tagBDSMMay/December Romance Ch. 02

May/December Romance Ch. 02


I led Karen to my bedroom and spread her out in the center of the bed. "Do you think you are ready to try mixing a little pain with your pleasure?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am, I think I'm more than ready to try that," she replied with a mixture of anticipation, excitement, and some degree of fear of the unknown apparent on her face.

I reached into my bedside table drawer and pulled out my favorite set of clover leaf nipple clamps. Karen's eyes grew wide when she saw the clamps and I heard a gasp as she realized the clamps intended purpose.

"Are you still game?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am," my young lover said.

With that, I leaned over her prone body and took her right nipple between my fingers. She gasped as my fingers began to apply pressure to her already partially erect nipple. It quickly grew fully turgid as I applied pressure. I bent over and took her nipple between my lips and sucked hard on it. The gasp that flowed from her lips as I sucked was soon followed by a loud moan as I applied pressure on Karen's nipple with my teeth.

I quickly repeated the same procedure on her other nipple. Her Hershey kiss nipples sprang to attention and I couldn't help but admire them. I slowly released the tension on the clamp and allowed it to slowly grip her nipple. Karen groaned and her eyes shot wide open as the pain shot from her nipple throughout her body.

"How is that, can you handle it?" I asked.

"Uhhh yea, I think so, it's just so intense," she replied.

"The pain will fade in a little while, ready for the other one?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am, please go ahead."

The sound that came from Karen as I placed the second clamp on her nipple was more of a moan than a groan. I could tell she was getting into it from the glassy look in her eyes. She was concentrating on the intense sensations in her breasts. I placed my hand over her pussy and noted a gush of liquid flowing from her pussy. Yes! She was really getting into this new experience.

"Something tells me you really like the clamps," I stated.

"MMmmm, it's so intense, it's nothing like I have ever felt before," she said, a dreamy quality clearly evident in her voice.

"Are you ready for more, ready to explore more of what you are capable of experiencing?" I asked.

"Yes, I think so," she said, slowly, almost hesitantly.

"Do you think you are ready to try being spanked?" I asked.

"Yes, please Ma'am, I think I would like that," she said, the excitement evident in her tone.

I pulled Karen across my lap, settling her ass over my thighs. I could feel her wetness against my thigh and the coolness of the chain connecting the clamps brush my calf as she got settled in position. My right hand rested on her tight, athletic, almost boyish ass, holding her in position while my other hand reached down to grip the chain. I noticed the base of the anal plug still buried deep in the crease of her ass.

"Are your nipples getting numb yet?" I asked, knowing that after a while, the reduced blood flow to her nipples would cause them to begin to get numb.

"Yes, a little, how did you know?" she replied inquisitively.

"It's not like I haven't experienced the clamps myself," I said with a giggle. "Well, we can't have you getting all numb, can we?" I stated. With that I pulled on the chain. What Karen didn't know was that the clamps tightened further when the chain was pulled. A fresh bolt of pain shot through her as they tightened and she groaned in response. The groaned transferred into a throaty moan. I quickly realized that she was at the stage where pain and pleasure were starting to merge into pure sensation.

"Are you ready now?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am, please."

My hand rose from its resting position on her ass and I saw her tighten up. "Just relax, it will feel better," I counseled her.

I started to lightly spank her ass and upper thighs, sometimes stopping to stroke her increasingly pink skin between blows. Karen's soft murmurs grew into moans and I began to slowly increase the intensity with which I spanked her. I could see her tighten her ass and clinch the plug in her rectum after each spank. Her hips began to rise to meet my hand and I felt a fresh batch of juice begin to flow from her pussy onto my thigh.

I recognized that she was ready for more. Once again I increase the intensity of my spanks and took the chain connecting the clamps between the fingers of my free hand. I began to give the chain a gentle tug in time with the strokes of my hand. Karen's groans metamorphisized into an almost animal grunt every time my hand made contact with her ass. Her ass and thighs changed to a bright red glowing hue as the strength of the blows grew. I stopped to rub her ass and felt the heat radiating from her skin.

"Don't stop... please don't stop... more... I need more... harder," she groaned.

I gave Karen what she wanted, no, what she needed. My hand began to slowly rise and fall on her ass once again and she again began to raise her hips to meet the blows. I also increased the gentle tugs on the nipple clamps to firmer jerks. I tried to talk to her a few times but I quickly realized she was lost in sub-space. My voice was probably a far off thing that she was probably having a hard time concentrating on anything other than the sensations she was experiencing.

I settled into a steady rhythm and my wandered a bit as I considered what a rare gift had stumbled through my door. Karen was definitely a natural sub. This was her first experience with pain play and she had moved into sub space as if it had been into it for years. I had known more than a few subs over the years, but none were as naturally talented as Karen. The fact that she is a masochist is a major plus. As if that wasn't enough, she is just so damned cute. I knew one thing for sure; I was going to enjoy this.

I forced myself to break out of my reverie and pay attention to Karen, and her responses. She was close to orgasm. I knew her well enough to recognize the signs of her imminent release. She just needed a little more to push her over the edge. Besides, my hand was tingling and starting to ache from spanking the rock hard flesh of her ass and thighs.

I spread her legs and started to spank her pussy. I aimed so that my fingers whipped her exposed clit. Her ass clinched continuously around the plug and I could see the tremors rippling through the rest of her body. The juice was flowing from her pussy like a river onto my thigh and splattering all over both of us as my hand landed on her labia in a wet smack. She was there, on the edge. She just needed one more slight push to put her over the edge.

I pulled the clamps off of her nipples. The blood surged back into her hard nipples and she experienced a rush of commingled pain and pleasure.

Karen's groans turned into screams. She didn't cum, she erupted. There has to be a term for something that is more than a mere orgasm, but I don't know what it is. I know it when I see it though, and I was seeing it.

Finally, after what seemed like minutes she went limp across my lap. I realized instantly that she had passed out. I managed to move her onto the bed. I covered her with a blanket after removing the plug from her very relaxed asshole.

I decided to go take a shower and wash her juice from my body while she slept. My stomach growled and I suddenly remembered something about fixing lunch.

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