tagErotic Poetryme and masturbation

me and masturbation


i'm a masturbating master
a pro at playing in my pussy
i've spent years at this game
not an amateur or a rookie
i break out my toys
and get naked on the bed
too bad i'm not more flexible
i'd surely give myself head
i spread my legs open
put my vibrator on "ten"
grab my black dildo
and my pussy it goes in
i reach for my anal beads
slide them up my waiting ass
i control the tempo
cum now or make it last
my clit is getting hard
from the vibrations that it feels
my nipples are erect
my whole body's got the chills
i fuck my cunt fast and slow
then fuck it fast again
i've done this on my web cam
for many horny men
i work the beads
in and out my ass
suck and lick my titties too
then on each hard nipple i gently chew
my breathing quickens, my heart palpitates
ooh shit i'm gonna cum
out come the anal beads
all at once not one by one
my pussy is wildly contracting
my mind's thoughts are wildly racing
i masturbate so much
because the shit is so amazing
and if someone is watching me do it
that just makes it hotter for me
i'm just a simple girl
who enjoys her own pussy

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