cum NOW slut". I do, hard and fast. Screams are ripped from my lips as my body explodes with the exquisite sensation of my orgasm.

At the peak of it, i barely register the feel of my butt plug being removed as it sends another wave of sensation through my body. Then i feel my Master's weight as He pushes me down and begins to slowly slide His cock into my tight little ass. I moan loudly and attempt to push back against Him, loving the feel of Him in my ass, as always. He chuckles at my useless struggling against the ropes that have me bound. I can do nothing but lift myself slightly. Such an ass whore, aren't you, slut? He asks. I moan and reply that yes, i am a complete ass whore. Master then plunges His cock completely inside of me in one hard, fast stroke. I scream and orgasm without permission, but i just cannot control myself.

It appears Master's gift has become my own.

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